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335131335131B003D4MW38AVVPF9JVQSWBBinsomniac "homebody and proud of it"0051332201600Finally! A great tasting Breakfast teaIve tried several different brands of English Breakfast tea. Some were too bitter, some werent strong enough, others had a weird aftertaste, etc....
I originally bought a small box of Stash Earl Grey and liked it so much I thought Id give the English breakfast a try. Wow! Glad I did!!
This tea is perfectly balanced...not bitter, not too strong....just strong enough to give me that great tea taste, and still mellow flavor.
I take mine with a drop of milk and its just perfect!
Liked it so much I bought 100 bags of this, 100 of the earl grey and 100 of the peach ginger....Yummy!!!
335132335132B003D4MW38A2NTAZR1T7DPWQAdella Reclite0051332201600Great deal on hard to find teasI once had some Black currant tea and loved it but couldn't find any in the stores so I went online and found this great deal! The tea is soooo delicious. Will buy again!
335133335133B003D4MW38A1IOGEZUZPII8Ctravels100051332028800Cool teaThis is the BEST peppermint tea I have had
335134335134B003D4MW38AR8P6F0C6H00QCindy C0041331510400Very nice peach teamThis is nice tea, but I have also tried their Peach Black Tea, and I have to say I do like that one better. This is good for iced tea, but I prefer the Peach Black for the hot tea for sure.
335135335135B003D4MW38AMIGPDWE1A7N3Lindsay Anne0051331337600best herbal tea!I don't really know what else to say about it. It is truly the best herbal tea i have found. My husband isn't even a tea drinker and now he's started drinking it too. It's not just for Christmas time!
335136335136B003D4MW38A1MG68OU7C223NJeffrey Morton0051330992000One of the best Chai blends out thereThis blend of Chai runs neck and neck with Stash Double Spice Chai for the best two Chai blends by any major tea producer. It has a strong, rich aroma and flavor.
335137335137B003D4MW38A3JS4HZHL8SXNZBanana Incident0051330560000One of my favoritesI was first introduced to this delicious tea in Stash's Green Tea Sampler (also highly recommended). I was immediately addicted. I really wasn't expecting to be impressed, because I usually HATE fruity teas (they always taste medicinal to me), but this is nothing like I've tasted before.

It has an incredibly strong peach flavor and aroma, and a spicy ginger aftertaste. I can't really taste the green tea, but that's not a bad thing.

This is one of the only teas that I put honey in, and I find that copious amounts of it make this tea the best.
335138335138B003D4MW38A2X6B5THDG9TUVTCB0051330473600Delicious Tea...Great PriceThis is the first time I have tasted Stash tea and I wasn't disappointed. It was a great price, well packaged (the individual tea bags as well as the general package) and it tastes great.
335139335139B003D4MW38A2PL0AHW427LGSM. Stahl0051330128000Hands down the BEST tea I've ever had!Pros:
1- Tastes great hot or cold
2- Universally enjoyed (kids, adults, non-green tea drinkers)
3- Mild and smooth
4- Good sweet with cream (like Chai)or plain

1- can get bitter if you leave the teabag in too long
2- It didn't magically melt 50 lbs of fat off my body

We use this at home for "water" - we make batches using five tea bags in 2 quarts of water - in our microwave for 7 minutes and let it steep for another 15-20 minutes. Then we pour it into a gallon jug, and add water to make one gallon of "iced" tea that we keep in the refrigerator. On a weekend we can easily go through 3 or 4 gallons a day (we keep to jugs going.) I sweeten mine with what ever is handy, my husband drinks his straight. We've used maple syrup and honey for sweeteners both are great! I can also nuke a mug for hot tea.

At work I keep this tea for my morning hot cup of tea. I love that it if goes cold it's still delicious - no more wasted work coffee. I've given tea bags to many at work, and converted most!

We get this on auto refill and love love love it. I've been drinking it for several years now.
335140335140B003D4MW38A1I36FXYMGQX40Susan0051330128000Good teaJust what I was looking for. A black tea that had a hint of peach and caffeine! Just enough flavor to give a hint but not overwhelm. I will buy again.
335141335141B003D4MW38A18ZLX2CDZWTQ6starrystarryskies0051329868800earl grey lovers paradiseif you love earl grey tea, then you will love it more if you try Stash Double the Bergamot-Stash happens to be my favorite Earl Grey Tea so it's very convenient that they are the ones that came out with double the bergamot-it's not easy to find in stores-occassionally I do-I drink cupfuls every morning so i ordered it by the 100's and now have a supply to last a long time and it's much less expensive this way!!!
335142335142B003D4MW38ASYZY8FUJ592TJuliana "J. Mock"0031328918400A very mellow peppermintI prefer a much fresher peppermint and Stash seems bland or stale to me. For a brisk peppermint, Twinings is far better.
335143335143B003D4MW38A1YB3PY0YWK9RDFrancis Molenda0051328918400excellent cup of teaThe Stash peach black tea makes an excellent cup of tea and is also excellent with honey. I warm the cup before I add the hot water and steep the tea for 4 minutes. It can be too strong if you let it go too long. The peach flavoring is just right - not too strong or too weak. It also tastes natural.
335144335144B003D4MW38A4H0R63WCVXSARichard Crawford0051328918400My wife LOVES this tea, She starts everyday with a cup!Great way to buy this tea, if you can find it in stores, it is so much more expensive. Excellent deal, she has loved every flavor of Stash tea she has tried.
335145335145B003D4MW38A2KUQ5F0KXSRRYShopping Shrew0031328659200Stick with TazoThis is not really so good. IF you are limited in funds then it is an ok chai. I prefer Tazo and have made cuts in other places to afford the Tazo chai. Stash chai is just not a very balanced flavor. It is to heavy on the cloves which dominates the other flavors
335146335146B003D4MW38AVAK5L1KKDXRAZINCLADY0051328572800Nice Herbal TeaThe tea reminds me of a cross between apple chamomile and red zinger. Tea arrived fast. Paper wrapped bags, loose in a box. I keep them in a pretty, large cookie jar at home and a stash at work for me and for bribes. Tasty am or pm!
335147335147B003D4MW38A1ECHZVN5P0VV6Richard Brosnahan "thebroz"0031328313600Good, but staleEach tea bag is wrapped in packaging. The bottom of each says "Best by 20102014". Huh? I think this tea is stale. The expiration date is confusing or just meaningless.
The tea bags are sent in a shipping box. So, you get 100 tea bags all wadded into a cardboard box with a shipping label stuck on the outside. You will need to put the bags into something else when you receive them. A ziplock bag should be fine.
335148335148B003D4MW38A3KB5MPIR5W3SSknitnut0051327968000Tea TimeI Love stash tea. Great mild flavor and that fact that I can buy it by the 100 count box is great!
335149335149B003D4MW38AEXM04LAAK5FKNessa Rose "Loves to Cook"0051327968000Love it!I really enjoy this herbal tea. At first I wasn't sure about it, but by the second cup it had really grown on me. I can't have caffeine and this actually contains no tea at all, just herbs, so it's perfect. I love the spearmint flavor. If you don't like spearmint, you will not like it! As it is the most notable flavor in the tea itself.
335150335150B003D4MW38A2K6H9PAU9983TAubrey J. Alford0051327795200Delicious, and the packaging is fine.The tea is delicious, and is truly double-spice. I usually steep my teas for an unreasonably long time to get a strong flavor, and with this one I don't have to. It's not quite as amazing as a fresh home-made chai, but it's the best I've had from a bag.

A note on the packaging - as the Amazon picture would indicate, the tea is shipped in the Stash cardboard box, and the individual packets are packed within that box. They're not "crammed", they're packed tightly and don't suffer any damage that I've seen. Personally, I prefer this shipping method, as it cuts down on waste. I'll add an image to the product page to show how mine arrived.
335151335151B003D4MW38A2QQMTTJ21GDTPQuynh-chi Manh Pham0051327708800Very good tesWe received Stash Premium Chai Spice Black Tea Tes Bag 100 Count box on time. All tea bags are in a big box . The product is good as expected.
335152335152B003D4MW38A2CK1SYLSD82B3J. Barnes "Retired Reader"0051327536000Big Bergamot Blast!If you like strong tea and if you adore bergamot, this is the tea for you. While I prefer loose tea, I've made an exception for these Stash tea bags. This is now my favorite Earl Grey blend and I am a tea snob.
335153335153B003D4MW38A1UELVIHHBUDUOKimberly Davies0051327276800Delicious!This tea is like having a slice of pumpkin pie without the guilt or calories ... it *smells* heavenly and is such a delight! We will definitely be re-ordering this tea when we run out.
335154335154B003D4MW38A14TKLDRIONAJ4ChrisJ0051326326400Exactly what I ordered!Fast shipping, and great price! Though I have to admit that I thought it was in a nicer box but all I was looking for was the tea. Thank you!
335155335155B003D4MW38A3C47ASIJ32ZDLshanita s mcdonald0051326240000Stash Coconut Mango Oolong is deliciousThey shipped fast and the tea was perfect. I've looked everywhere but couldn't find it locally anymore. If you like slightly sweet, favorful tea you'll love this.
335156335156B003D4MW38A768ZCEQYWSLGtarget lover0051326067200love itThis tea is really delicious. Nice combo of mint and matcha which gives it a richer taste. Don't taste the lime much, but that is fine for me. The bags come all together in a box, but not smashed up.
335157335157B003D4MW38A1FR95RTW0YIMOsomeone3341327708800Old time favorite that should be less expensiveTastes good. The foil pack keeps it fresh for long time.

However, still looking to reduce cost further. Hard to believe a single bag of tea cannot be significantly lower than 13.8 cents when you're buying in bulk.
335158335158B003D4MW38A21SY1XMVRH3YQAsiancCharm "AC"3331323561600Coconut is more pronounced than mango.One of the biggest challenge to mix more than one fruit flavor in tea is to be able to balance the taste and aroma of the two fruits, so the tea doesn't taste and smell like one or the other. I love real mango and coconut, so when I saw this tea displayed in the grocery store, I couldn't wait to try it. I must say I was a little disappointed because after brewing a cup, I immediately noticed only the aroma of the coconut, and the taste of the tea proved it that way as well. Though there are other brands that utilize Mango and do a better job in their flavored tea, I am still happy that I got to know this Stash tea as there aren't that many brands that use the coconut flavor in their tea.
335159335159B003D4MW38A13HRSMJ5TOWEZIrishFire3351323561600My second-favorite mint teaI love most of stash's greens: they tend to be green (think grassy-flavored, but in a good way), smooth, mild, flavorful, and so devoid of bitterness that they're almost sweet. I haven't found a better go-to green than stash yet, though there are some other truly good ones out there. Most of them steep very forgivingly if you steep your tea too short or too long, and this one is no exception.

This was my favorite mint green in the world until I found Stash Premium Merrymint Organic Green Tea, Tea Bags, 100-Count Box, an organic mint and green blend that's also by Stash. I've introduced coworkers to both and they loved this tea initially, but turn their noses up now that they've tasted Merry Mint. If Merry Mint didn't have lemongrass in it, I'd be drinking it still! If you don't have a grass allergy, please do try the other tea. If you DO have a grass allergy, consider this one. It really truly will be the best you've tasted as long as you keep yourself away from the other one.

I sometimes brew peppermint and green tea together, but only when I'm out of these. I order them by the hundred and STILL run out--they're good!

A word on the 100-count boxes: I've purchased about five of these in different flavors, and they pack these TIGHTLY. I appreciate the green use of minimal materials, and no bag has ever been torn open, but they're often too wrinkled to redistribute as gifts or for resale. Not always, but often.

Edit:I neglected to mention that this also ices well. Many stash teas don't: they develop a film of flavor oil on the top. This one doesn't suffer from that as badly, but you can minimize that effect by putting your tea bags into cold or room-temperature water and allowing for a longer steep and a milder flavor. It actually makes excellent flavored water if you want something even more refreshing than tea.

An update: this has lemongrass in it, too! Drat! Both of my favorite mints will have to be a sometimes-tea, probably in winter when I'm not feeling stuffy! When my allergies are acting up I'll have to revert to finding a lovely herbal mint tea to brew side-by-side with my favorite Stash Premium Decaf Premium Green Tea, Tea Bags, 100-Count Box.
335160335160B003D4MW38A14RWGIAGTBR8Owkgal3351320624000He LOVED the tea!My boyfriend likes Earl Grey tea, and had mentioned that he loves the Bergamot smell. One day he commented that he could barely smell the bergamot in most teas. I purchased this 100-count box of Double Bergamot Earl Grey Tea as part of his birthday gift in October, 2011 after reading the reviews. At first, he thought the tea was the norm and that he would be drinking this tea for years. But, after that, he has commented repeatedly that "his tea" is better than any other because of the extra bergamot flavor/content. He is one happy boyfriend. Thanks.

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