En İyi Film Kurgusu - XML

911952High Noon - Elmo Williams, Harry Gerstad
921952Come Back, Little Sheba - Warren Low
931952Flat Top - William Austin
941952The Greatest Show on Earth - Anne Bauchens
951952Moulin Rouge - Ralph Kemplen
961953From Here to Eternity - William A. Lyon
971953Crazylegs - Irvine (Cotton) Warburton
981953The Moon Is Blue - Otto Ludwig
991953Roman Holiday - Robert Swink
1001953The War of the Worlds - Everett Douglas
1011954On the Waterfront - Gene Milford
1021954The Caine Mutiny - Willam A. Lyon
1031954The High and the Mighty - Ralph Dawson
1041954Seven Brides for Seven Brothers - Ralph E. Winters
105195420,000 Leagues Under the Sea - Elmo Williams
1061955Picnic - Charles Nelson, William A. Lyon
1071955Blackboard Jungle - Ferris Webster
1081955The Bridges at Toko-Ri - Alma Macrorie
1091955Oklahoma! - Gene Ruggiero, George Boemler
1101955The Rose Tattoo - Warren Low
1111956Around the World in Eighty Days - Gene Ruggiero, Paul Weatherwax
1121956The Brave One - Merrill G. White
1131956Giant - William Hornbeck, Philip W. Anderson, Fred Bohanan
1141956Somebody Up There Likes Me - Albert Akst
1151956The Ten Commandments - Anne Bauchens
1161957The Bridge on the River Kwai - Peter Taylor
1171957Gunfight at the O.K. Corral - Warren Low
1181957Pal Joey - Viola Lawrence, Jerome Thoms
1191957Sayonara - Arthur P. Schmidt, Philip W. Anderson
1201957Witness for the Prosecution - Daniel Mandell

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