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335707335707B000KAHPYEA2RZUAFCLKAOLQtheresa a velazquez0051342828800brandie,s suprisesbrandi loves these greenies i mean shes crazy about these greenies i try to buy than when i can i do surveys online and i get amazon certificates for doing the surveys not all the time but some of the time and thats how i spend them on my brandi not on my self!! brandi has me trained but i have to say that after brandi using these greenies a few months i can see the difference in the teeth and gums shes doesnt have too much of that horriable plaque and tartar like she had before and why because the greenies clean the tartar and plaque off of the teeth!this is a great product and if you care about your dogs health you will buy this product and why beacause it works~!!!!!
335708335708B000KAHPYEA3C0AIQCRCOUDJAdventurousAndy0041338768000Go away bad doggy breath!My dogs don't have terribly stinky breath and I have Greenies to thank for it. I've tried the knock-off products and to be honest they don't seem as well made, plus my dogs actually seem less excited about them.

I ended up buying the large Greenies (pkg of 8) for two reasons. One, the price-point seemed right and two, I have two dogs (60+ lb catahoula leopard dog and a 10 lb terrier mix) and its easy to break the large Greenie into two portions for them. One packages last us about 1 month (1-2 Greenies / week).

Our dogs really do love these things. If we present them with the option of a Greenie versus some other treat (say a bone) they invariably take the Greenie.
335709335709B000KAHPYEA2TCLU78YI52Q6Rocio Castro "rcast8696"0051331078400Great product at an awesome priceIt arrived fast and it was priced really good. This is the first time I've tried them but my friends dog has used them since she was a pup and her teeth are so white and healthy! Can't wait till my puppy gets older and I see how good they worked.
335710335710B000KAHPYEA1A202JJ3QWUPTD-Mo's Mom0051329091200What's in this stuff?Whatever it is, Mo just loves it. His favorite of all his treats. Just a perk that it helps keep his teeth clean.
335711335711B000KAHPYEA6NAF9GQHKOVOKlutinaQuilter0051310342400Greenies, how can you say no?Of course dogs love Greenies! I was happy to find I could get them right from Amazon since I live in a remote area.
335712335712B000KAHPYEA24M66YGRPBU0BThomas "Tom Ka"0051260835200Excellent!The GREENIES are loved by all my Maltese dogs. In Germany they cost over 50% more. So I order them here and my dogs like to say thank you for the great treats.
335713335713B000KAHPYEA1YBPCAWRPHPRHC. Workman "Ally's Mom"51011222128000Not as PicturedThis product, I love !! However, the product pictured on Amazon showed a package of 12 Large Greenies for $14.99 and what arrived was a package of 8. That price I can beat at several of my pet stores. I had ordered 3 packages based on the 12 Large/$14.99 and since they weren't as advertised, sent all 3 back.
335714335714B000KAHPYEA3A3RB38KY7WTME. Antic13211213660800deadly1.0 out of 5 stars Dangerous and Deadly, May 25, 2006

I have two beagles who love to chew, and greenies are highly compressed which woule make it a good optionfor my dogs. However because they are so highly compressed they are deadly. There is an overwhelming amount of research that proves they are not digestible, and do not break down. Numerous dogs have died from chocking and internal blockages. Luckily this was brought to my attention before I purchased any.

It really doesn't matter how much your dogs like them, statistically you dog would have an excellent chance of becoming seriously injured or worse.

If keeping your dog busy is the goal try a kong or a "busy ball". My dogs play with their kong and similar toys for hours or until they are too tired to play anymore. Additionally some busy balls let you record a message that is played when the ball is moved, even slightly, which also helps with separation anxiety.

If you want to treat your dog to something in the way of food, almost anything you can think of is safer than a greenie.

Also please note....there are many greenie knockoffs. If the treat is shaped and molded or looks like plastic, has fine details showing the company name or other designs, it is in fact a molded treat. Anything this highly compressed is absolutely deadly.

While even rawhide carries some of the same risks because it is so is a MUCH safer alternative to greenies.

I am actually surprised amazon even sells this product, and would go as far as suggesting to amazon users to petition them to stop selling it.
335715335715B001VNGMMKA1GLO3V838HIKFDonald Reid8851282348800Excellent product for you and your friendsThis is an excellent product and you might be tempted to use more than the recipe calls for.
However, you better do a LOT of cooking or have several friends to share it with.
16 ounces equals a LOT of bay leaves.
335716335716B001VNGMMKA2D1LPEUCTNT8XAli Julia4451321574400Great deal!This is a great deal - you get a large 16 oz bag of high quality Bay Leaf. A friend of mine decided to buy one bag and split it between us because the quantity was more than either one of us wanted for our regular cooking needs, so the deal got even better after that!

This is good fresh Bay Leaf with nice strong flavor. Given the quantity one might be tempted to use more Bay leaf than the recipe calls for, but the flavor gets stronger as you cook and too much of a good thing, in this case, is not a good thing.

Bay leaves release their flavor during slow cooking so I like adding bay leaves to casseroles, stews, soups, marinades, and pasta sauces. I also add it to the steamer when I steam vegetables, fish, seafood, or chicken. Bay leaves add nice flavor to the food with which they are cooked, but if you bite into them in the final dish they are not pleasant to taste. I always make sure to remove the leaves when the dish finished cooking. It is easier to do when you use whole bay leaf as they are easier to see when time comes to remove them.

I recommend this product!

Ali Julia review
335717335717B001VNGMMKA1019GAOMX6BGYDaniel Doonan4441313798400Good product and good valueThese are excellent quality bay leaves at a great price compared to small grocery store packages that cost about one-dollar per gram. A one-pound bag (454 grams) is actually huge for the average household cook, but you can eazily freeze them and also share with friends. I use them a lot when cooking soups, stews, chili beans, and spaghetti sauce.
335718335718B001VNGMMKA2PYU47Z2VVAV9Barbara "Barbara"2251339804800Might be a lifetime supplyI use between 2 and 3 bay leaves a week. I was getting tired of paying 20 cents or so for one leaf or opening a jar from the grocery to find broken and damaged leaves. I was tempted to plant my own bay tree. I bought this bag figuring even if I threw some of the leaves out I would still be ahead of the game. These leaves are big, undamaged and wonderful. I keep the leaves in the freezer and just take a few out at a time.
335719335719B001VNGMMKA3BZ51CB5PJ3VLJeffrey Smith1151342051200Good lord thats a lot of bay leafs.I don't think most people realize how much a pound of bay leafs is! If you are buying this for home use be ready to supply your block. Good quality unbroken. Would rate them A.
335720335720B001VNGMMKA1GH0J4XW43NKUGie "life long learner"5751269734400Will be in bay leaves for awhileHerbs and spices are so expensive at the market anymore, this was a wise investment in a popular herb in our household.
335721335721B001VNGMMKA1HZ0BC5LBRS4W49vrh57770051344902400Amazing savings!My family tries to eat organic. A small bottle of bay leaves with maybe 12 or 15 leaves costs close to $10. Imagine my surprise and delight when a huge box arrived from Frontier and inside was a gigantic 1 lb bag of bay leaves - thousands of leaves! We are sharing with friends and we love their freshness.
335722335722B002U5E3ECA6GMEO3VRY51Smicrojoe0051294272000Me and my RCA company called Chero-Cola Co. had a line of sodas called Royal Crown in 1905. They reformulated one of their products in 1934 and "Royal Crown Cola" was born. Consumers called it RC Cola for so long the company finally made it official. "ME and MY RC to taste mighty good to me" was a popular commerical in the 1970's. It is not available everywhere, so some people are lucky to find it this way on Amazon. A very popular cola in the south, I have heard southerners swear by drinking a glass with a few shelled peanuts in the soda, say it tastes great that way. I have also heard that the combination of a Moon-Pie and RC was big in the 1950's but sounds like too much suga for me. Either way the 1950's was their heyday and they spent tons on advertising especially with celebrity sponsors like Bob Hope and Bing Crosby.

Packaging: It is sold in plastic, glass and cans and like many sodas the glass bottle tastes better but good luck finding it. SMOOTHNESS: It is more smooth than Coca-Cola, but more uppity than Pepsi. CARBONATION: RC has average carbonation, the big two colas are a bit more fizzy. SWEETNESS: It is a little lighter in sweetness than the 2 big colas. COLA Flavor: You can taste the cola pretty well.

In 1954, it was the first brand to be sold in an all aluminum can, the first to offer a low calorie diet cola, and a caffeine free soda. Four years later, they introduced the first 16-ounce bottle.
Dr. Pepper/7Up company owns this now, and they in turn were bought by Cadbury Schweppes a British company in 2000, who seems to be buying up all the soda companies in the country with the exception for the big 2. Check out their web site.
Update: As of June 2, 2007, Cadbury Scweppes is selling off their soda division. Let's hope someone keeps the regional sodas alive.
335723335723B008LP737YA229XH62RQP951Megan C. Tice "viennatomiami"0051350432000love it!Makes delicious lemon drops! Perfect to make a pitcher full at a party! Love that it's all natural, no saccharin or other garbage.
335724335724B003KLK8BWA2UUHL2EU2OFDHM. P. Wolf "late for dinner"3351296604800Best Healthy Alternative to High Calorie Chips and CrackersSometimes, eating healthy can be a pain in the butt. I miss potato chips and Dorito chips and Cheetos and crackers because they have that marvelous and satisfying crunch and taste--but are also high in calories, carbs, nasty saturated fats and sodium. Temptation seemed to be my constant companion. But not anymore!

These crackers are the BEST: crunchy, tasty, satisfying and absolutely yummy and are made with ingredients that are healthy for you, including whole wheat flour. The crackers are low in calories, carbs, sodium, etc. Crunchy and tasty can be good for you too! I keep a box in my car and office and a baggie in my purse.

I hope this helps. Cheers!
335725335725B003KLK8BWA1UGWQ11B17M3Hdanielle1141304380800Doctor Kracker SnakersI do enjoy these - too bad the crackers are so hard on your teeth. I am praying I do not crack anything in my mouth.
335726335726B003KLK8BWA26S2WR6M732U4Simca0051349049600FantasticThese taste great - who cares that they are also "healthy"? Dr. Kracker discontinued this flavor a few years ago - glad to see it's back.
335727335727B003KLK8BWA2DAQOYKR3N161JSL "Book lover"0021348617600Wasn't the bestI didn't really like this cracker. Most of the Dr. Kracker things I enjoy, but these didn't have the tasty flavor a lot of this brand's crackers have.
335728335728B003KLK8BWA20SZCD56HI4QQPaulc0051342569600Low Carb Snack CrackersThese crackers are not only 1 carb each, but they are crunchy and taste great. Whether alone as something to snack on or with cheese or humus, they are really good.
335729335729B003KLK8BWA2E3WMF9RWW2X2K. Duvall0051338854400So tasty and good for you too!The whole family loves these crackers. Good price here too. Made in a tree nut and peanut free facility. These do not need any toppings, we have only had them plain since there is so much flavor. I have purchased the large size too, they do break into smaller bits easily.
335730335730B003KLK8BWA1V32IV7U8I4QKBARBARA M. LELAND0051338854400Dr. Krackers' Best ProductThe Pumpkin Seed Cheddar Crackers are the best product we have purchased. For the taste, wonderful fiber source, and overall great product, you will not find one better. Just wish they weren't quite so pricey. I guess you get what you pay for...yum!
335701335701B000KAHPYEAR6SCQAD2XGTZT. Halliday "Book Devourer"3351270080000Crowd PleaserGreenies are the house crowd westie, who is NOT food oriented, will pull out every trick in her repertoire before I can ask to get one of these. My lab starts to drool when he sees one. My shihvanese practically does back flips! Everyone loves greenies. I like how they leave my dogs' breath sweet smelling and teeth clean. Easily digestible, senior formulas with joint help, great on their digestive system, just a great, great product! Can't recommend it enough.

I will say though...if your dog is a gulper, please make sure you watch them while they eat/chew. They seem to like it so much that you really need to be on hand just in case, as is true with any chewy product for your furkids!
335702335702B000KAHPYEA2BBEOPI4IEMS4solomon berry2251288742400greenies reviewProduct was as expected and delivered as indicated. Would definitely buy through Amazon again. Price very competitive.
335703335703B000KAHPYEA3PPJIGJLQZ82PJohn K. Neamonitis "Nemo"1151323302400Fresh and Clean!My reaction was "wow!" the first time I gave these to my 8 year old lab. His teeth were extremely dirty with what seemed like plaque or whatever it was on his teeth that I could not get rid of by brushing his teeth. I thought I would need the vet to professionally clean his teeth. I was amazed as to how his teeth became pearly white after a few of these greenies not to mention that his breath did not have a nasty smell either. I give these to my 2 year old pup as well. Her teeth have never been as dirty as my 8 year old's but at least her breath is fresher too.

335704335704B000KAHPYEA3FII5GIF8X4FGJulie Ann1151319673600Great!My dog loves these. I say "you want a Greeeen-eees?" and he comes running and sits obediently. He then proceeds to chew and inhale the treat immediately. I have a daschund-beagle mix, about 40 pounds so I purchased the medium sized treats to prevent choking based on previous reviews.
335705335705B000KAHPYEA3VPPDOJ6ELZQ0Jean B. Seegmiller "Texas ex"1151265500800Greenie loving English BulldogGood dog biscuit. It is the treat she gets when we have to leave her home alone for a little while. She knows a Greenie means we are going and will be back soon. She takes it to her favorite mat and doesn't seem to mind that we are leaving. I feel it is better quality than a lot of dog treats.
335706335706B000KAHPYEA1MGPANYKNWUXBTiff0051349222400Great Doggie treatKeeps my dog entertained as well as not so smelly.
My dog always wants to eat the cat treats I feed our cat, so I got her some Greenies too.
She likes to play with them as well as eat them.
They are like an edible chew toy for her.
A nice treat!

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