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299971299971B000VA5LZIA2YE4ZF3H3UZMVN. strom6651197331200OMG AddictiveWOW, this was totaly addictive.
I could not get enough. Just WOW amazing taste.
There was plenty of popcorn in the bag!
It reminded me of my childhood.
299972299972B000VA5LZIA2XUK8FLUYQCATDoneen St John5551211587200These rock!Awesome! These are pretty healthy for a sweet snack and they don't taste "diet" at all! You get lots more in these bags than most 100 cal snack packs. I like the fact that they use evaporated cane juice instead of processed white sugar too. If you're a sweet tooth and need a good healthy crunchy snack you will love these!
299973299973B000VA5LZIA38WGMAKYKH0KHA. Brown4451214092800amazingI adore this stuff! Very light, sweet, and a good amount for the calories. It's great as a bedtime snack or to sneak into the movies! Will definetely be ordering again.
299974299974B000VA5LZIA1A8ADCP6CJHIVK. Walton "Eluhphunt"2251318464000Absolutely wonderfulJust the right amount of sweetness, popcorn was soft and fresh. Very good product! I like having snacks already portioned out,great product to "grab and go."
299975299975B000VA5LZIA1QIXPV1XB7GL4Saltchuck2221255132800Beware -- broken teeth in your future if you buy this!I purchased three cases of this kettle corn in the small bags when it was on an Amazon special price. Unfortunately, I found that each bag has WAY too many small unpopped pieces, both full kernals and smaller pieces. Many of these hard pieces are fused to the popped pieces with the glaze, so you don't know what to expect until you crunch down on a hard piece.

After breaking a molar on this stuff, I have resorted to eating each piece with great care to make sure it doesn't contain hidden surprises that will send me back to the dentist. It's tasty, but I won't be ordering it again.
299976299976B000VA5LZIA1L177B236S592Wendy Samuels "Wendy"2251220918400Tastes Great!I don't eat stuff like this very often, but when I'm in the mood it's nice to know I have an alternative that isn't quite as bad as the original. It's handy enough to throw in my purse and take to the movie theater - and a much better option than the popcorn there. I wouldn't recommend making a steady diet of the stuff - after all, it is essentially all refined carbs, but for that occasional treat, this would certainly be a better choice than other alternatives - and the taste is fantastic.
299977299977B000VA5LZIA2V66CZTV7NAO6aaa1151323993600Really nice stuff!I tried this popcorn by chance, and man i was hooked. Can't stop snacking on them - luckily they ARE "less evil". They are flavorful yet not too rich. Works out perfect for me!
299978299978B000VA5LZIA388M1ZAR86ITIHHH1151323907200Don't leave a bag next to meAddicted!!! I have a sweet tooth and these go down way too easily and the best part i don't feel guilty it's a healthy all natural snack, plus they arrive at my front door every month thru "subscribe and save" offered by amazon now my whole family is addicted!
299979299979B000VA5LZIAOM3C3NQHJKFLhedgelaw "hedgelaw"1151320278400DELICIOUS!!!This is a great snack - made even greater with the free shipping and 15% discount with subscribe and save! - very tasty and a healthy snack with limited calories. Best kettle corn ever - a sweet crunchy coating over very large popcorn kernals -- always fresh and highly reccommend
299980299980B000VA5LZIA2IALSGRQU074VJJ1151318550400AddictiveLesser Evil classic kettle corn is so addictive. It is touted as a healthy alternative to normal kettle corn. It is low fat but still has a lot of sugar so you have to be careful and watch how much you eat. It is really delicious and I have noticed over the years that the quality is better than when it first came out. I used to see a lot of unpopped kernels, however, now there's never an unpopped kernel in any bag I open. I pour each bag out to check for this because I want to make sure I don't crack a tooth! I am sure earlier complaints about that problem is what caused the improved product quality.
299981299981B000VA5LZIA1WK8OMAYX8824M. Churchill1131312502400This Is Caramel CornThis tastes more like caramel corn than kettle corn. I'm not totally upset because I do like the taste of it.
299982299982B000VA5LZIA3I47WIS3G3BPHS. D. Graham1151279065600Very very yummy!!Love this stuff. I am not a big popcorn eater but I love sweets. This stuff is good! I would rather take this to the theatre with me than get their popcorn(not to mention save all the calories!!)A bag of this will fill you up. All my kids seem to like it too.
299983299983B000VA5LZIAWL49TBF4I3S0Debra P. Hammon "AL Teacher"1121251676800Unpopped kernelsI will not be purchasing this product again. Taste is great, but there are many unpopped kernels in the bag. I am now awaiting an appointment with my dentist to get my tooth fixed after biting into one of these unpopped kernels. Taste is not worth the pain of a broken tooth.
299984299984B000VA5LZIA1JD3EE7GTAIHTamara L. Winslow "gloomy bear mum"1151237507200Lesser Evil Kettle CornYummy! Great taste, perfectly sized, and well worth the purchase. This will remain on auto-ship as long as Amazon carries it!
299985299985B000VA5LZIA2BNQSIS8GI64GC. Polston1151237420800Yummy SnackThis is very good- more sweet and crunchy popcorn than kettle corn. We love it so much that we order it through Amazon on the once a month subscription! The best part of this is that it's built in portion control- who know how much we'd eat from the big bag!!!
299986299986B000VA5LZIA1GIKI7MOSR30Mary Phoenix "mphoenix"1151231632000Yum!Like kettle corn popcorn? Don't like calories and fat? This is the product for you. I love it!
299987299987B000VA5LZIA353Q4IDRBBCNDLuanne Leahy "korncraze"2311254355200so dissapointedYou know I wrote to Lesser Evil before I had purchased the individual size bags. I was buying the large bags at the grocery store and it was great. The small bags had so many hard kernels that I actually broke a tooth. I had split the box with a friend and she too said that she about busted a tooth also. I don't know the reasoning but maybe the way it is manufactured. I absolutely love this popcorn, but I know that I will never buy the small bags again. I was sad because this is my absolute favorite snack.
299988299988B000VA5LZIA2Q8IZIEVURW9Gseven120031338249600Tasty but it is CARAMEL Corn NOT Kettle Corn.Delicious, but the popcorn is completely covered in a crunchy caramel topping - aka CARAMEL corn, so why call it Kettle corn?
Kettle corn should be salty and sweet with no candy coating. If you want a lighter cracker jack this is delicious (although on some pieces the coating is so thick you almost have to wait for it to melt before you chew it). Was hoping for something similar to trader joes kettle corn and this is NOT it.
299989299989B000VA5LZIA1K9FG7IA08ICPDavid Lence0031336435200Ho humFound no loose kernels in this. That was good. But this is not sweet/salty, which I always found was kettle korn. Will not order again.
299990299990B000VA5LZIA2JVC53MREOSUFSherese0011336003200Way Too SweetIf you want this kind of kettle corn, which is a little pricey, just go and buy Cracker Jacks and you'll save yourself some money.

Not worth what I paid for it !!!
299991299991B000VA5LZIA3DK1XK4MPSB1Jbookreader0041323388800Great snack for studentsI sent this as a treat for my son and his roommates. They were thrilled! It is a nice sized snack they can put in their backpack to have during the day.
299992299992B000VA5LZIAC8A53HD4SF93Anna Martynova0051320537600This stuff rocks!Read the reviews about some hard kernels in the small bag but ordered anyway because I loved their black and white. Its actually the white in the black and white and my son wanted to try just the white. This stuff never disappoints. Great product and I love that they don't use white sugar! I am really trying to stay away from too much sugar and artificial sweeteners. Cant recommend highly enough!
299993299993B000VA5LZIA3F6EHHODQHRO0Lisa M. Diprima0021293408000where's the taste?I thought this kettle corn lacked taste. There was no sweet/salty mix that you usually get with kettle corn. Very disappointed in this product.
299994299994B000VA5LZIA1VE2BH2YZ0DYMCarol Harlan "lorac211"0021259107200more like sugar cornThis is not like any kettle corn I ever had before. It is very sweet, without a hint of salt. It should be called glazed sugar popcorn. I will not buy this again.
299995299995B000VA5LZIA108AL4ECMBV9XLorilynn "lorilynn"0051256515200YumYum!!Very, very tasty!
You would never know this wasn't real fattening Kettle Corn except maybe for not leaving a layer of fat residue on your tongue. And who needs that? Really quite good.
299996299996B000VA5LZIA26HE0NT48NQZAS. Parent0031250208000Not exactly kettlecorn!The price was excellent for this product, however, it is more like a lightly glazed caramel corn than kettlecorn. Still very tasty!
299997299997B000VA5LZIAE6YV1KF6UKJRRhonda Davis1421197590400oknot the best ... too many small pieces and no enough full popcorn to enjoy.
299998299998B000VA5LZIA3NRNASNTU5TFILemmy24351194739200I am the sandwich of nightDude! DUDE! Dude? Hey dude, wake up, man!

uh? wazzup?

Dude, what did you do with my popcorn?

your wha..?

Dude, you know. Like, my popcorn that I was totally saving for later. And it's like, later, now.

ohh, your popcorn?

Yeah dude! Where is it man? Like, I've gotta eat something real bad.

uh, haven't seen it. Sorry.

C'mon dude. I left it right here under the pillow, right next to this... GUN? What the...?

Hey man, hands off the piece.

You're sleeping with a gun under your pillow?

Uh, yeah. Don't worry, it's not loaded.

Dude, you're freaking me out here. What's the deal?

I, ah, like... I like the smell of it.

The smell?

Um yeah. You know, kinda metallic and cold and soothing and stuff. I totally can't get to sleep without it. Uh, dude? You're looking kinda strange. Does this weird you out too much?

What? Uh, no. I mean. Yeah. Sorta. Like, it's a gun, and it's like, under your pillow and all.

Yeah, well, you know. I miss my mom sometimes...


Ever read Freud dude?

No man, I was just looking for my popcorn. I guess it's like totally somewhere else.

No problemo, dude.

Night then.

uh dude?


Can you, like, tuck me in?

Uh, sure dude.
299999299999B0007XAUXCAYRFQU12QD60LD. Rosselli121251111708800artofappreciation websiteI ordered and sent this item as a gift the Artofappreciation website of which it was ordered through were excelent in communication with me and processed the order without any delay and it was received on the day it was scheduled.The item was refered as being beautiful and delited with the contents.

I plan to continue using their gift service as needed in the future
300000300000B0007XAUXCA1TDZMXV5P6AJBPhyllis E. Tustin7741272758400reviewour grand kids were thrilled and excited. they loved everything about the product and claimed it was the best easter gift ever.

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