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335881335881B0009XQWDMAUR86BDW0C6SJPo Boy "W.E.B."3351161734400My 9 year big dog and 6 mo tiny dog love it!My nine year old Dingo used to get smelly after a month on IAMS. It's been three months since his last bath (I just brush him) and no smell with Canidae! My 6mo old Chihuahua was on IAMS for puppies but kept sneeking the Canidae from my Dingo. So now he eats it too. They scaf it down like crazy. Buzz the Dingo's weight has improved without starving him. This is the best dog food. The price is good here although I buy it at the pet store.
335882335882B0009XQWDMAWLA2SJ05MISSmelissa adams3351296604800Excellent dog foodI found this dog food after doing research to help my dogs allergies (2 goldens).

My dog had terrible allergies, she has been on Canidae all life stages for about 5 weeks now.

No more itching, scratching, ear infections and vomiting. Their fur is silky & they are so happy & healthy.

Use the food cost calculator. your dog eats less of this than many of the garbage filled brands. They also offer coupons on their web site. It really isn't that expensive.

If you have cats we have switched ours to the felidae and can also highly recommend it.
335883335883B0009XQWDMA295K0IYUM25O9J. Renken3311247011200Made My Dog Sick!!I have an otherwise healthy and active 1 year old Rottweiler. I switched her from Blue Buffalo to Canidae, as it came highly recommended by the holistic pet store I frequent (they are going to be the next to get an earful from me!!!).

Shortly after, I noticed her stool became loose, which is common when you change a dog's diet (I mixed the new food with the old for a week, gradually increasing the amount of the new). I figured it would get better after a few days. In fact, it became increasingly worse to the point where spots of blood where showing up in her stool.

I took her to the vet thinking at this point she must have picked up a parasite. The test came back negative. My vet thought it must have been something she ate and recommended I feed her chicken and rice for a week to even her out. I did this and the problem was solved.

After a week I put her back on her regular food- Canidae- and the problem she was having before began to return, albeit gradually. We have now started to see spots of blood again. This convinced me it was not just "something she picked up," but the dog food itself.

Now I have learned there is actually a CLASS ACTION SUIT against this dog food maker for the exact problem I described- in some cases people's dogs even died. I will NEVER purchase this brand again and am switching my dog immediately back to Blue Buffalo- this time no mixing!!
335884335884B0009XQWDMA2B5DO16H6OQGJtonksmom3351231113600My Dogs Love Canidae!!!!!My dogs have been eating Canidae for years. They have always done well on the food. Currently, I have three dogs and they have had no issues with the new formulations. I have to say that my black lab mix has an even brighter coat than before. I love that they came out with a 44# bag. With three dogs I go through a lot of dog food. I definitely recommend this food.
335885335885B0009XQWDMAT7XL7BE5OLCYRod2251334275200canidae reviewThis dog food is the food that the breeder uses for all her dogs both adult and puppies. We continued to feed our puppy Canidae when we got him and he is turning into a fine dog.

335886335886B0009XQWDMA3Q3OI62PD1NTOkmayers2251329177600Best dog food!This is by far the best dog food I've given my dog! I was having problems with my dog eating for almost a year before we started this dog food. She just wouldn't want to eat. We feed her twice a day, splitting up the daily amount. She just wasn't interested and would eat just a little bit once a day. When we switched her to this food, she has eaten her dog food (the whole amount) every day. I also read on a dog food rating website what the best dog foods were and Canidae was one of the top dog foods on the market! This makes me feel good about giving my dog something she loves and it's also very healthy. Let's just say, she has more energy than all of her doggie friends. She can play longer and harder than any of them and I know it's because I give her a quality dog food.
335887335887B0009XQWDMA2X7UW1NRE7MS3Suji2251325116800Excellent!My Dog is 10 Month now I wanna change her food to adult food.
We've been feeding her science diet big breed puppy food. but there is a problem is She doesn't wanna eat her food everytime!
so we've been feeding her food with her favoraite treat and my dog want me and my hudsband to stand right around her.
It was very hard to feed her everyday.
Today I got Canidae Food!
We fed her like canidae and science diet together.
My dog jumped on her food bowl that I held. As soon as i put down her food, she ate like vaccum!
I was really surprised how fast she ate her food without treat.
and I searched onine reliable site.
I recommend!
335888335888B0009XQWDMA222XNVJGMJVO4C. Hofstetter2251323561600Quick shipping.Good product. Our dog is older (almost 10 years) and this food has kept her healthy for years. Other foods make her sick to her stomach but she alwasy does well with Canidae. It's slightly more expensive at Amazon than locally but it takes a week for the local store to special order it, so it's worth it.
335897335897B0009XQWDMA1XJLQSUVX3Y5QSupermom2251190419200Good, healthy dog foodI had fed my dogs Science Diet and Iams for years, but I grew concerned after all the recalls of tainted food. I did some research and found Canidae, which only uses high-quality ingredients from the U.S.A. My dogs like it just as much as Iams and Science Diet and I feel great because they're eating healthier food.
335889335889B0009XQWDMAD98ZJJY4Y6HMTeresa Reidel2251321315200Switched to a cheaper food, but going back to CanidaeWe have 3 Belgian Malinois and they did amazingly well on this food. Their coats looked better on Canidae than on any other food we've had them on. It even eliminated the horrible gas that large dogs are known for! When Amazon upped the price $10 a bag we switched to Diamond Naturals, but not only did their coats begin to lose their sheen, but that awful smelling gas came back as well!! We are putting them back on Canidae. It's worth it!!
335898335898B0009XQWDMA2NOC3X5DSTT4WJ. Ladouceur2251168387200Always greatMy dogs just love this food. The service is always fast and reliable.
335899335899B0009XQWDMA1PYBVIV3V5UO5Leigh Dvarishkis "Bed and Biscuit"6851174262400Feeding it in my boarding kennel....excellent investmentAlthough I do not buy Canidae through Amazon, I wanted to rave about it's quality. I am a dealer and own and operate a pet boarding facility. I switch dogs everyday to Canidae without mixing diets due to the nature of the business and it saves me tons in labor. The dogs not only gobble it up - they do not get upset tummies. I have been feeding my pack of competitive working dogs (Border Collies and Australian Shepherds) for 6 years and about 30 boarding dogs per day and I have not found anything even close to the quality and value of Canidae. Many kennels try to cut corners on feed but I believe paying a little more for Canidae has made money. The dogs feel great, the kennels stay clean, and the owners have peace of mind. (Less poop to scoop is a big deal around here) I am a strong supporter of any feed company that puts together an all natural - excellent ingredient product and have tried many, but I'm completely sold on Canidae.
335890335890B0009XQWDMA3FY6Y2VE7AWYJUde257 "I heart bargains!"2251314057600I have a brand new dog!!Oh my goodness...I have an 11 year old pug/beagle mix that has been lethargic for about 3 years, wouldn't really play, had a dull coat no matter how much I groomed her, and has had itchy paws and armpits for a long time. I never knew that all of that crap was in the big name brand dog foods. I had always had her on Purina of some sort until I started doing research. I was blown away by what I read and quickly became obsessed with finding a better food without paying an arm and a leg. I refuse to pay more for my dogs food than for our own food. After researching about 30 different dog foods and prices and brands on different websites, I went with Canidae All Life Stages (chicken, turkey, lamb, and fish)via Amazon with free super saver shipping for both my 11 year old Puggle and my new 10 week old labrador retriever puppy. I haven't regretted the change or the purchase at all! I am absolutely thrilled. My 11 year old isn't nearly as itchy, has a crazy shiny coat now, and has ALL KINDS of energy to keep up with the puppy now! Also, the breeder of my new lab had her on Purina Pro Plan Large Breed so I switched her right away and even her coat looks so much better now and it's only been about 3 weeks. I can't wait to see the difference in the two of them over the next 3 or 4 months. They both did get a little bit constipated during the transition period from their old foods to the Canidae, but a little bit of canola oil for a few days drizzled over their breakfast and dinner fixed that until their bodies adjusted. Both are regular now with no problems. Also, during the transition, I couldn't get either of them to eat even one piece of their old food. They would both pick out the Canidae and gobble it up and then leave their old food in the bowl until they were later famished! It was funny to watch! Great product, great service, and will definitely continue to order the 44 lb bag via Amazon. The packaging was very very poor but that's a different issue. The box that the food was shipped in wasn't even big enough for the bag and the UPS driver brought me the food, with pieces of the box laying on top of the bag. Oh well, I'm still thrilled with the product!

335900335900B0009XQWDMA3AU9Y5BQIPLFJWave18841151333584000Our Schnauzers Love It!We have a 4yo miniature Schnauzer and 6mo giant Schnauzer. We only wanted to buy one type of food for both, so this worked out perfectly. It's very gentle and they seemed to digest it better(much less poop). Too, it's better quality than the best big box store stock. We'll definitely purchase this again!
335901335901B0009XQWDMA23C2OZ0H4UUEdmund "Humble Artist Currently Unknown as Ed...1141326326400The best for the money........I had done quite a bit of research before I chose a dog food for my dogs and this seems to be the best for the money for what I needed. I needed something that would benefit different age stages nutritionally, in bulk, for the best price. This is what I based my research on and came up with this dog food. One of my dogs, full grown and used to eating different brands of junk before I knew what I was feeding him, was not too fond of it at first but got used to it and now he eats it without any issue. My puppy loves it and will overstuff herself if I do not ration for meal times. It gives me peace of mind that they both are getting what they need and I am not going broke giving it to them. My only complaint is the horrid flatulence this dog food seems to give them. I have never experienced that with my adult dog in the 4 years he's been with me but then again he has always eaten the store brands of dog food so maybe that's the issue? Overall, I am satisfied and can live with the occasional unpleasantness for a few seconds if it means they are eating healthy. There is also a NOTICEABLE difference in their coats and health. So that's another plus. I couldn't in good conscience give it five just because the flatulence really is 'room clearing'.......S'pose that could have it's uses for unwanted guests on the bright side.
335902335902B0009XQWDMA9C2OUHUVNQWRelfwicket1151323302400loving the new dog foodI used to buy one of those Purina brands for both my dogs which was fine at first. Then after a friend told me about this product I looked around a bit more and decided to give this one a try. If any of you own a pug, you know how stinky their farts could get! After eating this one for a while, my pug seems to have less flatulence problems or at least far far less smelly ones. I could also feed them a little less in order to maintain their proper weight as opposed to the other brands, it had too much filler. My pets seem to be much happier, more energetic, much healthier looking, and have less smelly farts.
335903335903B0009XQWDMA2ZIQANFTS7AX1Huck Finn1131318982400Food is Great, Delivery was BAD!I have been feeding Canidae for a long time, and when my local carrier raised their prices to $70+ without taxes, I figured I needed to start buying online. The food quality was the same as the bags I bought in stores, and it is a great food overall. The only issues I have had are with the delivery. One of the bags I bought was broke open, so when I took the bag out of the shipping box, dog food went everywhere. The delivery time is also something that needs improvement. I placed my order on the 10th, and it didn't start to ship until the 17th. It took a week before it even left the facility. It is supposed to arrive a week after the 17th, which means it will have taken 2 weeks to get my delivery. Not a big deal if you are waiting on something frivalous, but food for you pets should be delivered more quickly.
335904335904B0009XQWDMA3STQOFW0PNSTGAaron J. Bullock1151318291200Great productI am a first time dog owner and wanted to ensure that my 2 Presa Canarios were fed a good dog food. From my research Canidae dog food was one of the best listed. In addition the "Grain Free" caught my eye, since I was contemplating going to a raw diet. From my research the Canidae "Grain Free" formula is as close as you can get to "natural" diet without committing to raw food. Great product and my dogs love it.. Now I must admit there will be flatulence, and it can be rough at times... (Ha!, Ha!). But the overall health and well fare of the dog is my main concern....
335905335905B0009XQWDMAN11CQ48VEHSBSFV1141318032000Best dog food ever!I know my review is a little out dated from its earlier posts but, I love this food for my 2 labs. I have never fed them anything else. I am giving it 4 stars due to the increase in price and decrease in size. I used to by it when it was a 40 lb bag for $38 or so. Now it is 35lb bag and $42, atleast in my neck of the woods. I know you can buy a 44lb bag, but that doesn't fit in my container.

I started feeding this about 10 years ago to one of my other labs because he had cancer and I wanted to give him the best nutrition possible with out breaking the bank. He thrived on this food. He has since passed and now I have 2 more labs. My labs are 7 and 5, and I have not heard of any change in formula, nor have I ever fed anything else. I do remember a dog food recall a couple years back where dogs were getting very sick due to a contamination of sorts, but Canidae was never part of the recalled list, as far as I know. I know all about gas, I have labs, no matter what you feed them they have some sort of gas. I do not feed my dogs table scraps and use Milk Bones for treats. As far as I am concerned a little gas is fine as long as it is coming out and is not stuck inside, that is when it becomes a problem. All mammals have gas, it is a fact of life, to think you can prevent dogs from gas is crazy!

I feel terrible for the dog owners that had sick pets. I hope you found an alternative that you were happy with feeding.
335906335906B0009XQWDMA3LQXY335SP9ADJean M. Brassard "Tedbrass"1151317772800Best dog food yet!This food has made new dogs out of our two small dogs. Their energy levels and the quality of their coats both show a marked improvement within the first two weeks. After one year of use we notice a marked increase in general health and activity.
335907335907B0009XQWDMA30JGXO2XU8G5YBBB1141317340800ALSWe have tried several other brands of compariable ingredients and this one by far is the best. Our dogs coats are very shiny with no allergy issues and our 13 yr. old lab has had issues since she was a couple of years old but with Canidae she has had no issues and she has been on it for over a year now.She had issues with TSC's new brand and Chicken Soup.Would have given 5 stars but is kinda expensive but you get what you pay for!
335908335908B0009XQWDMA79NRGUDYK51Xcherbo571151316736000canidae excellent!!!!!!!!This dog food is the best!! Excellent price. Free shipping, and above all high grade quality ingedients. No fillers, no by products, no wheat, no corn. I have a puppy that started out looking like a beagle puppy, 3.lbs 6 oz when I got him at 8 wks. He turned out to be just barely 4 wks old and is now 45 pounds and growing. I think he is actually a coon hound. He has itchy skin so I wanted to find a product he could eat and my 13 yr old wonder dog (we wonder what he is)could also eat. Canidae is the perfect answer. Since I have been using Canidae my puppy is far less itchy and I still am at the 3 parts Canidae to one part of his other food, which was Pedigree for puppies. My older dog is less stiff in his joints and his coat is softer too. I am looking forward to a long time relationship with Canidae. thanks
335891335891B0009XQWDMA1H5YKEACG3Z1Kjosh from chicago2251307145600found the winner!Ok i have been through several dog food brands (all high end holistic fancy stuff)and have been through some ruff (lol) times finding just what works perfect for my female Rhodesian Ridgeback. Now i wont bash any brands as some seem to do because some food seems to work with one pup and not another so dont be a jerk and think some food is crap because it didn't work out for your dog, be a good owner and look for things they like and react well to :-)..... now that being said i had a neurotic on edge dog with huge shedding issues and RR's don't shed. This food was like the miracle cure and after a year of my poor little girl trying different foods all she gets is complements on how great she looks from strangers as we walk the streets. if your used to high end prices this food is also a value seeing that you get 44#'s which does make a difference trust me. so as for us its a full five star no shedding, great coat, healthy mind and a value! don't be afraid try this if others arnt working out for your dog or even if you want your puppy to look even better.
335892335892B0009XQWDMA1SPP70UMAU4BFRoshan Vyas "Impulse Buyer Extraordinaire"2231303948800Makes a really gross breakfast cereal, but good for dogsI like Canidae Dry Dog Food, Chicken Meal and Rice Formula, 5 Pound Bag more than this flavor, and I suspect my pooch does too. We have similar tastes, is what I'm trying to say. The beef and fish meal gives her the worst fish breath imaginable. I don't know if the food causes her to want to try giving me face kisses more than normal, but every time she gets near me after eating this her breath is like a shotgun of stank.
335893335893B0009XQWDMA386OP2O7Z5Y5LR. G2211258934400WarningWARNING !!!!! they don't even make there own food it is licensed out to another company if you look on the back of the bag it doesn't even list who it is made by it only says guaranteed by canidae and when i asked who it was made by i was

1 either completely ignored

2 given a huge run around only thing i ever got was a state it was made in they wouldn't even tell me the company

this is dangerous because this is how all the pet food recalls happened a few years ago by out sourcing manufacturing
335894335894B0009XQWDMA393EKKED69H2XM. Lopes "crazy dog guy"2251229299200Canidae and FelidaePretty scary reading some of these reviews. I learned about the switch to new formulas from Canidae quite a while back but stuck with it. I have a German Shepard and a cat and both went through the switch just fine. What baffles me is how there can be so many great experiences listed here and then see those bad ones. I wonder if some of these innocent little dogs didn't have something else going on instead of getting bad food. Maybe it just doesn't work the same for everyone's dog. Anyway, my kids are very active for their age and doing great on Canidae and Felidae. It seems to be the best combination of high-quality ingredients and reasonable price out there. I'm a big fan and receommend both to anyone. In fact, my cat loves the new formula even more than the old. She's getting a little fat. :-)
335895335895B0009XQWDMA1RVOQQG6YYKLNElisabeth McDonnell2251203206400FantasticMy puppy, a 14 week Bernese Mountain Dog, has a very sensitive stomach and frequent diarrhea, so she was on an expensive vet-prescribed diet for the first two weeks that I had her...eventually she needed a more growth-oriented food, so I switched her over to Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy (on the recommendation of the vet), but she still rarely had solid stools. Also, each day, her coat seemed less shiny, she had a ton of dandruff, and scratched like crazy. After only a week on Canidae (I'm gradually mixing more and more of it in, and decreasing the Eukanuba)-- she's stopped itching, and her poop is way more solid and far less frequent.

I know there's no perfect pet food, but if you have a dog with a sensitive stomach and/or possible allergies (I'm thinking corn or another filler that Eukanuba and Iams uses?), Canidae could be a godsend. It has been for me. Every dog deserves a better quality food than one with by-products and a ton of fillers, and some (like my pup) simply can't handle that low-quality stuff.
335896335896B0009XQWDMA260DR5GXQ5NMJLefty Frizzell "Lefty"2251197590400Changed the Formula...but, I cant change the rating...ONE STAR.Can't change the rating, I now give it 1 star.

I used Canidae for the last year and my dogs thrived on it. Now their coats are dull, they scratch and lick all the time. Loose stools...and they only eat it if they are hungry.

I understand about the commodities going up. But, I would have rather they raised the prices rather than switch ingredients without warning.

Now, I gotta go hunt for another brand that is good for my dogs, and not part of the original recall.

It may just be time to buy a cow!
335909335909B0009XQWDMAODPFSWITCDFDadsdid "Dadsdid"1151316390400GreatMy dogs just love the food and they look great! Their coats are shiny, no more scratching or itching. I also love the free shipping and price! Don't be afraid to give this a try, your dogs will thank you!!
335910335910B0009XQWDMA8KKVKZU3LK4YChelsea Fox1151316304000Canidae Dry Dog FoodThis is a great product. It is very healthy for all of our dogs, and it is the first food that they all love to eat. It helped my older dog lose weight and my 10 year old lab gain the weight he needed to be healthy.

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