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336121336121B000HZEK1IA2TBNGM7LN3CIRApril Biederman5811271289600Hydrogenated FatsSo here I am thinking I'm getting a great tasting cookie with Splenda only to find out they use Hydrogenated Oils. On top of that they use the worst kind of oil, Palm and Palm Kernel.

Don't be fooled into thinking you are getting something Heather because it has no sugar. I would rather eat a tablespoon of sugar then these cookies.

I totally feel this is a misrepresentation! Shame.
336122336122B000HZEK1IAHOF94CTXI96RHealthSmart1251311724800Smart move for Sweet ToothsSugar free bites are a great way to satisfy the sweet desire in all of us...but without unnecessary and unhealthy sugars and fats. The 80-calorie packs are perfect to throw in the snack drawer at work. Now, if Murray would only put some of its other non-chocolate choices into these packs, it would be great! (Sigh...yes, I love chocolate, but I'm a migraineur and chocolate is only a rare treat for me since it is a key migraine headache trigger...)
336123336123B000HZEK1IA1SFRVA8R9D3OQHaxxan Dreams1251290729600My Favorite CookiesMurray's Sugar Free Pecan Shortbread Cookies are my favorite cookies. They're delicious and perfect for someone who has to watch their blood sugar levels.
336124336124B000HZEK1IA99A60HCFZW9Eoakhills1251290211200great cookiesalways like this cookies i used to get then from kellogs store but they closed up and sent me a letter telling me i could get from amazon glad they did
336125336125B000HZEK1IAYRL4NT9LFTGBVince J. Adams "Vince Adams"1251271548800I can see why there sooo good!Worth the price and trouble of buying them. Even if your not diabetic they will help you take sugar out of your diet. These are by far NO regular diet cookies. There simply to good to pass up. Get some. I recommend it.
336126336126B000HZEK1IA2SXTT5PX96TEJM. Henderson "Li'l Mary"1251239667200Best TastinThis is the best tasting sugar free shortbread cookie ever. Doesn't even taste sugar free.
336127336127B000HZEK1IA18O9OBMRO6YEXR. Goodman "Cookie lover"1251239580800Sugar Free CookiesThese cookies are great for a diabetic. 4 cookies only have 10 carbs and they satisfy you desire for something sweet. They taste just like regular shortbread cookies.
336128336128B000HZEK1IAJQDIT55SZ3ZXkindred spirit1251238025600Best Sugar Free Cookie~You get 8 as a serving :)It is hard to believe these are sugar free. They are so good. They are buttery and rich tasting and a serving is 8 cookies of 130 calories. That is so filling and yet still keeps you on whatever plan you are following.

I have tried many of the flavors of these cookies and not found one to be bad or have an aftertaste. This one is my all time favorite. You will not be disappointed. In my town they are usually $3.99 a pack so this is a fantastic deal.

They come with a long expiration date also.
336129336129B000HZEK1IADMZ5C2V6SC57J. Mitchell2421247184000Great cookie, crazy high priceI've really enjoyed these cookies, and came to Amazon as this one is hard to find. Much to my SHOCK the price is 60+ dollars.. and it shows they used to be 30.00 and some change? Huh?? Other cookies by Murray are more reasonable. No way will I buy them at this incredible markup :-P
336130336130B000HZEK1IAU0GRA7EJUH34disappointed in dallas0131302912000Disappointed with AmazonNot sure how I feel about the product, Murray Sugar Free Cookies. My disappointment is with Amazon for sending EXPIRED COOKIES. After notifying Amazon I received an apology email and a new delivery was sent to recipent. I was shocked to receive a second call from the recepient that the 2nd delivery was also EXPIRED having the same expiration date as the first delivery. Next thing I know I receive an email from Amazon my money is being refunded. Have no idea what happened. I was embarrassed and disappointed the first time. Imagine my embarrassment the second time. The recepient is a diabetic and loves Murray Sugar Free Cookies but she is only able to find Shortbread in our stores and Peanut Butter is her favorite.
336131336131B000HZEK1IAUDFIT02O76Q0Ct Yankee0141295568000Lotsa ChocolateShort & sweet. These chocolate delights are hard to find in many areas. I found them on Amazon & bought a case & will surely buy more. Just the thing for that "Chocolate Fix".
336132336132B000HZEK1IA3KRYFB7B9Z5MBCarl0151289347200Best Sugar Free CookieAll of Murray's Sugar Free Cookies are excellent, but my favorite is the Pecan Shortbread. Delicious!
336133336133B000HZEK1IA3R9HB8CS84AZOShay Mcmunn0151274400000great alternative for diabeticsHave a family member that is diabetic, so I always keep some of these on hand for when we get together and standard sweets are not an option. Very tasty. They used Splenda, so that will be a pro or con to you, depending on if you like it.

I am very thankful for these cookies for helping to provide a bit or normalcy for this family member. Just like normal cookies, but sugar-free. Several great varieties. Worth a try if you are looking for a sugar-free cookie.
336134336134B000HZEK1IA3NUEGR0HSU0THPepper K.1351247616000Just plain yummy!This definitely satisfies you when you need a little something sweet. I find I don't even have to eat too much of me to be satisfied. The taste is great and best of all it doesn't cause upset stomach like many other sugar-free products do.
336135336135B000HZEK1IAI0NMYA3LKXW1Bartok Kinski "A casual stroll through the lu...1351240876800Sugar Sugar SugarWhile I was in a coma I ate these for desert. They are very good tasting, don't have any "Sugary muck" taste, just plain, but really filling and don't give me gas.

I like them with iced tea or pelican juice.

Since there's no Sugar in them you can leave them out in the sun without getting a diabetic seizure. Ants don't like them for some reason.
336136336136B000HZEK1IA27LLTQYM7D4HYB. Stout0211256083200Murray Sugar Free Cookies Chocolate Chip with PecanThe last 2 cases of Murray Sugar Free Cookies Chocolate Chip with Pecan were over cooked almost burnt.. Date Code is MAR0810EAS. I don't have the code in front me But I remember MAR0810Exx?

Murray Sugar Free Cookies Chocolate Chip with Pecan, 5.5-Ounce Packages (Pack of 12)
336137336137B003U9SXFCA3STZVPR1FF1Q7April N West0051317081600More than what I expectedA friend bought me back this delicious Oriental Beauty Loose Leaf tea from her trip home to Taiwan. When you first open the carton, you'll think someone pulled a prank on you because the tea leaves look like dried twigs. But once you add the boiling, hot water and let it steep, it makes a world of difference. I am in love with its strong, fragrant aroma. I sweeten mine with a teaspoon of pure honey and recommend brewing it a bit longer than the instructions read for a bolder taste.
336138336138B005OV8ZGGA2CIL3ZT963CL9guenthcw4451330128000Great Product so farI have really only used this in combination with a protein shake and it works great, i use less of the shake powder so less sugar but there is no noticeable taste from the chia, but what i have noticed is i stay full from one shake for about 5 hours. works great and i have not had any negative reaction to the chia. would highly recommend.
336139336139B005OV8ZGGA1F315JLMHQJWBAlthea Y. Derstine71921328227200not as expectedI ordered the chia seeds believing they were whole seeds but they are ground up. The beauty of these seeds is in the crunchiness added to yogurt, cereal, baked goods. They are very digestible as whole, no need for grinding. I would never want them ground up for use. This is a very poor choice for use. I would recommend to anybody who is looking for healthy foods to add to their diet, to buy whole chia seeds.
336140336140B000BRR8VQA9YDS1D0Q8SZYDJ0021345680000Mini Naturals are just okayMy big puppy is not impressed. He'll ignore a palm-full and go about his business. Maybe he just isn't big on peanut butter flavor stuff.
336141336141B000BRR8VQA3J96H3C5XODXKJP0051345507200My tiny dog loves Zuke's treats !!!My tiny Maltese dog loves these treats and they are perfect for training sessions. They are small/miniature treats and about the consistancy of a 'slim jim' jerky stick. Best treats I have found for toy dogs that don't crumble.
336142336142B000BRR8VQA1REPQGT1N651LVanessa0051345507200Great for potty training!!I adopted a 1 year old Yorkie rescue pup who is only semi potty trained. I was having some troubles getting him to potty outside today (like most days). Then these awesome treats arrived! I ordered the Zukes mini naturals roasted chicken treats last night and they were already here this morning with Prime. I gave him one to taste test and he gobbled it up and instantly wanted another. I then grabbed two of them, went outside with him knowing I had the treats in hand and I asked him to go potty. He went instantly! I think tasty treats really do make a big difference. These are also nice and small so giving them a few isn't going to pile on the pounds. We are feeding our pups a grain free dog food so it only makes sense to get grain free treats too. I will be back for more of these for sure both of my pups LOVE these!!!
336143336143B000BRR8VQA15LY74DGRO28ERicki0051345420800Zukes Peanut Butter Mini TreatsThis product is my dog's absolute favorite when it comes to dog treats. I find them perfect for training... and so does she!
336144336144B000BRR8VQAQ8HFQBQAQGQ8LCM0041345161600Great treats!Our puppy (5 month old labradoodle) loves these. They are great for training at home or at the park, but don't do the job very well when in puppy class. I think they don't smell as good/strong as some of the other stuff, so with multiple distractions it makes it difficult to get his attention.
336145336145B000BRR8VQA3JGKML3PO83S6goodol0051345075200very strong smell and my puppy loves itthe size of each particle is quite good for dog training. and the smell is very strong, you cannot put them in a open bag, must seal it everytime you gave it as treat, otherwise your dog will stand up trying to fetch more.
i believe the taste is great from my puppy's affection for it, and i will purchase more for sure.
336146336146B000BRR8VQA1OH3OBOYQE6IOtman44510051344988800Tastes Great!I have a puppy that absolutely loves them! She considers them her personal "reward" for everything she does. A good training aid.
336147336147B000BRR8VQA2EPRCZHVXA5R5Jonathan D. Micetic0051344988800I almost want to try one...Our dog loves these. We started her on it when she was 7 weeks old (and had about 4 teeth), and she loved it. She was still too young to eat milk bones or even beggin' strips, but she could eat these. I also don't feel bad about giving these to her because they are only 3.5 calories each. There is a rapid change in behavior when she hears me open up the treat bag... she sits, stops chewing, and starts randomly performing tricks, hoping to get one... it's pretty funny. We have repurchased these and will continue to do so.
336148336148B000BRR8VQA2K306B0FNZFQ4caitsmimi0051344816000Yum! Dogs love 'em!This is a great product. Just a tiny treat tid bit that dogs seem to love but keeps them from packing on lots of calories. My dogs are real foodies so I'm always hunting for new and different snack / training bites for them. This one fits the bill perfectly. Highly reccommend...
336149336149B000BRR8VQAQMNL7ZFOTTO7S. Post0051344643200Loved by allWe love our Zukes because they're healthy, high quality products which donate part of their profits to pet charities. Our pooches love them because they taste great. A+ always for Zukes!
336150336150B000BRR8VQA3M4JATDUBEULYCalayus0051344643200My Dog & Pup LOVE it!I call this product, "puppy crack". I have a 3 month old lab pup who, against type -- Labradors are supposed to be gobblers -- doesn't gobble his high quality kibble. In fact, he grazes. But when I unseal the package of Zuke's, he bounds at me bouncing in the air. I taught him "sit" in two minutes using Zuke's (Chicken). My 19 month old Catahoula Leopard Dog-girl loves them, too.

I like the small size of these treats (it's easy to carry them in a snack size ziploc) -- perfect for training/rewards. I pretty exclusively purchase natural, high quality food/treats for my animals companions. Zuke's is our household's favorite canine treat!

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