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335654335654B000V1WXFIA3QJQQZTKFV7BJSandy "WR Gma"2251240099200Incredible price for a great productI love kalamata olives and just didn't buy them often because of the price at the grocery store deli. What a joy to find great olives at a great price. These taste great and let me use these healthy olives in my cooking. These are the real thing, not the canned black olives in cans which are actually green olives cured in lye (I like them, too, they're just a totally different product, not the healthy kalamata olives). I have these on subscribe & save which made them even a better value.
335655335655B001E5E2F4A1R8M6VCGV79JTGigi8851247011200The Very Best GF Crackers!!!These are by far the very best GF crackers we have ever had! We bought them at a GF specialty shop for the first time and we tried themn as soon as we got home because they looked so yummy on the package. We almost finished the package in one sitting! We ate them with slices of cheddar cheese and we were in heaven! They are very well packaged, so all of the crackers were in great shape. I'm so happy to see that we can now buy them in bulk from Amazon :-) Try them, you will love them!!
335656335656B001E5E2F4A2KQT4D0OZR569L. Staley3351261008000These are great gluten free crackersMy husband was diagnosed as gluten sensitive a year and a half ago. These crackers are the best crackers we have found. They taste good. Their "mouth feel" is good. They are good to eat plain and you can cook with them. They are a bit more crumbly than regular crackers, a common thing with gluten-free foods, but not as bad as many other crackers we tried. Mainly, though, they taste GOOD!

Schar is one of the gluten-free brands I trust the most and I am willing to try new products from them because their food is good quality and they follow standards for gluten-free products. In other words, my husband doesn't feel sick after eating their foods (including these crackers).
335657335657B001E5E2F4A2M2M4R1KG5WOLL. Heminway1151277683200great for gluten freeI was relieved when I found these crackers as they are like "real" things that are not G.F. If you are on that path, you know what I mean by that. : )
My only criticism is that they crumble apart and several in the pack were broken. If I could change anything about them, I would ask them to make them small so they don't break apart in transit and also to pack them a bit better to prevent breakage. Aside from that, they are totally worth your money.
Good enough to serve guests who are not G.F. and they won't care as they are just good.
I'm trying really hard to find things that are good enough for all to eat so I don't have to buy and keep on hand two separate versions of all the items I need to have on hand. These work.
335658335658B001E5E2F4AZU0SGJMURMY6Gluten-free Couple1151276560000Gluten-free???These crackers are excellent! I would use them even if I did not have to eat gluten-free!
335659335659B001E5E2F4A6BREEPR8D9FDM. Shields1151272412800Really good.These are the best GF crackers we've tried so far. My husband is the Celiac, but he has to remind me to save some for him.
335660335660B001E5E2F4A3CP50M6TO97DWC. Hall1141263427200Good, if delicate, crackerThese are the best gluten-free crackers I've tried. They are a bit delicate and won't hold up to spreads, but for dipping and layering they are great!
335661335661B001E5E2F4ACO8ZMVTYS9N6Monica M. Dewart1141262995200These are yummy!Well I think the highest compliment I could give these crackers would be the words of my grandson. "These are yummy!" Yes, they are! While we are still adjusting to our new gluten-free lifestyle, these have certainly made the transition much easier! Thank you Schar!
335641335641B000BO7HROA3NH49XQWGP06ZAlan from Wichita3321274227200My ants must not like peanut butter.These baits are peanut butter-based, as it says on the can. The ants I have seem to be drawn to sugary things, but they leave these baits alone. I'm going to try another type; I know some ants are drawn to some traps so I think it's mostly a matter of trying different kinds until I find one that these particular ants like to eat.
335662335662B001E5E2F4A2JVJIX3HI6MYGAEH0051347062400Great productWe use this G/F cracker for Communion at our church since we have so many gluten intolerant attendees. With large enough orders to avoid shipping costs, the price is not too bad.
335642335642B000BO7HROA17D37ACUY2JFCMr. T3411267747200Ants don't seem to like itThe ants I got in my apartment don't seem to be interested in the bait, I've not seen a single one entering the trap and I watched them for a while & multiple times.
335663335663B001E5E2F4AWCDDYGC3DKD1Captious Consumer "CC"0041274054400Light, crispy and delicious, but very delicate!Well, my title says it all. Schar is my absolute favorite for all things gf, and these crackers are fantastic like everything else of theirs. They have a light and crispy texture and have a mild toasted flavor much like a saltine (but not salty). The only drawback is how brittle they are. I've bought them from Amazon and other gf warehouses and they arrive in many pieces every time - you will seldom get a whole cracker in a package. And if you can get a large enough piece, it likely won't stay in one piece while you are handling it, and forget about trying to spread anything on it. Doesn't stop me from buying them though as they are a lot like the gluten-filled varieties of crackers in terms of taste and texture. I will make little hard-cheese "sandwiches" out of the pieces, and they are excellent to eat if you don't feel well. Probably not a good item to use for entertaining though.
335643335643B000BO7HROA3GTK0ZEP5G0NZB. Jones3411254182400Does not attract ants into it.The ants (very small ones) seem uninterested in the bate and run right by it, completely uninterested. Get boric acid/sugar baits instead. Note: A large container of boric acid was only $4 at OSH (hardware store). Search online for how to make boric acid ant bait.
335664335664B001E5E2F4A2J7L4RVV369K0Glass Fuser "Joanna"0031264809600crackers great shipping awfulThe crackers taste great. They arrived in terrible condition. The big box held a smaller cardboard box containing bread and the crackers were just shrink wrapped and placed in the box with a few air packs. The filler offered no protection to the crackers. I think the movement caused them to be reduced to the broken state they arrived in.If they were in a box as the bread was maybe they would arrive whole. I would order again, but alone and hope for better packing.
335644335644B000BO7HROA1A1W3GP06WND9cemtailz0051309651200I'm the oddball here?These baits actually worked GREAT for several years in a row on ants entering my kitchen near the front door - ants which would end up crawling all over the dish of dry cat food I had sitting on the floor in my kitchen (located near the front door). But then I ran out, couldn't find these baits in ANY store near me, and ended up buying other brands of ant baits - none of which have yet to work or even put a dent in my ant problem like this one did, and quickly.

I can't really say if these Ant B Gone baits would work this year on my ant problem (same area - dry cat food dish on the floor in the kitchen), but my assumption is yes, unless the ants I have this year are different, so no ant baits will work this year?...don't know. But since I have cats, I would worry working with liquids and powders.
335665335665B001E5E2F4A4GW1XCSFUA3DNicholas Davis0041259971200Good taste, but brittleI ordered the 6pk of these crackers. I've had them in the past and wanted some crackers to go with the Chicken soup I was planning to make.

I like the neutral taste of the crackers. They aren't salty. They are very brittle though. Every package will have some broken or completely crushed crackers in it. If you are using them in a recipe that is perfect. However if you want to put something on the crackers, they will usually break into pieces when you dip them or put spreads on them unless you are very careful.
335666335666B001E5E2F4A2ZEO1O8W903IILauren E. Cavanaugh0041254528000The Best GF Crackers Available!I gave these crackers only 4 stars because of their packaging (or lack thereof). Although they taste delicious -- a cross between a saltine and a ritz for all the gluten-eaters -- only a few of them remain whole, or even semi-whole. The majority of the crackers are crumbled into bits. Schar tried to prevent this by wrapping the craker packages in corrugated cardboard, but it really doesn't do the job. My kids still enjoy the tiny pieces but a good deal of it is just too small to eat, so I save it for breading or fillers (like in meatloaf). Buying them on amazon is much cheaper than the other health food stores in my area, who charge between $6 and $9 dollars per package! I buy these every few months from amazon and will continue to do so as they are also milk and egg-free, which I need. I just wish they arrived in better condition, then I would give them 5 stars.
335667335667B005ASZ7E6AMC708Y8VAWSOspagetti2341332374400there goodi tryed them and thought they kinda tasted nasty then i had another one and now there kinda addicting they put u in a good mood
335668335668B005ASZ7E6A18C8HQIN6NMP1Benoni0041351036800Very good!good taste, possibly elevates mood- this one is non-carbonated , better than the other Neuro carbonated drinks that upset my stomach.
335669335669B005ASZ7E6A207KD17K9PH3Underwater Attack Cat0031346284800They are okay.It has a light citrus flavor with sort of a hint of vanilla to it. The bottle itself looks like a shampoo bottle. It's non-carbonated. I liked it well enough. Do I now feel more alert and ready to tackle my day into submission? Not really...actually, I am still extremely tired and crabby from being forced to wake up two freaking hours early to avoid the insane traffic brought on by the city's hosting of the RNC. Then, hey I'm actually awake and typing this review here for you instead of slumped in a fatigue induced coma drooling on my pile of work maybe it IS working.
335670335670B005ASZ7E6A3IKAENDOBXK8ISam Bravern2441319673600Good But PriceyI think this is new on the market and got a free sample. It tastes delicious like Pina Colada but not too sweet/heavy, low-cal and uses sucralose (aka Splenda) which is closer to natural sugar and supposedly better for you then aspartame (NutraSweet), (would be even better with stevia). But at $2.50 a pop, that's $75 to get your Vitamin D each month. Still if you are into fufu nutritional drinks and you got the money to spend, this is one of the better ones I've run across. If I could get it for under $2 a pop, I could get hooked on it. These guys are obviously competing with the likes of Vitamin Water which comes in 20 oz bottles instead of 14.5 and can be had for cheaper. Interesting bottle shape though. They'll have to probably drop the price or say bye bye, at least in this economy.
335645335645B000BO7HROA2UMRRD9YJI38TJoe0011296950400Does not work at allWe tried these baits over the past two weeks and seem to have far more ants now than we did before. These baits are absolutely worthless. We live in the Pacific Northwest, so maybe the ants are different?
335646335646B000BO7HROAW4T7ZDZLK5KFG. Erickson "The G"0011295568000Doesn't workI've tried this one year. Bought the 3 traps and placed a fresh one out every few months. The ant problem never went away.
335647335647B000BO7HROA262OFS18KH8YOLA Mommy "LA mommy"0311254528000MADE OUT OF PEANUT BUTTER!My daughter is allergic to nuts. Just in case the little critters track peanutbutter into the house I couldn't use it. Anaphylaxis to nuts is no laughing matter. Waste of money. Gave it to my gardener just to get it out of the house.
335648335648B006E0NDFOA23UKD01CWPIPSJ. JordanAtagun0051349308800Wonderful teaThis is a wonderful tea, I will definitely purchase it again.

It has a good hint of Vanilla but not to sweet or overwhelming. I use this tea with my Cherry Blossom Tea Forte mug and a bit of honey and it just feels like a treat .
335649335649B006E0NDFOA1PFWIMGFYO20OG. Karas0051344297600Finally!I've been looking for tea like this for a very long time! Many years ago, a friend from the UK brought me vanilla tea, and I was hooked. Since then, I've tried to find another tea with such a strong vanilla flavor. I've failed. Until now, that is.

This is a terrific black tea, enhanced by a beautifully smooth vanilla taste! From the time you open the bag, you'll be amazed by the wonderfully strong smell of real vanilla. And then, when you take the first sip, you'll be as hooked as I was, all those years ago!
335650335650B006E0NDFOA3JL3YQYI7OR5OJason Chamberlain0051344211200Excellent TeaWe really enjoy the Marriage Freres vanilla, but it is extremely expensive. We are very glad to have found this tea because, while not cheap, it is a significantly cheaper alternative. I think that the coconut is what really sets this vanilla tea above others. It has a great, creamy flavor. I highly recommend this tea.
335651335651B006E0NDFOA1BO1BL86H0MRNLorna0051330646400My all-time favorite tea!Oh wow this tea is amazing. To me it tastes like vanilla frosting! I drink it for dessert to save calories.
335652335652B006E0NDFOAKX8XNO9WSHDGtoohonest0051329782400Tastes like dessertThis tea is delicious hot or cold. It smells like dessert and is satisfying. Order it then show it off to your friends.
335653335653B006E0NDFOA1CW80SA17AD34Greezey0051327449600perfect cup of teaTea Forte's Orchid Vanilla tea is the best tea I've ever had. A black tea with strong vanilla and coconut flavors, good any time. Highly recommend anything by Tea Forte

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