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335671335671B005ASZ7E6A18SUFFOGG8YK7Senor Mysterioso1331323129600Bottled SunshineBottled sunshine is a beautiful idea. It strides the border between science fiction and Saturday morning cartoons. To think you could go to your grocery store and buy this or order cases of it online brings a smile to my face. But is Neurosun as a beverage the equal of Neurosun as a concept? The taste, which is that of a pina colada flavored Dum Dum pop is cloying. The effects, when compared to Neurogasm or Neurosleep are marginal at best. You feel good after drinking Neurosun and it has some things that your body needs, but it's one of the less useful Neuro drinks available. Bottled sunshine is a beautiful idea, but Neurosun is not really what you expect when you look for bottled sunshine.
335672335672B00032IMHSA2SSUS2SWMJEEUD Box v11151307923200The Good StuffThis is some good hot sauce. Put it on just about anything! Mexican food, chili, eggs, sandwiches, pizza, chicken, burgers, fries, bbq, soups. It adds a little kick to just about anything and has a good amount of heat without sacrificing flavor. I would prefer this over Tabasco any day.
335673335673B00032IMHSA3F3D3GR7XTP5Smewtu0051348963200mexican style babyyyI put this flavorfull goodness on 86.42% of the food I eat at home and when I go out I find myself cra cra cra cravinggggg this stop to put on a big mac per say of the likes of chiles nachoooos. This is thee bomb. Like the one you need to try if you want to try the best most flavorfull sauce know to man. Mexicans really out did them selves here let me tell you. Straight beasting my g!
335674335674B00032IMHSA2GHAHOUVH8GYPLarry Ayonn0051317081600This stuff is great!This is a good overall hot sauce. Makes an awesome addition to Top Ramen, eggs, pretty much anything! I always have this stuff around.
335675335675B00032IMHSA3EZ2WD0HSMQMHSamual Johnson0051316563200California styleWith over 30 years of eating hot sauces, this is by far the best tasting on the market. It adds flavor to any item and the heat that those who like hot sauce crave. It doesn't have that vinegar taste like most other brands. Great tasting and warm.
335676335676B00032IMHSA1S5CS5WLRMKV5Zeke1211318464000Good sauce, bad price.Tapatio is one of my favorite go-to hot sauces, but this price is um... not good. Almost 4x what I normally pay. Wow.
335677335677B000VTFIWKAL1XV4L25FZ2SGameMaker4421300924800Good nutrition, but my cats will not eat itI brought home two bengal kittens (12 weeks old) and after a bunch of research, decided on this dry food by Wellness. It offers high quality meat, excellent ingredients overall, low carbs, etc. The problem is that neither of my kittens will touch the stuff. This seems to be a common problem too, because in the latest "Bengals Illustrated", they gave Wellness a very low rating in terms of desirability to cats (i.e., how much they like it). Too bad. Also, one must consider the recent recall of Wellness food (their canned food actually, but same company). Can we trust them?
335678335678B000VTFIWKA18SVVQE5P7JJ9Caring Friend "CF"4451229040000Shop localOur kitten loves it!

We ordered this because we couldn't find any locally. Now our feed store carries it at half what it cost us to buy it here.
335679335679B000VTFIWKA28S6CWIEP76BQLaura1151313971200Great kitten food!This dry food is great! My kitten (5 mos. old) has been eating it since I brought her home when she was just 8 weeks old. I bought it because it is a good quality food that I feel safe feeding to my little one. She eats this along with Wellness wet food. Her coat is beautiful and she's had no health problems. She is not overweight so I think this is a good food to control weight if your cat is self-fed. It is of course pricier than other brands but I am willing to pay that to know that my kitten is eating healthy, high-quality food.
335680335680B000VTFIWKAL1XV4L25FZ2SGameMaker1151292976000Good ingredients, reasonable price, kittens tolerate itI did a bunch of research on cat foods, and realized that although wet food was recommended (no grain, more moisture), I was not available to provide my kittens the frequent feedings they would need throughout the day, so I decided that leaving out wellness kitten health dry food and supplementing that with wellness canned food for breakfast and dinner was a good compromise.

Why Wellness in particular? It has more quality muscle meat and less grain than most dry cat foods, it is one of several dry foods that are recommended by cat dieticians (do your own research on the web, you'll see), it's not insanely expensive, and it is widely available, both online and in local pet shops.

This approach has worked well so far. The kittens were used to an exclusive diet of Royal Canin dry food (which is awful stuff) when I took them home, so it took a few weeks of mixing the wellness dry food with Roayal Canin dry food to get them to accept it. Wellness has *much* better ingredients than Royal Canin though, so it was worth the effort. They actually got to the point where now they were sifting through the mixture of both foods to pull out just the Wellness bits, so I knew it was time to stop mixing.

Now I've got them on an all-wellness diet things are going very well. Their poo's are firm (which is not the case for many bengal kittens), they enjoy the food, and I have the satisfaction of knowing that I am giving them something of really good quality.
335681335681B000VTFIWKA1VMVB7B85O43GG. Bixler "GBixler"1151278547200Very FreshI have both my Kitten and Adult cat on Wellness formulas. I've noticed that the product is always fresh, because it has a nice smell and a crispier crunch than any of the other brands we'ved tried in the past. They also prefer the the taste over past brands. My older cat also tends to have digestive issues, but her movements have been normal and less stinky with Wellness.
335682335682B000VTFIWKA1EYHQGW5BNJ0JMaura "pplchllout"0021319932800Too "holistic" for my kittyGives my 6-month-old cat diarrhea. I even slowly introduced her to it, mixing with other foods, then only giving her Wellness kibble by itself. I think it's "too healthy" for her with all the fiber(she was a stray when I took her in). At least now I can feel better about giving her the less-expensive brand of cat food!(Going back to Iam's, which seemed fine for her at the start.)
335683335683B000VTFIWKA1K3BHLLM5WDVVcddc0051318550400Love itMy kitten hasnt been a big fan of dry food until i got him Wellness. I cant pry him from his dish while he is eating. With other brands it would take him a couple hours to finish a dish, now he eats all in one sitting. Plus the ingredients are great.
335684335684B000VTFIWKA2B7DJHB056RA6JerseyGirl Gardener "0051304208000
335685335685B000VTFIWKAAKOCT2HJRWW0Ari0051299110400Best Kitten Hard FoodMy kittens have been eating this for over 4 months, and its their favorite hard food. I typically only buy healthy cat foods like wellness, and I've found this price to be reasonable.
335686335686B000VTFIWKA2VPO1J00CRNOWKelvin Fong "Absolute Zero"0051295395200Great premium dry foodI've been using Wellness Kitten Health dry food for about 3 months now and my little kitten loves it. I use a Petmate Le Bistro with scheduled feedings and he always finishes his meal. He seems to be growing nicely, is not overweight or underweight, and was healthy at his last vet checkup. This food is a bit pricier than other brands but the premium ingredients and guaranteed nutritional content make it worth it in my opinion. Also a plus is that it doesn't have a strong odor. Highly recommended.

My kitten loves it
Premium ingredients, nutritional balance
Minimal odor

Slightly expensive

Bottom line: A premium dry food designed for kittens that my kitten loves. What more could I ask for?
335687335687B000VTFIWKA2Y89B7SE35TGNSUSAN M WYLIE0051292803200Sadie loves thisMy 3 1/2 month old kitten Sadie just loves this food. She has lots of energy and none of the bloat that other foods gave my other cats. I would recommend this food for anyone with kittens.
335688335688B000VTFIWKANKM1RMQ4RKQ6Spaceman0051291420800Wellness Kitten Health Dry Kitten FoodMy 6 month old male Tuxedo cat likes Wellness Kitten Health Dry Kitten Food which is a round pellet shaped kibble. It contains no meat by-products, corn, corn gluten, wheat soy, artificial preservatives colors or flavors. Based on the stated ingredients and nutritional information, I award Wellness Kitten Health Dry Kitten Food "5 Stars," and would think that this kibble should be applicable to cats of all ages, even though the bag seems to designate it only as kitten food. The plastic bag is one of the nicest kibble, dry cat food bags on the market, featuring a resealable strip, which is a nice feature that some other kibble cat food bags, that are seemingly more paper based, do not have.
335689335689B000VTFIWKAUT5VPQLH5CWBMi-Fi "Mi-Fi"3521315008000Very Dissappointed wtih recent Wellness company newsToday, I discovered that the Wellness company (Wellpet) was recently acquired by Berwind [...], an investment management company with a portfolio primarily consisting of coal mining and chemical corporations. My personal beliefs are very much centered around conservation, the environment, and supporting clean and sustainable energy industries so to find this news out is quite a blow. I actively try my best to avoid supporting the dirty industries of this world, therefore I'll no longer be buying Wellness products as difficult as it may be:

For the last 6 years I have fed my cats Wellness dry & wet cat food with excellent results. Last year, my cat Isaac passed away. He was a special needs cat since a kitten and as an adult cat, many vets told me repeatedly that I should probably put him to sleep due to his condition (various over the years: arthritis, megacolon, leg paralysis, neurological issues, & urinary tract infections). Isaac wasn't supposed to live past 16 years old but thanks to a Wellness diet and lots of love, he lived to the old age of 22.
335690335690B000VTFIWKA1PU9GCX6AB40DLynnster71511278374400misses the markI switched our 10 week old kitten from Science Diet Kitten to Wellness Kitten because she had the runs from the 1st day we adopted her. The shelter first said she never had diarrhea, then admitted she got the runs when she was spayed 2 days before we picked her up. So we are dealing with the unknown. Two stool tests were negative so we feel this might be food-related. This kitten was also being fed wet food with the kibble (Purina Pro Plan Kitten) I did some online research and decided to stop the dry food as it contained grains which is very bad for the runs. And I also stopped the Wellness dry as it has grains. The diarrhea has lessened, but it's been 2 weeks now & I'm still stumped. I did add some dry baby rice cereal into her canned food, and also include a capsule of probiotics (spread out over 4 daily meals). She had a more formed stool today, so maybe she's turning the corner.

I also question Wellness putting vegetables/fruits in this kitten food! These are NOT foods cats would eat in the wild. Is this just another company trying to make a buck off us by putting in things we know are good for human health? That would be the ultimate con job. I truly don't think cats need to eat fruits & veggies, so Wellness is fast going to the bottom of my feeding list of good foods for cats.

In fact, almost all cat food companies put out junk food for our beloved forever friends!
I will continue to try to find something more appropriate for this kitten, and another kitten, adopted a week later, from a different litter (and w/no digestive issues - she was/still is being fed Petsmart brand Authority wet & dry - the dry contains grains/corn, but I won't switch her as her digestion works great on it)

Wellness came highly recommended to me, but my search for a grain-free/veggie/fruit-free/wheat-free kitten dry kibble Wellness Kitten kibble is off my list. I will try their canned Kitten formula but not easy to find thus far.
335691335691B004UB6YLOAXFGVXBHPFINQDarrell Dizoglio0051351036800Best taste, value and nutrition in a natural vegetable broth. 5 stars!I'm a 20+ year user of Gayelord Hauser, All Natural Vegetable Broth with good reason.

This stuff contains tons of Potassium which will rejuvenate you and keep you healthy.

God bless the manufactures of this great vegetable broth.

Makes the best soups out there and this is better than hot cocoa in the winter any day.
335692335692B004UB6YLOA3SHUWF3I7JEEEIsabellakaye "Madel's Kitchen"0051322524800Vegetable Broth for everyday mealsWas delighted to find this product again after a long search. Would not be without it in my kitchen. Use it for all salt formula allows for adjusting seasoning to own taste. Thanks to Amazon, I will never be without it.
335693335693B000BIXP8UA2P7B00G8SB2O4ConcernedMommy3311261526400BEWARE OF BPA IN INFANT FORMULA CANSI fed this to my premature babies since this is what the hospital gave to them when they were born. I continued to use the ready to use cans thinking that it was the best for them, since the powder formula "is not sterile." My babies have had problems with gas, indigestion, reflux, spitting/vomitting all the time they were on this formula. I just thought it was what all babies go through and didn't want to switch to a different formula again. I recently switched over to the powder formula, and they seem so much better. It's like I turned off a switch....amazing. I can't say that I'm 100% sure it's the metal cans, but my instinct tells me that the BPA they used to line the cans made them sick.

There's a growing concern over the BPA used in infant formula cans (and other canned foods). BPA is used to line the cans in order to "preserve" the formula...and giving it a longer shelf life. BPA is commonly found in plastic containers/bottles, and there's a movement to remove BPA from baby bottles because of its adverse effects on infants. If babies ingest BPA, it can cause developmental problems in the brain and reproductive system. The latest studies show that the level of BPA in metal formula cans is so much higher than what is found in baby bottles. There's more information online (check out the Environmental Working Group) about this issue, and as a concerned mother, I felt that I needed to let other mothers out there know about this. I know that there are millions of mothers who know little or nothing about this issue.

I get sick thinking about this. At the very least, we have a responsibility to be informed when it concerns our babies.
335694335694B000BIXP8UA26CDZD6GQIYIDRed Sox Fan1151207612800great price and delivered to front doorI have triplets and the local grocery stores can't restock their shelves quick enough to keep up with my formula demand so I checked out delivery options. Amazon has everyone beat by far. $39 per case is better than buying it direct from Enfamil. Enfamil charges $48/case delivered. The cans so far have arrived dent free and I have bought 4 cases. It works out to $6.43/can compared to $6.19 per can at the lowest priced stores in my area. Every once in a while Target sells this product for $5.50 a can but they sell out right away and don't restock for over a week. I will continue to buy from Amazon unless they raise the price from $39 case. I recommend it.
335695335695B000BIXP8UAH7WENO5PPJWCNicole R. DiNapoli0051195689600Can Find It CheaperI have no problems with this item at all except I know of about 15 different places I could have bought this for a lot cheaper. I only purchased it here because I had two $25 coupons I had to use by a certain date.
335696335696B000BIXP8UA21JH0F4498PSPsarahQ0041179100800baby formulai agree that the smell isnt the greatest. we started my baby on the RTF liquid form and then tried giving him the powder too. he wont eat the powdered form so we will have to stick with the liquid. overall, the liquid is easier but i wish it came in a larger variety of sizes and that you didnt have to refrigerate it if you didnt use it all at once.
335697335697B000BIXP8UA57TCILCLSC11Debra H. Mack0151226793600Engamil with IronMy Granddaughter will only drink this. It doesn't smell good but she loves it.
335698335698B000BIXP8UA2V4JPU3T3VNLVJ. Adams0431163116800Smells TerribleI still like the Enfamil brand but this ready-to-use liquid has a terrible smell! I thought it may have been a bad can, but the others smelled the same. My child still liked it. I prefer the Enfamil with Lipil powder.
335699335699B007HRQ7WEA3BAWRQME6J1CBmdv505240211336867200way over priced!!!This is a great product I always buy them from trader Joe's when I stop in. At the store they only cost about a 1.85! at the price this retailer is asking I have to say stay away, unless you like throwing away money. I rate it as a 1 just because of the over pricing. buy it some place else!
335700335700B000KAHPYEA2KBFB6A2D7PNOTotally Honest Reviewer "barb"7751216944000Recommended by Vet - Doggies love themMy 10-yr old Pom has had one greenie per day for several years, as recommended by vet for dental purposes. She loves them, and there's never been any problems. Great product!

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