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335129335129B003D4MW38A2QPMOGOYPFR6NHi - It's Me0051332374400Surprisingly amazingThis is wonderful tasting Raspberry tea. I purchased a box of it along with several boxes of Blueberry - my favorite - not quite sure how I would like the raspberry. It is so flavorful and just plain good. I had been drinking Celestial raspberry tea, not thrilled with it, but this Stash raspberry knocks the other stuff out.

I drink it iced. The instructions seem to indicate that I should double the teabags, but I only use 2 herb tea bags and one green tea bag for 16 oz of tea and it is very flavorful. Very flavorful.

Good stuff. I just received my first order today and it is so good that I had to reorder another box.
335130335130B003D4MW38A2QPMOGOYPFR6NHi - It's Me0051332374400Best blueberry tea that I have ever hadThis is the best Blueberry tea that I have ever had. I use 2 bags of blueberry plus 1 bag of green tea for a 16 oz cup of iced tea. So rich in flavor, even though the instructions seem to indicate that I should double the blueberry tea bags for iced tea. I sweeten it with Stevia drops.

I received my first order today, and it is so good that I have just reordered. So much better than Celestial blueberry from the grocery store, comparable in price with free shipping - 2 boxes qualify for free shipping.
335101335101B003D4MW38A2UCC015RI57FPChucks0041336003200Stash TeasI discovered Stash Teas with the receipt of a gift basket. I was so impressed with the robust flavors and aromas that I searched out their product line and bought several larger boxes (100 bags per box0. While I have found limited selections in one supermarket, the online choices were far wider. These are great teas. Have fun brewing.
335102335102B003D4MW38ATJ2TKU18N56Fbloodhound0051335830400This Tea is just AwesomeWow, this tea is the best, my daughter got some down south and mailed me some, found it on amazon and ordered, just love this tea, now i can share with others and they will order too, bloodhound
335103335103B003D4MW38A1DUUB3DJ9EWDadairia0051335571200You don't know what you are missingIf you have never had a cuppa Earl Grey Tea with any meal or just to have a cuppa in the afternoon, you really don't know what you are missing. It is out of this world. It can relax you or make you feel like the day has just begun.
Order a box of Stash Premium Double Bergamot Earl Grey Tea, Tea Bags from Amazon. And Google Bergamot, you will be surprised.
335104335104B003D4MW38A1DUUB3DJ9EWDadairia0051335571200I Love TeaStash Premium Jasmine Blossom Green Tea is just wonderful and very refreshing. I ordered it from Amazon with no problems.
I love it.
335105335105B003D4MW38A3MYP6N13MUUNKHeather0051335398400Love this tea!This tea is full on flavor! Im a coffee drinker and have replaced half my cups of coffee with this tea. The coconut and mango pair perfectly together!
335106335106B003D4MW38A2WI8CJDJRZ8IDTracy B Gagliardi0051335398400My favorite teaStash Black Peach tea is the best peach tea I've ever tried and I'm a lifetime fan. I used to buy it directly from Stash, but this was a better deal. Very, very satisfied and highly recommend it.
335107335107B003D4MW38A8M2FBCHS9ISTKristin Kiser0051335312000Yum-o! 5+ cups of this tea a day!I first fell in love with Stash's Wild Raspberry Herbal Tea on a recent trip to San Francisco. The little, european style hotel I stayed in offered this yummy tea 24-7 and I found myself stopping to grab a cup at least 3x a day. The tea has a strong, raspberry fruit flavor that is crisp enough to please your tongue and keep you hydrated, but without the keep-you-up-all-night caffeine. I instantly began craving the flavor.

When I flew back to the east coast I was sad to realize that I couldn't find it in my local grocery store. I quickly hopped on Amazon and was happy to find that I can have the tea shipped to me. (YEA! Amazon!). Buying in the 100-count boxes is the cheapest option I've found, however, be warned that the 100-count box delivers the tea bags loose (they're in their separate, pink tea pouches, but loose in the box), which can be a cabinet disaster if you do not have a tea box or other place to keep the 100 tea bags under rule.

The tea is great hot or cold over ice... you absolutely can't go wrong with this fruity tea!
335108335108B003D4MW38A38INDU55D5VTVJennifer Etcheverry "Green is good!"0041335225600Really great tea!I recently quit caffiene, and for over a year have quit sugar and all grains from my diet. This tea is my go to tea when I want something dessertish. A hot cup of this tea at night while watching TV is all I need to make me feel like I am having something to soothe me. I would give it 5 stars if it were organic. I try not to eat things with pesticides and fake flavors, but this tea is truly the most comforting delicious tea. I guess we can't be perfect 100% of the time. The fact that its decaf is awesome. Quitting caffiene has really helped with my ovarian cysts. They are much milder now than they have been in years. I even send in a zip lock bag to one of my son's teachers when I get it on auto delivery. This tea really takes me to my happy place at a great price.
335109335109B003D4MW38A1XYKO38JK6N8Knorthkona0051335225600Not decaf, Error in Product Features descriptionProduct Features copy says this is a decaffeinated version of the popular Double Bergamot Earl Grey Tea. This is the regular tea, not the decaf, it's a little paste-up error. If you want the decaf version, get the other one, which also says it's the decaffeinated version. If you look at the photo of the bags, you'll see the other version's photo shows the word "Decaf" or "Decaffeinated" ...
335110335110B003D4MW38A38O08TZ0OQ1WRB. Miles0051334880000DeliciousI bought this tea for the relaxation benefit it's supposed to have. I'm not sure it's helping me go to sleep but it sure is delicious.
335111335111B003D4MW38A2IJ9W80M33L9SWT0051334880000Stash Premium Double Bergamot Earl Grey TeaI really enjoy my Stash Preium Earl Grey Tea and Orange Spice Black Tea. I'm so glad that I was able to order it direct because you can't find the Orange Spice Black Tea in the grocery stores locally.
335112335112B003D4MW38A6AP90D4EORNAM. Anarell0051334793600yummythis is the first time i have even heard of stash tea. let me tell you, this is the best tea i have had. i love the pumpkin spice. i usually take one splenda and a dab of skim milk in mine but with this i don't need anything. the smell alone is enough to put you in another world. i can't get enough of this. the price is super cheap as well. i have it on subscribe and save. i have ordered other flavors of this brand of tea since i have tried this flavor and i have not been disappointed. thanks for letting me try something new that is not available in my area.
335113335113B003D4MW38A320VV1LHDQ9YDsousou0051334793600Good flavorIf you don't like cinnamon and orange and spice flavor in a tea, this tea is not for you. It was weard at the first time but now I love it. But my husband doesn't like it so I have all these tea just for me.
335114335114B003D4MW38A27SQC3CDO8PTFLDR in Texas "RSVCS"0051334707200Excellent tasting Chai TeaThis is the best tasting Chai tea I've had. It is spicy and full of flavor. This is a full body Chai tea. It is fresh and strong.
335115335115B003D4MW38A2UQVT77H9CZ7Brusty0051334275200Mojito Mint Green with Matcha TeaIt was recommended by a doctor as an antioxdent and it
helps in the evening to relax you for sleeping. It is good
hot or cold. It is better hot in the evening for sleeping.
335116335116B003D4MW38A2BIIMTNJV90FKNeptuneIce0051334016000The BestWhat they say is true, it's just 100 packets in a box, but hey-- it's 100 packets for a fair price. :)
335117335117B003D4MW38A41WI7OS69AKAAlan A. Fisher "Alan A. Fisher"0051333929600My favorite Earl GreyI started ordering this packing last year to donate to my shul so we can have better tea at Kiddush. The tea stays fresh in the packing, and it is the most economical way to purchase my favorite Earl Grey tea.
335118335118B003D4MW38A3JRUUTK926M5P. Killion0051333929600I drink it dailyThis tea is so good that I can't believe I am almost finished with the box of 100. The packaging that the other reviewers talked about was not a concern of mine. I put the tea bags in a container when they arrived.
335119335119B003D4MW38A223BYFJNYIJR7BertDobie "BertDobie"0041333843200Great quick morning teaThis is my favorite morning tea. There are better loose leafs out there by a large margin (H&S Tokyo) but for ease of use (I can get hot water from the Keurig & drop these in) it is a solid product. If I were so rich I didn't have to work I would make loose leaf tea each morning... But I reality when I'm rushed I can drop this In a travel mug full of hit water & be super happy. Quality to price ratio is solid, I would recommend.
335120335120B003D4MW38A1EW0RSTHOXFZQMICHAEL LANCE0051333756800Love it!We really enjoy the taste. The chocolate is not too strong, rather well balanced with the hazelnut flavor. It's a nice evening after-dinner tea.
335121335121B003D4MW38A37831DVFAXNWBwillow0051333670400awesome dealThis is a great value for the price. Stash makes the best green mint tea. Its so light and refreshing!
335122335122B003D4MW38AETVLNIA7RYT4John C0051333497600What a BargainMy local large chain grocery store wants $4.99 for a box of 20 of these great tasting Wild Raspberry, caffeine free, Herbal Tea Bags. 100 for $13.77 is a great bargain and with Amazon Prime shipping, what could be better? Stash makes great products and I haven't found a one of their teas that I didn't like, but with this sort of savings, my local grocery store comes out the losers. Getting the product delivered to my front door is yet another huge benefit, especially since I'm physically challenged. Thank You Amazon and Stash!!

I may be going out on a limb here, but Amazon Prime has two HUGE advantages for me. Being physically challenged, I really do appreciate the reasonable 2nd Day Air shipping that you offer on many of the products purchased on this site...but the really BIG BONUS is that the $79 you charge for that 2nd Day Air shipping (delivered to my front door) also gives me unlimited streaming of thousands of movies that I can watch for NO ADDITIONAL COST. Now in my book--that IS a BARGAIN!
335123335123B003D4MW38A93V92CWURUP7savannah_jess0051333324800Great Berry FlavorI have always loved Stash brand teas, and this is no exception. I tried Panera Bread's new Acai Berry Tea and LOVED it, so I did some shopping of my own in the hopes that I could find something with a comparable flavor. Well, this is IT! It has just the right amount of berry flavor-- very clean and just a bit tart. It was exactly what I was looking for. You cannot beat this value either. I purchased 18 of these exact tea bags for about $3 at Target, and was more than happy with the value. So to get more than four times that amount for less than four times the cost is awesome! I also love that these teabags are made in the USA. You will love this product!
335124335124B003D4MW38A145LBW8ZHF0TWTough Customer "Tough Customer"0051332806400Powerful Peach Flavor & Aroma is NOT for Sissies!When you brew this tea, everyone within 50 yards will come over and want to taste it. Intense peach flavor and aroma is strong delicious natural peach essence, almost like tea flavored with a shot of peach juice. This is the best tea I have ever tasted.
335125335125B003D4MW38A2UDTK9PJ82MJ1Renae0051332806400The BestStash White Chai is has the best Chai flavor of any tea I have tasted so far, but it is notoriously hard to find! Now that I bought a box of 100, I should be stocked up for a while :)
335126335126B003D4MW38A34P4V70RNC2YVS. Guss0051332547200A conveninet means to a brew a healthy beverageI have confidence in STASH Teas. I appreciate that I can buy this product thru Amazon's subscription service. This save me time and money. Stash's Peppermint Tea is a good as any other bagged peppermeint tea I have used.
335127335127B003D4MW38A11FUPMOVL3OOUMartha E. Wildermuth "Ellie"0051332460800Stash White Chai TeaThis is a wonderful tea and very difficult to find. It is strong enough that I can make a tea bag last all day long (5 or 6 cups)!
335128335128B003D4MW38A340HER2MQO69LJackie Geyer0051332374400The best ever!I've sampled hundreds of teas for decades. I may not be a connoisseur but I know what I like. This Stash decaf tea is the best I've ever had, over any other brand. It makes great iced tea as well. Once you try it, you'll be hooked.

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