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IDRankTitleRecruitmentStudy ResultsConditionsInterventionsURL
8307183071Effects of Proteins Fraction Derived From Milk on Osteoporosis PreventionCompletedNo Results AvailableOsteoporosisDietary Supplement: Milk proteins fractionhttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01478724
8307283072Comprehensive Clinical Decision Support (CDS) for the Primary Care of Premature InfantsCompletedNo Results AvailablePrematurityOther: Clinical Decision Support Toolhttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01478711
8307383073The Effect of Intra-abdominal t-PA and and DNase on Peritonitis in Peritoneal Dialysis PatientsRecruitingNo Results AvailablePeritoneal Dialysis|Peritoneal Dialysis, Continuous AmbulatoryDrug: Tissue Plasminogen Activator (tPA)|Drug: recombinant deoxyribonuclease (DNase)https://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01478698
8307483074A Phase 1 Study of CC-486 as a Single Agent and in Combination With Carboplatin or ABI-007 in Subjects With Relapsed or Refractory Solid TumorsActive, not recruitingNo Results AvailableUrinary Bladder Neoplasms|Carcinoma, Transitional Cell|Ovarian Neoplasms|Fallopian Tube Neoplasms|Peritoneal Neoplasms|Carcinoma, Non-Small-Cell Lung|Carcinoma, Pancreatic Ductal|Tumor Virus InfectionsDrug: CC-486 plus Carboplatin|Drug: CC-486 plus ABI-007|Drug: CC-486https://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01478685
8307583075Medium Term Health Coaching and Life-long Monitoring in Cardiovascular Disease in NorrbottenCompletedNo Results AvailableDiabetes|Heart Disease|Quality of LifeProcedure: Health Coaching and Life-long Monitoringhttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01478672
8307683076The Effect of Fiber Snack Foods on Dietary Intake in Healthy AdultsCompletedNo Results AvailableFructooligosaccharideDietary Supplement: Control study food with no added fiber|Dietary Supplement: Study food with added fiberhttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01478659
8307783077The Effect of Reflective Breathing Therapy Compared With Conventional Breathing Therapy in Patients With Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) III-IVCompletedNo Results AvailableChronic Obstructive Pulmonary DiseaseOther: conventional breathing therapy|Other: reflectory breathing therapyhttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01478646
8307883078Evaluation of Efficacy and Safety of Galantamine in Patients With Dementia of Alzheimer's Type Who Failed to Benefit From DonepezilCompletedNo Results AvailableAlzheimer's DiseaseDrug: Galantaminehttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01478633
8307983079Safety and Efficacy of Canephron® N in the Management of Uncomplicated Urinary Tract Infections (uUTI)CompletedHas ResultsUrinary Tract InfectionDrug: Canephron® Nhttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01478620
8308083080A Study to Evaluate the Long-term Safety of Repeated QUTENZA Administration for Treatment of Pain Caused by Nerve Damage in Diabetic PatientsCompletedNo Results AvailablePainful Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy (PDPN)Drug: QUTENZAhttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01478607
8308183081A Study Combining mFOLFOX6 With Tivozanib or Bevacizumab in Patients With Metastatic Colorectal Cancer as First Line TherapyCompletedHas ResultsColorectal CancerDrug: Tivozanib|Drug: Bevacizumab|Drug: mFOLFOX6https://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01478594
8308283082Study of the Bruton's Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor in Subjects With Relapsed or Relapsed and Refractory Multiple MyelomaActive, not recruitingNo Results AvailableMultiple MyelomaDrug: PCI-32765|Drug: Dexamethasonehttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01478581
8308383083To Evaluate the Effect of Mirabegron (YM178) on Blood Levels of Desipramine When They Are Taken TogetherCompletedNo Results AvailablePharmacokinetics of Mirabegron|Healthy SubjectsDrug: mirabegron|Drug: desipraminehttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01478568
8308483084A Dose-Finding Study Comparing InSite Vision, Inc. 101 to Vehicle and DuraSite Alone for Dry Eye DiseaseNot yet recruitingNo Results AvailableDry Eye DiseaseDrug: ISV 101https://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01478555
8308583085OPTIMAL>60, Improvement of Therapy of Elderly Patients With CD20+ DLBCL Using Rituximab Optimized and Liposomal VincristineRecruitingNo Results AvailableCD20+ Aggressive B-Cell LymphomaDrug: Conventional Vincristine|Drug: Liposomal Vincristine|Drug: Ricover-scheme rituximab|Drug: optimised rituximab-schedulehttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01478542
8308683086A Study to Find Out How Much Mirabegron Gets Into the Body After Dosing With a Tablet FormulationCompletedNo Results AvailablePharmacokinetics of Mirabegron|Bioavailability|Healthy SubjectsDrug: mirabegron OCAS|Drug: mirabegronhttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01478529
8308783087Autologous Plasmin and Fibrinolytic System in Diabetic RetinopathyRecruitingNo Results AvailableMacular EdemaProcedure: Intravitreal injectionhttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01478516
8308883088To Evaluate the Blood and Urine Concentration and the Safety and Tolerability of Increasing Repeated Doses of Mirabegron (YM178) OCAS in Healthy Young and Elderly Males and Healthy Young and Elderly FemalesCompletedNo Results AvailablePharmacokinetics|Healthy SubjectsDrug: mirabegron OCAS|Drug: Placebohttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01478503
8308983089To Compare Blood and Urine Concentrations of Mirabegron (YM178) in Healthy Poor or Extensive Metabolizers for CYP2D6 and to Assess the Effect of Mirabegron on the Metabolism of MetoprololCompletedNo Results AvailablePharmacokinetics of Mirabegron|Healthy SubjectsDrug: mirabegron|Drug: metoprololhttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01478490
8309083090Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Preventing Joint Symptoms in Patients With Stage I-III Breast Cancer Receiving Anastrozole, Exemestane, or LetrozoleActive, not recruitingNo Results AvailableRecurrent Breast Cancer|Stage IA Breast Cancer|Stage IB Breast Cancer|Stage II Breast Cancer|Stage IIIA Breast Cancer|Stage IIIB Breast Cancer|Stage IIIC Breast CancerDietary Supplement: omega-3 fatty acid supplement|Other: Placebo|Other: Clinical assessments|Other: Assessment of therapy complications|Procedure: Magnetic Resonance Imaging|Procedure: Correlative/special studieshttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01478477
8309183091Effect of Massage on Hamstring Muscle SorenessCompletedNo Results AvailableMusculoskeletal DisordersOther: Massagehttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01478464
8309283092Acute Effect of Massage and Exercise on Muscle TendernessCompletedNo Results AvailableMusculoskeletal DisordersBehavioral: Exercise|Other: Massagehttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01478451
8309383093A Multicenter "Ablate and Resect" Study of Novilase® Interstitial Laser Therapy for the Ablation of Small Breast CancersActive, not recruitingNo Results AvailableMalignant TumorDevice: Novilase Interstitial Laser Therapyhttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01478438
8309483094Efficacy and Tolerability of a Topical Microemulsion in Patients With Allergic Rhinitis Due to Sensitization to PollenCompletedNo Results AvailableAllergic RhinitisDevice: Lipidic Microemulsion|Device: Salinehttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01478425
8309583095An Evaluation of Polymer Based Fiducials for Use in Imaging Patients Receiving Treatment for Prostate CancerRecruitingNo Results AvailableProstate AdenocarcinomaOther: Polymer based fiducial placementhttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01478412
8309683096Pharmacokinetic, Safety/Tolerability Study of a Single SC Dose of PB1023 Injection in Subjects With Normal and Impaired Renal FunctionCompletedNo Results AvailableDiabetes Mellitus, Type 2Drug: PB1023 Injectionhttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01478399
8309783097Effectiveness of a Knee Brace When Combined With Viscosupplementation in the Treatment of Knee OsteoarthritisTerminatedNo Results AvailableKnee OsteoarthritisOther: Orthovisc|Device: DonJoy HA lite knee brace|Device: Orthovisc injections and DonJoy HA lite knee bracehttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01478386
8309883098Efficacy and Safety of Dovitinib in Patients With Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors Refractory and/or Intolerant to ImatinibCompletedHas ResultsGastrointestinal Stromal TumorsDrug: Dovitinib (TKI258)https://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01478373
8309983099Safety, Tolerability, and Efficacy of AIN457 in Patients With Uncontrolled AsthmaCompletedNo Results AvailableAsthmaDrug: AIN457 (secukinumab)|Drug: Placebohttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01478360
8310083100A Phase 3b Study to Assess the Safety of Novartis Meningococcal B Recombinant Vaccine When Administered in Healthy At-risk AdultsCompletedHas ResultsMeningococcal Disease|Meningococcal MeningitisBiological: Recombinant meningococcal B + OMV NZhttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT01478347

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