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335976335976B000N55TP8A2EH7CFSZA20TEFerguson0011284854400These crackers suckI bought these crackers at a Whole Foods Market so I don't know why the review thingy prompted me to review them on Amazon.
They tasted like moldy dust they were really horrible. I bought them on a whim and wished I had not.
335977335977B001EO60ZUA19HAFL36UDT9TREG "REG"5651252713600Daily morning ritualAfter more than twelve months of daily use, the breakfast of champions is a packet of McCANN'S Instant Irish Oatmeal, Regular Flavor, 12-Count Boxes (Pack of 6), two teaspoons of Fearn NatureFresh Raw Wheat Germ, 10-Ounce Bags (Pack of 12), one overflowing teaspoon of Great Lakes Select Honey, 32-Ounce Plastic Flat (Pack of 3) and 5 or 6 walnut halves. For some added nutrition, a tablespoon of Organic Valley Organic Nonfat Dry Milk Powder, 12-Ounce Bags (Pack of 4) Add to this bowl full of grains and amber a half cup of boiling water, stir and allow to sit for a minute or two before enjoying.
335978335978B001EO60ZUA2OBDNQ5ZYU1L8Diana De Avila "MS Gkygrl"1151229904000The best oatmeal aroundMr. Quaker better move over because McCann's Instant Irish Oatmeal has him beat.

I like to eat my oatmeal very thick--McCann's really lends itself to this and is great with a dash of cinnamon, maple syrup, jelly or whatever floats your boat.

This is instant, easy and delicious.
335979335979B001EO60ZUAGOQ8037EVC0EPeculiarLady0051288137600good breakfast foodI had previously gotten the apple/cinnamon flavor of this oatmeal but contrary to others, I felt it was too sweet. This one, on the other hand, has zero sugar and I can totally control what I add to it. Now one small packet of brown sugar and a few raisins = excellent filling breakfast. I usually add hot water and microwave for 30 seconds and that gives me perfect consistency. I am really glad I switched to this one.
335980335980B001EO60ZUA3CI67FO7Y956Ostarshifter0051285632000Instant! Instant!The selling point was the word instant, and it helps that it cooks up thick and pretty tasty. :)
335981335981B001EO60ZUA1FKEJAAYMZKF2P. Dailey0051279756800Instant OatmealThis oatmeal and all McCann's oatmeal is great. It is creamier and larger packets than Quaker. I used to buy this item at my grocery store but they stopped stocking it.
335982335982B001EO60ZUA3VCOOQI427QJSVictoria A. Twarog0021274400000Very DisappointedI love McCann's regular steel oats cereal but in our busy world, it's nice to be able to have an instant oatmeal when time is short. Because of all the positive reviews relative McCann's instant oatmeal, I ordered it. I swear, I must be living on a different planet because I found this product to be anything but delicious. It was gummy, almost paste like, and very bland. At first I thought I made it wrong so I read the instructions again and made another bowl. Unfortunately, it wasn't any better. You can doctor it up with some fruit or a tinch of butter and brown sugar which helps but it still does not have the nutty conistency that McCann's regular steel oats have. I actually prefer Quaker's Instant Oatmeal over McCann's instant brand. Since I have quite a few boxes, I am giving them to family and friends. I guess I'll just go back to making McCann's regular steel oats when I have time to cook them. They are absolutely wonderful.
335983335983B001EO60ZUAK5VUBJH3WKLYJ. Uren0041268611200TastyThis is a tasty and economical product.
As our family has diabetic issues, I admit to being disappointed that two of the top ingredients are sugar.
335984335984B001EO60ZUABLWZ5USFQSN7T. Hunt "beadweaver"0051242691200Best Instant!In trying to have a healthier diet, I decided to start eating oatmeal and found McCann's Instant - delicious! Comes out perfect every time and has a hearty taste and nice grainy texture. When my local supermarket stopped selling it, I tried other stores and finally other brands which in no way compare. So glad to find it on Amazon. In my opinion, McCann's has the best, regular flavor instant oatmeal.
335985335985B001EO60ZUAYJAER3X3GJBOK. Wallberg "Dog Lover"0051240358400McCann's the best by far!!!I have tried them all just about literally! from nature food stores, the major brand that begins with Q (you know it) and just about every store brand. The Amazon price for this places it just a tiny bit more than buying store brand and below just about EVERY name Brand I have seen. The taste, texture and quality over the years has not changed at all! It is EXACTLY what I want in an Oatmeal and I can pretty much assure anyone that tries it would agree! Easy 2-minutes in the microwave (I use 2-packets) and a drop of milk and it cannot be beat. Try it, as the old commercial for cereal said, Even Mikey Liked It!
335986335986B001EO60ZUAV453DFIFIK8PBlack Swan1251246924800Hits the spotThe product quality is excellent and you cannot beat the price in the stores, especially if you subscribe. All arrived in good shape.
335987335987B001EO60ZUA30SLY6N6WKV5WK. S. Shifflett "Sourdoughnative"1241209945600Irish Instant Oatmeal?Hubby loves it. He has been eating it for 4 weeks straight and no complaints yet.
335988335988B001HTI2EEA1AMVA4R3G58TVDonna Grayson "Donna G. Grayson"1251262476800Light Lime flavorI think the Crystal Geyser Lime is a great alternative to soda. It had a nice light lime flavor. Very nice over ice in the hot weather. Naturally with no calories. Plently of fizz if you are used to drinking that because of soda. I like the flavor of the lime very much. A flavorful way to get your 8 glasses of water a day.
335989335989B0002XK1ZEA27JA6RTN7WTWQKatie K2251293580800Can't get enough!The Donsuemor Madeleines have been an absolute favorite of my family for over a decade. They're so rich and flavorful that every time I think of them, I want some. My mom's entire side of her family gobbles them up whenever we can get our hands on them, and we were all delighted this year that my grandma showed up to Christmas with Madeleines to hand out. Luckily, she kept it a secret and passed them to us quietly, or she might have been mobbed!

Every time I go to San Francisco, I come back with a big box (I buy 2, but the other one never seems to make it on the plane home...) I'll definitely be buying them now that I found them on Amazon!

These are the same Madeleines you find at Starbucks, so if you want to try them out before you buy, go there. But do buy them, they're amazing!!! Especially the ones that are dipped in chocolate.

A tip: if you want the Madeleines to taste their best, eat them within 3 days. If you can't scarf down 60 in that time, pop any unopened 3-packs in the freezer and they'll stay fresh for a couple months. Otherwise, they'll still be good, but not as good as they could be.
335990335990B0002XK1ZEA3BYBJAYZIA80Joan Lewis0041223424000Expensive but GoodMadeleines were delicious according to person I had them sent to. They arrived promptly and were very much appreciated.
335991335991B001P26PBAAKERM2VAFY1MPtoh246141451268438400This stuff is great!After battling severe Gastritis from a reaction to NSAIDS, I thought I would never go near a cup of coffee again. I used Cafix for a while, and did like it as a good substitute, but it just wasn't coffee. We've been using HealthWise for a few months now, and we really like it. It's real coffee without the acidity, and easy on the stomach. It seems to be a bit "drier" than full acid coffee, but it still seems to have a lot of body, and no bitter flavor. It's also great to be able to return to the ritual of brewing a pot. Spooning something out of a jar just isn't the same. If you have issues with coffee acidity, give this a try. We have not been able to find it in stores, so I order it from Amazon.
335992335992B001P26PBAAS7SRQOOKD10JJAB111151261008000great coffee taste without the stomach upsetWhen I started having trouble with my stomach, I was advised by my doctor to stop drinking coffee. That is the way that I start my morning and a friend advised me to try a low acid coffee. After a web search and trying several low acid coffees, I selected Healthwise as my favorite. I drink it every morning and it doesn't upset my stomach at all.
335993335993B001P26PBAAME7KWUQTLF1HBuck Wheat "DroopyDrawer"9951256428800I Can Drink Coffee AgainI suffer from a bad stomach and have had ulcers in the past so I need to be careful what I eat and drink, that being said I cant go without my morning cup of coffee but found myself sometimes needing to take antacids and even prescription medications because it irritated my stomach. Then I found the Health Wise Coffee and I can now enjoy coffee again and not suffer any after effects, even my wife enjoys it because its very smooth and has no bitter after taste.
335994335994B001P26PBAA6N3BWVK9MF92TX Womann4441316822400low acid coffee, not bad!We've come a long way from the strong coffees we use to enjoy. This one is mild & you'll have to play around with the amount of spoonfuls per pot that is OK for you. I followed the instructions & the 1st time it was TOO WEAK! It looked like ice tea! So I put more spoonfuls in it & it's better. Your tastbuds get use to the change. I have IC & drink some, not much & have no problems. My husband has really enjoyed it. He was getting too much acid in the mornings & it was messing up his digestion, (like starting out the monring with Tums!) He has really enjoyed the change. The 3, 12 oz. cans went fast so ordered more, decided to try hazelnut.
335995335995B001P26PBAAAEGQ92U071MKVinny3351336348800Its the only coffee I drink now.Two years ago I had an acid reflux "event" and was told to go on a low acid diet.

I initially quit coffee, but I mean really, it turns out life is meaningless without my jolt so I found a solution in this coffee.

Yes, it is weaker than other ground coffees, so either add more, or set your machine to "strong" setting.

I also have toast with my coffee. This is what my ENT told me to do as it helps with those who have acid reflux.

It seems every year there are conflicting reports on the risks ro benefits of coffee. Let me tell you this: Drinking coffee is fine unless you are the type that gets the jitters. Just dont smoke and you will be ok. Also, there is some eveidence that coffee prevents Alzheimers, but I do not know much more about that.
335996335996B001P26PBAA29XA7H9UH7AQUJanice R. Doughty "Janice Doughty"3351314057600Good coffeeCan't drink coffee cause of the high acid but can enjoy a cup every morning with HealthWise and no problems.
335997335997B001P26PBAA1SB3Z6OBEPZJMPat Garner3351313712000A great coffeePurchased this coffee after trying many brands. Some very expensive and the shipping cost very high. This comes quickly and it is well worth the price. I have tried both caf and decaf, they are both rich and flavorable. No discomfort after drinking it in the morning and I now can drink the decaf in the afternoon. I use a Melitta coffee pot and it does a great job. I make only two cups at a time. Recommend this highly.
335998335998B001P26PBAA3FM2GIZ1TXYBCJohn Cooper "snopercod"3351292371200Works great. Tastes great.I was feeling forlorn because I had to cut out drinking "real" coffee after 40 years - it began to upset my stomach. Then I discovered Health Wise. I've been drinking a large cup every morning for a month now with absolutely no stomach upset at all. I drink it black and the taste seems just fine to me. I'll be taking the label in to my Gastroenterologist and telling him he should recommend this stuff.
335999335999B001P26PBAA38N91LHXST0WWconnie vinasco3351282780800gerd problem resolvedI have GERD acid reflux. this is the only coffee I can tolerate. it is great taste.
336000336000B001P26PBAAA24IBGU8T4U2Jonathan Paul Carroll2251330473600Great Coffee!This is good stuff. It has a great taste and really is less acidic than regular coffee. It's great for people like me with acid reflux or a sensitive stomach that just can't/won't give up caffeine.
335971335971B000QSM0MWA26SW43I0MXGGAJoan A. Adamak "Joan Adamak, Author and Book...1841302652800nice sizeI have not had the need to use this grinder yet but it is an excellent size to be on the counter and comfortable to place a hand around it to hold it while turning the grinder handle.
335972335972B0009XQWDWA10618V3R162HCGRANDMA0051341446400MY CAT LOVES IT!My cat, I suppose like a lot of cats, is a very picky eater! She loves the Felidae dry cat food but only the chicken, turkey, lamb & fish formula. She doesn't seem to like small round hard nugget pieces of dry food. This formula is in a tiny flat bone shape and seems softer for her to chew. The whole grain formula is smaller hard round nuggets, so she doesn't like them, but other cats may like it. I feel it is a healthy cat food for her and since she has been eating it for awhile now, she doesn't have the fur balls so much like she used to. I am thankful it is sold on Amazon as it is hard to find and I hope they are able to keep on selling it! The shipment from this seller was delivered fast, which is helpful when you forget to order it soon enough. A very satisfied customer and cat!
335973335973B000JZHE6YA2H4779I89ME2WTariq Abu Khumra2251320364800FantasticThis Kit Kat is way way way better than the US version....It is the same one that I used to eat in the middle east but it's very delicious and I do recommend it.

the shipping was fast...the chocolate wasn't melted...and the packaging was good
335974335974B000JZHE6YA15RBV2N6X07WFSnick0041330300800Sort of tastes AmericanThese were good, but I specifically ordered them with the thought that UK Kit Kat's taste different than American ones. Upon arrival & opening, I decided that they taste quite similar, so I'm not sure it's worth the extra money, but the family ate them anyhow! :) Be advised, these aren't the chunky type kit-kat, in case you were expecting that.
335975335975B000JZHE6YA13USTSSSVWSTXE. Norwig2441232841600I think they're made in England but the packaging is in ArabicThe Kit Kats arrived in good shape, the appear to be made in England but the packaging is written in Arabic. I guess they're made for the Middle Eastern market but that wasn't clear before ordering so I was a little disappointed. Otherwise, they taste great and are 1000% better than US-made bars, the chocolate is sooooooo much better.

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