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335221335221B003D4MW38A1AEQZM99LO9VADebra Koch0051297296000Yummy, hint of peach is lovely.I love this tea! It has just the right amount of peach so that it does not overpower the oolong. I can't find this in any of my local grocery stores.
335222335222B003D4MW38A25GPGEQ4XRDKJlane0051297036800AMAZING!This tea is AMAZING! My favorite ever! The problem is the local store only carries during the holiday season, and I ran out. :( I wanted more, even bought it for a better price. Although I'll still buy it next year local again..
335223335223B003D4MW38A1N655X9X7C6QYC. Cook "LIVE..........LOVE........AND..........0051296518400Stash is on the money !!Here is another perfectly heavenly tea by STASH.

The flavor here is Strawberry and Pomegrante...and it gets very high marks from me for its excellent fruity ,soothing , wonderful smelling fruit tea.

Price point is the lowest I have ever seen so I added this to the automatic delivery program.....

I can see me drinking and enjoying this tea morning , noon and night and on the coldest winter day and the hottest summer night as Ice Tea.

Its a winner with its taste , packaging and great storage box.

Its FINE !!
335224335224B003D4MW38A2ZTJC4J227RXYmdhenke0051295913600Great priceI love this tea and can only find it at around the holidays. What a great find I was able to order a large amount for a great price!
335225335225B003D4MW38A2EWL6V4Z28381Jon W. Trauger0051294963200Good price, great tasteLove Stash Chai Spice. I think it is the best tasting version out there. The price from Amazon is way better than buying directly from Stash.
335226335226B003D4MW38A2EWL6V4Z28381Jon W. Trauger0051294963200Good price, great tasteLove Stash Chai Spice. I think it is the best tasting version out there. The price from Amazon is way better than buying directly from Stash.
335227335227B003D4MW38A14S0HY5LW1ANGScott N. Bagley "Bags"0051294876800Good Tea Great PriceThis was just what I was looking for, a good Earl Grey Tea for an affordable price. If you like Earl Grey, you won't be disappointed with this.
335228335228B003D4MW38A2V89XWLV3DCLBZ. Reynolds "Tea Drinker"0051294617600Stash TeasSince I have to drink decaf tea, it's great to find a company that will provide all my old favorites. I enjoy having Earl Grey available and the price is great!
335229335229B003D4MW38A2J93N5EIURXTXDJ0051294444800Just sweet enoughThis tea tastes great. The peach flavor is just enough to give the tea a bit of sweetness. Its not overpowering. My pantry looks ridiculous with how much tea I have in it, and adding another big box to the collection doesn't help, but it is more than worth it for the price.
335230335230B003D4MW38A1J9S7KJN7SMPCtypo10051292198400Delicious teaThis tea is delicious with a little raw sugar and almond milk mixed in. It's my favorite chai tea--and I've tried a lot of them.
335231335231B003D4MW38AFYY4PXIO7ZHVGeorgy0041291766400Ahh! the smell is delightfulI love the stash tea company. Their products are nice quality for an American tea company(their leaves are still broken up and stuffed in a bag,but it's hard to find a YUMMY loose leaf chai. This company may still sell loose teas but the chai is not as flavorful as in the bag. If you like your chai tea to have a little more flavor this is the chai to buy. I serve it with milk, cream or egg nog. Sometimes I double the bag to get more flavor.
335232335232B003D4MW38A2UOX8S2EXAV6RGrammaLin0051287878400My favorite teaThis is my favorite breakfast tea and my local store had discontinued selling it. Imagine my great pleasure at finding it for sale on Amazon and at a very reasonable price. The packaging is generic, but I keep mine in a canister so it doesn't matter.
335233335233B003D4MW38AVK3VZJKIYXVHEsquire Mom0051280620800Good Iced TeaWe don't like plain iced tea but love Earl Grey Iced tea. Love being able to order in large quantities since it takes several bags for each pitcher of tea.
335234335234B003D4MW38A31IFCINMDCB2BMargery R, Lipshutz0021279843200Stash Tea BagsI was disappointed and suprised that the 100 count tea bags were sent loose in an unmarked box. Also, the tea, when brewed, does not seem to be as strong as when I have purchased the same blend from traditional grocery stores. I question the freshness and authenticity of the product. I will not buy this product again in this manner.
335235335235B003D4MW38A1OW6KUQ3G1OBZEAmigo0051278979200Stash Tea Caffeinated or DeCaffeinated?When you want the best in Earl Gray tea, Stash is near the top in suppliers of this universally accepted flavored tea. We find little or no differences between the caffeinated and decaffeinated varities and as a result tend to migrate our tastes to the decaffeinated variety. This is not a weak version but a full strength tea to console your sole. Great going, Stash!
335236335236B003D4MW38A38K5QB8US44IOTreeland0051274572800EXCELLENT BREAKFAST TEA!Nice peach tea flavor with no bitterness from the matcha. But I find a bit of a lift from the matcha, which is nice.
335237335237B003D4MW38A13WTW1IQFI0GFD. Partner3511305244800Green grass clippings, ginger peel & peach pitHaving just now finished 3/4 of a cup of this vapid brew, and dumping the rest down the drain, I felt compelled to write a review that will hopefully be heeded by all. I usually make my ginger/peach tea by brewing a cup with one bag of ginger tea, and one bag of celestial peach tea, which brings out the very best of both. So I thought I'd save myself a little money and buy one bag that would, in theory, do the same thing. I was sadly mistaken. This being my very first experience with the Stash brand I honestly have to say that I will not be a return customer. There is virtually NO ginger flavor, and the peach is more noticeable before brewing than after. In all the reviews I have ever written over the years I would implore you to heed my advice on this one.
335238335238B003D4MW38A2INI2VN8JC651a consumer3521295827200not minty or chocolate like reviews saidWe purchased after reading reviews expected tea to taste possibly like a peppermint patty, no such luck very mild hint of the mint and chocolate. Dissappointed, considering sending remaining quantity back.
335239335239B003D4MW38AMQEZOBEO5W8ZWillie D.1231335398400Decent, not greatThis is a great price for individually wrapped peppermint tea, but the flavor is nowhere near as sharp and fresh as Celestial Seasonings or Yogi tea. We'll probably go with those brands in the future.
335240335240B003D4MW38A13LOCCVWIGAWdavid2231231334534400Kinda DisapointedI've had Stash English breakfast Tea several times. But it has been about two years now since I had it so I ordered 100 from Amazon. I don't know if I got a bad batch but the tea don't seem as good as it use to be. It tastes only a tiny bit better than say Tetley or Lipton. I remember it to be far superior. I just don't know. It's not stale because the expiration date is the end of 2014. I wish I picked another brand.
335241335241B003D4MW38A2LMGKXT3ZY8XTKJ1211331251200no flavorI can't tell if it's the tea itself or these bags are old. There isn't much flavor at all. I have had many other brands of black Chai that are much better.
335242335242B003D4MW38A21YS2PSI5APWPDenny Bissell "Denny Bissell"1251328400000Awesome Herbal Tea! So refreshing!This is very delicious hot or cold. This is the most impressive tasting herbal tea I have ever tasted. I love it hot in the winter and cold in the summer. I like to mix it double strength for cold tea.
It's got a delightful flavor. Stash Premium Licorice Spice Herbal Tea, Tea Bags, 100-Count Box
335243335243B003D4MW38A32Q13ARU4VLUZMarie1251328400000AwesomeGreat flavor, naturally sweet - no sugar needed. It's caffine free and soothing to use at night. Great scent. I've used for years but can no longer find in the grocery stores, so was delighted to find on Amazon.
335244335244B003D4MW38AHISQKS7GHO1Xtea lover1251325980800Mmmmmm, love it.This tea is delicious. I absolutely love it. It comes in an ugly brown box, not what is seen in the photo. So you would not want to gift it in the box but that doesn't change the flavor. Yummmm!
335245335245B003D4MW38A3VD9NNS8YT4HBTahoe Gal1251325548800LicoricalisciousStash Premium Licorice Spice Herbal Tea, Tea Bags, 100-Count BoxI keep craving this tea after I had it for the first time at a small cafe in Grass Valley, CA (Sergio's) which served a nice assortment of Stash teas. I love black licorice but this tea is spicy as well as licoricy. I am hooked. I ordered the 100 pack that same day. My tongue is still tingling several days later!
335246335246B003D4MW38A373WB1Y143M7RLeakyRoof1251325289600Good tea!Licorice Spice is a great tea. A touch of spicy and sweet. Not boring.

I tried it when I visited an up-town supermarket, but when I ran out and wanted another box I discovered that its not available at my local grocery store! Hooray for lazy internet shopping!
335247335247B003D4MW38A3QMKIA593ZTR3nonrachitect1251318032000Great tea!!This tea is amazing -- and affordable!!! Licorice tea is one of the most amazing teas. I am definitely a tea drinker and if this comes from mouth, you can be sure that this is a great tea. I also like the fact that it's quite cheap. There're a few other brands which are a bit more expensive and I think are not as good. I recommend this tea to everyone.
335248335248B003D4MW38A1NPVNL3Y70MU2JDK in OK "JDK"1251315872000add one bag of this teaI make a container of iced tea in this manner: 1 family size bag of Luzianne green tea. Add 1 family size bag of black tea. Add one bag of Stash's Double Bergamot, and some grated lemon zest.
The double bergamot tea gives an extra zing.
Then I fill the coffee-maker to 12 and that makes a container of tea. The ratios work.
335249335249B003D4MW38A1LIBQ87IM7GY4N Stacey1241285977600Wonderful teaThis is my favorite evening tea; especially with a little stevia. Just be aware when buying the 100 count that you will get 100 tea bags randomly shoved in a shipping box. It doesn't effect the tea at all, but there is definitely no ordered packaging
335250335250B003D4MW38A5II29J0V20A1pseudonym1251280707200nice flavor, good priceThis is a pleasant-flavored tea, and buying it in bulk results in a considerable savings over the price of smaller packages.

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