Galaxy Names
List of galaxies

IDGalaxyConstellationOrigin of nameNotes
1AndromedaAndromedaAndromeda,which is shortened from "Andromeda Galaxy", gets its name from the area of the sky in which it appears, the constellation of Andromeda.It is the closest big galaxy to the Milky Way
2Black Eye GalaxyComa BerenicesIt has a spectacular dark band of absorbing dust in front of the galaxy's bright nucleus, giving rise to its nicknames of the "Black Eye" or "Evil Eye" galaxy.
3Bode's GalaxyUrsa MajorNamed for Johann Elert Bode who discovered this galaxy in 1774.
4Cartwheel GalaxySculptorIts visual appearance is similar to that of a spoked cartwheel.
5Cigar GalaxyUrsa MajorAppears similar in shape to a cigar.
6Comet GalaxySculptorThis galaxy is named after its unusual appearance, looking like a comet.The comet effect is caused by tidal stripping by its galaxy cluster, Abell 2667.
7Cosmos Redshift 7SextansThe name of this galaxy is based on a redshift (z)measurement of nearly 7 (actually, z = 6.604).Galaxy Cosmos Redshift 7 is reported to be the brightest of distant galaxies (z > 6) and to contain some of the earliest first stars (first generation; Population III) that produced the chemical elements needed for the later formation of planets and life as we know it.
8Hoag's ObjectSerpens CaputThis is named after Art Hoag, who discovered this ring galaxy.It is of the subtype Hoag-type galaxy, and may in fact be a polar-ring galaxy with the ring in the plane of rotation of the central object.
9Large Magellanic CloudDorado/MensaNamed after Ferdinand MagellanThis is the fourth largest galaxy in the Local Group, and forms a pair with the SMC, and from recent research, may not be part of the Milky Way system of satellites at all.
10Small Magellanic CloudTucanaNamed after Ferdinand MagellanThis forms a pair with the LMC, and from recent research, may not be part of the Milky Way system of satellites at all.
11Mayall's ObjectUrsa MajorThis is named after Nicholas Mayall, of the Lick Observatory, who discovered it.Also called VV 32 and Arp 148, this is a very peculiar looking object, and is likely to be not one galaxy, but two galaxies undergoing a collision. Event in images is a spindle shape and a ring shape.
12Pinwheel GalaxyUrsa MajorSimilar in appearance to a pinwheel (toy).
13Sombrero GalaxyVirgoSimilar in appearance to a sombrero.
14Sunflower GalaxyCanes VenaticiAppearance
15Tadpole GalaxyDracoThe name comes from the resemblance of the galaxy to atadpole.This shape resulted from tidal interaction that drew out a long tidal tail.
16Whirlpool GalaxyCanes VenaticiFrom the whirlpool appearance this gravitationally disturbed galaxy exhibits.

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