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IDRankTitleRecruitmentStudy ResultsConditionsInterventionsURL
2937129371Diabetes Mellitus After Intensive Care AdmissionRecruitingNo Results AvailableStress Hyperglycemia|Diabetes MellitusOther: Oral glucose tolerance testhttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT02180555
2937229372Atrial Fibrillation and Premature Atrial Complexes in Patients With Ischemic Stroke.Active, not recruitingNo Results AvailableStroke|Atrial Fibrillation|Premature Atrial Complexeshttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT02180542
2937329373The Effects of Methylphenidate on the Cognitive Function of Older People With Mild Cognitive ImpairmentNot yet recruitingNo Results AvailableMild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)Drug: Methylphenidate|Drug: Placebohttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT02180529
2937429374Safety and Efficacy of Meloxicam Compared to Other Nonsteroidal Antiinflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) in an Observational Cohort Study of Patients With Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Lumbago, Scapulohumeral Periarthritis, Neck, Shoulder and Arm SyndromeCompletedNo Results AvailableArthritis, RheumatoidDrug: Meloxicam|Drug: Other Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) except etodolachttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT02180516
2937529375Relative Bioavailability of 1 mg and 10 mg BI 1356 BS as Powder in the Bottle (PIB) to 1 mg and 10 mg BI 1356 BS as Tablets as Single Oral Administration in Healthy Male Volunteers Including the Influence of Food on the Bioavailability of 10 mg BI 1356 BSCompletedNo Results AvailableHealthyDrug: BI 1356 BS PIB - low dose|Drug: BI 1356 BS tablet - low dose|Drug: BI 1356 BS PIB - high dose|Drug: BI 1356 BS tablet - high dose|Drug: BI 1356 BS tablet - high dose with foodhttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT02180503
2937629376Bioequivalence Study of UHAC 62 XX Tablets Compared With Capsules in Healthy VolunteersCompletedNo Results AvailableHealthyDrug: UHAC 62 XX tablet|Drug: UHAC 62 XX capsulehttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT02180490
2937729377Preliminary Bioequivalence Study of UHAC 62 XX Tablets Compared With a Capsule Formulation in Healthy Male VolunteersCompletedNo Results AvailableHealthyDrug: UHAC 62 XX - TF1 tablet|Drug: UHAC 62 XX - TF2 tablet|Drug: UHAC 62 XX - capsuleshttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT02180477
2937829378A Intra-individual Comparison to Investigate the Efficacy and the Safety of LAS41004 Formulation in Mild to Moderate PsoriasisCompletedNo Results AvailablePsoriasisDrug: LAS41004|Drug: controlhttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT02180464
2937929379Observational Study to Investigate the Melatonin and Cortisol Circadian Rhythms of Individuals With Smith-Magenis Syndrome (SMS)RecruitingNo Results AvailableSmith Magenis Syndromehttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT02180451
2938029380An Open Label Trial of Stribild for Antiretroviral (ARV)-naïve HIV-2 Infected Adults in Dakar, SenegalRecruitingNo Results AvailableHIV-2 InfectionDrug: Stribild (Elvitegravir/Cobicistat/Emtricitabine/Tenofovir DF) 1 tablet daily X 48 weekshttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT02180438
2938129381The Lipid Profile of the Skin Surface in AcneActive, not recruitingNo Results AvailableAcneDrug: Tretinoin or Adapalene|Drug: Isotretinoinhttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT02180425
2938229382Controlled Trial of Panhematin in Treatment of Acute Attacks of PorphyriaRecruitingNo Results AvailableAcute PorphyriasBiological: Panhematin|Other: Placebohttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT02180412
2938329383Serial Measurement of Capillary Blood Lactate in the Management of SepsisNot yet recruitingNo Results AvailableSepsishttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT02180399
2938429384Effect of PlayStation Distraction in the Dental SettingRecruitingNo Results AvailableGlobal Behaviour MeasureBehavioral: Patients will play a video game with Rimax® multimedia eyeglasses that occlude the environment partially during the second treatment visit.https://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT02180386
2938529385PREDICT-PVI Understanding Peripheral Restenosis: Genomic and Proteomic Determinants of Vascular InterventionEnrolling by invitationNo Results AvailablePeripheral Artery Diseasehttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT02180373
2938629386Capoeira Training and FlexibilityCompletedNo Results AvailableFlexibility|Range of MotionOther: Capoeira training grouphttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT02180360
2938729387Contact Lenses and MyopiaRecruitingNo Results AvailableMyopiaDevice: Contact lenseshttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT02180347
2938829388The Effect of Combination of Mosapride and DPP-4 Inhibitor on Plasma Concentration of Incretin HormonesNot yet recruitingNo Results AvailableDiabetes Mellitus, Type 2Drug: Mosapride citrate|Drug: Linagliptin|Drug: Acetaminophen (paracetamol)https://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT02180334
2938929389Effect of Tranexamic Acid Based on Pharmacokinetics in Pediatric Patients Undergoing Craniosynostosis Surgery: Randomized Controlled TrialRecruitingNo Results AvailableCraniosynostosis Patients Undergoing Distraction OsteotomyDrug: Tranexamic Acid|Drug: normal salinehttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT02180321
2939029390Lymph Node Assessment Using Simultaneous 18F-FDG-PET and MRIRecruitingNo Results AvailableHead and Neck CancerDevice: PET/MRIhttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT02180308
2939129391A Lot-to-Lot Consistency Study to Evaluate Safety, Tolerability, and Immunogenicity of Inactivated Varicella Zoster Virus (VZV) Vaccine in Healthy Adults (V212-014)WithdrawnNo Results AvailableHerpes ZosterBiological: V212 Lot 1|Biological: V212 Lot 2|Biological: V212 Lot 3https://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT02180295
2939229392Impact of the M22-IPL Acne Filter on Acne VulgarisRecruitingNo Results AvailableAcneDevice: M22-IPLhttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT02180282
2939329393A Safety, Tolerability and Pharmacokinetics Study of JNJ-54861911 in Healthy Japanese Male ParticipantsCompletedNo Results AvailableHealthyDrug: JNJ-54861911 (25 mg)|Drug: JNJ-54861911 (50 mg)|Drug: JNJ-54861911 (100 mg)|Drug: Placebohttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT02180269
2939429394Effect of Endometrial Scratching on Assisted Reproduction Outcomes: a Randomized Controlled TrialEnrolling by invitationNo Results Available#NAME?Procedure: Endometrial Scratchinghttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT02180256
2939529395CAM in Veterans With Gulf War IllnessesNot yet recruitingNo Results AvailableGulf War Veterans' IllnessBehavioral: Yoga/Acupuncture|Other: Gulf War Health Educationhttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT02180243
2939629396Immediate Function of NobelSpeedy Shorty and Brånemark System® Mk III Shorty Implants in Daily UseActive, not recruitingNo Results AvailablePatients With Good Quality Bone, Missing at Least One Tooth in the Upper or Lower Jaw.Device: NobelSpeedy Shorty implant|Device: Brånemark System Mk III Shorty implantshttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT02180230
2939729397Safety and Efficacy of LCI699 for the Treatment of Patients With Cushing's DiseaseRecruitingNo Results AvailableCushing's DiseaseDrug: LCI699https://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT02180217
2939829398Tenecteplase Versus Alteplase in Ischemic Stroke Management (TALISMAN)WithdrawnNo Results AvailableIschemic StrokeDrug: Tenecteplase|Drug: Alteplasehttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT02180204
2939929399Gut Microbiota in Obesity and DiabetesCompletedNo Results AvailableObesity|Type 2 Diabetes MellitusOther: Comparison of the gut microbiota compositionhttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT02180191
2940029400Mainz Intracoronary Database. The Coronary Slow-flow and Microvascular Diseases RegisteryRecruitingNo Results AvailableCoronary Artery Disease|Microvascular DysfunctionOther: observational only- no interventionhttps://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT02180178

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