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335581335581B000KFY0P6AXZMHY4S4T735Gina Marie1141250640000Energizer and reviverI bought this tea at the local King Soopers as I was looking for a supplement for caffeine. This tea tastes good and helps give me energy. Not as much as caffeine but is still enough for a pick me up and helps refresh my mind when I come home from work/classes.
335582335582B000KFY0P6A39DCI4CGV1XS4Jamie L. Dahlke0051326240000fantastic teaTea is good delicious. You would never know it was green tea it is so mild. Great price and quick shipping
335583335583B000KFY0P6ANAL5CFO5OOPAS. Knaub0051321142400One of my favorite teasThis tea is one of my favorites. It is a big hit with those in the office that I have shared it with. Great aroma and taste!
335584335584B000KFY0P6A2D72VZ2YNPSFGZombunny "PDXMODCHICK"1251210032000Berry good Goji and Green TeaI love this product so much I signed up for Amazon to ship a case to me every two months. I love all of Yogi Tea's so far and have ordered several other types to try.
335585335585B0002AQ4E4ARKNRQ6TM3D2FAngela H.0041320969600Very Happy DogAnd as the owner of a much-loved dog, isn't that what's most important? So far I've purchased the peanut butter flavor most often because that's my Doberman's favorite, but she's also had the beef flavor and the bacon and cheese (which she hated). So far, no staining on her bedding at all. When she brings one to me that's all slobbery, wanting to play fetch with it, none of the food dye is left behind on me or my clothes either - and she's gone through well over a dozen of this brand of rawhide.

One of the things I look for when I buy rawhides for her is if they are completely coated in flavor all the way through, or if they just cover what is visible through the packaging. The reason I do this is because my Dobie is a greedy monster and she will just lick off the goodies and cast aside the rest. So far, with these bones, they have been completely covered and she makes them swiftly disappear.

The only reason I gave them 4 instead of 5 stars is because the bones that were shipped to my house have always been slightly smaller than advertised. For instance, almost every single 7-8 inch bone I ordered topped out at just a bit over 6 inches. I know it's a small thing, especially if the dog is happy, but she goes through 2-3 of these a week, so it can add up a bit. I just wanted to explain why not 5 stars. If they start showing up the way they are supposed to be, I'll happily change my rating.
335586335586B0002AQ4E4A1YE2MN9PHQ2TZmicheledollman0051304640000Dog loved it!Dog loved this bone. I think there should be a star section for price and value comparison. I probably would have taken a star off for price, but I believe more in reviewing the product for the product, not the price.
335588335588B0043GZSV8A31B8DQQWCKJD2JC Sanker1121347667200Reviewu misavertised this product! i thought i was 36 5.35 bags but its the little bags! put a pic of the little bags so u wont mislead people!
335589335589B0043GZSV8A1FU8SO0FOUJU5S. Wilson0051348272000Favorite flavor!These are the only sunflower seeds I'll eat (aside from plain). All of the other flavors pale in comparison, please never stop carrying these, I'm addicted and I love them. The tiny bags are the best I can open one up and eat it in one sitting without having to worry about them going stale (like a bigger bag would). Great product.
335590335590B0058MK9R4ANVTZAFAFKZFEmekaneck0011340150400Beware Wrong Item!so i dont know if it was just a fluke or what but these broomheads managed to send me the greasy not very fun Walkers POTATO chips that were prawn cocktail flavored INSTEAD of these amazing delicious skips..I contacted them about the worng item and never ehard back..didnt bother with a return becuase its over seas and just seems like a headache...still craving Skips like a madman over here!!
335591335591B001652LXCA2WST5J71WIX5XMimi7751269907200coffeeThe pre-measured bags make it so easy to make a perfect cup every time. If you like it on the strong side it makes 3/4 of a pot, if you like it regular then it makes about a pot. Once you find your desired strength then its easy, you just add the same amount of water every time.
335592335592B000PWWRKEA2XHCVPF1YSB7Dianna1231316908800Candy was fine but not all that sourThe candy was fresh and well packaged but not all that sour. It was certainly more sour than regular airheads but not sour enough for those who want an extreme sour experience.
335593335593B000PWWRKEA1FUWWSW6A5YBBRebecca Lugo0111336089600extremely nastyMy friend bought these, we both agreed they smell like old lipstick but it could have been a bad/old pack? Either way I haven't tried another since. I wouldn't say they're very sour either, I bought the 'Sour power' brand which is leaps and bounds more sour and actually comes in distinctive flavors.
335594335594B008JATLM6ASYQPHV9KN6U8dcb0051351123200Best flavor they makeOf all the Sobe energy drinks, the fruit punch is the best flavor. I don't know why Pepsi decided not to make this flavor anymore. I've been stock piling but have run out of resources. Hopefully they will change their minds and make this flavor again.
335595335595B001EO5Y3EACCL59RMFEKCRCheryl Kelly "catlady"1151237334400Solo Pineapple Pie FillingThis filling makes the best upside-down cake when used with a yellow cake mix and dropping spoonfuls of the filling over the batter just before it goes in the oven. Served with Coolwhip. Great
335596335596B001EO5Y3EAVWNZJZJGE6ILtoad0051350518400HappinessWe purchased this item some time ago. I was thrilled to be able to purchase this online as we have a family receipe that calls for "Pineapple Pie Filling." Many years ago, "Thank You Pie Filling" offered the pineapple variety, but then it was no longer available.

My family was so happy that we could again make one of our family favorites!

Thank you.
335597335597B000N43JHYA3STDXK0XHKD60G. Newsom "Wigi"5521199145600If you like weak tea, this is for youThis tea isn't bad, it just made (to me) a weak cup. I used the recommended "T Pod" holder and it didn't make a lot of difference either.

You can save yourself some money and use a tea bag instead. I tried it and wish I had thought of it in the first place! I got the same result but at least I didn't pay extra for it.
335598335598B000N43JHYA1UG4J8DEG9NVWResearchingMom4411222387200very disappointedEarl Grey is one of my favorite teas, but I am totally disappointed with this one. It tastes of fake lime to me, like they added some lime jello or something. FYI the tea pods ( 2.25") are smaller than the coffee pods (2.75"), hence the different T-pod holder, which also has a chamber on the underside, perhaps to channel the tea so it has less contact with surfaces that the coffee may have flavored?
Anyway, the only way I could get the t-pod holder for the base model was the senseo website. No local stores had the tea either so I also spent a lot for the case and now I'm saddled with 119 pods I don't want. Too bad I didn't get them from Amazon, who might take them back...
I discovered that I can perfectly well make tea in my Senseo by carefully tucking any tea bag in the pod holder, smoothing it and folding back any edges that extend where they might break the seal. It has worked for me in both the single coffee and tea holders.
335599335599B000N43JHYA3986GWE3RIGTGWilliam D. Thurmond3341194652800Good teaQuick, easy and good. Makes a better-than-average cup of tea. Provides a nice break from coffee on occasion.
335600335600B000N43JHYA6WQWNGLGJY9HJDV "Can you play with the big dogs?"2251179273600Wonderful tea!We were in Europe traveling and visiting family in April 2007. As of March this year they had just come out with the new tea pods from Pickwick (my favorite tea). I purchased a tea pod adapter for the Senseo coffee maker, and also bought one of each flavor of tea pods that are currently available.

Of course I didn't even own a Senseo yet, but ordered it from Amazon as soon as we got home, two days later I was enjoy a nice hot cup of tea, just like I had in Holland!

Pickwick tea has a nice taste to it, and their Earl Grey is wonderful!
335601335601B000N43JHYAQMDSQNGGLM30J. Martin2341229385600Earl Grey For SenseoI got these cause I like making tea in my senseo by putting two bags at a 45 degree angle to each other. It always turns out great. One day I got an email from Amazon about these pickwick tea bags. They only had two varieties, Earl Grey and Peppermint. I tried the Earl grey because I wasn't sure I wanted 120 bags of peppermint tea. When I got them, I tried them right away. The quality was excellent, however, there is a slight mint flavor in the tea, which is not really common to an Earl Grey. All in all, I like the product, but probably will stick to my $0.99 cent 100 tea bags from Walmart. But you might enjoy better. I did NOT purchase the teapod holder for my senseo, I just carefully placed the pods in my small holder instead (FYI).
335602335602B000N43JHYA2OMZWR5GUI31Dmatthew0031350950400Not bad teaI bought this tea as I had one of the Senseo machines. I was a little disappointed that you need an extra tray for the machine in order to use them. I think this is a poor design for the machine and is just more clutter in my house. As for the tea itself, I never really used it in the Senseo machine because it really doesn't work right without the second tray. I have used it as just a seep in a regular cup of hot water and it is fine. Some other reviews said this is weak tea and I can see that if it is run through the machine.
335603335603B000N43JHYA1BCUCB2KUVFQ7Glamb0051324166400Senseo teaSenseo Pickwick Pods, Earl Grey, 20-Count Bag (Pack of 6)the company (Douwe Egberts) makes no longer these teabags. I just love them, and was lucky enough to find them on the Amazon site. Not sure why they stopped the production, since the machines are still produced with a tea user. I was very impresses with the company that I purchased it from since there was an issue in the price of shipping, and they responded right away and took care of it. Also Senseo or Pickwick was always a Dutch product that you could also purchase all over Europe and the States. Very limited in the States, but in europe you can get many pads for the machine, or make your own. But no tea. Funny thing was that even 3 years ago I went to Holland to purchase the tea and they did not know what I was talking about, I assume it was geared towards the European/US market. Again love a product that is no longer on the market, Same with the Starbucks for tassimo, gone gone gone.
335604335604B000N43JHYA3JJOUVMIIXLFQL Willis0041321747200This has to be used with the Senseo Tea pod holderIf you don't have the green colored teapod holder for your Senseo, this pod will produce very weak tea.
The tea is very strong and tastes great if used with the proper pod holder. Even though this is great tea I can't give it 5 stars because is has to be brewed with a special pod and that is not listed anywhere in the advertisement for the pods.
335605335605B000N43JHYAMR9VLREQ3Y1ZJolee R. Chartrand "lovethosek9s"0041320278400Nice flavorI drink Earl Grey almost exclusively and just got a single cup brewer. This is very good tea, not bitter and has a complex flavor. I think I'll get more soon.
335606335606B000N43JHYAVDF96SQ0A37MJay Owen0041235692800Easy & TastyFirst of all, I am not a big tea drinker so I may not be the best judge of taste for a product like this. But I do enjoy a cup of hot tea from time and time and this really hits the spot. It's very easy to use with the Senseo coffee maker (IF you have the tea insert for it) and I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to expand the use of their Senseo machine.
335607335607B000N43JHYA1342T7FEBV3Q0Thomas Wood0051231632000Good Earl Gray teaI have a black & Decker pod machine. This works great in it. Good tea..
335608335608B004B4368OA13901BIB2TB5Zammara181151296950400Amazing Jaipur Chai!I tried this chai the first time through a friend and simply loved it! It's super simple to make and the taste is delicous every time. It's perfect for on the go! I just take a packet of it with me to school every day and just add hot water and you magically have great tasting chai in a intstant. Definately recommend it and try the vanilla flavor as well:)
335609335609B004B4368OA1HU9RHDDYBLMIiYogee0051348531200Restock in Mega/Economy pack soon - pleaseI am a big fan of the Jaipur Chai tea premix, and we have a Chai-drinker group in our office. Jaipur Chai premix is the most convenient way to enjoy flavor of the REAL Indian Chai in office. We do not have to drink corn-syrup loaded coffee from office bistro any more. This is simply the best Cardamom (Elaichi) Chai, and I am sold. My favorite remains Cardamom and Masala. I am eager to try Ginger, which shall arrive today. I wish they also sale these in larger (Economy packs). The smaller 15 pack is perfect for gifting, but may incur too much cost in shipping. And why is this not a S&S item on Amazon?
335610335610B004B4368OA2MU2ZPLKSDTS3K. Glover "katyg"0051344470400Absolutely THE BEST!My daughters (ages 7 and 9) and I consider ourselves true purveyors of great chai. We drink it together every morning, and we've tried loose, bagged, concentrate, powder, you name it. We've tried pretty much every company's product, and stumbled on this quite by accident. Jaipur has ruined it for us. There is simply no other chai that matches up. The sweetness and perfect blend of flavor is absolute perfection. I'm in love.

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