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300241300241B001Q9EGFEA2RX62V4E2BF5ZCeleste "Vodka, Apple Pucker & Sweet 'n' Sour"0151248048000Meow!!I recently tried the Hartz Crunch n Clean 3-Ounce Cat Treat, Salmon and they were a big success, so I thought I'd give the chicken flavor a try, while Kitty didn't seem quite as excited about this flavor, I would still have to consider them a success.
As for the tarter control aspect of the treats, I really couldn't say that they work either way. Perhaps some people have an intimate enough relationship with their cats to be able to tell if a specific treat is reducing tarter or otherwise protecting their teeth, I'm not one of those people. But, the worse case scenario is that her teeth are in the same condition before the treats as they are after, as I would be really surprised if they made her tarter problem worse, so I'll continue to feed her the tarter control treats. Maybe her teeth will be a little cleaner when she bites me in an attempt to convince me to give her more treats.
300242300242B001Q9EGFEAZYIAWJR9972LLovin' retirement0151247529600One of the few "teeth cleaning treats" that my cat will eat.Cats are a finicky bunch, mine in particular. On the plus side she isn't interested in people food, on the not-so-plus side she turns her nose up to almost everything I buy for her to eat. With that in mind it was a small miracle when she actually ate these the first time I gave them to her and then looked up and asked for more. I can't comment on how well they work on keeping her teeth clean but I can say if they do work as advertised I'm more than pleased with the product. I have tried those other products and my cat has no interest in them. I will buying more of these.
300243300243B001Q9EGFEA3H7AOFQDPU0JVTimothy Capehart "Review-a-holic"0121247443200No interest from one usually quite interested in foodBanjo review (by proxy): I give it two sniffs. I ate the first couple, but ate around the next few in my dish. When offered this "treat" a third time, I licked them but found Mousie-mouse-mouse MUCH more interesting.

Proxy's review: There are a LOT of treats in the pouch. If your cat likes them, this is a good thing. If they actually do work as a "dental shield" as the package says they will...that's a good thing too. Banjo was not interested. He much prefers the "tastations" and "whiskas" treats. I also thought that the treats are on the small side--which leads larger cats who, um...might be NOT chew them at all thus defeating the whole purpose of the "dental shield"

SO two stars. Other cats might like these, Banjo did not. (He's a 13 lb. Mainecoon & Tabby mix who is 8 years old and an active healthy eater)
300244300244B001Q9EGFEAJ9AE2BVND0GSR. Phillips0151247097600My finicky eater and not so finicky eater both loved themBefore I even received these, I said to myself that these would probably be no better than a three star because I knew one cat would love them and the other wouldn't touch them. I was wrong. Both my cats gobbled them up right away and wanted more. I was pleasantly surprised. I don't know how well they work as far as teeth go, but as for taste, these are definitely a winner - according to my two boys. :)
300245300245B001Q9EGFEA2BCDZO1XQLDHR. Lanthier0141246838400If your cat likes treats....I have two cats and on occasion like to give them a treat. This is partly because I like my cats, and also to give them some variety in their diet. I have one cat who will eat anything, and will gobble any treat. She loved these treats and quickly gobbled them down - and I had to hold her off from eating her "sister's" treats as well. My other cat, while not a finicky eater, just is not as motivated by food. So for her, there is not a treat that she likes. This one was the same, and her buddy got to eat them all. These are supposedly better for their teeth but hard to evaluate such a claim on a personal basis. To get the maximum benefit, you are are supposed to feed them these 4-5 treats TWICE daily! I suppose the claim might work (the special ingredient was developed at the Indiana University Dental School), but these are certainly costly cat treats!!! I mark them down, because my one cat will eat anything, they are very costly, and my cat who is not into treats is not into these either. I do mark them quite high for being potentially useful for preventing dental problems, being low calorie, and in that sense, quite different from most cat treats.
300246300246B001Q9EGFEA2BXMHV2B0QRCMK. Robertson0141246838400Little nuggets of intense flavor!As far as flavor goes, these treats get A++! My cats are crazy about them...and my dogs beg (unsuccessfully) for them. For some reason, I was expecting a much bigger "biscuit," but these treats are very tiny and thin--a bit smaller than most cat food pieces. I like the resealable package.

I have a 19 year old (very healthy and active) cat and one that is 7. Both eat them quickly and earnestly, but I noticed that both of them just swallow most of the nuggets. That's certainly not helping their teeth (and the reason I only gave 4 stars), but I suppose they will get the vitamin benefit from them. It strikes me that maybe these treats should be just a bit larger, so cats would have to bite them in half and chew before swallowing...but, of course, they should not so big that there would be a danger of choking.

As my cats love the taste so much, and because of the vitamin content, I will most likely buy them again. But I hope they are reformulated to be larger in size.
300247300247B001Q9EGFEA2UOHALGF2X77QD. Hentze0151246665600Hartz Crunch n Clean 3-Ounce Cat Treat, ChickenI have a 15 year old cat that at this stage doesn't like to eat anything. I gave him the Hartz treats expecting him to ignore them. but he loves them. I'm glad I found something that he seems to really like. I plan on trying the other flavors.
300248300248B001Q9EGFEA3TP31S61PPE3GAlexJouJou0151246492800Both the old and the bold at my house love themI wasn't sure exactly how to review cat treats--since I don't have any frame of reference--never having eaten them before. Just kidding.

So I have one 17 year old cat who throws up everything and another 7 year old cat that is extremely picky when it comes to anything other than her normal brand of cat food. I was going for the concept that they would eat them and I wouldn't find any surprises on my bed when I got home from work.

Surprisingly enough they both loved them (this is rare--they don't even like the same cat food!). I didn't step on any squishy disgusting things (well, except a couple of soggy toasted oat cereal--but that's not my cats--that's my kid).

I don't see this replacing regular dental hygiene or vets visits (too bad) but they are a paws up winner at our house!
300249300249B001Q9EGFEA23TGI02RB7JCMarilyn J. Adams "Marilyn"0151246492800Excellent and does clean the teeth!Before giving these treats to my cat Felix, I wanted to make sure to include a vet's opinion of this product in my review. So, I scheduled an appointment and took Felix and the treats in. Upon inspection of the bag, my vet (Sally Foote) looked closely at the dietary information.


Crude Protein: 25%
Crude Fat: 08%
Crude Fiber: 04%
Moisture: 10%
Vitamin A: 2,273 IU/lb
Vitamin B: 14 IU/lb
Zinc 75 mg/kg
Taurin: 0.1%

While the vet said that the Crude Fat content was a tad higher than she would like to see, the fact that it only had 1.1 calories per treat is very favorable in her opinion.The dental cleaning is a plus and my vet did compliment the product on having that but she also stated that if you are trying to do away with daily brushing, your kitty would have to eat alot of these treats.

Now came the real test: Felix himself. When I placed one small treat in my hand and presented it to him, he was hesitant. Sniffing it, he wasn't sure if he should try it or not. At first glance, I would say he hated it but decided to try again when he wasn't distracted by anything. So, after his nap, I presented the treat to him again and this time, he eagerly cleaned it up and wanted more. I ended up feeding him 5 treats and he still wanted more.

This morning I found the package that WAS on top of my refridgerator, ripped up and emptied on the floor. I assume he loves them! I'm gonna have to buy more.
300250300250B001Q9EGFEAYW1TGDCP2OK6MestaySS01312464928003 Stars - I Guess??I'm not really sure how to review a cat treat. I assume my only course of action is to describe how my cat, Cleo, reacted to these new treats. I should say first of all that Cleo is used to eating moist treats and hard food - she may have just associated this crunchy treat as a pebble of her food.

Treat 1 - She ate it. Cleo is a very tiny cat with tiny teeth (I usually have to find food that has very small pieces in order for her to eat it) and I noticed that she had a hard time chewing this crunchy treat.

Treat 2 - Sniffed at it and licked it. No eating.

Treat 3 - Wouldn't go near it. I picked it up and put it in her food bowl. And I noticed this morning that the treat was removed from her food bowl and kicked aside so that Cleo could eat her food.

I gave this treat 3 stars because I like the idea of the green core that cleans the teeth - although, that green core is very hard. All in all, I'd say that my cat hated these. But, she's a picky kitty.
300251300251B001Q9EGFEA2KAVOGWK3BRB7Jeffrey A. Veyera "Jeff Veyera"0141246233600Our cats love thisWe try not to give our cats treats so as to promote their dental and physical health. Of course, they get bored with their cat food and whine for something different.

These treats work nicely in terms of changing the menu up in a healthy way.
300252300252B001Q9EGFEA3U52V5ZAHZZKUWayne Crenwelge "teacher"0141246060800Cruchy treat for my feline family friendsWe have 3 cats. We have had cats for 26 years. We have gone thru lots of different types of treats. These seem OK. Our youngest (2) liked them the most. The middle cat (9) thought they were worth eating sorta....i.e. she could take 'em or leave 'em. The old lady (12) thought they were good. She doesn't usually like new things so it was a nice treat for her. Overall, it seems to be a good treat. I don't know about the 'cleaning of the teeth' thing, but all of my cats ate the treats. Hope this helps.
300253300253B001Q9EGFEA1HNE9Y9JBAN9YPietro0141245888000My cat would be writing this review......if she could get her head out of this bag of Crunch n Clean! Seriously, she is crazy about them...and they are low in calories [1.1 cal per treat...she could stand to lose a pound or so] and high in protein [25% min]. Got it in the beef flavor as well, just as popular. The 3 0z. bag contains quite a few of the pieces [it doesn't say how many on the package, but I'd guess over a 100].
I can't speak for the tooth care, but her teeth are pretty healthy anyway since her primary food is dry kibble...crunchy as well!
I left off a star because they used artificial food coloring, which I try to is unnecessary [while cats supposedly can see colors, they apparently have trouble with red, and are better with blue/green...and they don't appear to care as much about color as we the coloring is for the owners, I gather].
Note: The chicken has titanium dioxide [white] and blue #1, while the beef has them as well as red #40, yellow #5 and blue #2.
Now, if they would offer one that was all natural, I would give it 5 stars!
Efit: 7/17/09...still lovin' these treats...I have even been able to train my cat to sit...although, cynics in our household claim that she is sitting anyway to get ready for the treat!
300254300254B001Q9EGFEA3L1MEXXDI4Q77Miranda Prince "Punky Monkey"0151245888000My Cat Loves ThemI don't know how to evaluate this product's claim that it's good for the cat's teeth, but my cat definitely likes it. When I give him these treats he eats them immediately and then looks at me like, "More, food lady!" I like that they are low in calories, so I can give them to my cat without worrying about him becoming overweight. If they really work to prevent tartar, that's awesome, but even if not I would buy them again.
300255300255B001Q9EGFEA79XDKI3P4VN9Therese "Treehugger"0151245888000A hit with the catsAll four of my cats loved Hartz Crunch and Clean - chicken flavor. All of them were complaining loudly when I opened the resealable pouch. They wanted their treats immediately!

The suggested serving for maximum dental benefits is four or five crunchies twice daily. Since each crunchy is only 1.1 calorie, I don't need to be overly concerned about these treats leading to my cat's obesity. Cats need to consume about 30 calories daily for each pound they weigh. The ideal daily serving size of 10 treats would amount to an eight pound cat receiving around 5 percent of its calories from Hartz Crunch 'n Clean.

I have no idea whether or not Hartz Crunch and clean removes 3 times more tartar (3 times as much as what?) as the front of the product advertises. However since my cats loved the treat so much, I give this product 5 stars.
300256300256B001Q9EGFEA3FBMSWBJ202SFamazon's fan0151245801600Better breathI have two cats. One doesn't even want to eat it; the other loves it. The one that loves it seems to have a better breath with less fishy smell in his mouth. And he loves it. So, I give it a 5-point review.
300257300257B001Q9EGFEALDV8DDZWWPYEMiss Darcy0151245801600Wonderful Treats: Eight Paws Up!Our two cats really love these. We don't brush their teeth, so if we can combine dental care with cat treats, it's a real bonus all around. The "serving size" is 4 or 5 treats, twice a day, which hardly makes a dent on this size package. Therefore, I'd say it's a decent value as well.

It's also a treat for my daughter to give these to the cats. She says, "Tell everyone they should buy some!"

So, eight paws and four thumbs up.
300258300258B001Q9EGFEA3D9NUCR4RXDPYKathleen San Martino0121245801600Not a hit with my catsI have four cats; three of them absolutely love treats and the other one sometimes accepts them. However, only one of my cats ate this treat. The other three cats wouldn't touch it; they just sniffed the treat and walked away. The one that ate it is one of the treat lovers.

Based on my cats' reaction, I say you have about a 25% chance of your cat liking these treats.
300259300259B001Q9EGFEA5GPH59NDWJRBJenna Glatzer0151245715200The Cat's MeowMy finicky cat practically inhaled these, then jumped up on the table where I had the bag, looking all pathetic and needy. Yep, I'd say they're a hit. I also like that the bag is really full, unlike some.
300260300260B001Q9EGFEA3UW0PQLDUACMHKent J. Smythe0151245542400My Kitties LOVE These!I have 2 cats,Mandy & Corny and they love treats anytime I give them some.

They really went crazy over these new ones.The past two days when I've had these in my hands,I'm the most important person in the world to them,they LOVE these treats.

I like the fact that these apparently tasty treats are also nutritious and help remove tartar.

My cats are sold,they want more of these and they'll get some more!

I have the bag on the desk as I'm writing this and from the sound of them they know it....gotta go,the kittens await
300261300261B001Q9EGFEA2OZ6PW2W5FQTPKathy0151245456000They must taste great!As soon as I opened the package, both of my cats were practically sticking their little heads in the bag so they could have some of these treats. They each ate the 4 or 5 that I gave them right away, so I can tell they really liked them. One of my cats is very finicky and hesitates to try anything but her regular food, but she loved these. I can't vouch for the tarter removing benefits because I'm sure it will take time to see, but I'm all for products that have some health benefits along with great taste. There are vitamins and minerals in the treats too and so I'll feel good about giving them to my cats every day.
300262300262B001Q9EGFEA2GPEV42IO41CIKona1351246406400Very goodMy 11-year old cat loves them. She's used to getting Greenies for a treat, but took to the Crunch 'n Clean right away. I like that they're dry and crunchy, not soft and sticky. I would continue to use these treats.
300263300263B001Q9EGFEA32AD0V7IJZZ0ASyke271341253145600Half the team approves - HIGHLY APPROVESIt started with a look. Them asleep in their beds, me dropping a treat on the floor near them. Their heads shifted slightly to size me up (without moving their perfectly folded bodies of course) - Dad kneeling near their beds? A mouse scurrying across the floor that must be stopped immediately before it reaches its destination? A toy?

Once my presence was established their attention shifted to floor and small brown nugget laying close to their beds. Alex, who's ALWAYS hungry and eats anything I put before him, favored his bed to the morsel and only considered leaving it to perhaps rub against my leg - a favored past-time second only to eating. Lewis, the more timid, more picky, and generally more cautious (after 6 years I still don't think he's yet convinced I'm not trying to kill him) crawled slowly from his nest to inspect.

There was a sniff... maybe two. And then I couldn't believe my eyes when he actually ate the treat. He's since had more and has learned what to expect when I pull the bag from it's spot in the pantry. A frenzy complete with mouthy remarks ensues.

Technical details: The treats look and feel like most other cat treats we've tried. They're crunchy (vs. chewy as the title suggests) and bite sized (perhaps the size of a pea but flat). I haven't noticed a difference in their oral hygiene at all but neither cat has any teeth or gum problems. The pouch itself is easily resealable for later use of course.

I hope to post a video of this soon!
300264300264B001Q9EGFEAN752U9MHN5P5secondadd "secondadd"0211255046400One gulpThe cat loves these but never chews them. How does that help with tartar control? It's so small that our average-sized cat just gulps it down and wants more. For cats like ours, the treat needs to be large enough that she will chew it first.

Do these companies actually test these treats before they release them?
300265300265B001Q9EGFEA28CCN6VYHRUKSAndrew Gray "Beezer Review"0251251331200Even finiky cats like theseThese are without a doubt cat approved. The cats that ate the ones in this bag got one taste and then proceeded to raid the location of said treats when the 'parents' weren't home and ate the rest of the bag which they had never done before.

Sometimes it takes several attempts to find the right treat for certain cats, these were a hit from day one. I highly recommend them.
300266300266B001Q9EGFEAQMMOZLONFRA5catfriend0251248998400Awesome treats!My cats love these treats. I love the fact that I only need to feed them five of the treats a day (they get other treats as well). I think that these work really well. I had been giving my cats these treats for maybe 3 or 4 days, and then it was time for their annual check-up at the vet. He was very impressed with how their teeth looked, and my cats are both 10 years old. So I highly recommend getting these treats!
300267300267B000Q2EKQCA3L7JV47HYB35EC. Honeycutt11512331008003 words"CANDY LOVER'S "CRACK"" THIS STUFF IS AWESOME!!!!!!!I DON'T EVEN MIND PAYING $3 A TIN FOR IT.
300268300268B005Y3TBJYAAOJZ6CA5RRHYChai's Dad0051322438400These are awesome!I liked to give my little Chai crunchy treats so I can give her more treats per day and these are great! They were just introduced and have no wheat, corn or soy in them. Plus they fit in Chai's KONG! I also bought some KONG Chewy Treats and Chai and my other dog Bogi went absolutely nuts for them! The KONG Bacon Meaty Flavor Bites make them stare at the kitchen cabinet for more!
300269300269B002LM9ZE2AADCMKNWHKQU2LeighMD0051349913600Best Tea on Earth (No, I don't own company stock!)Everyone in my house is addicted to this tea. We drink it iced. Make one or two pitchers of it a day. It's not sweetened, but has a subtle, natural sweetness to it. Feels refreshing and clean. It was also one of the few things I tolerated well when I was pregnant and routinely nauseated. I've heard this from other mothers too. Love it.
300270300270B002LM9ZE2A2P1AUPIH4Y6PKCanyon Lady0051345075200A delicious 'tonic-like' teaI was introduced to this tea at a local restaurant and went absolutely crazy about it. Its unique flavor and healthifying blend of green and black teas and yerba mate, along with a light touch of ginger, is a wonderful thirst quencher. As a tonic for health and energy, I now find myself drinking it daily instead of my usual afternoon coffee. It perks up the body and brain without the jittery effects of caffeine. I find I get a delightful pick-me-up later in the day--when I need it--without the negative affects of keeping me up at night. While a tad expensive, I will continue to buy SPORtea and enjoy its delicious brew. It is now a part of my every day routine.

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