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335382335382B0000GGIFAA308S0NTIXVBO0Jennifer Crandell2251296864000Best Beans EVAH!!!These are the best beans I have ever had. I like to put a little bit of oil in a sauce pan first. Then add these beans and stir until combined. They are DELICIOUS!!!!
335383335383B0000GGIFAA30GCGU0U062OBK. Valleau2251169769600It was very goodLiving oveseas and not finding these kind of product over here is hard. As I saw this and thought of buying it, I received my item today. They dont expire for a while adn they are delicious.
335384335384B001EO69SSA3PI8JJ2E4VT5ETiberius252551282089600yummy rice the best. beats regular rice for tasteThis black rice is the most incredible tasting rice I have ever eaten. I just love it. I now use it instead of brown rice. It just adds a zing to the taste buds that you'd never expect from rice. I use it with my black beans so it is used a lot. If you try this rice you'll probably not go back to traditional brown rice. It is yummy.
335385335385B001EO69SSA1FSSSG3YKGA0JNancy Mitchell111151302566400Tasty and different!I have been reading about the nutritional benefits of Black Rice and was happy to have found it on The rice can be used anywhere you would use white or brown rice. I boiled it, drained and sauteed it in a little Extra Virgin Olive Oil, minced fresh garlic, minced fresh parsley and salt and pepper. Its really, really savory. Not bland at all. I'm looking forward to trying it with stir fry.
My only "issue" is that the package doesn't include great instructions. The best thing to do is to add the rice to boiling water and boil for about 18 minutes and drain. It is parboiled, so it doesn't need to simmer for as long as regular rice does.
Also, it doesn't seem to "expand" as much as white or brown rice do. That's not a complaint...just an observation.
I'm really happy with my purchase and expect to buy it again.
Its great to be able to try new products and to get them at a reasonable price.
335386335386B001EO69SSAX7H4ZTOAKB00graymoment4451311724800Aromatic, beautiful, and tastySeveral years ago I would buy this product at Trader Joe's. They no longer carry it. Since then, I've been looking around for it locally. I live in a populated area, so one would think it would be in stores locally. It isn't, or at least I haven't found it yet.

This rice tastes wonderful, and presents beautifully on a white plate. The black color really pops out. The shape is slightly thick and short grain. It has a floral aromatic quality and an excellent, hearty, slightly chewy texture. My brain associates dark colored rice to have an earthy character, like wild rice, but this rice is quite the opposite. It would compliment sweet/spicy stir-fry dishes, fish and anything else you would prefer a more floral type of rice for.

Everyone I have ever served it to loves this rice (and asks where I bought it). I wish this rice came in larger size quantities at a cheaper price so that I could use it more often.

I use about the same amount of water that I use for brown rice in my rice cooker, and I put it on the brown rice setting. I've used a white rice setting before and it turned out fine, but a little more chewy than I preferred.

From what I've read, this rice has its origins in China, but today is cultivated in Italy.
335387335387B001EO69SSA19Q6EHPUDOMBEVoltaire2211321747200Nuitrition not included.I purchased this thinking "the Italians are good with food, this should be delicious." If you know anything about food, it looses its nutrition the more it's cooked. This product comes pre-cooked, par-boiled. Black rice is a rich, nutty, food that is so filling it's like a whole meal. Foodies love it because it balance out the usual plate of protein, vegetables, and starch with flavorful starch. It can be eaten alone, with milk as a breakfast, with beans in the forest or as a centerpiece of exotic meal.
However, the reason we love this stuff is because it's high in vitamins. Not this stuff. Par-boiling then drying it out destroys much of the vitamins and flavor.

Stay far, far away if you want vitamins and flavor.
335388335388B001EO69SSA37MIEUN6MOWI6Joyce Watts2251307404800great black rice...This is the best black rice that i have tried...It is nutty tasting and chewy...very good...It is parboiled so it only takes about 18 minutes to cook...
335389335389B001EO69SSA3GVHT2KL4L2RLHerc2251287792000Black RiceIncredibly good tasting rice. If you use a rice cooker it will take and extra 1/3 cup water and cooks a little longer. It only has a 6 week shelf life, didn't know why a rice would only have a 6 week shelf life.
335390335390B001EO69SSA1YR9UWPUZE5N3Deb Lentz "NY NY"1151316822400DeliciousI steamed the black rice. In a separate pan in fried onions, peppers, eggplant and garlic. Finished it with pomegranate balsamic reduction and served it over the black rice. It was great!
335391335391B001EO69SSA2P4BTBY1LAWI5Cleopatra1151315526400Rice eating familyMy family likes to eat healthy & we watch the aomount we eat. What we miss is pasta, potatoes & all the good starchy foods, but rice is good & heathy for you so when we find a interesting& healthy food of course we want to try it. I read that black rice helps prevent breast cancer & that made it more appealing to me so while ordering other items from Amazon I orderd the Riso Bello Venere. We cooked it the night I received it & the smell & flavor was so good. It actually makes more or the grains are bigger than regular rices. I have served it with fish & beef & it is good with both. To bad it is expensive but I will continue to order it when I place an order with Amazon.
335392335392B001EO69SSAIC2JQFZPAIP8Marie from NJ1151315353600Wonderful venere.We tried this amazing black rice in Rome, brought some back, made several different recipes for my family.. It was a hugh success with glowing reviews from all...

I was so happy to find Riso Bello Venere( black rice) on line with Amazon.. You can do so many interesting, tasteful and helthful main courses, or side dishes that your imagination will allowRiso Bello Venere (Black Rice), 17.6-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 3)
335393335393B001EO69SSABANUQXRYEP3RMarlena1151309305600Fantastic riceThis rice looks a little funny when cooked but you cannot beat the flavor. Smells great too. After reading about the health benefits of black rice, I purchased in hopes of adding better foods to my toddlers diet. Turns out the whole family loves it. I added to the subscibe and save because it is so flavorul and easy to make.
335394335394B001EO69SSA1P7JJ35GOHHIPPicky Customer "Very Picky Customer"0051346976000Love it!!! Good carbs for good diet!I was getting ready for a figure competition when one of my acquaintances, who is a personal trainer also, told me about this rice. I found it and I love it. So does my husband. I use my rice cooker for it - no worries about boiled water running over all stove (this is how I usually cook rice :)). Before I start cooking I wash it, add garlic salt and olive oil. When it's ready - it is delicious!!!
It does look interesting when it's ready. My co-workers still can't stop thinking that I am eating mice drops :). Or I eat bugs and worms.
Even it is called "Black rice" the color is very dark purple. When you wash it you will see dark water comes from a pot.
I also use it for my salads to give it a little color and taste.
If you want to use it for a soup - I wouldn't recommend it unless you don't care if it turns in black color.

By the way, if you use a rice cooker - cook it on "white rice" settings.
335395335395B001EO69SSA2PBYXHVA314PUNonna D0051312761600Black RiceI had not been able to find Black Rice in any specialty store in our area. This was perfectly delicious.
335396335396B001EO69SSA4KAEANZM2SHKD. Ellis-Reise0051309910400The nuttiest!While in Vancouver, I tried black rice. It was a first. This is comparable as to delicious robust flavor with a nutty taste and texture. I hightly endorse it.
335397335397B000TCYC8UA3ULECWYW8PWJVGeorgio0051307577600Vet Enzadent for dogs EXCELLENTMy two precious girls passed away at 15 years of age, over the last 6 months. I gave both of them these chews daily and they never had their teeth cleaned because of how well these work. My vet used to say he wished all his dogs had teeth like mine. The other products just don't compare - I've tried them!!
335398335398B0001M10QUA3RE2ZOQ6MYTR2Richard W. Nowicki "rsensei"0041330128000White pepper cornsWhite pepper corns are as described and have a unique taste for a good price. They came in a short time and will suite us well.
335399335399B002GWHEVIA1YMI69DLNAJYIEdward E. Davis Jr.0021263168000Needs AttentionAs a consumer of Irish Breakfast Tea for many years, and one who uses the loose leaf blend in order to enjoy the stronger flavor of the oils, I found this tea to have very little taste - and I can not stress this point enough. It is cut in a manner that should have allowed the oils in the leaf to be maintained, but something in the process or a dilution of the tea leaves has just washed the taste out of the blend. The people of the company themselves - the taste testers - need to pay attention to this tea blend in order to be taken seriously as a purveyor of fine tea (It's less tasty than diner tea). Thus my "I don't like it" rating - because there isn't any taste to hate!
335400335400B004AAI0OEA3BERW03BHOX2HColleen Keyes "TNGrayCat"0021293580800Not much flavorI had ordered the rugelach from this company before and loved it, so decided to try their sugar-free version. It was really not tasty and seemed pretty dry. This was true for all 3 flavors we tried (raspberry, chocolate, and cinnamon). I will definitely order more of their regular rugelach, but no more of their sugar-free.
335371335371B000CHKHHMA19KHSCF157ACLA music lover101351262563200Simple syrup by any other nameI disagree the reviewer who said "Calling this product Pure Cane Syrup is like calling sugar water with maple flavoring "Pure Maple Syrup"." This product is made with pure cane sugar and water, thus, it is pure cane sugar syrup. Sugar water with maple flavoring is not analogous at all, as it contains ingredients OTHER than maple sugar and water (i.e. cane sugar!). Anyway, this is really just simple syrup, which can easily be made at home, but this offers a convenient dispensing of the product and with no heating, cleanup, cooking time, etc. Not an economical substitute, then, but a convenient and satisfactory one.
335372335372B000CHKHHMA34M0XOQMDFRJHJohn Inc162311227916800NOT pure cane syrupThis is not pure cane syrup. This is simple syrup (water and sugar with preservatives) made from cane sugar, unlike Lyle's Pure Cane Syrup. You can make Monin's product at home yourself by mixing equal part sugar and water over light heat (and skip the preservatives). Calling this product Pure Cane Syrup is like calling sugar water with maple flavoring "Pure Maple Syrup". If you are too lazy to make simple syrup then this product is for you. At this price, this product is not worth it. Do not be fooled (as I was).
335373335373B000CHKHHMAFWDWPACTUW83baseballmom961151323388800GreatThis was cool to have for our teas. We kept on the counter and it is very easy to use with the pump ( sold sep.) . We used it up to fast though. Made our own and refilled it.
335374335374B000CHKHHMAVQZOFV1QYZPDAndrew Vice1411338854400Save yourself some moneySave yourself $10 and make this at home. You can make your own syrup by combining two parts (i.e. 2 cups) table sugar to one part (i.e. 1 cup) fresh water and boiling in a pot on the stove for a couple minutes. This will keep in the fridge FOREVER. If it crystallizes just reheat to dissolve. Any higher sugar-to-water ratio will likely crystallize too easily, and less will dilute your drinks/recipes.
335375335375B000OF8E2WA623ND2T70PF0Thomas Kurtz "multimusical culturalist"4441178928000Pretty good, if small.These are gimmicky drinks that are pretty good. The origional flavor is a lot like sprite or 7up, Lychee is nice and tart, and Peach is very.. peachy.

A couple complaints about the product would be the pretty small-size of the bottle, at least by what we're used to (8oz bottles when we're used to 20oz Coke/Pepsi). Also, the gimmick can make for some messy openings. Whenever the marble is released, the soda never fails to overflow in fizz.
335376335376B0005Z899YA2AZSUUQUH9N8Tlilgrlblue0021346630400It'll do in an emergencyWe usually get Trader Joe's olive oil spray. We use it on popcorn and things that need an even, light coating for spices to stick to. I was relieved to find Pam had this olive oil spray when I couldn't get to Trader Joe's, but I was disappointed with it. It comes out in more of an uncontrollable streak than a spray. It'll do, but Trader Joe's is far superior.
335377335377B0005Z899YAY12DBB0U420BGary Peterson0051261958400Convenient.We have gradually changed over to using olive oil in almost all of our cooking. We like the taste of it and the health arguments are convincing to us. We now haven't used any oil other than olive oil in the last three years.

One convenient item that has helped our conversion is the availability of cans of olive oil spray. We give our pans a light coating for frying eggs and other things and we lightly spray salads with it. It's about the same as using regular Pam, except that the sprayed ingredient is Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We're very satisfied with this product and it's very convenient.

Gary Peterson
335378335378B000GZSCQ8A3EBHHCZO6V2A4Amaranth "music fan"3351224460800A Passage to IndiaFantastic Foods' Basmati Rice is a delicious accompaniment to many an Indian or Chinese dish. It cooks easily; it tastes better than Minute Rice. Since it is the legendary basmati rice of India, it is delicately fragrant. It soaks in sauces well. It perfectly complements the Sole with Lime and Banana dish that is in the liner notes for Putumayo's "Acoustic France." It's sweet and savory with lime juice. Stir fries are also good, such as the Cambodian coconut and galangal. Fantastic Foods is indeed.... fantastic for ANY culinary world journey!
335379335379B000GZSCQ8AOZ6FDBL9EX4JRachel L. Barr0041226188800Not as Good as Some Other Brands But OkayWe've purchased basmati rice from Sam's Club and used it in our kitchen for several years. But the last few times we went, Sam's didn't have it in stock. It was much better than regular long grain rice off the grocery shelf, so when I found this at Amazon I ordered it right away.

The rice we bought at Sam's was better. This has great flavor, but it's kind of gummy, where the other was not.

Next time I purchase, I'll probably try another brand.
335380335380B0016CQSNYA1WGFK4IKAA88C. Ruckel "career woman"2251257292800DeliciousWonderful item. I can take a small amount in my lunch or give one to the grandkids. lower sugar and GREAT flavor!!!
335381335381B0000GGIFAAHCJPGA30Q50MZoxchilt Zuniga "hieizzz"2251298505600Amazingi have always grown up eating these beans. They go great with just about anything!
i mince some onions and fry em with veg oil and they are delious

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