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300301300301B000FFS926A288D2R9WAJBZSTravelGal6841202860800Delicious - Cheesecake Factory ServesI ordered green tea while at the Cheesecake Factory (at the Grove in Los Angeles) and they brought me this. Very mild, soothing and flavorful. I was very impressed so I went online to see if I could find it. Don't let the name (Gunpowder) discourage you from buying this. That name conjures up smokey, dusty, bitter images. But this is the opposite. Very tasty.
300302300302B000FFS926A20CKV0E0GP4V1Larry G. Monroe "Word Study"1151270166400Gun Powder Green, The Best I've ever Seen (Tasted)I have tried at least ten different kinds of green tea, and Numi Gunpowder Green has them all beat, hands down!!!
300303300303B000FFS926A3L757IWNYZV1SJ. A. Shaver "supershopper"1151233705600Numi Gunpowder Green Tea- a great alternative to coffee!I received a box of Numi Gunpowder Green Tea from a friend for my birthday. When I got sick, I decided to switch to green tea from coffee. I'm sorry now that I waited so long! Green tea works just as well to keep me awake and has fewer undesirable side effects (such as perspiration). I've switched!
300304300304B000FFS926A2I27S48Y59RH0RiverRat0051348876800My first teaI have never been a tea or coffee guy. I have been a soda guy for years, as long as I can remember. Just for the health I decided I should switch to green tea. I like it so far, it's not a soda, but it gets the job done if you are looking for something to sip on in the morning or during the day at work. Check it out.
300305300305B000FFS926A2E67UDGXGL71VReviewer0221276646400Smokey GreenI enjoy Numi rose white tea which tastes wonderful. However, the green tea tastes smokey and not very reminiscent of verdant tea leaves. At least the tea is organic and fair trade.
300306300306B001HN5G0IA2BT54XF26AIU4S. B. Minden "Canadian in Exile"5551311984000Just a pinch will do yaI first bought this salt when I visited France about 4 years ago when I saw it in a grocery store. Then I saw Ina Garten using it. Well the French and Ina are right.

This is a lovely finishing salt. Definitely do not use it when you are cooking. It is too crystalline and not meant to be used that way.

It is something to add just before serving.

I love just a pinch on veggies or eggs or whatever you want. Adds a nice salt crunch and is not too briny.

Remember just using a pinch at a time makes this last a long time so it is a good bargain as well.
300307300307B001HN5G0IA2K7ZBMSXNPFCIJason K "Amazon Addict"5551296604800Amazing Salt - Glad to finally find it.Bought some of this salt at a boutique shop about 8 years ago and have not been able to find it since. Now its on Amazon and I'm excited. This is a amazing salt and I love it compared to all other salts I have had. Makes for the best on fresh tomatoes and balsamic vinegar, you will not be disappointed. Easy to sprinkle with large light grains that melt instantly.
300308300308B001HN5G0IA3907KN2L0M7A4T. S. Ferguson "Phillyfergs"4451311724800Best Sea Salt out there (and yes, there is a difference)This is a mild sea salt that does not have the harsh bite of some sea salts or table salts. It tastes salty, but mellow. It has to be tried to be believed. I buy the three pack, but never manage to keep all three. When guests come over to our house and try the salt, they like it so much that I end up giving them one of my "extra" containers. Yummy and worth the money.
300309300309B001HN5G0IA3976PXO9CYU9RJaja3351309046400Le Saunier De Camargue Fleur De Sel Sea SaltDelicate but distinctive flavor. Container worthy of display. Highly recommend. Price here is same as when I purchased this salt in France. The Camargue is an area of wetlands and wildlife in southern France.
300310300310B001HN5G0IA38PQB9AMUNJA7M. F. Connelly2251320105600Great price for TOP Quality.I first became aware of French sea salt through Williams Sonoma. I was just about to order it through their website and thought I'd check prices on Amazon. Well, I read reviews and this Camargue Fleur de Sel had the best reviews. And the price was so much less than WS.

I use it on just about everything now. Even my Cheesesteaks! (I'm a Philly Girl.) The flavor and crunch are perfect.
300311300311B001HN5G0IA320V4FETBRVR8sylvie42251319241600Excellent finishing saltI'm a French-trained cook and I wouldn't be this wonderful ingredient that turns good or even great dishes into something sublime. You can get a sense of how different it is from ordinary table salt or even standard sea salt by putting a few flakes on your tongue -- it actually has a flavor, and a delicious one at that. I sprinkle it on soups, just before serving, or steaks or over fresh tomatoes or even sweets -- it enhances everything and is well worth the admittedly high cost. If you really love this stuff and are going to France or know someone who is, you can get this for a couple euros in just about any supermarket.
300312300312B001HN5G0IATGPWYA8TWRRDPinky Mom1151342742400This salt is a revelationI tried this salt while on vacation in Provence and found it so remarkable that I ended up buying a bunch of boxes to bring home and to give away as gifts. In regular French grocery stores the same amount sells for about four euros per box, so the export mark-up is huge but still worth it for anyone who appreciates flavorful cooking. I agree with other reviewers that it's best used as a finishing salt.
300313300313B001HN5G0IA3SEVKQNTEGIGDAmazon Doc "Amazon is great"1151309392000A wonderful saltThis is so good I have it on auto send.
A finishing salt that is the best I have ever tasted.
300314300314B001HN5G0IA18RTYP2FMPATQkathleen johnson1151308960000Best salt on the market !I first bought this salt while on a trip to the south of France in 2005. Basically as a souvenir gift due to the very attractive container (also we had visited the Carmargue where salt is supposedly harvested). Once at home, I used it myself (and kept both containers) I like it so well that I keep re-ordering it on the web whenever I run low. I've noticed that is is often used by many of the TV chefs. This is a WINNER!
300315300315B001HN5G0IAZO3SJP5PVOKOOhbejoyful1231306368000Very coarse, not for bakingI neglected to find out how coarse this salt was before ordering. I had gotten Le Saunier de Camargue before from a local shop and it was a fine grind. I loved it and could use it for everything including baking. So when I saw the same label here I thought this was the same thing. The salt I received is very coarse though, fairly big chunks, not finely ground.
300316300316B000EEFOB2A3PD5KD1OSRME0NYcutie2251268697600Fantastic, thank you... thank you.A million thanks for carring this product, my long time childhood favorite. Easy to order arrives as promised and in perfect packging, fresh and at a truly decent price.
300317300317B000EEFOB2A3AEGWSUXQMGINjaydj2251183593600Great candyThe candy that never left the market... it's still in circulation and am glad is available online. Scent of this gum is strong. :)
300318300318B000EEFOB2A2SZA1ULO8T2CFYolanda1151318723200BabySisMy sister introduced me to this gum when I was a kid. I remember her chewing it as a teenager. Amazon rocks! Thanks for having this hard to find product. I am ordering my sister a case for Christmas.
300319300319B000EEFOB2A11HYZ4ZB510DGJulio E. Berrios "Zee"1151293840000Most unique flavored gumIf you are trying to get a great tasting gum + a fresh scented breath, this is the gum for you.
It is the most favorite gum for Puerto Ricans on the Island and now it is available anywhere through Amazon. If you are like me, demanding in quality and taste this is for you. I stacked up for a year, maybe you will also. Be the first one among your friends to have the most unique tasting gum and the very fresh and clean scented breath. .... Enjoy!
300320300320B000EEFOB2A1LFRCJ4GGVWJ2Gregory Gomez1151232064000Best Gum for Smokers?Hey Everybody:
I just purchased some Of Chowards sented gum recently and I looked all over the Country side for this Gum and it is hard to find in your Local Liquor stores and Mini Marts. I received it within a couple of Days from what a good way to shop. would Highly recommend buying this way. anyway Love the Gum it takes me back to the Younger days when we were doing a Little Parting and didn't want "Pops" to know what was going on. I gave some of them to my Co-Workers and they were like taste like Liquorice. It has like a flowery tast to it almost like you can't discribe what is in it till you read the back of the Box.Thank God I found them on Amazon. Oh I actually orderd 2 Cases of them. Thanks GG?
300321300321B000EEFOB2A9VB3NSIZBYXPJeffrey K. Jorgensen "jjorg"1151198540800Rare find,big treat!The C. Howard scented gum is not available anywhere that I've tried. So when my husband suggested the internet I searched and found it in less than a minute the vendor was easy to order from and in less than a week I had a years supply of this treat!
300322300322B000EEFOB2A354NXBBQM9UW3Jessie Montalvo Jr. "Lonesome Coyote"0051345334400Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Loved it !!!

If you are from New York and move to texas...This is best gum that reminds you of the Big Apple.
300323300323B000EEFOB2AL9NVNT9BNAB5mgetz0051338768000Roses are red, Violets are purpleWell it's just as tastey as I remember from my childhood. It's true though... you either love it or you hate it. No middle ground on this one. My observation is that women like it while men don't. I just wish it came in sugarfree.
300324300324B000EEFOB2A3FD4JC81SWYN9Veronica Devoreaux "VeroDevo"0141207699200My grandmaEveryone says this reminds them of what their grandma's house smells like so I guess it's an acquired taste.
300325300325B0076ZWSKMAFARANRXCCVVBvm0041334102400salt free steak sauceThank you for offering this product. Four stars for this one. Taste very good & salt free which is important to us. Would recommend this to anyone wanting to watch their salt intake, but loves a little sauce on your food.
300326300326B003E3HD9GA2G2WKSRJJ477Agala2251278633600Outstanding tea!!I was given tea forte sampler as a gift. I fell in love with the ginger lemongrass. I have been searching local stores in my area for something close to this unique flavor. Nothing compares!!! This is the kind of tea that needs no cream. I have missed this flavor so much that I purchased a lemongrass plant. I am looking forward to ordering my ribbon box of ginger lemongrass.
300327300327B003E3HD9GA50IN1V186ZU5Megaland0051299024000I'm in love!I've become a new tea drinker. I have always been a coffee drinker but due to my diet restrictions, I've had to switch over to tea. I felt like I still had to add things to my tea to make it taste better...until I tried this! This is by far the best tea I've ever tasted. There is no need to add anything to it. It's sweet enough and has the perfect taste. I love it!! Can't wait to get more!
300328300328B002V02YPQA2N5791REVOX5GPhatchick "Phatchick"0051327708800A Stollen RequirementOur family has been using this staple for baking for 40 years. The product has always been very reliable and the same. This is important when you are baking, especially using an heirloom recipe from over a 100 years ago. I buy it from Amazon in bulk and distribute it to all the bakers in the family who make stollen for the holidays. The orange peel has a long shelf life and since it's so hard to find in the stores during the holidays, I always have it on hand. The lemon peel is just as good.
300329300329B002S455ZQA2V13WEPB7FH05content0051348704000Fantastic quality!The basket was delivered very quickly! The site was user-friendly and the basket was exactly as pictured. It came wrapped in celephane paper, tied with a 2-inch cloth-like bow. I was thrilled! This is a first-class product and I would reccommend using this site for holiday shopping!! This makes an awesome gift delivery with everyone so busy.
300330300330B001SAU3IAA2YS8NHXPM08ZQExumaa0051334793600Best "Everything" DressingI have used this for 50 years and my motherinlaw did too. Colslaw,spinach salad, and home made potatoe salad. Now it is very hard to find. Good, sinple product.

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