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335341335341B003D4MW38A2RD0UTL5T7Q3BENJAMIN N ADLER1151345334400Love It!I have been ordering this particular tea online since last August. My wife loves it. We can't hit a better price point without ordering "too much" elsewhere!
335342335342B003D4MW38A3RFNCMOL3FSE8MRo1141345248000Great if you like WintergreenAlthough I do not care for this tea much, I still give it four stars. That is because it is the only tea I can force down that has wintergreen in it. I often buy teas that are a mixture of green and/or white tea with spearmint and/or peppermint. It was my fault I did not read the description carefully, as I did not realize it had wintergreen in it until I tasted it. You can definitely taste the wintergreen!
My favorite Stash teas are the White Christmas, (white tea, peppermint, & ginger), and the Moroccan Mint, (green tea, spearmint, lemongrass, & peppermint). I do the White Christmas if I want something a bit spicier and more warming, and I do the Moroccan mint when I want something a little smoother. Due to the lemongrass it does taste a bit grassy, but it's still good.

If you want a good mint tea without green, try the Cascade mint. It just has peppermint and spearmint, and is absolutely delicious! I mix that with decaf green in the evenings and it's wonderful! Unfortunately, I have not found the Cascade mint in boxes of 100, so I usually stick with one of the other varieties mentioned above.
Bottom line, I have come to love most of the Stash tea flavors that contain mint, with the exception of the Merry Mint. Like I said though, I can kindof get it down, which is more than I can say about other teas with wintergreen in them. And these boxes of 100 are such a great value, as I drink several cups per day!
335343335343B003D4MW38A29S2A5522J1WZTiffany N. Denchfield1151344902400So excited for this!!I am poor but love earl grey tea and of all the types of earl grey this one is by far my favorite not only because of price but because of flavor.

I always end up buying this at the grocery store whenever I can. Since coffee makes me feel ill and energy drinks are costly black tea is my primary source of daily caffeine. Getting one measly 30-pack of this tea lasts me a very short time. I practically jumped for joy when I found this was available not only in bulk, but I can subscribe for a regular shipment every 3 months! Lets hope it lasts more than 3 months!
335344335344B003D4MW38A32DTJJMJPNO3JKernunnos131151343952000I love this tea!!Last Christmas, my wife gave me a selection of Earl Grey teas. I do not drink coffee, but I love my Earl Grey tea.

I found the Stash tea to be the best tasting, the reason for me is the double Bergamot oil that makes Earl Grey Earl Grey.

When you open up a tea bag, the scent is amazing. I love doing that in a crowd to see everybody smell this amazing scent and ask me what that is.

Our local supermarket had a box of 25 teabags for $8.99. Thanks to the automatic ordering process that Amazon has, I only pay $11.99 for a box of 100 bags!!

I feel like a pusher at work, when I go down to get the hotwater. I give out a teabag or 2 and send the link to the product here at Amazon

This is great tea, and a great buy!
335345335345B003D4MW38A1UWPA1RGKYI83shmamy1151343520000FlavorfulI'm a big fan of Stash teas, and this one has a particularly strong bergamot flavor for Earl Grey aficionados. Of course, the big cardboard box it arrives in isn't all that aesthetically pleasing, but if you drink a lot of tea it works out to be much less expensive than buying the 20-bag packages at the grocery store.
335346335346B003D4MW38A3KURTMF4YP4S2NomadicShopper1151343001600Knew I liked the product, got what I expectedI wouldn't have ordered 100 of these teabags without trying them first, so I grabbed the smaller size box at my local grocery store. I'd been trying to drink more green tea and realizing my generous cubicle neighbor probably wanted to encourage my new habit, but not necessarily fund it by continuing to "donate" bags to me. I really liked the STASH green tea, so before my small box was up, I ordered this one. It is a delicious green tea to me, but as with many green teas, FINISH IT WHILE IT'S HOT. Seriously - if it cools down, it gets bitter. I thought the value of this box was excellent since I'm up to 1-3 cups per day, so this worked well. I posted a few pics of how the packaging came so you can see - no "retail" boxes, but they are each individually wrapped. Note that it just came in a cardboard box and the little packs inside weren't lined in a plastic bag, so if you have this delivered, just make sure it stays dry. I think a rainy day on my doorstep could have been messy, though I do think the tea bags are foil lined enough to prevent moisture from entering? Still, I wouldn't want to risk it! I've already added this to my Wish List entitled "re-stock items" :)
335347335347B003D4MW38A36DY0372LWLP4professor_ctt "Professor_CTT"1141341964800Mango TeaI was looking for an alternative to T & H tea due to a long back order. More passionfruit then Mango, yet a viable alternative.
335348335348B003D4MW38A123WQ3C2XNV3AJoann Thomas "Top of the Morning"1151339459200Bergamot DelightIf you like the taste of Bergamot the Stash's Premium Double Bergamot is smooth and delightful tasting. My first order occurred as a mistake as I meant to order Stash's Earl Grey and didn't note the Double Bergamot listing. I find that I prefer the Earl Grey Double Bergamot taste as do several other members of our friends.
335349335349B003D4MW38AW5EPV37CT5LMRJ1151339113600My favorite tea. Time Saver with Amazon orderingI have been buying Stash Tea for a long time. The only tea I will drink. One of my favorites is the Earl Grey. I find the price @ Amazon to be the best, and I dont have to trek to the store for my tea. Will continue buying thru Amazon. Great delivery and service.
335350335350B003D4MW38ALO137JDKLH0Fquiet river1151338508800Like this teaI like Earl Grey tea and prefer it to any other tea.

Earl Grey from Stash is great product and

a box of 100 is a good dial.

Highly recommend.
335351335351B003D4MW38APXX6QDLPIABI3 dogs, 1 kid mom1151336780800Great stuff!I read a lot of reviews before I had had enough of the overkill. This is good stuff. It's good hot or cold. If you like mint tea, it is plenty minty. I don't even notice I am drinking green tea (which for me is the way I like it -- I want the benefits of green tea with only the taste of mint...)
335352335352B003D4MW38A1YETX467CJV00P. Smith1151336435200Now This Is Good TeaMy first box of Stash Decaf Green Tea arrived about 15 mins ago and I'm sitting here enjoying my very first cup. This is a really good cup of decaf green tea!!!! I used water that had not quite starting boiling so as not to burn the tender tea. Steeped it for 2 mins and added some Ambrosia raw unfiltered honey. I bought both products via Amazon's "Subscribe And Save" so I saved an additional few dollars off their already low price. Any subscribe and save purchase comes with free shipping even if the total order is less than $25. Amazing savings and fantastic taste. Sorry if I seem like an advertisement but I'm really excited. Tea is sooo expensive in the grocery store so I saved a bundle and I'm drinking some of the best decaf green tea I've had in a while. Extremely smooth with no bitter after taste.
335353335353B003D4MW38A123WQ3C2XNV3AJoann Thomas "Top of the Morning"1151336089600Stash has always delivered in quality tea.We have purchased several different black teas from Stash and have yet to be dissapointed in their products. Several of their black teas are such favorites with our family and friends that we placed them on an automatic reorder.
335354335354B003D4MW38A3AMCFYOGINC8Eklingon-cat1111334102400review is for the misleading product presentation, not the productThis is not a comment about the tea, but the screwed up listing, the box shows regular tea, which is what I want, but the product features says it is DeCaf, please please fix this so we know for sure when we place an order, if it is decaf, I will be returning it. I tried to comment in other ways but there is only a wrong picture spot that doesn't give you anywhere to comment, just pick a answer and none apply, so I'm posting here in hopes that they can get their description fixed.
335355335355B003D4MW38A1ZKRMGHOB8IMJPexto by the Brooke1151334102400Stash tea is the best, herbal tea for meThe stash teas are handy, with great flavor at a good price. I usually get wild raspberry. I got mango/passion fruit this time.
I just drop it in a mug O' room temp water, and keep topping it off as I drink it. It is naturally sweet enough for me- un adulterated. No caffeine, no sugar, and so pleasant. Handy in the foil packs, and simple packaging. The foil packs make it nice to put a couple in your pocket or pack, or give a few to a friend.
335356335356B003D4MW38A1QPC20EFKR8SAPhyllus1151333929600Love this tea.I have been using Stash tea for many years, when I needed more, especially the Chamomile and the Lemon Ginger I usually had to wait for a new catalog. I found out by accident that I can order thru Amazon, and I can order in bulk, which I could not do with the catalogs. I will be an Amazon customer always.
335357335357B003D4MW38A13HRSMJ5TOWEZIrishFire1121332288000Bitter and AstringentI love most of Stash's green teas. LOVE them. Most of them are grassy and flavorful but lack the bitterness of many other brands of green.

This is the exception. Blech! It is incredibly astringent, something even more common in Jasmine greens than in a straight green. I recommend trying it from a grocery store before committing to a large Amazon purchase unless you happen to like bitter tea. That sounds absurd to me, but I do have friends who prefer their tea with a bitter bite.

The Yamamotoyama Jasmine Tea Bag (which stash also sells, but I couldn't find it here) is flavorful but retains the mild, non-bitter green flavor I've come to know and love.
335358335358B003D4MW38A13HRSMJ5TOWEZIrishFire1151332288000Subtle, Delicate, DeliciousI *loved* this tea. I am mostly alone in my love: many of my friends and guests prefer stronger teas, and the flavor of this is anything but. Even if you stack multiple bags in a single brew, you're going to end up with a subtle flavor. That's most good white teas for you. "Strong" white teas exist even though the phrase is something of a contradiction in terms, but they exist by layering on a lot of flavor that doesn't come from the tea leaf itself. Those remind me of herbal teas even though they've thrown in a white tea base. In this tea, the lemon flavor is as subtle as the white so that you can taste both. I think it's heaven.

This tea is more forgiving of an overly long steep than most white teas, but it's still a white tea and will go bitter if steeped too long.

I find I dislike it as an iced tea and even once it reaches room temperature. The oils separate out and form a film on top with trapped tea dust. It won't hurt you, but it's very off-putting.

To enjoy a cooler beverage, I put a teabag or two directly into room temperature or cold water. It lends a little flavor to the water without giving up a film of yuck to float on top. I love doing this with any good green tea, and just a very few whites. It adds a subtle yum, like a delicate natural flavored water.

Alas, this has lemon grass in it. This is good news for most people: lemon grass is delicious! It's also a grass, though. If you have wheat or grass allergies, discuss lemongrass with your allergist and pay attention to how you feel on days you consume it. I like the Stash Premium Decaf White Raspberry Tea, Tea Bags, 100-Count Box just as much as I like this, so I've switched over to avoid that little extra bit of stuffiness from consuming a grass product.
335359335359B003D4MW38AIEEK7AHXKZCCBeatleBangs19641151331683200Health in a TeabagAaah, nothing like good black tea! Black tea, in addition to having a very pleasant flavor has many health properties. It regulates your blood sugar; it is cardio-healthy; it inhibits cancer; it reverses clogging of the arteries; it has anti-oxidants; it is an anti-inflammatory and virus buster and it just plain tastes good. The myriad of varieties of English teas are derived from black tea. If you want good, affordable black tea, then you want this tea.
335360335360B000ODTOC8A1ORQ8HIE2RGNHDavid0051347926400Yummy italianYummy is the word for this. I liked the taste right from the outset. It tantalises my taste buds. I like the packaging most of all.
335361335361B000ODTOC8AMMNGUJK4HQJ5Misty0051344211200Great priceI have always liked wishbone products. The prices are the best I have seen in a long time. Will order again.
335362335362B000ODTOC8A2582KMXLK2P06B. E Jackson0051336089600my number one choice for salad dressingFor years the only reason I'd never eat a salad is because of this particular flavor- Robusto Italian dressing with JUST the right amount of zest. I'd especially make sure to cover up the brown lettuce with this type of salad dressing because I used to strongly dislike the brown part from a head of lettuce. Actually I still do! Everyone tells me there's not much of a difference in taste from green to brown lettuce but, unfortunately according to my sensitive tastebuds there most certainly IS a major difference! Anyway besides lettuce I prefer to use bacon bits, croutons, carrots, cucumbers, peppers, peas and maybe even onions and parmesan cheese in my salad. These are all things that make a perfect salad to me, but without Robusto Italian salad dressing, it's just not the same. These days I love salad. One of my favorite foods. I don't use NEARLY as much salad dressing that I used to either. I used to dump about 30% of the bottle on one tiny bowl of salad, LOL. Adding just a touch of salad dressing allows me to better appreciate the taste of both the vegetables and the dressing itself. Highly recommended.
335363335363B000ODTOC8A2VFCGUTTG3IZWJ. Scott "Tired Mommy of 2"0041262822400Great for marinadesGreat deal on this 6 pack. Only issue is that the expiration date on this was roughly 3 months from the date Amazon shipped them to me and I couldn't use them in time, so that is why it is 4 stars only. I ended up using them well past the expiration date and they were fine!
335364335364B000ODTOC8A2I1BMCDS82V25P. M. Furry "moonslight"0051254960000Best Italian DressingAfter trying nearly every Italian dressing on the grocery store shelves, Wish Bone Robusto Italian is BY FAR the best of any. Just the right blend of oil and vinegar, and then the spices make all the difference. For several years I had given up on Italian dressings and was buying nothing but Hidden Valley Ranch. When Wish Bone came out with Robusto Italian, I gave it a try and am so glad I did! Try some soon -- if you like a flavorful Italian, you may agree this one's the BEST!
335365335365B000ODTOC8A2G7B7FKP2O2PUD. Leschke0051246233600No ComplaintsGood price, good product and fast delivery.

I like to keep a few bottles of Italian dressing on hand.
It's great on salads and versatile, being an ingredient in many other recipes.
This is a good, strong dressing, not wimpy like some are.
335366335366B000ODTOC8A2TPOYNEEWCB47Deb McM1251234569600not just for salads..This tasty dressing is great on salads but I use it more often for marinating beef and chicken. It tenderizes and adds a great flavor. I especially like it on steaks and roasts.
335367335367B000ODTOC8A1OCEC3WOXGGLCZac2711305331200MSG In RanchThis product has MSG in it. I felt stupid because after all the " Naturally helps absorb vitamins A & E; Naturally rich in Omega 3 ALA**; No High Fructose Corn Syrup", they still use Mono-sodium Glutamate- MSG. I hate Wishbone now and will tell anyone who loves salad to avoid them at all costs.

PS I checked the website for their explanation for this and read, "WE only use MSG when we feel it's necessary for taste"--- Isn't that why everyone used it, before health experts found it to be toxic!

Do whats right for yourself and your family--- Avoid this Company!!!
335368335368B004AHGD8CA10EKFV6MKCIKHGramma Sue0051346025600Good But PriceyI really like the Cappucino flavor of this soy milk and drink it daily at breakfast. I've given it a 5-star rating, but find that it is much too pricey from Amazon. I will continue to purchase it at my local market for less than $3 a carton.
335369335369B004AHGD8CA1OBPHRXHZF8P6Robin Orlowski "political activist"0031345766400Aquired TasteOkay. Let's be honest here. Bottled coffee drinks aren't 'good' and even their diet versions wreak havoc on your body. Since everybody is so health and weight conscious now, this product could provide a suitable replacement.

It tastes somewhat like something Starbucks can sell readymade. And it is a name brand which can be stored in the pantry until opened. This will help convince skeptics who would not otherwise want to sip a 'health food'. The product is found in many health food stores, it can also be found at mainstream retailers.

But it does taste more watery than the later--including their light version. I've never had this problem with other soy drinks. I am assuming it's the individual company recipe. I'd like to see them get this remedied as quickly as possible.

With the rise in health consciousness, this specific product would really fill an inevitable-void. People want iced coffee drinks while not drinking something which is 'bad'.
335370335370B004AHGD8CA2HMPMAHXB68D5Amazon user "Amazon user"0051338940800I love this stuff - deliciousI love this soy slender cappuchino, 3 grams fat, 1 gram carbs. I doctor many health foods to make it to my taste, and this one is no exception - I just add a touch of decaf coffee and it gives it a robustness, then I sprinkle cinnamon. Yummm!

I pour a half cup of it in the morning, then nuke it for a minute. then sprinkle some instant decaff coffee (I prefer Taster's Choice the best - it has the most delectable taste) and cinnamon and this stuff is delicious. Not as screaming get up and go like a Starbucks coffee - but it does wake you up. Highly recommended. Except for the price. I cannot seem to find it in health food stores - wonder if it is in normal stores. I usually buy a 12 case online from another company - its about $20.00 cheaper there than on Amazon. I buy almost anything I need online from Amazon, so this is one of the very few products I do not buy from Amazon. Love Amazon.

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