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335311335311B003D4MW38A3E80PH1O0VURXR. Cummings2251320364800Wonderful soothing floral notes tea.This tea by Stash Tea is slightly sweet all by itself, has a wonderful floral note to it with a nice arouma. Great as iced tea or for sitting sipping hot tea by the fire on a rainy day.
335312335312B003D4MW38A2M7DW0LS7WJL7123452251320278400Stash TeaThis tea is a routine purchase for me. Finding it on line at a significant savings in prices was a big bonus. The single box with 100 bags was easier to store than a large number of small boxes. I will continue to purchase tea from Amazon since it helps my budget.
335313335313B003D4MW38AYJVOH54PYZ92dmac2251319932800Great fruit tea!Love Stash teas and love the value found here on Amazon. I had been purchasing from the Stash website before finding the same products here at a much better price minus the fussy packaging. If you like Stash teas, I recommend signing up for the auto delivery option which can be set for up to 6 months apart and reduces the price of the item.

I tend to like white tea and the peach flavor is mild so I don't get that fake peach taste you find in some tea. It's a good balance with the white tea. I have a small 4 cup drip coffee maker and put 2 bags in the filter basket and about 2 T sugar in the carafe and end up with a few great cups of tea.
335314335314B003D4MW38AL08LLEC7QB19Amy Lopez2251319414400The best!All time favorite herbal tea. I buy it by the 100 count box so I never run out. I drink it all year but it is a must have for cold and flu season.
335315335315B003D4MW38A359MKC6F5JQOGkradkin2251318896000Yummy iced teaI really enjoy using this tea for making iced tea rather than hot tea. It's delicious with a subtle hint of fruitiness.
335316335316B003D4MW38A37OEAOYVLKYCLisa (Hartford CT)2241318723200Fantastic tea, this item is a box of loose tea bagsI love this tea. I thought this product would be a neated packaged box of 100 tea bags. It is a bunch of bags in their foil pouches poured into a box and looking a little dented. Not pretty, but still a great product and they stil make great tea. I will order the seperate boxes next time.
335317335317B003D4MW38AD3EKHUUG4P3Jcherrychacha "cherrychacha"2251316649600good tea!This is quite good tea! I taste the mint more than the green tea, although I presume both flavors are there. This is really refreshing and lovely. It ships with 100 teabags (in their wrappers, obviously) loose in the box, so don't expect nice packaging--on the other hand, it's worth it!
335318335318B003D4MW38A2MRMJBE84J9RBLibrarian "Retired "Okie" librarian &...2251315094400Chocolate! What else is there to say?The tea has a good chocolate taste, I find I need to brew it a bit stronger than usual. The tea bags are sealed in individual packets.
335333335333B003D4MW38A3FY3H6F4249E0Kathy W2241275868800Another Great TeaSmooth and tasty--Caffeine free herbal tea-- 100% natural ingredients (in the order listed) are: peppermint, chamomile, spearmint, organic tulsi, lemongrass, guava flavor, cinnamon, and grapefruit flavor.

As usual, each tea bag is sealed in its own foil package to keep the flavor inside and ready for you. I use 1 bag per 24 oz hot water.

This sounds like an unusual mix of flavors but it is quite tasty--kind of like a minty fruit. This would also likely make an excellent ice tea.

If you want to add a sweetener, I prefer a natural sweetener, such as agave cactus nectar (natural food isle of food store), or unbleached brown sugar (sugar isle) or honey.
335319335319B003D4MW38AA8MPC7MWC3CAAl Khem "2251314748800
335334335334B003D4MW38A1XBUHT0JKF82FK. Walker4551302912000Great deal for an excellent tea!Love this double bergamont Earl Grey Tea! Very flavorful. Highly recommend it when the mood is for a black tea.
It pays to shop around! For some reason this box of loose (foil wrapped) bags was cheaper than the retail box of boxes. Be careful to compare total shipped price and count how many bags you will get. Some places were selling just a single box of 12 bags for 1/2 the total price of this product!
335320335320B003D4MW38A2MSROHL4F0VNOAllison J. Shown2251313798400Delicious teaI love this flavor of tea, and getting a huge box of it was fantastic. Though, what I received was a standard amazon box with 100 individually wrapped tea bags loose in it, so I had to find something to store them in in my cabinet.
335321335321B003D4MW38AC8C9PT59CDW1M.A.R.2251312761600Good value for moneyI bought this for a friend who had a hard time finding this tea locally. When my friend did find it, was always the small boxes that were gone in no time & cost more. This is good tasting tea, & this box is great value for money. It's a must have for someone who loves tea & my friend now orders it from Amazon.
335335335335B003D4MW38A3MUSWDCTZINQZUlalume Jones "Creative Gal"6831283990400Good deal, but tea bags come all crushed in the box!This is a good deal moneywise, but the bags do come all thrown in a box. I thought there would be more protection for them or they would be stacjed in some way they don't move around. I had to take all the bags out and flattened them. So if you are buying them for food service and are presenting the bag in some way, you may just want to buy the boxes. I thought I could be more green buying just the bags and putting them in boxes I already had, but now I would buy the six box version of this instead, because I don't like tea bags that are all creased up when I bought them new.
335322335322B003D4MW38A3UUTDX2WNVUS3S. Whitworth "Hannah's Mommy"2251312416000Best freaking lemon tea ever! Bam!This one will put a pucker on your lips and a smile in your heart. I have found a new tea to love, especially if it is iced tea. I do not use any sweeteners and none is needed. The tastes and aroma is outstanding. This has to be the best Stash tea I have tried. I will keep coming back for it as long as they sell it. If you like lemon, you will love this tea.
335336335336B003D4MW38A3RC15UH8QX1K4august west1151346889600my one and onlyI have tried many green and jasmine teas. This is my favorite - especially for the price. Since they are packed in individual foil packs buying in bulk is great.
335323335323B003D4MW38A39EQRLJQJ51BMGreen Mom2251309564800Excellent Mint Green TeaOnce you've tried high quality tea, it's hard to go back to the free tea at your office. Stash is worth the extra money in my opinion. The tea is very "fresh" and not powder-y, like cheaper teas. I drink some variation of mint tea every day and this is one of my favorites. (Steven Smith teamakers is my very favorite, but it's much more expensive.) The 100 count box is generally not much cheaper than the 6-box pack, but I appreciate the convenience of less packaging.
335324335324B003D4MW38A13HRSMJ5TOWEZIrishFire2251302220800This was my favorite tea!This was my favorite tea. If you like Moroccan mint, you'll LOVE this. The flavors are strong and perfect without a hint of bitterness, and it's organic to boot. I especially love the spearmint. Yum!

The bags came squashed together and wrinkled badly, which is something to consider if you plan on serving these professionally or making gifts, but not a single bag out of the hundred was ripped.

I say it "was" my favorite tea because it has lemongrass in it, and I have a food allergy to all grasses. If you're allergic to wheat or have an environmental grass allergy, you may want to check with your allergist before buying a hundred of these. The flavor can't be beat, but I'll be going back to brewing Stash Premium Decaf Premium Green Tea, Tea Bags, 100-Count Box side-by-side with herbal mint tea whenever my allergies are flaring up.
335337335337B003D4MW38ATZ9AH43QQPYEJohn_from_MN1151346889600Excellent teaI've tried a lot of different green and white teas over the years, I'm reordering this one. Nice whole tea leaves, no powder. Simple and functional packaging. Low caffeine, no jitters.
335325335325B003D4MW38A13HRSMJ5TOWEZIrishFire2251302220800Very Tasty for a Decaf!You can still get more flavor in a fully caffeinated green tea, but this is green, clean, and refreshing. It is not at all bitter as long as you pull the tea bag out in 1-2 min, and it has forgiven longer steeps as well. The flavor is warm and mellow with some grassy tones, but the grassy tones are not overwhelming. Light, all-day tea that's good cold as well. I'll sometimes put a bag into cold or room-temperature tea to flavor the water deliciously without adding heat to a summer day.

I often mix this with other flavors to cut the caffeine in half, or mix it with other decaf flavors (like herbal mint) for variation.

Be advised this box came with the tea bags smashed in pretty densely. The quality wasn't compromised, but they would make for poor gifts and their resell appeal would take a hit.

As with any 100-count box, I recommend picking up a single box of this at a local grocery store if you can before committing to so many. It's available at most of my local grocery stores, and might be available at yours as well.
335338335338B003D4MW38AGCF3GIYSBT8EHappygram "Happygram"1151346803200Stash TeaI really like this tea. I make a pot everynight and what I don't drink makes a refreshing iced tea. I'm so glad that Amazon has this product. I was looking for peach tea and it is, black tea and peach. Simple and delicious. Thank you for having Stash Teas and offering it as a subscribe and save item.
335326335326B003D4MW38A1YUL9PCJR3JTYO. Brown "Ms. O. Khannah-Brown"2241296259200Flavorful Tea with Hibiscus Flowers and Some Flavorings****
Stash's Wild Raspberry Caffeine Free Herbal Tea is strong and fruity, great if you love the taste of raspberry and hibiscus, which I do. It contains hibiscus, orange peel, lemongrass, rosehips, natural raspberry flavor, licorice powder, and citric acid. The package says it also contains soy, but that makes little sense to me---but everyone should know this in case they are allergic. It is a fine tasting herb tea.

If you like a more subtle tea, you may not be crazy about Wild Raspberry. But if you like Celestial Seasonings and other commercial teas, I think that this is a good one. The reason I gave this tea four stars instead of five is that it isn't as pure as it could be (contains additives and flavorings) and I can tell. I prefer a more subtle tea. And I save five stars for the very best teas I've tried. But for those of you who like a lot of flavor, and don't mind a few additives, it's just fine!

This 100 count box is an economical way to enjoy this tea; however, I would try it first in a smaller quantity to be sure before you go for bulk!

335339335339B003D4MW38A2B73MUGLPB65OBart J. Schuck1151345420800Stash brand tea my all-time favoriteI checked my past orders of the Stash brand Earl Grey Double-Bergamot tea. It seems I order about once every 8 months. This is now my 3rd order but the first time I bought it in bulk like this. The savings were minimal but worth it. I made sure to count all the bags to ensure a complete order was received. It was.

I was surprised to find a video by someone who spoke of Earl Grey as a vile and disgusting tea. I love this tea. However, I have met people that I have offered a cup of this tea, and a few have mentioned it smelled like pepper to them. Bergamot, the predominant spice in this tea, is a citrus not unlike an orange whose oils are extracted for this tea. When I smell the tea, I smell a sweet aroma. If, when you smell this tea, it smells like pepper to you, you might first give it at least one sip before dismissing it. I typically put cream & sugar in my this.
335327335327B003D4MW38AZ5X928CQPRJNHeidi2251296172800Delicious and FruityThis is a delicious and fruity Oolong tea. It has a delicate coconut flavor with a nice hints of fruity mango. I love it black with just a touch of agave nectar, though really it's quite a sweet tea and doesn't need any at all--but I have a bit of a sweet tooth.

A note on packaging: While it did not affect my overall rating, don't expect to be sent one of the large rectangular tea boxes in the picture. My order came loose in a small cardboard outer box. I'll have to take them on their word that it's 100 tea bags, because I'm not going to bother sorting and counting them! Some of them are, as a result of being packed into a very tiny box, flattened and dog-eared. If presentation for guests is important to you, you may want to rethink purchasing this bulk amount, and buy the individual boxes instead.
335340335340B003D4MW38A3IN7UPZ5F178GLaurent "grinmister"1141345420800Good tea, good valueI'm not a tea connoisseur, but I do like what I drink in the morning to have a subtle and recognizable flavor with floral overtones. How's that for specific? Stash Premium Jasmine is just that. It's not a rare Chinese blend picked at high altitude by retired gymnasts, it won't rock your taste buds with complexity and depth, but it won't decrease your net worth by much, and will go very well with your bran-laden muffin. It's pleasant, clean and quite drinkable. Enjoy.
335328335328B003D4MW38A1N655X9X7C6QYC. Cook "LIVE..........LOVE........AND..........2251294704000WONDRFUL TASTING TEAThe flavor here screams tropical.....and its lovely.

I like this tea the sweetner really brings out the flavor of the coconut and the mango.

Talk about island flavors !!!

It dosen't get much better than'll bring you back to the Bahamas or Puerto Rico or your favorite island any time you want to remember the Carribean.

One of the top points for me are the box that these come in....I have tried several forms of tea chests and of course we all have 20 boxes of different flavored teas around the kitchen. I l prefer the cardboard box these teas come in because its better for storage.Easy to get to and handle and store...but I can still throw a few into the tea chest so visitors can claim their own choices.

Of course if they ask me ---this would be in my top three choices.
335329335329B003D4MW38A2TMB35VBWK3JRiluvcats2251294444800Really Good TeaThis tea has a really good flavor. Fruity and refreshing, it makes a wonderful glass of iced tea. And there's no need for sweetener (at least not for me), this tea is wonderful by itself. I bought this because I was looking for a pleasantly flavored herbal tea (so as not to consume too much caffeine), and I found one.
335330335330B003D4MW38A3MGVMOKJ93MH0smith242221293580800Not for fans of English Breakfast TeaThis product seemed like an excellent value for decaf English Breakfast tea. Unfortunately it bears no relationship to any English Breakfast tea I have had in the past 40 years. I will be returning to paying much more for Twinings. This Stash product is considerably more like standard black tea than like English Breakfast tea, and if you want decaf black tea that is stronger than Lipton decaf, this is a good choice. But if you were looking for a smooth, premium-quality English Breakfast tea, this is not it.
335331335331B003D4MW38A16KK3YHCWE29CQF Jane2251292976000Excellent!Stash Premium Chocolate Mint Wuyi Oolong Tea is my new favorite!

I usually drink my tea strong with whole milk and raw sugar or stevia. This tea has a nice smell and a smooth taste. I am mixing it with PG Tips black tea to add a bit of strength and boldness.

Very pleased and am thinking my 100 ct box will not last long!


The mint taste really tends to overpower the chocolate. However, as I said originally, I mix it with black tea and it turns out pretty well.

One thing we found we like to use instead of sweetener & milk, is to use Vanilla Eggnog to sweeten & cream. Yum.
335332335332B003D4MW38A2KJ2LPKE1JAEVK. Kalafut2251287964800I'm a happy camper.Very happy with my purchase. There's nothing like Irish Breakfast tea to get you going.

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