Amazon Fine Food Reviews

335491335491B0018207IEA2YI4VBFI6ZFGUJetmaker0051252195200Very Tasty!These were really good pecans. I'm no expert or anything but I was surprised how good these were. I've carried them in my lunch because they make a good alternative to chips and sweets. Also cooked with them in salads and brownies. Can't really evaluate the price since I didn't comparison shop, but I'm happy with these.
335492335492B002GJ75QKA15JB2HEZ6RKGWTwinsboystwice01113500000004 cats and none would eat itWe have 4 cats who pretty much eat anything. Not one of them would eat this! I noticed they were particularly eager for their canned food in the morning, and then I realized one cat had lost substantial weight before it occurred to me to check their dry cat food bowl (which my older children are responsible for). I kept an eye on the bowl and figured out it wasn't going down. I dumped it out and replaced it with fresh and even though they were really hungry they wouldn't eat it. I ended up throwing away the whole bag and going back to whatever is on sale at the store.
335493335493B0002HVDNYA3FVAWZNKW9GXA.Trendl "What should ...1251136073600Slowly Smoked Pork is DeliciousI buy Karaj Hungarian Pork Loin regularly at our local Hungarian grocer, and have found it delicious. It serves well as a quick snack, or as a sandwich fixing (with a little mustard or light BBQ sauce).

Imagine the aroma of a nearby campfire, after pork has lingered on the grill, but not burnt. Somehow, that flavor, through careful smoking and salting, is infused into the Karaj Hungarian Pork Loin.

I prefer it in thin slices, eaten cool, but it is also an ingredient in various Hungarian soups. It isn't spicy even though it is packed with taste. Fans of BBQ joints and smokehouse steakhouses with find the flavor familiar.

It keeps around six months unopened. I fully recommend the Karaj Hungarian Pork Loin.

Anthony Trendl
335494335494B002VFRCNAAFVZWKEFUGI2YDonna M. Sognefest0051316736000Synthetic CorksThe bag of 100 synthetic corks was used to make and launch plastic bottle rockets at a boy scout campout. The corks worked well for the project.
335495335495B002VFRCNAAUAM33BJLVD1LBigwhooo0031316563200found it locally for a lot less from two brick and mortar shopsGood product just a little bit pricey, I guess you pay for convenience. Found it in three brick and mortar places around town for 20% less. The first time this has happend to me with several years of shopping with amazon. will continue to purchase just check locally now. HIghly recommend the corks if you cant buy them locally for less.
335496335496B002VFRCNAA246CBOUEXQ1A1Wheatyy0051313107200PerfectThe corks are just what I needed. They work great with the hand held corker I got as well! Recommend this too any one who is making their own wine.
335497335497B004P8JNECA25LKU0VTTR9WEhearts2251334188800kitties love it..I recently adopted two stray kittens. It had been a long time since I had a kitten so I began researching websites like learning what is best to feed kittens and cats. I was surprised to learn that dry food is terrible for kittens/cats and in fact may cause many of the health problems that cats face later in life. I also learned that kittens/cats need a high protein diet for life. Carbos are very bad for them. Kittens/cats should get most of their moisture from their food. Merrick food provides a moisture content of 78%. In the past, I fed my cats dry food. They drank a lot of water, they got fat, and they always seemed hungry. My veterinarian supports the Merrick brand name. My kitties are growing, are happy...not always looking for more food, and they are not going to be overweight. Do your homework. Read about the latest research.
335498335498B004P8JNECA2VPT7W0PVOJ6RCharlene1151336348800Kitten loves it!Merrick BG is awesome! My two months kitten jumped to me immediately when I opened the can! The food smells soooo good. She never had wet food before but there is no problem at all for her to switch to Merrick BG.
335499335499B004P8JNECA3R1FNIEPDUT44J. G. COX "coxjg"0051350000000Quality, ConvenienceI don't know if my local pet store carries this brand, but I am impressed with the fact that it is grain free and my cat seems to like it. In fact, he may be satisfied with a tiny bit less food because of its content. That remains to be seen.

You can't beat the convenience of finding the pet food you like on Amazon and having it delivered right to your door.
335500335500B001V76MFSA1S4KTY5RFRB7EE. Ramli "kaboom"232331302825600Not worth the moneyI like to taste many different flavors, and I particularly like this pack because it has the Sour Cream & Onion in it.
But, I like to make my money worth more than anything.
I paid $17.08 for the whole package and got 36 x 0.81 oz individual pack.
My problem was that I couldn't imagine how tiny the individual pack was until I saw it.
Most likely, I won't be buying the same pack again unless the price is dropped.
335501335501B001V76MFSA313IG667LHMYFJennifer C. Logan "drjlo"141441258502400good product, but expensiveThe product is excellent, but the pricing is very high in comparison to the grocery store. (I rarely go to the store, so it was convenient, but it's unlikely that I'll buy this product on line again due to the high cost).
335502335502B001V76MFSA1UHLYQ9MKHAH9Nancy Greear101031304553600little bit of chips for a lot of moneyIn my mind I was thinking the short stacks canisters, you know those short ones about half the size of the regular pringles can. But I was wrong, this is the snack pack size. These are quite small. I counted about 12 chips per container. I paid $17 for this. I doubt I'd buy it again at that price. The chips were good, but way too few of them. Good for small kids lunchboxes maybe.
335503335503B001V76MFSA3PJOMAHICV0ZDTravie2221330473600You can get it cheaper else where.You can get the exact same thing in a 24 size at for 5.47. Just get 3 of those instead and save yourself 15 bucks. Oh, and they let you choose flavors if you do some searching.
335504335504B001V76MFSA286VNIXULJPK2Georgia Prune2251271203200Yum, PringlesWe ordered these pringles because we were missing potato chips from the U.S. These Pringles made it to Brazil with not a lot o f crumble bits. I'm very happy with the speedy delivery, flavor, and these chips will be long gone before their expiration date is even thought of (October 2010). Thank you Amazon, we will be ordering more Pringles.
335505335505B001V76MFSA2AHNSGDY83TICmawmaw1151348185600Care PackagesGreat to send to our Marines in Afghanistan. Great size to pack, do not crumble while in transit. Marines love them
335506335506B001V76MFSA2XDIUBL3RECOCB-Hop1111335744000BooooooooYah, got my Pringles and 19 out of the 36 packages were smashed with a broken air seal. The outer and inner boxes were undamaged.
335507335507B001V76MFSA1F1A0QQP2XVH5TomWilly1141269043200Handy packs. Arrived in decent shape.Pringles are great. The packs are very small, making the packages handy bit no eco-friendly. Chips are arrived largely in tact, but expect some crushed chips in each little pack.
335508335508B001V76MFSA3PD8JD9L4WEIIBron "Bron"2311291075200Yuck! Tastes nothing like the full size Pringles?Maybe we got a bad batch, I don't know, but these taste nothing like the full size packaged Pringles. They are thinner, much thinner, and oily tasting. My kids turned their nose up at these and they love regular Pringles.

They're not horrible, just not good. No one in the family liked them. Won't buy again.
335509335509B001V76MFSA3KKO4KDS1IA9DSharon D. Johnson0051350172800Pringles Variety PackThese are Great. If you don't want to give the kids to much. Just give them one or two Snack Stacks Packs and send them on their way. You won't have to worry about them eating to much because you control how much they will be getting.
335510335510B001V76MFSA2GEZJHBV92EVRHistory buff0051345852800Chips are great!The chips are great, & the size is perfect for my work lunches. The price here is a little steep. I get mine at either wal mart or meijers. I can pick whatever flavors I like also.
335511335511B001V76MFSA3QK9EP6C9FX01dragonlady10051339891200Will order againLove potato chips but I can't stand the fact that they can go stale so fast once they've been open. I used to have packages on top of the refrigerator with 2 handfuls of chips in them even though they had been resealed, clipped and re-clipped. We had seen the 6 pack of regular Pringles in the store and started purchasing them. Couldn't find the assorted flavors until I went to Amazon (in this day and age of gas prices, I go there quite often rather than drive around to many stores). Love the assorted packs, Thank you Amazon.
335512335512B001V76MFSA1THRXZXIM26NHSherbear0051328745600Great for kids lunchesI love buying all snacks size packs. After schools kids are hungry and these are easy for them to grab and not fill up on. The price is just as good as the warehouse prices.
335513335513B001V76MFSA2X921IVJROG5RSusanbeth0051325289600A delightful treat!I always loved Pringles, but I could finish a can in a very short time. When I saw these individualized packs, I was excited. Even better was that they came in a variety pack. There are regular, cheddar cheese, and sour cream and onion. My friend was so pleased with the product that he wanted a package for himself. I am on my second box and I am thrilled! They come 36 in a box so they last a good long time. I highly recommend them.
335514335514B001V76MFSA315S3F1NHG7Y8cdromm0031322697600YOU NEED A MICROSCOPE TO SEE THE PORTION SIZESuch tiny portions! Individually wrapped portions
are so small! They are convenient to drop into
someone's lunch, but you'd be better off buying
small bags of chips instead - you'd get more for
the money.
335515335515B001V76MFSA1K8EHEAXDFXFNMadge R. Kling0051314316800Pringles individual packsTo me this is an excellent value........I am a piggy when it comes to chips and packaged in the individual packs is perfect. Makes one stop & think before devouring the whole carton. One pack or two at a time.....perfect.
335516335516B001V76MFSA1RDJI6G8CIL1Zjess0051312329600very pleasedJust finished the pringles i bought last month. Out of every container combined, i would say i had a total of 5 broken chips. I am very pleased with the quality of the product. They were yummy!
335517335517B001V76MFSA2T2RK1G6IZ9TLB. Shepard "thesheps"1211326067200Way too expensive!DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! First of all, I did not receive what I ordered, which was 36 count variety pack. I received 32 count plain flavor chips. Amazon was great though, they refunded me my money. Secondly, you get about 1.8 lbs of chips for $19.00, and it sounded like some of the chips were broken when I took them out of the box, which I know happens. You get about 12 chips per little container, x 32 containers = 384 chips, divided by $19, you are paying about 5 cents per chip!!!That makes for some extremely overpriced packaging, and broken chips. Save your money, buy a container to put them in rather than pay for this. Buy local generic. Just as good. These sellers of this product need to drop their price!
335518335518B009AVD282A1SYSKR79LA2CBMycroft "Virture is its own punishment"4551233014400Taste wise it is a 6 star itemThe mouth says, "How do I love thee, let me count the ways..."
If you like apple products a must have item. The only draw back, shipping cost. These are very heavy.
335519335519B009AVD282A3D1TXE98KRKYODanny "The Student"2341256515200Great SupportArrived slightly thawed. My parents wouldn't accept it. However, the company was very helpful and issued a full refund.
335520335520B009AVD282AVCA516CFZ9HFS. Fowler0041335139200TART!The crust on these tarts are perfect. My husband loves these, but I'm not so crazy about them. They are just too sour/tart for my taste. I'll eat the crust and hubby takes my filling. My kids think they're great, so maybe it's just me.

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