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300451300451B001EO5Z74A2FGTLBSDXXLY4Robin Chen1251233705600Best Gluten free cereal so farBy far the best tasting gluten free cereal I have tried. Good cruch, taste. Have tried others but this is one of the 2 that suscribe on Amazon for over an year.
300452300452B001E5DROQA38J36NHS62GTHlorenucia1151331510400This is a SuperfoodI throw these sesame seeds in my smoothies. I get a newsletter from a doctor of chinese medecine who says that black sesame seeds are a superfood. That's why I ordered them. They would be good in a stir-fry as well.
300453300453B001E5DROQA3OZLTHZJ90NDLblue1141328313600Quite a good valueI received the product quickly and wasn't quite sure what to expect. Given that this is an organic product, I highly recommend rinsing the seeds thoroughly before using. There does appear to be some debris. Upon rinsing, the water ran black for quite a while. I assume this is normal.

At any rate, excellent value for the amount of product received. Will purchase again.
300454300454B001E5DROQA1WSYKWIICNDJOSurfinSD0031349308800Eh. Only okay.Is what it says. Just seeds. Nothing exciting here folks. I'm lazy so I didn't like the fact that they seemed to need to be washed (and dried again if you wanted to wash and store). I got these to add to smoothies, and the flavor is not that great. I really prefer to use roasted black sesame powder for smoothies. These might be better for other dishes....
300455300455B001E5DROQA1WGVPDP057EJCFraud0051347321600Excellent ProductWe grind the black sesame seeds and add them raw to our hot oat bran meal in the morning -- this product is excellent and we'll keep ordering it.
300456300456B001E5DROQA2OW38RTJUS2ZZNan Wang0051337817600Good tasting product.I grind my sticky rice and brown rice mix them with ground Emperor's kitchen sesame seeds (I grind the seeds myself) to make southern Chinese nutritious snack the sesame paste. This product has a really good sesame seeds taste and is able to make authentic tasting Chinese snacks. I also use it to sprinkle on top of my multi-grain bread.
300457300457B000H27NU6A14HHRD9N03EXProckinthis1331290902400Not badI got these for a good deal, but sadly now they're just taking up cupboard space. It's not bad, but nobody in my apartment particularly likes it. It tastes rich in your mouth but is rather flavorless. It's still good on cold days though.
300458300458B000H27NU6A1GW8I4GKG3HD0Mike S1431288828800Is it really worth the money? Lets see...I am still experimenting with the best mix for me, but so far, the milk is too overwhelming for a person in me that likes his chocolate/cereal/etc. with his milk rather than the other way around. In other words, I'm tasting too much of the milk and it's not a taste I care for. It is better than the cheap stuff like store brand or Swiss, etc. but I would much rather use it in my espresso machine than boil off milk (will be one of my next experiments).


-Very good chocolate. I have used the straight cooking based Ghiradelli cocoa and it is intense, but good actually in an espresso type situation. I'm thinking this stuff should be a bit less intense than the cocoa made for cooking and be even better for my personal purpose with it.

-Beats the store brand or use with water stuff if you either have the mix down or do not mind the extra milky taste.

-Even though milk has to be used and milk does cost more than free water, the chocolate is not only worth it but cost to cost, the intensity level of Ghiradelli vs. Swiss or other is a lot higher. In other words, while Swiss may be cheaper on paper, it will take a TON more to get to the same intensity level as Ghiradelli AND it will not taste as good. So the having to buy milk is really the only additional cost factor going on here.


-I have yet to figure out a good enough potion that makes the taste less milky. If I cannot figure one out, I will have to downgrade this review for the product being of use for only specific people or applications.

-Have to buy milk and with such a nice chocolate, I'd recommend an organic or nice albeit expensive milk. I will update this review if I find that using water/espresso machine/etc. factors can take the a good bit of milk out of the equation.

So there you have it. More pros than cons from me, though I am only partially satisfied at this point. Will update if I can figure out how to nail down better solutions to my liking, and if anything, I can always use it how I did with the Ghiradelli type made for cooking! Afterall, I bought this hoping it would make good hot cocoa, but knowing it would be top quality chocolate that I could at least toss into my espresso mixes if it didn't work out.
300459300459B000H27NU6A37OPEGFELBW4XCookieCat2611341705600way too much sugar and too little cocoa beanIf you had a real hot chocolate in Europe before tasting the rich aroma of cocoa beans and were lucky enough to try some of the ready made cocoa mixes from Switzerland or Germany (e.g. from companies like Hachez, Lindt, Movenpick) than this Double Chocolate product from Ghirardelli is a bitter disappointment. It is way too sweet (too much sugar) and has too little cocoa beans in it (to maximize profits). I am almost done with one of the 16oz tins and will not buy this product again nor can I recommend it. Too be quite frankly honest, it is not just Ghirardelli Hot Cocoa mix that is too sweet, it is pretty much impossible to find a good-quality-lower-in sugar-and-richer-in-cocoa hot cocoa mix in the States. And no, I am not willing to pay 12 bucks for a hot cocoa tin from Godiva, that is a rip off.
300460300460B000H27NU6ADWV482XLA488L. Hom2731237593600Not bad, just okNot really chocolaty. A little bland. But then again, I had mixed it with non-whole milk so will give it another go. It's not bad but it's not the best I've had.
300461300461B000H27NU6A122MLCC8N2RC4Mitch3921293580800Nice but very expensiveI did not realize how small the containers were. This is very expensive drinking chocolate. I like it
300462300462B000H27NU6A3RT4B11V685O2Christopher Graham2831237939200Overly sweet and richFirst, let it be known I'm a chocoholic and long time Ghiradelli lover. I always have a gigantic bag of their 60% cacao chips on hand for snacking on and baking with. I also enjoy the Ghiridelli shop in the gas light area of San Diego when there on business. Mama mia that place smells so delicious! However, this particular hot coco mix is simply too rich and overly sweet. Almost on the undrinkable side of things. My kids actually dislike it for this reason and prefer Swiss Miss packets. Reviews here indicate it's good for making cafe mochas mixed with coffee, but I haven't tried that yet.
300463300463B000H27NU6ARUDTZ5BNUHA6igen "igen"51441237507200The secret: need to mix it with a whisk!I've bought Ghirardelli hot chocolate before, but it was a different type. The Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Premium Hot Cocoa Mix doesn't mix well with hot milk, and you have to smash it up against the side of the cup with your spoon to break up the blobs of powder.

This hot chocolate isn't as sweet as the other Ghirardelli cocoa I've bought before. All in all, I'm a bit disappointed in its suitability for hot chocolate, but might try using it for baking just so it doesn't go to waste.

Update: I've found out after a lot more experimentation that the only way to make this hot chocolate mix correctly is with a whisk. A spoon simply will not do. If you mix it with a whisk, the chunks break up and the hot chocolate blends pretty well with the milk. I still wouldn't use as much in a single glass as the directions on the canister indicate, but the hot chocolate is okay with a little added sugar and/or a few drops of flavoring. I've bumped my rating up, but I still think they should mention in the directions that you need to mix it with a whisk.
300464300464B000H27NU6A3MJARDJ31M698S. Thompson "Nothing"1731296864000Better Than MostIt does Not say Organic but where to find pure chocolate at a reasonable price I do Not know but this Is close to It, other brands may have dead Animals In It with mad Cow disease. I like the taste of Nestle hot chocolate better but It has unknown stuff In It, but I still have to put In the microwave to kill the bacteria.
300465300465B000H27NU6A3681JLL8QAUSJE. Williams "Midwest Baker"21511295395200Anyone want something lacking flavor???I was disgusted by this "hot chocolate". You MUST use it with milk - using water is by far the most disgusting thing I have ever tried to drink. Even with the warm milk - you need several extra scoops of this to make it taste even okay. It was a TOTAL waste of money. I dontaed the other 3 cans to the food pantry.
There is no flavor to it - just makes the milk kind of greasy until you add about 5 or 6 scoops - then you get at least a chocolate flavor. Being that I LOVE Ghirardelli chocolate bars I expected soemthing MUCH better than this garbage.
300466300466B000H27NU6ASLT8TILNQC5OJ. Judd "kgjrs5"01121296086400MAKE THIS WITH MILK!!!!I just received my shipment, and I was so excited to try it. I poured my hot water in, took a sip, and BLEH! Yuck. I came on the website to blast this hot chocolate and give it a poor review, but then read some of the reviews that mention how it NEEDS TO BE MADE WITH MILK. I didn't even read the instructions, because I've always used water in any other h.c. mixes I've bought. I remade it with milk, which made it better, but I still like Stephens hot cocoa more. It's delicious & creamy & you can make it w/water. I'm definitely going back to Stephens.
300467300467B000H27NU6A1WXX6QC2JGPZMBryan Young01511319673600Must add milkShould be One of the first things you should read , husband bought this for our daughter but it use's milk intead of hot water , wish it was known before purchase.
300468300468B000H27NU6AXIHFQ13B7R1BGnostradamus .com12131256256000Great taste but know what it isI'll leave others to comment on the taste, but since someone mentioned the lack of trans fat, I just want to point out this is NOT a healthy drink, in case anyone thinks it is, because it's mostly sugar. I don't want to get too deep into nutritional debates but you can find out on your own. The bottom line is, added sugar, in any form, is very bad, even you're managing calories perfectly.
300469300469B000H27NU6A1I2ZRRN2XVVCDE. Blake "poodlebone"364051187654400fantastic hot chocolateThis is so much better than those tasteless envelopes of hot cocoa that you mix with water. I also like to mix a tablespoon of this powder with a cup of plain, fat free Greek yogurt for a decadent tasting low calorie treat.
300470300470B000H27NU6A14X9R4QBQZFIEKerri Williamson273051180224000The Best Hot Chocolate Ever!This has been my favorite hot chocolate since I first tried it years ago. I cannot be without it and send away for it if I can't find it locally. It is better by far than any other I've ever tried and even better than much more expensive brands. I don't think you can find better hot cocoa on the planet. This is the very best!
Kerri Bennett Williamson, Author
300471300471B000H27NU6A1O86KF31UDMIPmmdonuts24202251234828800Mmm. Chocolate!I ordered this on January 8th. After nearly 2 weeks without receiving the product, I went online to see what the hold up was. It said delivery will be around Feb 9th. I have no idea why it took so long but I finally received it on Feb 5th. I live in Phoenix so I was worried it'd be 110 degrees out before it arrived then what would be the point of hot chocolate, right?
Anyway, there's no way I could give this product a bad review. It's good stuff man! I ordered 8 cans of it when there was a special going on. World Market sells this for 7 bucks a can. I got it for half that! I know I'll still have some when it's 90 degrees or better outside but that's okay. Blender + Cold Milk + Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate Powder = DAMN GOOD CHOCOLATE MILK!
300472300472B000H27NU6A2MYRRBXB3WTNOCraig H. Dolphin192251224979200Peril! :)This is the ONLY hot chocolate my wife will drink. When we changed supermarket for other reasons, she would still return there in order to stock up on this stuff. When our old supermarket stopped carrying it, she stopped going back.

Our new supermarket couldn't get it through their suppliers when we asked about it. My wife was not a happy camper: no more Ghiradhelli hot chocolate!

Thankfully, I discovered it here on Amazon and my marriage was saved! :) (Well, my wife's morning mood was, at least). If ever Amazon stops carrying it, I suspect my wife will be coming to Amazon HQ to express her displeasure ;) She's a vet: she knows how to neuter things. Fair warning ;)
300473300473B000H27NU6A3ENT44HBOUICXC. B. Nguyen151851234483200Delicious hot cocoa for a cold day!I listened to the reviews and bought a pack of these, which is not a bad price for 4 tin cans! The taste is much better than those nestle cocoa packets and it contains NO partially hydrogenated oils which is bad for ur body.

I use 2-3 tbsp per 8 oz milk rather than 4 tbsp like the instruction say because 4 tbsp makes it way too sweet for me.
300474300474B000H27NU6A37CENQP0ZNKVEsailor "sailor hill"4451286928000Really good for a mixIn the category it's in, I rate this 5 stars. Sure, there are higher quality cocoas and chocolates out there, but for the price, and the ease of use, this rates high in my 'recipe' book. This does have a bit more sweetness than what I would normally drink, but adding semi-sweet chocolate chips to the cup cuts down on that aspect.

I use the Back to Basic Hot Cocoa/Latte maker and it does a wonderful job of mixing all lumps out (of any brand) and heating my hot chocolate or hot cocoa fast and thoroughly. The difference is that hot chocolate is made by melting chocolate bars or morsels, it has a higher cocoa butter content than your cocoas. I sometimes use a mix of both cocoa powder and a handful of chocolate, makes for a decadent hot drink. I also use a splash of heavy cream with whole milk to make my hot cocoa, it makes it extra rich and creamy. Don't forget to add a few drops of real vanilla extract to add a sublime nuance to your cocoa and chocolate drinks. I also enjoy mixing a few brands of cocoa powders and chocolate bars to make outrageous hot cocoa/hot chocolate drinks. I haven't tried the frozen hot chocolate by a famous restaurant (S3) yet, but this brand, along with others I purchased on Amazon will all be thrown into the mix :)

This mixes smoothly, is slightly sweeter than others I use, has a perfect color, and the powder is very finely milled making it excellent for sprinkling on top of cappuccino or whipped cream. Not bitter, just a good chocolate taste that comes through. Can't beat it for the connoisseur hot cocoa drinker to add to their arsenal.
300475300475B000H27NU6A3L1PNFVOUL11JD4451260316800Milk Only!!Only to be made with heated milk! My wife tried to experiment with water the other night, much to her dismay.

But, provided you use milk - this is really some of the finest U.S.-made hot chocolate (as anyone who's tried knows, nothing here really compares to a good Belgian or Swiss hot chocolate) made from a powder that either one of us has ever tasted. Each tin uses a bit more powder than we expected (only about 12 servings per tin), but the quality really is top notch... and when we run out, we're likely to restock with this same variety.
300476300476B000H27NU6A3MQ1A9Y6C3DDWPrue Halliwell "Single Mom"4451234396800Great Hot ChocolateI have always used this hot chocolate. It is excellent. I used to buy it at Whole Foods but the price there went up to an outrageous $7.99 a can so I decided to try buying it from Amazon. I am always worried about ordering food online as I am concerned that I can't see the expiration date. The date was over a year in advance on the hot chocolate so I know I can use up the four cans in that time span.
300477300477B000H27NU6A3I9FRXP6WH8W4Tina3351322352000Great for coffee and makes a rich hot cocoaI don't like the hot cocoa mixes that include sugar, milk solids, milk chocolate and ingredients I can't pronounce. Ghiradelli Double Chocolate is my go to choice. I like adding it to my coffee instead of sugar... and it makes a very rich, delicious cup of hot cocoa. I was nervous to try it based on some of the reviews, but now it's the only hot cocoa we use. High recommended.
300478300478B000H27NU6ATPJXNNT5HXYPChristopher Spence "Lucky Dad"3351292112000Great hot chocolateI love this hot chocolate, it is really easy to make as well. We used to use Hershey's powdered coco and add sugar, vanilla, and salt, but this is a lot quicker and taste much better. That being said, it is typically only $2.99 a can at local stores and $4.50-$5.00 a can on Amazon is twice the price.
300479300479B000H27NU6A2XGHNES0ZYUK4Marlin Schrock3341234051200Not your average hot chocolate.My wife and I LOVE the Ghirardelli Brownie mixes, so when I found this hot chocolate mix, I ordered without batting an eye. Upon receiving the order, I eagerly heated a cup of milk. The first taste was surprising. After five or six cups, I have decided that I like it better than any other brand chocolate mix that I have ever tasted.

Usually, I make a double batch, with works perfectly in our mugs.

That being said I also ordered the hazelnut flavored mix that I actually prefer more.
300480300480B000H27NU6AEC90GPFKLAAWLisa Kearns2251324425600High quality hot chocolate, but you must use milkI'm a big fan of Ghiradelli chocolate bars, especially the 80-90% cocoa dark chocolate. I wanted to try this product because I find Swiss Miss and Nestle's hot chocolate mixes to be too sweet and targeted more towards our kids.

I was delighted with this hot chocolate the first time I made it. I used whole milk and gently heated it in a pan until it was just steaming, then added the hot cocoa mix. The powder dissolved easily and the smell of quality chocolate wafting from my mug made my mouth water. And the flavor was divine - deep, dark, complex, with a nearly coffee flavor. It was mildly sweet, just like dark chocolate should be. This was not something my kids would enjoy, which is why I keep my Ghiradelli Premium Hot Cocoa mix on a high shelf and only fix it for my husband and me.

I read a few reviews where people weren't happy with the taste of it - be sure to use milk and not water. This is pure cocoa powder and doesn't have any milk in it.

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