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IDRankTitleRecruitmentStudy ResultsConditionsInterventionsURL
7266172661Tear Osmolarity Changes After Instilling Isotonic Hyaluronate Artificial TearsCompletedNo Results AvailableDry EyeDrug: Artificial tearshttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01614847
7266272662Validation of an Urticaria Control TestRecruitingNo Results AvailableChronic Urticariahttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01614834
7266372663Ibrutinib (PCI-32765) in Waldenstrom's MacroglobulinemiaActive, not recruitingNo Results AvailableWaldenstrom's MacroglobulinemiaDrug: PCI-32765https://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01614821
7266472664Studying Biomarkers in Urine Samples From Younger Patients With Wilms TumorCompletedNo Results AvailableRecurrent Wilms Tumor and Other Childhood Kidney Tumors|Stage III Wilms TumorOther: laboratory biomarker analysishttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01614808
7266572665Cixutumumab and Temsirolimus in Treating Younger Patients With Recurrent or Refractory SarcomaActive, not recruitingHas ResultsChildhood Alveolar Soft-part Sarcoma|Childhood Angiosarcoma|Childhood Epithelioid Sarcoma|Childhood Fibrosarcoma|Childhood Gliosarcoma|Childhood Leiomyosarcoma|Childhood Liposarcoma|Childhood Neurofibrosarcoma|Childhood Synovial Sarcoma|Previously TreatedBiological: cixutumumab|Drug: temsirolimus|Other: laboratory biomarker analysishttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01614795
7266672666A Study of the Safety, Tolerability, Pharmacokinetics, and Pharmacodynamics of MK-5823 in Overweight or Obese Participants Who Are Healthy or Have Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (MK-5823-002)TerminatedNo Results AvailableType 2 Diabetes MellitusDrug: MK-5823|Other: Placebohttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01614782
7266772667Effects of Glimepiride on Recovery From Hypoglycemia in Participants With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (MK-0000-253)CompletedHas ResultsType 2 Diabetes MellitusDrug: Placebo|Drug: Glimepiride 2 mg|Drug: Glimepiride 4 mg|Procedure: Hypoglycemic Clamphttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01614769
7266872668A Two-Part, Phase 1, Single-Dose Study of IL-31 mAb (Anti-Interleukin 31 Monoclonal Antibody); in Healthy Subjects and Adults With Atopic DermatitisCompletedNo Results AvailableHealthy Subjects and Atopic Dermatitis SubjectsBiological: BMS-981164|Biological: Placebo matching with BMS-981164https://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01614756
7266972669A Double-Blinded, Randomized Placebo Controlled Pilot Study Comparing the Efficacy and Safety of IncobotulinumtoxinA Versus Saline Injections to the Cheek Region in Patients With RosaceaActive, not recruitingNo Results AvailableRosaceaDrug: IncobotulinumtoxinA|Drug: Bacteriostatic salinehttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01614743
7267072670User Evaluation in Healthy Volunteers to Verify no Pelvic Floor Contraction is Stimulated When the Modified Neurotech Vital Device is Used Compared to the Neurotech Vital DeviceCompletedNo Results AvailableContraction of Pelvic Floor Muscle Using EMSDevice: Modified Neurotech Vital Device|Device: Neurotech Vital Devicehttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01614730
7267172671Triple Chamber Pacing in Hypertrophic Obstructive Cardiomyopathy (HOCM) Patients - TRICHAMPION STUDYRecruitingNo Results AvailableHypertrophic Cardiomyopathy With ObstructionDevice: CRT-P Implanthttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01614717
7267272672Impact of Sequential Chemotherapy on Young Patients Breast Cancer Treated FertilityRecruitingNo Results AvailableBreast Cancer|Fertilityhttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01614704
7267372673Safety and Efficacy of S0597 in Allergic RhinitisCompletedNo Results AvailableAllergic RhinitisDrug: S0597|Drug: Placebohttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01614691
7267472674A Comparison of Manufacturing Processes for AIR OPTIX® COLORS Contact LensCompletedNo Results AvailableMyopiaDevice: Lotrafilcon B contact lens with color, automated|Device: Lotrafilcon B contact lens with color, semi-automatedhttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01614678
7267572675A Study to Compare How the Body Absorbs and Processes Two Different Formulations of the Anti-rejection Medication Tacrolimus (Advagraf® or Prograf®) in Children Receiving an Organ Transplant, and How Safe and Effective They Are Over a Longer Period of TRecruitingNo Results AvailableKidney Transplantation|Liver Transplantation|Heart TransplantationDrug: Prograf®|Drug: Advagrafhttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01614665
7267672676A Pivotal Trial to Establish the Efficacy and Long-term Safety of the Parachute Implant SystemRecruitingNo Results AvailableCongestive Heart Failure|Left Ventricular (LV) Systolic DysfunctionDevice: CardioKinetix Parachute Implant and All Appropriate Medical Therapy (AAMT)https://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01614652
7267772677Brain Imaging Study of Acupuncture in Chronic Low Back PainRecruitingNo Results AvailableLow Back Pain|Back Pain Lower Back Chronic|Low Back Pain, RecurrentProcedure: Acupuncturehttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01614639
7267872678Alcohol's Impact on Inflammatory Markers in HIV Disease - Russia ARCH CohortActive, not recruitingNo Results AvailableHIV Infection|Alcohol Usehttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01614626
7267972679Comparison Evaluation of Blood Glucose Meter Systems in a Clinical SettingCompletedHas ResultsDiabetesDevice: Bayer G3 / Tatsu System|Device: Accu-Chek® Aviva Nano Meter/Accu-Chek® Aviva Test Strips|Device: Freestyle Lite® Meter and Test Strips with ZipwikTM tabs|Device: OneTouch® Ultra®2 / OneTouch® Ultra® Blue Test Strips|Device: One Touch® VerioTM Pro/One Touch® VerioTM Test Strips|Device: Truetrack® Meter/Truetrack® Test Stripshttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01614613
7268072680Clinical Evaluation of a Daily Disposable Contact Lens in Symptomatic Weekly/Monthly Lens WearersCompletedHas ResultsDry Eye Syndrome|MyopiaDevice: Nelfilcon A contact lenseshttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01614600
7268172681Do Patients With Early Post Operative Recurrence of Pelvic Organ Prolapse Have a Genetic Predisposition?Active, not recruitingNo Results AvailablePelvic Organ Prolapsehttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01614587
7268272682Study of Velaglucerase Alfa Enzyme Replacement Therapy in Japanese Patients With Gaucher DiseaseCompletedHas ResultsGaucher DiseaseBiological: velaglucerase alfahttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01614574
7268372683An Observational Study Evaluating Cholesterol Levels in Patients on Cholesterol Lowering Drugs in Jordan and LebanonCompletedNo Results AvailableHigh Blood Cholesterolhttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01614561
7268472684Management of Prostate Cancer in Central ChinaCompletedNo Results AvailableProstate Cancerhttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01614548
7268572685Comparison of the Effect Site Concentration of Remifentanil for Preventing Cough During Emergence Between Male and Female Patients With ThyroidectomyCompletedNo Results AvailablePatients Undergoing ThyroidectomyDrug: up-and-down method to find out effective concentration of remifentanil for preventing cough during emergencehttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01614535
7268672686A Clinical Trial Evaluating the Effect of ASLAN001 in Patients With Recurrent/Metastatic Gastric Cancer Whose Tumors Are Either HER-2 Amplified or Co-expressing HER-1 and HER-2CompletedNo Results AvailableStomach Neoplasms|Cancer of Stomach|Cancer of the Stomach|Gastric Cancer|Gastric NeoplasmsDrug: ASLAN001https://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01614522
7268772687Combined Therapy of Posterior Subtenon Triamcinolone Acetonide and Intravitreal Bevacizumab for Macular Edema Secondary to Branch Retinal Vein OcclusionCompletedHas ResultsBranch Retinal Vein OcclusionProcedure: intravitreal bevacizumab monotherapy|Procedure: combined therapy of posterior subtenon triamcinolone acetonide and intravitreal bevacizumab injectionhttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01614509
7268872688Rule-Based Closed Loop System for Type 1 Diabetes ControlCompletedNo Results AvailableType 1 DiabetesOther: Algorithm for insulin administrationhttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01614496
7268972689Efficacy of Yellow Cassava to Improve Vitamin A Status of Kenyan School ChildrenCompletedNo Results AvailableVitamin A DeficiencyOther: Yellow cassava|Other: White cassava|Other: White cassavahttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01614483
7269072690Study of Ivacaftor in Subjects With Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Who Have a Non-G551D CF Transmembrane Conductance Regulator (CFTR) Gating MutationCompletedHas ResultsCystic FibrosisDrug: Ivacaftor|Drug: Placebohttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01614470

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