Amazon Fine Food Reviews

300061300061B000WFRYWUA3JQ03HF6QI7IVJennifer0051347667200Good foodMy 35 pound lab/terrier mix loves this food. I used it as a mix-in with her kibble. Everything arrived from the vendor in tip top shape. Will order again.
300062300062B000WFRYWUADUM14YVEGY8SP. TAT0051343952000Great food topper for my dogsI have been feeding this to my 1 year old maltese and 4 month old chihuahua. I mix this in with their dry food and they both enjoy it a lot. It's a great deal buying from amazon compared to buying it at a pet store.

The only down side is this food does dry up after leaving it out for 5-10 minutes.
300063300063B000WFRYWUA2AY4YUOX2N1BQDOBrien "I review stuff."0041342656000Perfect as an occasional supplement!My wife and I bought a couple cans of this food for a few days when we were away from home with our dog. It is a little pricey, but then again this is definitely not meant as a daily meal - it even plainly says on the can to feed supplementally only!

- Our dog loves it!
- 95% chicken content, no fillers
- Perfect for road/camping trips
- No gastrointestinal discomfort that we could see

- Not human grade meat

It is important to understand the difference between quality in meats for dog (and cat) food. Much research has been done on the subject (easily found on Google), but my wife and I decided some months ago to only feed our dog human-grade meat, termed in the pet food industry as "inspected for human consumption". The chicken used in the wellness food is NOT inspected for human consumption, however since we have only fed our pup this twice, we aren't too worried. If Wellness switched to human-grade meat, I would happily give this the full five stars, and this is really the only criticism I could give for this product.

I would recommend this as an occasional food for your dog, with the one reservation noted above.
300064300064B000WFRYWUA2Y70HG4JBEP1QSailaway0051336867200My dog loves this!As a newly adopter of a one year old, I tried certain foods with not much success. My dog loves this food, and I do too, as she eats well and healthy.
300065300065B000WFRYWUA1UUPDMSCX10GETofus Mom "retail therapy patient"0051334793600Healthy and SimpleI'm so happy to have found a high quality wet food for my miniature dachshund. Our family really believes that high quality food is important for a long and healthy life; we try to avoid all fillers and by-products. Our dog loves this formula, which we use one spoon of along with his dry food at each meal.

For his size and diet I find that the small cans are more convenient since they last him so long.
300066300066B000WFRYWUA1IUWHRVSWNSVBMelanie Hoffman0051334275200Wellness SalmonThis is a great product for my dogs. They love it and it is grain free for their allergy sensitivities.
300067300067B000WFRYWUA1QI8MXHW45F5JThomas Murphy0041330128000Pricey but the dogs love itMy two dogs love Wellness brand dog food. It's expensive but I just feel I'm doing the right thing for them with food I think is probably good really meaty food. They have begin to turn away from Newmans and I sure don't trust Alpo since the Chinese dogfood scare, but the various Wellness products are the best I can do for my little (and quite big) best friends.
300069300069B000WFRYWUARIGM9KNMLQNWJajinwilmington0051320883200Just what was expectedI have been buying this food locally but began to have a hard time fInding it. I searched online and it was a little more cost effective. My pups seem to love this food.
300070300070B000WFRYWUAATNK1VTOS3LDL. Dietz0051319760000all naturalthis food is great but I suggest you just buy one can first, too make sure your dog likes it. (because it is expensive, but... your dog is worth it
300071300071B000WFRYWUA1BL2TCE749NB8Brian J. Reiss "BRIAN J REISS"0051319241600CHANGE OF PACEIt seemed like our dogs were getting tired of the same old thing for dinner, so I did some research and found this Wellness brand dog food. What I liked about it was the lack of by-products and cereals. Our dogs love the taste of this food and there is never any left in their bowls. It is a well baqlanced food that good for them also and having it shipped directly to my door saves us a trip to the pet stores. I count on Amazon for the best products.
300072300072B000WFRYWUADHB7JK4M6J7KRobert O. Tucker "robert"0051315785600Favorite of my dog's foodThis is, by far, the favorite of my dogs canned food(one of the more expensive, of course). If I want to be sure she is eating, I just put this down. She has never failed to clean her bowl when it contains the lamb. Her digestive system seems to handle it quite well for canned food. My only complaint is the cost, but she is worth it.
300073300073B000WFRYWUA3V1OELIIXQBAUjune laben0051307491200Lamb and beef stewMy 4 yr old poodle loves this mixture. The combination of chunks and gravy are very exciting to him. Something to chew rather than swallow.
300074300074B000WFRYWUA1TQQQAYEDEY6BChris0051303257600A really good product.After researching dog foods, I went with Wellness core and my little dog loves it!! I feed Wellness core and put 1/2 can of the canned in with it and am so pleased that my dog begs for "mealtime".
300075300075B000WFRYWUAUDLU7PQB2HEOC. Meyer0051302220800Good ChoiceI just wanted to supplement the dry food that I feed my two schnauzers. I tried several other brands and even other canned food by this same brand. My dogs did not do well on any of them until I tried this one. They love it and it does not cause stomach upset or potty problems. I highly recommend this product for extra protein, esspecialy if your dog has a delicate system.
300076300076B000WFRYWUA2HGH80EGNOO1IThink About It0051299974400Dogs can't wait!My two dogs love this
300077300077B000WFRYWUA28Y1M7GRG0I9MReal Comments "Lin"0041299196800Good but Beware!This is definitely a great product since all the ingredients are quality stuff. However, like some reviewers have stated or I read from the label about how some dogs can't take the 95% meat contend. My dog is one of them. She would have diarrhea if I mixed too much of this food with her dry food. She LOVES this. I have to mix VERY little into her dry food so she won't have any stomach problem. I would recommend this product; just add a little to the dry food to avoid any problems.
300078300078B000WFRYWUA24PZR4W555WQID. Saldarriaga0051294617600My dogs love WellnessMy dogs and I love this food. They never leave a trace and I am happy that it is healthy for them. I mix it up with the Wellness Super 5 mix.
300079300079B000WFRYWUA8FJHPCMKR28FLinda0051288656000So happy with WellnessSince putting our dog on the Wellness dog food, we don't have any more diarrhea or upset tummy issues.
300080300080B000WFRYWUA8FJHPCMKR28FLinda0051282867200Healthy Dog at LastMy puppy had a severe diarrhea for weeks until we put her on Wellness Lamb and Sweet Potato. Just like a miracle, she is healthy and energetic.
300081300081B000WFRYWUA2IUBJJBH9PF9RJ. Raney0051271462400Excellent productThis dog food is excellent! My Shih Tzu's are thriving on it, they are healthier and full of energy, no allergy problems that plaqued them in the past. Yes it is a little more expensive, but well worth it for the health of your pups! I highly recommend it!
300082300082B000WFRYWUA1KTNCAPHBDJYQMaudie M. Briggs0051256083200Wellness is top dogMy Heidi is a Bichon with allergies and her doctor told me to keep her on Duck and Potato food as these were the least likely to cause an allergic reaction. I, of course, wanted the best for my Heidi and Wellness is the best.
300083300083B000WFRYWUA8BDBU9LTQTY2Empickles1231341878400Not a balanced meal -If my dog were reviewing this, he'd give it 5 stars - but that's because he's not aware that nutritional imbalances are possible. It's high quality - and he thinks it's delicious.

I looked back at the page after ordering to see if I'd just missed a warning, but I don't think it's there. The page is not clear enough, in my opinion - that this is NOT a balanced diet. I didn't realize until it arrived and has a note on it that says "Wellness 95% Canned Recipes are intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only."

I get that I should have been aware that something with so few ingredients is obviously not enough for long term feeding, but I do think the page should have a more clear note on it so that when people are ordering a few cases of food quickly it's clear that this one is really more a treat than a meal.

It's good though, for what it aims to be: a canned chicken treat to serve in addition to your dog's normal diet.
300084300084B000WFRYWUAAEEGQXHLUH4FS. Leigh1251337472000Great food, and perfect sized cans.I mix this soft food with my Boston Terrier's dry food, so I don't use much for each meal. Using the larger cans meant I would end up throwing half a can away.

Wellness brand is very high quality food, and has been working very well for our dog who has a very sensitive stomach.
300085300085B000WFRYWUA1OL6OBZGR6RGBallierw261241283472000Stinky but my dogs love it!Even though this is 95% chicken, it looks like cat food (ground up texture) and smells like stinky canned chicken. It's a very strong smell! My dogs go NUTS for this, though (1 Labrador and 2 Boston Terriers). I just add a couple spoonfuls as a topper to their dry food, so one can lasts awhile. I probably will try something less smelly next time but I like the quality of the ingredients and like the Wellness brand.
300086300086B000WFRYWUADHB7JK4M6J7KRobert O. Tucker "robert"0131315785600Started out okay, but became a lost cause.This is one of four or five varieties of Wellness canned food my dog has tried. At first she seemed to like it, and she ate it well. After a couple of packs(12 cans) she refused to eat it at all. This was not the only flavor she was given during this time, but she knew when it was part of her meal. I don't know what happened, but it is not on our menu any longer.
300087300087B000WFRYWUALHUTRTZVVFBRC. Azad "cazad"0151293148800Skinny, Picky Poodle has gained a pound on this stuffI was able to add a full pound to my skinny, 15yr old toy poodle with this. He loves it and looks forward to dinner again. I'd order it through Amazon, but it's only one cent cheaper on Amazon than it is in the pet store.
300088300088B000WFRYWUA2M01K1L5EHYBLChrismg2631294704000My dogs were not impressedI'll be returning this product. Half the cans were dented and the lables were falling off. I tried one can that wasn't dented - my dogs were not impressed.
300089300089B000WFRYWUA2344608CT2821Rae0631220832000OkayI have two dogs. One dog ate all of it, but he even eats durian fruit. The other was very hesitant and didn't finish it. I won't buy this again.
300090300090B00433CAM6A3C3EHGP7Q9YQXjanders0011331683200a bag of candy is cheaperthis is not dried bananas. this is a bag of suger heavy, chemjcal laden and unhealthy junk. why do we need sugar on a fruit that is sweet already. i thought i was buying a healthy snack but i didn't read all of the lines. my fault and fool me once but not twice. a bag of candy is much cheaper.

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