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300155300155B000RP4V76A34A2SK45Q1UAOC. Lambert0041212105600Healthy, high quality treatsI mixed these with yogurt and applesauce as a Kong filling and my dogs loved it. They weren't real enthusiastic about them dry, but it may have been because they saw the Kongs and new what was coming!
300156300156B000RP4V76A34A2SK45Q1UAOC. Lambert0041212019200My boston loved themI mixed these with plain yogurt and frozen blueberries for my boston terrier's kong and he LOVED it. He kept bringing it to me wanting it refilled. Love that they are wheat free as we think he might be allergic or at least sensitive to wheat.
300157300157B000RP4V76A1ZSF5CJ0A4CIOFancy Trimmins0131269302400Some liked them, some ignored themMy 6 Greyhounds received the chicken pot pie flavored treats as an early Easter surprise from their Auntie. Keeping in mind the size of my dogs, these treats are the teeniest, tiniest things I think I've seen. Maybe an inch long and 1/8" high/deep, the dogs' canine teeth are bigger than these treats. Keeping in mind a treat this small will most likely be swallowed whole, I distributed them slowly to each pup. It was as if they were gulping air...I don't think the ones with enough teeth to chew even tasted them. The 2 with minimum teeth for whom I must moosh everything up got theirs crushed up in yogurt...those two girls wouldn't eat the yogurt. So, I can't tell if my pups like these or not; most didn't even taste them as they went down the hatch too quickly without chewing; the other two didn't like what they did to their favorite treat since losing their teeth, yogurt.

They are wheat and corn free, listed as 100% natural and the ingredients list on the back of the little box are:
oat flour, rolled oats, potato flour, chicken broth, carrots, celery, canola oil, eggs, baking powder

For the price, one can put those ingredients together at home (I will swap potato flour for whole wheat flour) and bake them yourself. Even if it takes a few tries to get the measurements right, the dogs will still eat them and you can make them any size that is appropriate for your pet(s). If baking them as hard treats is too time consuming for you, do what I do: mix it up like a meatloaf, bake it, cut into appropriately sized treat pieces, and keep in the frig. Easy enough and one can use leftovers from a meal rather than start with all new ingredients. Probably healthier for your pet too.

However, we must still thank Auntie for allowing us to try something new. If it were not for the tiny size of these treats, they would most likely have been a great big hit here.
300158300158B000DZXGW6A1273EI16LRMTPS. Chang0051231632000deliciousActually I've bought from Sultan and Haci Bekir and both seem to be a great hit when I've bought it for birthday gifts and such. Fresh and delicious... I highly recommend it.
300159300159B000T9ZJPSA2QFQINWX3UYHHStephen J. Mackenzie111221193356800Odd, cinnamon tasteAlthough this didn't taste awful, it really wasn't much different
than cinnamon. Not the rich Ethiopian flavor I hoped.
Zamori's was much more like it.
300160300160B000FLSYR0AISB2BVRKD7CGpoppyzangel1111325462400Disappointed!! It's all Pink, not rainbow!I am very disappointed, I bought this popcorn for my sons Dr Seuss themed 1st birthday. I assumed it was rainbow colored. There is NOTHING in the description about it being just pink. Now there's no time to order new...
300161300161B000FLSYR0A1QV9DIG0XYFZ9ladiinred0041297641600Great Tasting KernelsThe cotton candy popcorn has a bitter taste at first but overall, it is a great tasting popcorn. I would buy this again, just in a different flavor.
300162300162B0015SZCU4A3OD5QI2B3LSXSRobyn Thibado0051334793600Very goodGot this for my sister for her birthday. She loved it! It is especially good with a soft cheese and bread.
300163300163B0015SZCU4AFM6AEYLTM2WGBeth0051309219200DELICIOUS!!!I first bought these preserved walnuts at a local specialty gourmet and wine shop because I was curious having never seen anything like them before. The shop person suggested slicing thinly and serving with cheese and crackers. Both the texture and flavor were unexpected and wonderful. The walnuts look like giant dark olives as they are made from immature green walnuts whose shells are still undeveloped and attached. They have a very interesting texture
300164300164B0015SZCU4ALCHVSBWBFFJZG. Vereschagina "GV"1311249084800Overcooked, with taste of tea and acidThis is the second Green Walnut preserve I bought, in hope of finding "the real thing" that I recently tasted during my trip to Turkey. (The previous one was Green Walnut Preserve (Gradina) 14oz (400g), also sold on amazon). Disappointed again. It's over boiled, does not smell/taste anything like walnuts, and has a very strange tea-like aroma. It's actually produced in New Jersey, not Armenia....
Avoid this product, as well as the other preserve I mentioned. If I find the real thing, I will post updates here.
300165300165B00061NF3WA39EJ6FG17Z7Y6Michael Thomas "mthomas1776"7751139961600Great CoffeeThis is some of the best coffee I have ever had. Short of sitting in a Costa Rican resturaunt and having each cup of coffee made right before your eyes, I would suggest buying a bag of these beans. My family has brought this coffee back with us from Costa Rica when opportunity permits, and now I am very excited that it is available online. Once you have tried this coffee you will understand how coffee was meant to be consumed.
300166300166B00061NF3WA16OG0AEN2EL76R. Barrera "data maven"4451167350400great coffee!I love the texture of the coffee. There is no bitterness and it is very smooth - to where I didn't need cream to cut the flavor. I am usually not a coffee drinker but a friend told me that this is one of the best she ever had. This was intended to be a christmas gift for her but out of curiosity I bought one for myself to include with the 7 bags for her. I now know the difference! Believe me, I had thought that instant tasted way better then "real" coffee until a I had a cup of this java. I was almost tempted not to give the rest of the coffee away.

Also, the shipment was very fast! I had ordered this with other items (books and DVDs). The coffee came in within the week but the other items didn't come in at all. Infact every time I checked the progress, amazon kept pushing the items further away in the shipment date. I couldn't understand this at all! I had to cancel the rest of the order and buy the items elsewhere. Go figure.
300167300167B00061NF3WA27RJS2865PBHMshopper "lakers"1141194134400Love that CoffeeHaving visited Costa Rica in 2006; I purchased several types of coffee. I found this in a grocery store in San Jose. It was only when I got home I found that it was the best tasting of all the coffies I purched. I could not find it here in Chicago but went on line to several other sites and found it however the prices were a bit extreme. As usual, I went back to Amazon and found the Britt Coffee, it tastes just awesome. It's worth the trip back (twisting mountains and all) just to purchase this one but I think I'll let Amazon do the shopping for me!
300168300168B00061NF3WA3XKT8SB9K1N6R. Ochoa0041339804800If you really prefer dark roast coffee...... these Costa Rican beans are alright. I am not a huge fan of dark roast coffees, particularly when it comes to Costa Rican coffees, but my wife is and she gave this product a solid thumbs up. It has the usual Costa Rican flavor - citrusy, crisp "attack", light-bodied - and the extra roasting time seems to round out the "finish" nicely. The dark roast does cast a stronger cloud over the entire brew. The dark roast style also lowers the caffeine content quite a bit, so if you like an extra caffeine kick in the morning, this coffee is not for you. This would be a solid after-dinner brew or afternoon coffee to sit back and enjoy.
300169300169B00061NF3WA1KQATXCQPOZ9Tyoung urban professional0051296172800Best CoffeeI was staying at a friends and found this in their kitchen, not knowing what it was. When another visiting coffee drinker like myself awoke and we tried the resulting brew we looked at each other and said, "What IS this stuff!"

I've ordered it from their website (they do like to spam you if you GIVE them your email... hello), but I find amazon more convenient because I order from here a fair bit.

A couple of years ago I was making coffee for a Costa Rican friend, and I was going to offer him something else when he saw that I had some dark roast Cafe Britt and stopped me, asking why I was holding out on him. I'd thought he'd be not so interested in coffee from his own country, but he said it was his favourite and the best coffee out there. Not only that but people from Costa Rica, when they buy Cafe Britt, very sadly can not get the stuff we get abroad because it's of a higher quality set aside for export. I feel a little bad about that, but I still like the coffee.
300170300170B00061NF3WAM368NJCZ77NNJudith C. Harper0051267574400Best coffeeI have been getting this coffee for 3 years, ever since we were in Costa Rica. It is the best. We have tried others but always come back to this one. We order it directly from Cafe Britt. Try it and enjoy!!!
300171300171B00061NF3WAP7PU6ACQJY8RBernini "ec9223"0041243468800Excellent !!I first tasted this in Costa Rica. It's strong and smoooth. Great coffee and I'm pleased it is available from this website.
300172300172B00061NF3WAYU7595B5GG5MSteven L. Hirsch "poetsteve"0051221436800The Best Coffee on Planet Earth, Bar NoneMy wife and I honeymooned in Costa Rica back in 2005 and we loved the coffee we were served; it is robust and well rounded and low acid so it doesn't upset my stomach after two or three full cups. We have been buying this coffee ever since and I have trouble drinking any other brand; even Dunkin Donuts blend is anemic next to this coffee. I think the Poas blend is the best coffee in the Britt line, but we often mix some Dark Roast or Espresso with it to jack it up when necessary. The 11 for 10 bag deal on their site is a bargain. This is great coffee, day in and day out. You will likely enjoy it as much as we do.
300173300173B00061NF3WA3KTYXNP45H5VWTj Brown0211234137600Don't Buy Unless You Love Spam E-mailI ordered two types of coffee from Cafe Britt. Although the coffee was good, I have been hammered with their never-ending email spam campaign. I've "unsubscribed" from their emails three separate times with no avail. Buy your coffee somewhere else unless you love being spam-targeted for the rest of your life!
300174300174B000EIUI4GA3MI7KXE9CU7PL. Baker11311225238400Got my hopes up for nothingI am in the process of switching over to a meat free diet. I love Tom Gum Soup and I have been making it, with out Fish sauce. It's delicious, but I heard that there is actually a Vegetarian version of fish sauce that I could use. So I researched and found this. I ordered it immediately, when I recieved it I was dismayed to find that it contained MSG. A big No, No, for me. I never tried it so I don't know if it tastes good or bad. Seeing MSG listed as an ingredient was enough for me.
300175300175B0036Z21VMA34KXKL8AA6ZY4Megan Thruston0041316649600Guilty pleasureLucky Charms are my own private revenge for a childhood deprived of sugary name brand cereals. As far as nutrition it's not the best but it's not the worst either - each cup has around 140 calories and provides 14% of your daily calcium and Vitamin C requirements, plus it has almost 40% of the iron you need! It still isn't a filling or nutritionally adequate breakfast but it's not too bad when you're craving some sweet snacky junk food :)
300176300176B0036Z21VMA370Z6I5GBWU44M "CultOfStrawberry"0051299196800Magically Delicious!This cereal truly is magically delicious (or close to it) Generic knock-offs of this product taste pretty good, but Lucky Charms has such awesome flavor. I miss the old array of marshmallows, now it seems that there are way too many gimmicky marshmallows, but the cereal tastes good!
300177300177B005MH0HYKA2SUZE0FPYIDHXBrent Cornelius "Foodlover"1151338508800good stuffGreat sauce. Makes snake and rabbit taste like chicken. It is wonderful the whole family enjoyes eating it. It makes dinner easy to make and delecioious.
300178300178B005MH0HYKAN48B8JE2466WM.L.0041341014400Very goodmakes roadkill taste like steak. without this sauce, my family wouldn't eat so good. also good on cats and dogs.
300179300179B00126ES0YA1P70MC7XXRFX8Russell M. Aldred "Trackertech"2251206144000Great chopsVacuum packed 2 to a package. While it says fully cooked I found them perfect when put in the toaster oven after letting them defrost over night for a little more cooking. Taste was perfect and I will get them again.
300180300180B0000GGHX8A3MCFEER3KTC5MDreaming of Hawaii "Dreaming of Hawaii"2251181606400YUMMYLove this stuff...great can't get more authentic Mexican. Don't hesitate to'll love it!
300151300151B000RP4V76A1GTTC7MA3XK2Xcybersleuth58 "chi-mama"0051234483200Tasty treats for little onesMy 6 little chihuahuas are quite fussy! When I buy treats invariably one or two end up disliking them. These little treats were loved by everybody. My little long haired boy sees the box and spins until I give him one. They are soft and are manageable for the tiny dogs with tiny teeth. Sojos came out with a statement that they DO NOT USE any of the peanut butter affected by the recent recalls. So you can relax if you want to try them!
300152300152B000RP4V76A39GHEM2JBZFHQYoshio Nakashima "yosh n"0021232928000is it safe?our dog liked it but seemed to not feel well after.
bad peanut butter???
300153300153B000RP4V76A1ME751TANAC63P. Benden0041232496000Great Treat For Tiny Dogs!I have a teacup chihuahua and most treats are as big as she is. This one is perfect for her tiny little mouth and she loves them!
300154300154B000RP4V76A2CIM5OI9565ONLo "someone"0051231718400My dog loved these!Very cute little biscuits shaped like bones, perfect for small treats and my dog absolutely loves them. The best part is that they are all natural :-)

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