Amazon Fine Food Reviews

335521335521B009AVD282A1P21J0DMTVGS7Lovethemovies0051332028800Omaha Apple TartletsThese are absolutely scrumptuous! My husband and I both love them, however, as another customer put it, they are expensive to ship! The cost of shipping is more than the tartlets themselves are!
335522335522B009AVD282AL3E5V6MXO9B0pionex17960051326412800Loved these TartletsWhat a nice alternative to an apple pie. Love the fact there was no slicing and dicing. Easy to prepare. I also loved the fact that you can make them fresh whenever needed.
335523335523B009AVD282A2O9G2521O626GRachel Westendorf0051308700800The bestI like Creme Brulee. I loved that these were so easy. Just sprinkle on the sugar that came with and broil. They look amazing and taste great. My guess thought I really went out of the way for them when really it took all of 5 minutes. I will be ordering more!
335524335524B009AVD282A1ZKFQLHFZAEH9S. J. Monson "world citizen"2831236384000disappointingnot what I was expecting in terms of the company's reputation for excellent home delivery products
335525335525B000YUQD98AED60TNIHSMPVRick4550041233619200Rasin BrandIt is a good value for the money. It is shipped quickly even though it qualifies for free shipping
335526335526B000RI4LQ4A3MX5UTXF8YK70Francesca DŽAlessandro "Franchy"0041320105600Good.Product is good and my dog used to love them, but all of a sudden stopped, then I realized the reason was that the last batch sent to me were expired. For that reason I won't be buying again.
335527335527B000H16ZX8A1G8XM4NVVR1T7Gyla M. Hughes1251278720000Good TeaReally enjoy this product..have had two orders (480 total bags) and have been enjoying same..will be ordering another shipment in about 60 the only tea that the wife will drink (is she spoiled?)..hope you continue to have it available..James L Hughes
335528335528B000H16ZX8A20ZESBWOEIYMDKristi0321273536000Pre Review - This May Be The Wrost ShippingI ordered this product on May 3, 2010 and figured that like all products I order it would be here within a week. Yesterday I received an email telling me that the product will not be shipped until May 17 and will not be at my door until May 24. And yet it's taken them over a week to even inform me of this. Bad business practice if you ask me.

First, I LOVE this tea. Best green tea you can buy. I have nothing but rave reviews about the tea. Sadly, due to the name and people thinking it's a 'Mexican' brand of tea it was not a big seller in area stores and everyone stopped carrying it. I have had to find a place online to order. Well, I can say that the next time I have to order I will be finding someone else to get it through.

I'm very disappointed in the shipping. :(
335529335529B000AAY9OSA12MLYKTN5HXX6Party Pirate6651168300800A Perfect Fit.I needed, nondescript, chocolate gold coins for my pirate party on Halloween night. These were perfect! I ordered three times what I actually needed, and so used some as Thank You gifts for people who assisted with the party and the rest made an evening of Poker a lot more interesting. The shipping is somewhat expensive, but if you order multiple bags in one shipment, it brings the cost per coin down considerably. However, they are worth the cost!
335530335530B000AAY9OSA2EAX7ETCISU69SC1141330646400Good product, but beware Amazon shipping tricksThe product itself was fine and came quickly and in good shape. The shipping rate was pretty high, but I needed them quick and decided it was worth it. However, when I saw the delivery date on the confirm order page I changed the shipping to two day. But on that screen they don't show what the updated shipping cost is. The shipping came to over $50 for a 5 pound bag. Since Amazon did not show what the new shipping rate would be, I had no idea until it arrived. Interesting how we can only leave feedback for the seller or the product, but not Amazon. Love-hate :-(
335531335531B006H2JWOKA31D130U50YTTGNCSILVERLADY0131349481600ClustersVery very few clusters. Had to be eaten as a cereal. It was ok as a cereal. Would not purchas again.
335532335532B001SEL4HKAY12DBB0U420BGary Peterson3351256169600The Baby Likes It Too.We've always liked applesauce and find the small containers to be convieniant. We use them for deserts on occasion, for snacks, camping and I put them into my lunch bag. Either TreeTop or Motts are the best brands, in our opinion. Lately, we've found another use. We use them with our one-year-old baby. He loves applesauce! It needs no fridge and has a long shelf life. A small tub is about the right size for a feeding. How convenient. Our boy likes the plain and cinnamon equally well. Our family consumption has gone up markedly and these mega-packs suite our needs well.

Gary Peterson
335533335533B001SEL4HKABZJHR7AXYZABCharlotte2251323734400Apple sauceGreat product, arrived on time and in great condition. I would recommend this product to people with families or to those who just like apple sauce.
335534335534B001SEL4HKA3MB5IB4B3BL5GN. Larson2251323302400Fast and goodThese shipped fast and taste great. I like the original flavor better than the cinnamon, but I love the convience of having it deliverd to my door, and quickly !
335535335535B001SEL4HKA1XAX2XFCDB5DKDiana L. Smith "Ketabcha"1151335312000Yummy!This applesauce is excellent. It's a nice, light snack or a great addition to a meal. The apple taste is not overpowering. It's just right. There is not much difference in the tastes of the original and the cinnamon. The serving size is perfect. I'll be ordering more after I gobble up this batch. Oh, the shipment came with no fatalities. It's well packaged.
335536335536B001SEL4HKA1MXHD5QFQNZXZmomof1gr8girl0021299369600Product great, shipment notProduct is great but the packaging allowed for too much movement and a couple of crushed cups made the whole package a sticky mess. Cleaned everything up
335537335537B0047412NYA2LOAW4CC625YRPaul J. Bergh1151332460800These are awesome!With Easter coming up I want to pick up a few bags and now I have to buy more cause my family & I (mainly me) have already eaten all 4 bags.
335538335538B001LQNXWEAWTFK8NJ3Y682Steven M. Frankel0031283040000Surprisingly thin for a mega packPouring this into a 7 oz cut, the results are surprisingly thin. Doesn't compare to the Decaf European Blend, especial when it was available in maga pack.
335539335539B003LTOBACA245Z4DR1A7CHXLove Comedies9951290297600My FavoriteHazelnut Decaf is absolutely delicious. It is mellow, smooth, and not a bit bitter. It is the one I am choosing for my daily basic coffee.
335540335540B003LTOBACA2SKOG7UT604JDCoralie A. Priddy4451298592000Green Mountain Decaf Hazelnut K-cupThis hazelnut decaf from Green Mountain is delicious. I wish I could find other flavored coffee that is decaffeinated. Hey, Green Mountain, how about it? More flavored decafs in the K-cups? In the meantime, hazelnut decaf it is! Yum!
335541335541B003LTOBACA3QPIEH7A9MDKQJack "Jack"2251316908800Nice AromaThis is a nice Hazelnut formula. Taste and aroma are great.
Cannot tell it's decaf, except it doesn't keep me awake.
335542335542B003LTOBACA2V3SLJVKQPWEQM. Lailer2251315699200CoffeeKeurig brewers product, tastes great, brews quickly, and disposes of easily, will definately purchase this product again in the future. Price again a factor - and delivered right to your door.
335543335543B003LTOBACATUKFS2QNASEPRaspberry girl2251311724800Amazing for iced coffee drinks!I rarely review, but I had to extend kudos to Green Mountain for this wonderful hazelnut flavor. I make mostly iced coffees, and wanted to stop spending so much money at Starbucks. This coffee is better than Starbucks, Coffee Bean, or any other shop I've tried. It is light, sweet, and you almost don't need any extra sugar if you add a little milk. I should note that I like my coffee pretty light. I also love that this is available in decaf. I hope they make more decaf flavors available over time. I adore my Breville single cup coffee maker as well!
335544335544B003LTOBACAWC8CTW8N2XVETheCommish162251295222400Good Taste Decaf- Tastes fresh and has a hint of hazelnut
- I had hazelnut coffee mate to help the taste
- 24 count comes in a box with an easy open cutout
- Green Mountain is generally what I buy in terms of K-cups and they haven't disappointed me yet.
335545335545B003LTOBACA1W6R9OZFYLYWDebra0051351123200Love this coffeeHazelnut Green Mountain Decaf is my favorite decaf k-cup. I typically drink this at night. I love the flavor and highly recommend this item.
335546335546B003LTOBACA3GSY39Z3SMIHMCarla0051346198400Decaf CoffeeExcellent coffee with a hint of nutty flavor and I like the decaf which allows me to comply with heart specialist instructions
335547335547B003LTOBACA23T0OX6JJOV7OC. Parisi0051345075200Good Taste for decafA nice flavored coffee in decaf. Not many flavors in decaf. A good bargin in k-cups.
It's a smooth cup of coffee.
335548335548B003LTOBACA2C27IQUH9N1Zaudrey0051344556800good deal on K-cupsWe were given a Keurig coffee machine for a gift. We really like the ease and convenience of use, but the K-cups can be very expensive. I've done extensive comparison shopping, and this particular deal is the best I've found (in online or retail stores, and even different packs here on Amazon). There are not a lot of K-cup decaffeinated choices, but since I like hazelnut flavor, this is a good choice for me.

This is a nice mild hazelnut decaf at a good price.
335549335549B003LTOBACA1YNN51RNUCCUAJennilee R. Benda0021342915200It's okay, but not really worth buying.I had some of this in a sampler pack. It really wasn't very good. Couldn't taste the hazelnut flavor at all, and it had a bitter aftertaste. Would not buy.
335550335550B003LTOBACA17MAZ5TWP9RE3Raymond L. Newby Jr.0051341792000K-CupsVery good price for these Green Mountain K-Cups. They are very convienient and the flavor is great. SHipment was quick and easy.

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