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300421300421B000J2DHJAA3OBWGG9RXMM5FMike3341178928000Very good coffeeIt's not quite as good as the Hawaiian Kona whiich is why I did not give it 5 stars. Whether it is worth the money for an everyday drink is uo to the indivdual consumer but its smooth rich taste is unlikely to disappoint.
300422300422B000J2DHJAAW7UYPS2W8MS7kravi2251259020800not burntOrdered this coffee and was quite pleased with it. For those who are used to (and, possibly enamored of) the world of Starbuck's burnt coffee, Reggie's Blue Mountain will come as a surprise. It's not over roasted, it has wonderful depth and complexity, and is an all around solid coffee.

This is why I like coffee, not that other burnt stuff. Recommended for everyone.
300423300423B000J2DHJAA17M9C2DTZV49GM. Bender1151213056000This is good coffeeI was a little leery of this at first (who buys $40 a pound coffee, in a can, roasted in New Jersey, from Amazon) but I went ahead and ordered. It's excellent Blue Mountain coffee. Not over roasted, mellow and smooth. I own a Keurig brewer and this is one of the two (the other is a Kona) that I try to always have on hand for my fresh ground morning brew. It beats K-cups by a mile.
300424300424B000J2DHJAA3VB2UGZ185CVFLaura Libby "Proud Air Force Wife"1151211846400Best cup of "Joe" I've had in a long timeI fell in love with Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee (where else?) in Jamaica! I love the rich, deep aroma and the smooth non-acid taste. This is one of the only coffees that doesn't irritate my stomach. Yes, it's expensive but well worth the treat. I tend to give this as a gift to friends and family and it's become so popular that I even get requests for it by name!
300425300425B000J2DHJAAF7DOTMVCDNXUMary B. Brown "MB Brown"6941191024000Not worth itFour stars for Amazon for their speedy shipping.(Thank You!) I give the coffee only half of one star.
I was so looking forward to trying this coffee that I even paid for the shipping so I could get it sooner. I had heard so many wonderful things about "Jamaican Blue"...Boy was I disappointed.
First of all, when I ground the beans, there were these husk-like particles that flew all over my counter. I just thought it must be a particular characteristic of this "special" type of coffee. I don't think so...the coffee was just "ok". Nothing special at all to me. I have tried lots of different coffees and this one just isn't that good. And, it definitely is NOT WORTH the money in my opinion...especially for the extra shipping cost! Actually, I wanted to send it back, but found out that it "isn't eligible for return".
If you truly want my opinion, order coffee from [...]. It is THE BEST COFFEE I HAVE EVER HAD....hands down...regular or decaf, it doesn't matter...THE BEST..and the price is VERY reasonable.
I will NEVER order "Reggie's Roast" coffee beans again but, will definitely continue ordering from Amazon.
If you truly love coffee, don't order coffee beans online if you don't know for sure they will be FRESH
300426300426B000J2DHJAA3DYOE2U6VL3SFR&0031296345600Not bad, just not worth the price
300427300427B000J2DHJAA2OPRG9CISSJUWCasual Photographer0021294444800A Disappointment for the PriceI knew this was not going to be as good as real Blue Mountain coffee one can have in Jamaica, but I still had high expectations. This coffee fell short by quite a bit. The aroma was reasonably good, but the taste was just mediocre. Not nearly as good as 100% Kona. I am not saying it's bad, just it's not worth this price to me.
300428300428B000J2DHJAA3O082KOH9L60TLee Ferguson0041290988800Reggie's RoastVery quick delivery, very good value for price, but a slightly darker roast than I prefer. Starbucks fans would love it!
300429300429B000J2DHJAA2GUF1575GL2IJC. Sims "Alpha Nerd"0031268265600Not quite as good as I was expecting.I love Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. I have a lot of experience with it. I thought this would be as good as it usually is. While good, it wasn't anywhere near as good as I was expecting it to be. At least it was much cheaper than the stuff I get at the local market.
300430300430B000J2DHJAA2UQ8B0GIBCH8JA. Wiltshire0021267660800Was OK, but have definitely tasted better...The delivery was quick, so that's a plus, but I was dissapointed with the coffee itself. Like other reviewers here, I had my first cup of Blue Mountain coffee in Jamaica, and it was amazing, so I had pretty high expectations. This coffee was just too dry and bland for my taste. The coffee shop where I used to get my coffee in Chicago, My Soul Cafe, recently started selling their blue mountain coffee online, so I will never purchase Reggie's again. There is definitely better stuff out there, and probably at a better price.
300431300431B000J2DHJAA3FQ9NAH4S123QMatt Roper0011234569600Dry as a BoneDrinking Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee in Jamaica is a treat - it's fantastic coffee. Unfortunately, the stuff you get from Reggie's Roast must date back to the Paleolithic Era. Good luck finding oils on these beans. There were hints of the Jamaican "magic", but the beans were just too old. Better to buy local, I guess...
300432300432B000J2DHJAA2WD3G8KAUD4YZDean Bielanowski ""0041224115200Reggies for ReggieI gave some to a guy called Reggie and he loved it! Maybe it was just the name. It's an OK blend. Not the best I have had, but taste is avery personal thing. Still, enjoyable nonetheless!
300433300433B000J2DHJAAL1S7JOFXUIQMJ. Walsh1221198800000Way too mildThis stuff is supposed to be primo. Was one of the mildest, least flavorful coffees I've tasted.
300434300434B000J2DHJAA14HIHZX4LX3HAJ. Wiley "aka Angry CPU"1251181001600Wow!!Now this is some very very good coffee.. Authentic as can be. Quick shipping too! Thanks.. I look forward to trying some of your other selections. I even started looking in Negril for a vacation package! :)

300435300435B000LQNCLMA31ZDS4KMKIAHDHappy Teen0051322265600Good productI first tried this coffee in Serbia. It's wonderful but you can't get it in America but leave it to good old Amazon to find a way to get it to me. Now I can enjoy my Serbian coffee in America!
300436300436B004O8UVH6A18J1FASFKF4LVShawn F. Carnes "SFC"0011337212800Not very Red Velvety at all, not even a little bitIf you like Rooibos, this is a tea for you. If you like Red Velvet, yeah, don't bother. I love the unbleached teabags though.
300437300437B001EO5Z74A25BLG38J0Z1D2Chimichurri7751231545600Very GoodThese are surprisingly satisfying for being gluten free. It's even better when I add bananas and some pecans to it. I've even used these to bread things with and it worked out quite well.
300438300438B001EO5Z74ARB7W9ZE3ZMXHMaddalena Sparacio4451244419200Nature Path Organic Mesa Sunrise CerealI truly like this brand of Cereal. It's crunchy and low calarie with all good healthy ingredients. The flax taste initially takes a little bit to get used to. I mix in fresh berry fruits such as rasberries, blueberries or blackberries which enhances the cereal flavor. It is also a good deal to purchase under the special promotions for grocery products. The only downside to watch for is the packaging expiration date. I found that the expiration date is relatively short. For example, I purchased this product in May '09 and it will expire in July '09. It comes in a pack of 6 boxes each weighing 10.6 oz. If you are a big cereal eater, that shouldn't be a problem.
300439300439B001EO5Z74A27QWSAXIABQUPMichele Whiteaker "Minoutte"2251267920000Gluten-free cerealeA very good type of cereal - perfect for someone like me who is gluten-intolerant
what a great way of beginning my days. thank you !
300440300440B001EO5Z74AIPUDTMY1OIZPLarc Bogdan "Mom of a GF daughter"2251241222400yumThis is one of the best gluten-free organic cereals there is on the market! It actually has fiber. Taste good and is good for you!
300441300441B001EO5Z74A3EBHHCZO6V2A4Amaranth "music fan"2251239926400Grains from the Land of EnchantmentNature's Path Organic Mesa Sunrise Cereal is a delicious alternative to corn flakes. It has a hearty,delicious flavor. It contains quinoa (the revered grain of the Incas) and amaranth (the health grain of the Aztecs) For a cold cereal,it's quite good. It also makes a great snack! Take a bite,and imagine the mesas and canyons.
300442300442B001EO5Z74A3SOFZT7UBUO00fryb101411243987200good overall ingredients, very poor proportionsI should have been more careful in checking ingredients and get very angry when products purport to be healthful (ie, organic, gluten free, top-notch and unusual grains) but miss the mark.

Nature's Path describes this as "...cereal of flax, corn and amaranth." Now look at the ingredients which, of course, are listed from most to least. The first 2 are cornmeal and corn flour--hardly the most nutritious of grains. Third is organic evaporated cane juice yielding 4 grams of sugar per serving, and then come the flax, buckwheat, quinoa and amaranth.

JUST HOW MUCH OF THESE SUPER GRAINS CAN POSSIBLY BE INCLUDED if the 3rd highest ingredient is the sugar at 4 grams?!

And that's another pet peeve: why any added sugar at all. Most health-conscious consumers do not want added sugars, even cane juice. And this also leads me to question the "nutrition facts" posted on the products. If cane juice is the 3rd item in quantity, and corn has a relatively high sugar content, can there really be only 4 grams of sugar per serving?
300443300443B001EO5Z74A147FHC6L5CUR7Lilly Girl1151295049600Very goodAhhh... Finally a good gluten free cereal with fiber! Almost impossible to find. 3g fiber, 1g fat, low sodium, low sugar, and no funky ingredients. Thanks Nature's Path! Try their Crunch Maple Sunrise-yum!
300444300444B001EO5Z74A2FTVZ2IJNA0VZkatie1151292976000outstanding product overallI am a runner who needs quick fuel when i'm hungry, and this cereal makes perfect snacks for me throughout the day, and especially at night. It's light enough to munch on to keep my energy up, without giving me a sugar crash later, and the fiber fills me up. It can be difficult to get quality, convenient whole grains on a gluten free diet, but this cereal helps out.
i love that I can fill up a big bowl without consuming tons of calories (I'm a volume eater!)
it has a light sweetness that makes it tasty to snack on plain, and mixed with nuts and dried fruit for a snack to go.
and of course its great with milk, yogurt, and mixed into smoothies. I highly recommend this cereal, its the best gluten free cereal I have tried, and I've tried lots!
300445300445B001EO5Z74A3W1VCS1XVTLHYL. Smith1151288310400Gluten free cereal review.I've used this product for a year and find it really taste good plus it is gluten free which is a requirement for me.
300446300446B001EO5Z74A2PBYE78BDY029Shannon Morgan "health conscious mom"1141284854400Good, healthy cerealI and my kids loved this cereal. For having only 4 grams of sugar, it was quite tastey. We have been trying to avoid as much hidden MSG as possible, and this was a pleasant way to do it for breakfast.
300447300447B001EO5Z74AOP5TUC7TTEY0J0051333756800CerealThis is my favorite gluten free cereal. Good ingredients, flavor and texture. Only negative is that the price on Amazon isn't much below the local health food store, and much higher when it's on sale at the store at 2.99.
300448300448B001EO5Z74ATSZTITEN55FNDonald E Swager0051328486400Very tasty gluten-free cerealThis is a solid staple gluten-free cereal, whether eaten solo or combined with a sweeter cereal to round it out. Highly recommended for nutrition-conscious individuals with or without gluten sensitivities.
300449300449B001EO5Z74A1KX9LI4I9LU8HKathleen C. Lockhart "kcl"0041308182400Best of the gluten free cerealsI've tried around a half dozen gluten free cereals and this is by far the best (in my opinion). The down side is that it's expensive so I purchase it whenever Amazon offers a special deal or it's on sale at my local health food store.
300450300450B001EO5Z74A1132E0G5G6O84Anne A0051279238400Good Stuff!!!!My husband & I were just recently introduced to the cereal & REALLY like it!

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