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300391300391B0009PMMLQA29790QD7W8DHKAngie B.1231186876800Not nearly as good as the real thing.Not nearly as good as the real thing. The favors in the kit weren't that great either. Overall I was dissipointed.
300392300392B0009PMMLQA7BMKA88MG5ELsmart shopper0111282694400Disappointment in a box!We were so looking forward to getting this kit. I had read the reviews and though there some who didnt like it the majority did. I had misgivings but my daughter talked me into it-very bad decision. The pearl tapioca had a disgusting texture and a horrible taste. The drink itself was chalky and grainy. My daughter gagged and almost threw up when she tasted it. We tried to enjoy it because I had paid a lot to try bubble tea. What a waste of good money!
300393300393B0014GVZA8A2YOVOTUOUIETTJ. M. Laznovsky0051327363200best tasting ever..this is best tasting olive oil was hard to find in my home state. However the tin arrived dented!
300394300394B0014GVZA8A1MC1X54WXNMZ8Shelia Neri0051313971200Bellino Extra Virgin Olive OilServed by my favorite Gulf Coast Italian Restaurant! Those stingy people won't sell their Olive Oil so, I must look elsewhere for this treasure! It's AMAZING! Roast Garlic then crush and add to a small bowl of Bellino Olive Oil smear on your FAVORITE Italian Bread and you are living the good life! Use to make Caprese Salad or simply cook with. You'll be a 5 star chef YUMMY!
300395300395B0014GVZA8A1GGYYMXEF2KSLaurens R. Schwartz0021276473600Not the beautiful deep green with heavy aroma one wantsSpanish olives are not as perfumed as Italian. Also, wait for sales and you do better.
300396300396B0056CS3LUA2H1Y55PGD7I53Jules G.1111334102400Not SatisfiedBought this product and was very disapointed when it arrived. It smells and tastes like fruit punch, not like passion fruit. Will have to try out another product that has more reviews.
300397300397B000LZ1SAAA3N197JTY971TZJ. Le Blanche "Novo-Andina"3451269561600Safety Instructions for coca teaHigh quality coca products do not have a paper wraps since they can harbor dirt and bacteria and the printing ink can change or contaminate the delicate flavor of the tea bags.
Organic coca tea bags do not contain preservatives or additives; therefore they must be properly stored. All coca tea Air Tight Bags are re-sealable with zip lock closures and once opened the bags must be kept closed at all time to avoid contamination in a dry, cool, dark place away from strong-flavored foods. An extra airtight container is recommended when the tea is stored over one month.
Do not store coca tea products inside a refrigerator if you have produce inside. Many fruits and vegetables, especially if they have been damaged, give off ethylene gas as they ripen. Coca tea bags are very sensitive to the presence of even very low levels of ethylene gas. The refrigerator acts as a trap for the ethylene gas given off by the generating varieties, allowing it to build up to damaging levels. Although not hazardous to humans, the ethylene gas leads to the early aging and rotting of the tea.
300398300398B000LZ1SAAA1EHLYZET9M5LAB. Avila "Inti Wara"71051194480000Fresh!!A candy so good, I don't have the words to describe it. It is a mildly sweet ( I'm in a diet) ,fresh,smooth candy with just a hint of honey.
It's full of coca nutrients that give you energy.
300399300399B000LZ1SAAAS96F9T0UY2DNAliciaRocksAustinTX0111344470400WARNING***COCA LEAF TEA WILL SHOW POSITIVE FOR COCAINE IN DRUG TEST***My boyfriend just got fired from his job b/c he was required to do a drug test and it showed positive for cocaine. He does not do cocaine. The day of the test he did happen to have 2 cups of Delisse Mate De Coco and he didn't think anything about it. It's actually sold in the US and being sold on sites like b/c these distributors are outside of the U.S., people have brought it back through customs with no issues (his mom brought it from Ecuador) and he has found scientific journals supporting that the coca leaf or the coca leaf teas that are sold or brought into the US are actually listed as "illegal" by the US Government. Here is the link to the US Department of Justice CLEARLY stating that "coca leaf" is a schedule II substance and illegal. [...]

DO NOT DRINK THIS TEA IF YOU ARE AT RISK FOR A DRUG TEST OR GETTING RANDOM DRUG TESTED AT WORK. I've also seen reviews on other coca leaf teas where people have given warnings about losing a job opportunity.

If you did get fired, it's really hard to fight b/c most will just see a positive drug test for cocaine. The only other ways to test positive for cocaine metabolites is if you actually did cocaine or have a major disease such as Kidney or Liver Disease. If you never drank coca leaf, then I would suggest you go to a doctor to make sure you don't have liver or kidney disease. It would really suck to get fired for having a disease and having a disease that created cocaine metabolites would be something you could really fight legally, in my opinion, b/c at that point it's wrongful termination. In Texas if you get fired for a drug test even if you had no previous disciplinary action you can not receive unemployment. He's even spoken to an Employment Lawyer and they said it'll be hard for him to fight in court.
If you or anyone has questions on this, we both have been researching things and can direct you to some advice, discussion or articles on this matter, please feel free to email me at:
300400300400B002ESS5CQA2DGB65F58C015L. S. Walden "Retired Teacher"0051319155200Exotic CoffeeI am an admitted coffee snob and am very picky about my coffee. It must be perfect, or I will simply leave it be. After years of Starbucks, I tried Cameron's coffee and am hooked. Cameron's Intense French Roast is by far the best French Roast on the market. If you like strong, rich coffee without a burnt taste, this is the one. Now, if you do not like strong, European coffee do not buy this coffee. It is strong, rich, intense coffee just like it says. My neighbors have been known to come visiting just from the aroma of this blend. I highly recommend this brand, this flavor, and even recommend it in decaf. It can sit in the pot for several hours without burning; now, that some coffee!
300401300401B002ESS5CQA32J8RN2H7FDTUT. Miller "snomom"0131290038400Cameron's coffeeSadly we have tried several of the Cameron's blends and have not found one that is to our liking. The French Intense is a very dark roast that is quite acidic. We did not care for this much deep acid flavor but I believe all very dark roasts do have more of an acidity to them.
300402300402B002YKQERMA2F2MZW8EOGH5Jdaemoncycler "When you arrive at a fork in th...0051334793600Yummy to the tummyWe used to have drive down to the specialty pet food store for this product. So glad we discovered Amazon. As far as I can tell it is no more expensive & in some cases less - Prime membership is awesome. Loving Pets treats are some of the best according to my dog. They do not develop that nasty smell like some dog treats do.
300403300403B004LVTCNAA2SCI5YY1G7GRSL. Simmons "lsimmons372"1141334188800Pretty Good - But Like it SweeterThis is a pretty good hot chocolate drink, however, I find that it is not sweet enough for my liking. I tried adding an extra packet of Stevia to it and now it tastes great! It is also really good for making chocolate milk. The natural sweetness of milk makes it taste quite decadent and certainly better for your body than chocolate syrup! If you plan to use it with milk, I find it easiest to mix it in a blender.
300404300404B004LVTCNAA2L7XYPBYK7VHANaturamo "Organic nature follower"1151330214400Yum and healthy!!I recommend this hot cocoa. It tastes rich and decadent, but it's healthy (no sugar added, sweetened with stevia). I had similar drinks at Whole Foods, and this is on par. In addition, most of the ingredients are organic (milk for example), so one more reason for good review. Pretty much the quality and taste you'd expect from the Now brand.
300405300405B004LVTCNAAUXZVV6A7Z5EJLinda Vinecour2341323648000good for a processed foodThis is nearly perfect. Great taste and decent ingredients. I just would prefer if whole organic pasture raised milk were used: I like my food as whole and traditional as possible. But, for all of you out there who still buy into that scam that a diet low in saturated animal fats is nourishing, you'll love this. If you think I'm a bit crazy, google Weston A. Price and start poking around the website, explore an alternative viewpoint. Of course, nothing instant from a box or can is really whole and traditional, but this is a very decent instant comfort food which is nice to have at work or for young kids to prepare on their own.
300406300406B004LVTCNAA2V00DM7DPO2MLSandra Morgan0031351036800Do not buyThis product has a very good chocolate taste, but leaves a bad residue in the bottom of the cup. I'm not sure what the leftover is but it tastes terrible. I think I can do better with my own cocoa, dry milk and stevia. I would not recommend this product to anyone.
300407300407B0033Z4HM6A1QQQST9Z1V33KReaders Paradise "Book Club"2251297123200Great Stuff - Woof woofI started my furbabies with Nutro, 14 years ago and then switched. Most recently my senior began to experience joint problems and I put her back on Nutro. I feel good knowing that this product is a premium brand dog food, and Brandigirl enjoys the veggies and light gravy. But most important for me is the vitamins and supplements inside.

Since I have been on a wellness journey shouldn't my loved ones no matter the cost journey with me? Well that is why I switched back to Nutro. BTW my furbaby is a 14 year old Shih Tzu who has had third eye lid surgery and her back limbs are/seem to be getting weak. I believe since feeding Nutro her eyes look brighter and I'm hoping her hind legs grow stronger. I'm no vet; I can only tell you what I have noticed since December in Brandi.

Missy & Brandigirl
Tail wags for Nutro!!!
300408300408B000FVMT3KA1UTY6K1G3LOWSSean Boocock192031168387200Above average BerbereThis is a fairly decent, commercial berbere mixture. It has a fair bit of heat, owing to a large amount of cayenne/red pepper flakes (some of which seemed to have missed the grinder). The balance in flavors isn't what you would expect from a fresher product or if you ground/toasted your own spices but it gets the job done particularly if you like your wats spicy. However, for the price this isn't a good value. The American Spices Berbere sold here has a deeper, balanced flavor profile and is vastly cheaper than this product.
300409300409B000FVMT3KA1DUU6X9908XONTopanga Rose101121234742400A spicy little shell game!This Zamouri berbere spice that i received did NOT have the same list of ingredients that are listed here for their Berbere. It contains no chili peppers even though Berbere should contain five (5) different peppers; but unfortunately this mix DOES contain BOTH cumin AND tumeric.

Most ardent Ethiopian foodies know NOT to include tumeric with the cumin in Berbere spice. They are not used together in the same dish. Ethiopian dishes are made with one or the other, but not both. Also. the ingredients were listed in a completely different sequence, which changes the taste considerably, not to mention how much the lack of chili peppers changes the balance, keeping it way too bland, and without any heat.

Fortunately, i live in Los Angeles where there is an Ethiopian section of town where injera and classic berbere can be purchased. I ordered a lot of Moroccan spices from Zamouri, and added the berbere just to try a new product.
300410300410B000FVMT3KAMUA32HWQQRSVVDel1121330214400light tasteI liked the taste but I was dissapointed that is so light. I had to add 3 tablespoons in a recipe that needs less than 1 tablespoon to get the flavor. It tastes good, but very light.
300411300411B000FVMT3KA2888KKSXCOWRHJessica1131329782400It's not Berbere, It's curry. Delicious Curry, but stillIt's not Berbere, it's curry. If only my roommates were Indian, instead of Ethiopian, they would be so happy when they came home today. Don't get me wrong, it is Delicious Curry-- it's just not berbere.
300412300412B000FVMT3KA20HDTP0OT6KLGLaraNH1151328745600Great spice mixI can't speak to the authenticity of the spice mix as I don't have any prior experience with it, but I used this in an Ethiopian chicken lentil stew recipe I got on Eating Well and it was delicious and pleasantly warming. The recipe called for 5 tablespoons, so I was a bit worried it would have too much kick, but it was the perfect amount of heat for me. This will have a permanent home in my spice rack from now on.
300413300413B000FVMT3KA1HG82U7GY9531J. Paschal1151325808000Sudductively Addictive SpiceI originally purchased this for use in a single dish and found myself sprinkling a dash or two on stews and Mediterranean rice dishes that needed a little extra zing! You have to try it to really know what I'm referring to when I mean zing!
300414300414B000FVMT3KA11ASLOK5QF2JDD. Martin1131323302400spice shopperGood, unusual spice used for Ethopian recipes. But realized after it arrived that I could have bought it for less at the local Whole Foods. C'est la vie, it's what I wanted and I'm satisfied.
300415300415B000FVMT3KA2QFQINWX3UYHHStephen J. Mackenzie3441193356800As good as you can order onlineYou're probably not going to find too many products online
that'll beat this. But still not half as good as fresh.
300416300416B000FVMT3KA310B8OFSNA5K5Dudley Lamburt4651216771200Just like EthiopiaWhile cooking my Doro Wat, the smells of Ethiopia filled my kitchen. This Berbere was an excellent mix of spices that closely resembled what I had in Ethiopia. It was a bit "sweeter" than I expected it to be, but I really enjoyed the dish that I made with it.
300417300417B000FVMT3KA1CMXEFM5PRJQAsjlmj11200031349049600nice spiceI wanted this spice as soon as I started reading Yes, Chef. I used it a couple of times while I was reading the book and really enjoyed it. I look forward to using it again soon. Easy or order and arrived very quickly.
300418300418B000FIMW7GA2R6RA8FRBS608Matthew G. Sherwin1141156896000A really great classic breakfast cereal--but not so nutritiousFrosted Flakes has always been my favorite cereal. It's sweet, crunchy and it keeps for at least a year after you buy it. It has some vitamins packed in as well and that's a plus. The cereal gives you a sugar kick which is great on those mornings when it's hard to get started. It's even fun to eat without milk!

On the other hand, it's not the most nutritious cereal you could buy. It lacks any real vitamin punch; and the sugar is terrible for your teeth! Brush your teeth after eating this to compensate for the sugar.

Overall, however, Kellogg's Frosted Flakes are fun to eat and they do have some nutritional value. This is no substitute for real vitamins and the sugar can be a lot for your teeth to take. It's a great breakfast cereal especially if you want a sugar kick and you take a moment of two to brush your teeth after eating it. If you're careful about the effects of the sugar, I would recommend this cereal for all ages! SMILE
300419300419B000FIMW7GA2MAUPSJ2BK7HBJ. E. MASON "dilettante extraordinaire"0041214006400Good second choice cerealFrosted Flakes is a good sugary cereal option from time to time when there is no Life or Kix on sale.
300420300420B000FIMW7GA3PD9XJ1BIEWABSynthia Robinson1251178409600greatThis cereal is GREAT and very enjoyable to eat. I eat it every morning to get me going it gives me energy. I really enjoy it.

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