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300521300521B000H27NU6A10TGWRNXV1M6CDeborah Kramer0041298937600really is like drinking a chocolate candy barI ordered this because it got voted on yahoo top 5, It is chocolate but I guess I like a cocoa flavor better, too rich for me, It really was like drinking a chocolate candy bar. so it is 4 stars if that's what you want, just not my taste. plus I didn't realize you had to add milk not water to mix. So I still will keep some of the cheap stuff around in case I don't have milk in the house, I'm sure my great nieces will Luv this since they are 8 & 9 yrs old.
300522300522B000H27NU6AYNZ3XEWTG2FDJane Gallagher "Jane"0041298073600Great tasteI like this hot cocoa mix a lot. The taste is better than what you usually get at the office or grocery store, which shouldn't come as a surprise for a Ghirardelli product. It's a bit expensive, but it's worth it in my view.
300523300523B000H27NU6A2EYQXB9N8ZWRWVirginia Davenport "Mountain Granny"0051296604800I Didn't Purchase What I Really Wanted. It is still good.I was looking for a chocolate that I could make with hot water. Ghieardelli makes this in a packet and I thought this was the same thing. Thought I could save $$$. Not so, you have to use milk. Live and learn.
300524300524B000H27NU6A1H2I46562H5V3Dennis Mercorelli0051296604800Thick and richIt makes a thick and rich hot cocoa. If it is too sweet as some suggest, try a bit less.
300525300525B000H27NU6A2UOVET7TT1FUKKim Callahan0051295740800No fillers, Lots of TasteI was searching for a hot cocoa mix without high fructose corn syrup and other fillers. Of the several options available at my grocery store this was the only one without a bunch of "junk" in it. I was hesitant at the price, but decided to try it. Oh, what I have been missing out on! Absolutely divine! You don't need to use as much powder as suggested by the package. For best results in stirring the powder in, heat the milk up until is hot (not just "warm"). Sometimes I will add the chocolate in, mix slightly, heat the mixture up to hot, and then finish mixing.

The stuff in packets has always been a poor substitue for the "real thing" my mom used to make using cocoa powder, sugar, vanilla, etc. They are thin, watery, and not very chocolatey. To say nothing of the fillers added in. It's a little sad to see so many reviewers actually say they prefer that. More Ghirardelli mix for me I guess! :)
300526300526B000H27NU6A33YZNZIRA3H97l20051295654400the best hot chocolate mixThis is the best hot chocolate mix that I have tried. The suggested recipe is very strong. The instructions on the can say to mix 4 tablespoons of cocoa with 1 cup of milk. I prefer it at half strength (1 cup hot milk + 2 tablespoons of cocoa mix). That gives me a rich chocolate flavor without being to sweet. The can also lasts twice as long with fewer calories per serving.

And for those of you who don't always have whole milk in the house, this hot chocolate tastes just fine if you make it with powdered milk instead. Just put the powdered milk and cocoa mix in your mug, add hot water, and stir.
300527300527B000H27NU6A1N2ML8ATV49RBJonathan0051295481600Very good, one of the best!The quality of this product is very evident, and what a shock, it tastes like good, rich chocolate... I say this because if you are used to many widely sold products that are in packets, you might wonder what that almost non existent hint of chocolate flavor is. The typical packets flavor is overwhelmed with a non-dairy (palm oil) milk flavor, very little chocolate impact, and sweet blandness.

This Ghirardelli mix is basically good quality cocoa and sugar, so the real milk you add tastes right, and compliments, not overwhelms the other flavors. This mix is also very good when added to warmed cream or 1/2-n-1/2, and the rest of the cup filled with your favorite coffee. Only "con", might be it does seem very sweet, but adding a little cocoa to "cut it", might help if you find it too sweet. Overall very happy with the flavor and quality, and will continue to order this little bit of luxury.
300528300528B000H27NU6A3GW00CAHMHF2IYoko Griswold "yangzi"0051293062400Delicious hot cocoa!I took an advice from a reviewer to only use half of what's recommended to make hot cocoa. We only use 2 table spoonful of this mix with milk. It's very delicious! My kids love it!
300529300529B000H27NU6A3ENN12GLNTUAFJ. Kennel "marriagefanatic"0051292198400Delicious special treat for winter!We bought this 4 pack set last year and gave them as gifts--everyone loved them and at that time I had not seen this in stores, so the price seemed OK for a stocking stuffer or inexpensive gift. It is unusual and nice to give as a hostess gift with a candle or mug or two. I read the reviews and thought it would be excellent and it is--our kids drank it Christmas morning and RAVED about it. Two thumbs up from our house!
300530300530B000H27NU6A2M4TSFND0HXIGNancy Drew20051284076800Wonderful Hot DrinkThis is the best hot chocolate I've had. It mixes well leaving no lumps. You can mix as much or as little as you want for the perfect flavor. I drink it in winter and summer. It's also filling which keeps me from eating so much in the morning and that's a good thing.
300531300531B000H27NU6A2T34X1FM76O2ZCrime Fighter0051281484800The BestThis is the best hot chocolate mix out there. I use the steamer on my expresso maching to heat the milk, then add the mix in and let it steam for a few seconds to mix in...WOW, GREAT Hot Chocolate.
300532300532B000H27NU6A26X7O1FAEHZ8Rethos one0051280707200I am addicted to this chocolate!Ghiradelli chocolate in my coffee in the AM is been a daily requisite for the past year so I am constantly looking for the best price out there. Used to be Linens+Things with their 20% off coupons as they're gone, Amazon has been the best deal.

I keep trying to find a lower cost alt to the Ghiradelli but so far nothing comes close without spending lots more.
300533300533B000H27NU6AQ4WJK751IAM4rigacci0041280534400Pretty good stuffNot the best but it is still highly rated in my book. A little sweeter than I usually like it but it is also a little cheaper than some of the others.
300534300534B000H27NU6A3RVW427S6CZF9Christina Slike0051272412800Great Tasting Chocolate!I have always liked Ghirardelli brand chocolates, considering it a treat and a required stop at the shop in Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco. When I tried this dry chocolate mix with hot milk, it makes such a great-tasting hot chocolate. And it is sold in more stores now. I highly recommend it!
300535300535B000H27NU6A2ZVQVP8WFNAVSEliza Tanner "Eliza"0051271548800Best Hot Chocolate Ever!This is the only hot chocolate we enjoy! Great deal here online. Elsewhere in stores it is much more.
300536300536B000H27NU6A1IRN1M05TPOVTSharon M. Helfand "Scrapper"0051270598400Ghiradelli hot cocoaThis is the best hot cocoa I have ever tasted! Great flavor! I use less than indicated. FANTASTIC!
300537300537B000H27NU6A32DL2VZHBPGRNT. Do "sharpshopper"0041266278400good productThe hot chocolate was good. It does taste a little powdery if you put too much of the powder in it. Can't beat made from scratch but it's better than the other hot chocolate powder I have try.
300538300538B000H27NU6A2F3DIE0QZAR88M. LAM-NG0051264809600M. Lam-NgThis hot chocolate is much more superior then others I have tried and if you love chocolate, this drink is for you. Since I'm a chocolate lover, I always buy the Double Chocolate and it taste so good! It is not as sweet as other brands and you can really taste the chocolate.
300539300539B000H27NU6A3VJLMPMAGHM15Groove Champion0051259020800Chocolate BombThis product, in short, is the best hot cocoa I have ever encountered on the planet earth. Using whole milk you end up with what is essentially liquid chocolate. What more can I say? :)
300540300540B000H27NU6A2ZYNBQEFUVZV8Marybeth C. Heath "mb"0051246665600Decadent!This is by far the best hot chocolate I have ever tried. Rich, smooth . . . the best!
300511300511B000H27NU6A2KVUPQ9HHKBVJJanet Avery0051345075200Chocolate at it's best!!Ghirardelli Double Chocolate is the best I have ever tasted. It is rich, creamy and mixes really well. I love it...and would give 10 stars if I could :-)If you are a chocaholic then this is the one for you!!
300512300512B000H27NU6A12CRSCHDMG1UJcarla0051344470400Rich and creamyGhirardelli makes the best hot chocolate. It tastes creamy, even with skim milk. My favorite is definitely the double chocolate flavor.
300513300513B000H27NU6A2IHDSWGOJBZ2QHoopee0051341878400IncredibleI'm from Seattle and moving overseas where coffee isn't so available. I like my mochas in the morning. I've found taking a big spoonful of this chocolate powder added to my morning late or just a Starbucks Via Pack and hot milk is the best thing anywhere. Great texture, none of the grittiness in other cocoa powders. This is Ghirardelli. There is no better!
300514300514B000H27NU6A1GLUJFLAXO05AAllison Nordahl0051340928000My favoriteThis is my favorite cocoa. It's nice and chocolatey without any other overwhelming flavors, and it's quite smooth. I love all the other Ghirardelli flavors, but this is the best.
300515300515B000H27NU6ASY1Z0OKK4KO8C. L. Masuda0051336780800Yummy!I actually love this double chocolate mix the most from Ghiradelli. I use hot milk and add it. Especially, this would be perfect for a cold day to drink with your favorite cookies!
300516300516B000H27NU6A311SVXGYVMYDAdouglas0051327708800A Great Hot ChocolateIf one likes hot chocolate, this is the very best on the market, in my opinion. One can even use this with boiling water (which I do) if one wnats to cut down on dairy products. And it is absolutely very good with boiling water. It takes a couple of minutes to cool down from the hot water, but it has the hearty chocolate taste that one gets with dark chocolate, and it doesn't have any of the high fat (butter fat) & high calorie ingredients you get in a dark chocolate bar. I now have Ghiradelli, Double Chocolate, in place of a dark chocolate candy bar and have reduced both calories and fat (cocoa butter). I love this hot chocolate I make with boiling water. As it is difficult to get in supermarkets, I have ordered Ghiradelli from and they always have some on stock. ----- Douglas Glazier.
300517300517B000H27NU6A1Z523YSQLZTT6K. Albro0051327708800Our favorite for kidsWow! This is incredible hot cocoa! My son has never been a milk-drinker so we've always resorted to hot chocolate milk for him. I use half the recommended amount in his milk. I've tried other natural and organic brands and nothing compares to this. You won't find any crazy ingredients in here, either. Amazon has a great price, especially the subscribe and save option. Walmart price is $5 per can.
300518300518B000H27NU6AQTSEPY3NTKJCjavafool in Florida "javafool"0051325721600Wonderful hot chocolateI drink primarily coffee but my wife does not. One thing we both enjoy is Ghiradelli hot chocolate, especially on cold days. I have the double chocolate, the chocolate Mocca and bought some holiday mint chocolate mix.
They are all good and we like them even better made in our Capresso Froth Pro. I don't know wehre you can get a better cup of hot chocolate.
300519300519B000H27NU6A2ES69DG5M0OSARaj Nair0051299456000Makes great hot chocolateExcellent product great price, and we love it.
Recommend it as hot chocolate. Use it for baking and almost anything else you need bring in a chocolate taste.
Got 4 cans and we gave away some as gifts to people who came in and enjoyed it just as much.
300520300520B000H27NU6A1I226FIVPL4Z0mjmom0051299456000Best HotchocolateMy friend recommended me to buy this but a little bit doubt about it. Bcs I have never satisfied with any hotchoco.


This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

Very rich, not that sweet

Love it '

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