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300211300211B001Q9EGFEA122SFGLAHQLSJMenthol Rum0041246320000Well liked, but not sure of the dental benefitsI like the re-sealable bag and you do seem to get a lot of treats in a bag as compared to other brands, but the treat are smaller. Maybe it my imagination. My 4 year old cats like these treats as much as any. One is quite finicky and there are several treats she turns her nose up at, but she likes these a lot. Liking them is fine and well, but my little pigs tend to eat them so fast, I don't think they chew them, thereby bypassing any dental benefits So, I feed one treat at a time and actually hear them crunching.

I read up on the ingredients and the corn doesn't thrill me, but I can't see anything in the ingredients to worry about.
300212300212B001Q9EGFEA8WEXFRWX1ZHHGoldengate "Goldengate"0051246147200My cat loves these treats! And I like the resealable pouch.Since my cat Hudson cannot yet write reviews, I'll do my best though I haven't personally tasted these treats. Hudson LOVES these treats! I am somewhat skeptical of the dental hygiene claims, but he really likes them, which is rare... he often turns his nose up at treats. I'll definitely reorder these!
300213300213B001Q9EGFEAZNUHQSHZHSUECorky0051246147200Cat loves them!We have trouble with our cat liking snacks for hairball treatment or for tartar control. This it liked when we first gave it to her. we gave it six and shut the bag and put it on the counter. The cat got on the counter and stood at the bag wanting more. That says a lot for our cat. Every cat is different so what's good for one cat might be terrible tasting for another one. Haven't had time to tell if it helps with it's teeth yet I'll post something later on that.
300214300214B001Q9EGFEA2J4J4KIQPHESUPeter Marone III0041246060800Cat loves these!I have a very finicky eater, especially when it comes to treats (unless, of course, it's from my plate). Luckily, she loves these, and I have to fight her when I'm opening the pouch to give her more.

Unfortunately, she wolfs these down with barely a crunch or two, so I don't think I'll see much benefit to her dental health. I'd like the treats to be a bit larger to force her to chew them.
300215300215B001Q9EGFEABL3PCYAQ1Y4CC. Lindsey0051245974400My finicky Persian ate them right up.I ordered both salmon (usually my cat's favorite flavor) and beef (she usually doesn't care for beef flavoring, in fact has digestion troubles with it sometimes). The first I tried was Salmon flavored: I felt very sure that my slim, persnickety, Persian diva would leave these where they lay; for sure when they were delivered right after I served her a fresh serving of Friskies canned Salmon shreds. Now, to serve her a daily dose of powdered medication, I have to mix a small amount of the powder with moist, canned food; which is why I even give her moist food. She would smell or taste the medicine and not touch it if it wasn't mixed right, and she would eat right around it. So, for her to eat these, I was quite pleased. They are small, about the size of a piece of puffed wheat; and very hard and crunchy; I can hear her crunching from ten feet away.

The ingredients list corn flour, chcken meal, wheat flour and corn gluten meal as the first of many listed. The label say's "with nutritious vitamins & minerals plus the essential amino acid taurine" and "under 2 calories per treat". The calorie count at the bottom notes 1.1 calorie per treat. Label advertises that the product "removes 3 times more tartar than regular cat treats", and includes an ingredient called Denta Shield, which supposedly creates a shield to prohibit further tartar build up. The consumer has no way of verifying this of course, but I will assume that if this is even half true, and she is getting half the vitamins, it is better than nothing. If she won't eat it, it won't do her any good.

Now, the second time I fed her today, I offered her three more treats, and she declined to eat them, so appetite appears to have some affect on her desire to eat them.
300216300216B001Q9EGFEA2DV48TSVVVO6VJesus is my Savior0051245974400My cat loves these treats!my cat was all over these treats. They sounded VERY crunchy, but she was undaunted. She finished them and was looking for more. It will take time to see how they affect her teeth tho.
300217300217B001Q9EGFEA282RNKOO2P5RTAreYouKidding?0041245888000Cat loves them but the "crunch" is not guarenteed.Sasha (my calico) seems to love the taste but she just swallows the treats whole without chewing. That sorta defeats the purpose of the tarter control. Perhaps if the treats were bigger cats would have to chew them.

Needless to say, this won't replace the annual teeth cleanings or improve her breath. :)
300218300218B001Q9EGFEA1S78V0MOUYFUAL A.0041245888000The Cats MeowThese treats went over big with two cats, both of whom are finicky eaters and aren't usually into cat snacks. This is good news for them and for my wallet. Hopefully these snacks do what they claim, keep kitty's teeth clean which will cut down on professional cleanings. Only time will tell.
300219300219B001Q9EGFEA2SH6A32BE6NEVComp Expert "Comp"00412458880005 out of 6 cats enjoyed this productGave these to a total of 6 cats and all but one quickly devoured the pieces up, awaiting for more. The one that shunned the treat was not particularly a picky-eater either so I'm not sure what the deal was about. They are in a nice package size to provide decent amount of treats yet not too big where they might get stale if sitting too long opened.
300220300220B001Q9EGFEA3F3B1JPACN215Michael G. Lustig0051245801600A real treat for my catsBelieve it or not my cats are picky when it comes to treats. Well they love these and come running when I shake the jar I store them in. These treats are hard and the cat has to chew it. This means that they really do clean the cat's teeth. There's also a chemical used in Crest toothpaste the helps prevent plaque and tartar build up. My vet wanted over $800 to clean my cat's teeth. I can buy a lifetime supply of these snacks for that price and my cats will be happier. To be completely honest, I tasted one to see if it tasted like salmon. It didn't but I had to give it a try.
300221300221B001Q9EGFEAPKVG66TWSGP9Jennifer Terry0051245715200Cattie likeyI wish I could say I had a very discriminating cat like some, but my Tomcat (no, I did not choose the name) falls into the try-to-stay-out-of-the-way category. He was very pleased with his first handful and just as pleased with his second. He's waiting patiently for his third. I like to hear him crunch, crunch, crunch because I'm envisioning cleaner teeth and breath, but don't have any proof to report yet. He generally has fairly heinous breath, so here's hopin'!
300222300222B001Q9EGFEAQ8DU6XVA3USJAlejandra Vernon "artist & illustrator"0031245715200I Wish Cats Could Read......Then they would read the information on the package and know how good it was for them, and perhaps take a liking to it. Of my 3 cats, none of them enjoy "Crunch `n Clean." I have tried 3 flavors: Rich Salmon, Bold Beef, and Savory Chicken, because the benefits of tartar control and "Denta Shield" are mighty appealing to the human house mate who pays the veterinarian bills (anyone who has had an estimate for feline dental work from a pet clinic knows what I mean). Tooth decay in cats is a big problem, and this product, from the information given, seems as though it would help.

Is it the smell? The shape? What is missing here? They get all excited when they see the package, and are terribly disappointed when the likes of Purina's "Whisker Lickin's" or Whiskas' "Temptations" (the 2 snack treats they occasionally get) doesn't emerge from the little bag. The best I can do at this point is mix "Crunch `n Clean" with their regular dry food, in hopes that they'll accidentally eat some. Without that subterfuge, there's no dice with "Crunch `n Clean," just upturned noses.

I'll give Hartz 3 stars for trying, but suggest they do some more taste testing. No matter what the product, usually at least 1 of my cats will dive in and enjoy, so "Crunch 'n Clean" must be lacking in the "appetizing factor" in a big way. Back to the drawing board Hartz!
300223300223B001Q9EGFEA2RX62V4E2BF5ZCeleste "Vodka, Apple Pucker & Sweet 'n' Sour"0051245715200Meow, meow! Give it to me now!! Length:: 0:23 Mins

Cat treats fall into two categories at my house. "I will not eat that" or "Gimme, gimme, gimme!" Happily, these fall into the "Gimme, gimmie, gimmie" category. Kitty is not a picky eater. About 90% of the treats we've tried with her are gobbled down shortly before she begs for more. These were no exception.
As for the tarter control aspect of the treats, I really couldn't say that they work either way. Perhaps some people have an intimate enough relationship with their cats to be able to tell if a specific treat is reducing tarter or otherwise protecting their teeth, I'm not one of those people. But, the worse case scenario is that her teeth are in the same condition before the treats as they are after, as I would be really surprised if they made her tarter problem worse, so I'll continue to feed her the tarter control treats. Maybe her teeth will be a little cleaner when she bites me in an attempt to convince me to give her more treats.
300224300224B001Q9EGFEA37NHGD0WTRYFHThe Curious0041245715200Mr. Picky Cat eats themMy cat happily scarfed down some of these.

These cat dental treats appear to be different than others. DentaShield coats the the teeth to block tarter formation.

The directions say to feed the cat 4-5 of these twice a day. I'm guessing this little pouch to be about 2 weeks worth at that rate.

Corn flour is the first ingredient, not really the best stuff for your cat but corn is often a major ingredient in catfood anyway. As a treat, its probably okay, but these would be better labeled corn & chicken treats than salmon treats. Having said that, the cat doesn't really appear to care (he can't read). Appears to be a nutritional supplement as well as a dental treat. Wish there was some way to know what the RDA of this stuff is for cats.

The ingredients: Corn flour, chicken meal, wheat flour, corn gluten meal, poultry fat, dehulled soybean meal, salmon meal, sodium hexametaphosphate, poultry digest [what is that??], dried brewers yeast, calcium carbonate, potassium chloride, salt, choline, chloride, lecithen, vitamin E supplement, niacin supplement, vitamin A supplement, calcium pantothenate, vitamin B12 supplement, riboflavin supplement, biotin, thiamin mononitrate, folic acid, pyridoxine hydrochloride, vitamin D3 supplement, menodione sodium bisulfite complex, ferrus sulfate, zinc oxide, manganese oxide, copper sulfate, cobalt carbonate, ethylenediamine dihydriodide, sodium selenite, mineral oil, dl-methionine, taurine, color added (titanium dioxide, yellow #6, blue #1), BHA (a preservative), mixed tocopherols (a preservative).

Guaranteed analysis:
Crude Protein min: 25%
Crude Fat min: 8%
Crude Fiber max: 4%
Moisture max: 10%
Vitamin A 2,273 IU/lb
Vitamin E 14 IU/lb
Zinc 75 mg/kg
Selenium .1 mg/kg
Taurine. .1%

Calorie Count 1.1 per treat
300225300225B001Q9EGFEA1JMR1N9NBYJ1XMad Ethyl Flint0051245715200Accepted by one of the most descriminating cats!I fed some of these treats to both cats. Three isn't that picky but chose these over his dry food.

So I tried it with Cassie, the one who will only eat a partial can of wet and then want another flavor. I was totally surprised that she scarfed down the first one and wanted more!

I am concerned about my cats dental health and I was thrilled when Cassie ate these. And they both liked them which is an even bigger plus!

They look like little cat paws and smell pretty much like dry cat food.

I'm thrilled with this product and will be buying more.

Thank you!
300226300226B001Q9EGFEA1V81ZAUGS0LE3Dinubabear3541247702400Not for picky eatersThe treats come in 3 sizes/shapes. The heart is the smallest. The Chicken is middle sized. The pig is the largest. I've never seen a cat attack a pig.

The green center also increases in size with the shape.

I have 2 cats. One who will eat anything. Catfood, chips, pieces of fruit. And one that is a picky eater, and turns down most people food.

Needless to say, my omnivore cat loved them! Ate the reccomended amount and wanted more.

Now my picky eater, he would eat the hearts. He would put the pig in his mouth and spit it right out. He tried again to eat the pig, spit it out again and gave me a dirty look. The third day I tried the chickens. He would eat exactly 2 chickens, and then start spitting them out. The following day I tried the pigs again. He instantly spit it out and walked away. The 5th day I tried the hearts again and he will now just lick at the outside instead of eating it, unless I trick him with a whiskas treat first.

My conclusion is the green center must taste pretty bad and should have an outside tasty shell for picky eaters. Or should all be in the small heart shape. Why the different shapes? My cat's not going to know or care that it is shaped like a pig.
300227300227B001Q9EGFEA3F3B1JPACN215Michael G. Lustig1251267056000My cats come runningMy cats love these treats. They are really hard so they have to chew them so hopefully they are cleaning their teeth. My vet wanted $1,400 to clean my cat's teeth. That's just not going to happen. This is reasonable alternative that the cats enjoy. BTW: My cats are picky when it comes to treats but they really like these. If I can't find them, I shake the jar and they come within a few seconds. They double as a cat caller.
300228300228B001Q9EGFEA2XBP1MUV5O6X7Erin L. Turner1251262649600The only treat my cat will eat!I rescued a cat not long ago and have had a hard time getting him to come out from under my sofa. When offered about four other kinds of treats he turned up his nose, these were the only treats that would get him out from under the couch! They must taste good!
300229300229B001Q9EGFEA2I98OOPNIJNYYAltar Boy "Pax Vobis"1231252713600My cat is not interestedI have a cat who only likes to eat dry food. His favorite is Meow Mix. When I attempted to "treat" my cat with Hartz Crunch n Clean he was not interested - at all. I tried all sorts of things to get him to eat it (like putting a little Meow nearby) and he only wanted Meow. I gave the product 3 stars because I don't know for sure if it is my cat's problem. So I'll give Hartz the benefit of the doubt. Otherwise I would give the product "zero" stars.
300230300230B001Q9EGFEA1DP2GVGDKUVW0Dennis Hawley1251252540800My multi-cat household votes paws up!I've had a chance to try this product now with several cats (I seem to be magnet for abandoned or lost cats). While I haven't done a close-up assessment of the cleaning power of this product, I can say that unlike other brands, all of my picky cats immediately dove into these kibbles. Even if the cleaning is no better than other products, the fact that my cats actually seem to like it will certainly result in cleaner fangs. This is a product that I will buy on a regular basis.
300231300231B001Q9EGFEA2O2C7C3XLHO2SMrsMonday1241247961600My Cats ate them...says enough!My 14yr old orange tabby Rusty had to have a tooth pulled so we've been looking for treats to clean my 3 cats' teeth vs having to brush their teeth for them as recommended by the Vet. Rusty's not one for the brushing thing.
So we've tried a few other treats but these are the only ones where he actually ate them. Normally he puts them in his mouth, licks them and spits them out. His sister Sammy cleans up (thank goodness) after him.
So next Vet visit I will update after we try these for a few months and re-evaluate the rating. 4 stars as I don't know the full effect just yet.
300232300232B001Q9EGFEA1LFXR2GB56XWALorenzo "constant reader"12512477024005 PURRS AND A MEOW !Our cat is 8 years old, and has enjoyed many treats in his life but none that pleased him as much as these.

He's not had any problems with his teeth, and they do seem whiter after eating these.

We're also pleased that the treats contain vitamins and minerals. Would surely recommend.
300233300233B001Q9EGFEACYR6O588USK' Groovin' guy "music historian"1251247443200Cleans as Cats CrunchThese healthy new treats blocks tartar formation with DentaShield.

Almost all of my cats that eat dry food happily accept these treats. I have one cat that won't eat any dry foods or treats.

My very finicky cats loves them so they must taste good to cats.

That they help clean the teeth are another plus. My cats also love Greenies which are beneficial to their teeth too.

I will keep buying Greenies and these Hartz treats too. They both seem to be great products and cats really look forward to different treats. I like providing them with a variety.

I highly recommend these treats to cat owners for their pets.
300234300234B001Q9EGFEA34A7QEBMYTALWArthur Kicker "Ragged, Tagged, and Bodybagged"1241247097600FineThese are good cat treats. My cats are picky but they eat these. As for the treats plaque fighting powers, I really have no way of measuring that. I'll take the company's word for it. My one cat puked a few of these up after eating them. But she pukes all the time so I can't say it the treats made her vomit or if it was just her puking like she always does. Cats are irritating sometimes.
300235300235B001Q9EGFEA1ZZR25X0CNOJXslim "57psalm"1241247011200well, the cat seems to like itMy cats don't have dental problems, fortunately, but I thought I would try this product just to see if they would even like it. They gobbled it up, and managed to keep it down, so they must like it.

Haven't had it long enough to know if it contributed to their dental health.
300236300236B001Q9EGFEA1KEK09ZA6J9P8Colleen M. Schneider1251246233600Trix says this one is a keeper~My cat Trixie loves snacks of any kind-anything that is not the dry crunchy kibble that is in her bowl so the idea of giving her a treat that would also help keep tartar at bay seemed like a win-win. Though she had been eating "Pounce" as her treat which is soft, she went for it and then after eating about eight of them just sat and looked at me like, "hel-lo", shake out a few more and stop being so stingy". So I did, and then zipped the little pouch closed-two steps behind me there she was again, so I can only glean from this that this would be a five star rating.

Anyone who has ever tried to brush a cat's teeth (we tried this ONCE when our obviously sadistic vet suggested it)will enjoy just throwing a few treats out and letting their cat crunch that tartar right off.

I would definitely look at purchasing this item for Trixie again.
300237300237B001Q9EGFEA2JFL163HUJZG3EAF1251245888000My cats enjoy them!My two cats definitely give these treats "two paws up"! After I shook out a few of these treats for my cats (and they were promptly gobbled up), I set the package on top of a bookshelf and left the room. When I returned, I found one of my cats balancing on top of the bookshelf, trying to chew through the package! So they must be pretty tasty. Plus, one of my cats has a *very* sensitive stomach and most treats come up as promptly as they go down; these stayed in, thank goodness!

Head over to hartzcrunchnclean dot com for nutritional info and coupons.

I think the price is a bit high, but I can see myself purchasing these for my two cats in the future since they enjoy them so much.
300238300238B001Q9EGFEA2MY9VXHZYAHUZKimba W. Lion ""2411245888000One cat tried to bury them.Normally, my cats all love crunchy treats. I've seen them try to chew into the packs to get to the treats. I have 3 cats, a 13 year old male, a 1 year old male, and a 1 year old female.

I gave them all some of these treats. The two males ate three pieces each and left the rest. Well, actually, the younger male tried to bury the ones that were left, making the same motions he does in the litter box. The female ate five pieces and then was done; she would not touch the others' leftovers.

I have never in my life seen any cats walk away from treats like these. And since the recommended amount for teeth cleaning is 5 pieces twice a day, these obviously are not going to work even if the cats could be persuaded to try them again, if three is all they can stand.

Looking at how the cats were chewing them, I might guess that these were _too_ crunchy for them to enjoy. But that wouldn't explain why the one cat thought the treats should be buried.
300239300239B001Q9EGFEA30652X50TLEUZM. Lewis "booklover"0141270857600My 4 cats like itAs far as taste goes, they all come running when they hear me opening the package. I can't vouch for the teeth cleaning properties, as it appeared to me they were mostly swallowing them after a couple of bites. I keep snacks to a minimum to prevent obesity. What we need is a flavorful chew for cats they could mouth real well. I have a couple that would chew them, cleaning their teeth without a lot of calories.

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