Amazon Fine Food Reviews

336167336167B000BRR8VQAG5HQF5D60UZ6tayS0051337731200perfect treatsThese are sooo great for training. I just stick a few in my back pocket, usually even break them into halves or thirds and use as treats. My dog loves them, and while she isn't the pickiest, she certainly doesn't like some treats. The real reason they are great though is because she likes them enough so that she will do her tricks for only a third of the treat! (This is an extremely tiny portion, which shows how flavorful they are.) And if they estimate correctly that's only one calorie of her diet! Can't go wrong, I've had chicken and salmon and both are great.
336168336168B000BRR8VQA1KPAF268GS3IGRescuemom02140041337558400My two Dogs go nuts for theseThese treats are a great choice. There all natural. My pom mix has a very sensitive tummy and this treat does not bother him. As soon as I grab the bag my dogs try to do there tricks as fast as they can to get one of these. There soft in texture and the size is great for my 3 month old chi mix who is only 4 lbs. The only reason I gave this treat 4 stars is because they smell horrible other than that if you can deal with the smell. I recommend these! especially to anyone how has a small dog or a dog with a sensitive tummy!
336169336169B000BRR8VQA3ILTLJN0B5GRUItal. Mas.0051337558400dog treatsExxcellent quality. Best treats on the market. and less expensive than in stores.. Great item, I Love it... so do my dogs !!#$% :)
336170336170B000BRR8VQA1GBHVDBTPVE5KNerdy0031337472000Perfect size, but goes quicklyLike everyone else, I bought these because they are all natural with no byproducts and they're the perfect size for training. I have a Pomeranian puppy and since he was 7 weeks old, I've had him on Blue Buffalo Wilderness Puppy formula which has worked wonders for him and he cannot get enough of. He's now 7 months old and he's as perfect as can be. Prior to trying Zuke's, I used to feed him Pup-Peroni since he loved them, considering that he has a sensitive stomach, it worked for him. After my last batch was almost done, I figured I would buy a couple packs of Zuke's.

Of course, his stomach has to get used to the product but his bowels has been watery and not as dense and hard as when he was on Pup-Peroni. He's been on Zuke's for a week and a half and he's still getting used to it. Also, the product goes really quickly as I only have a couple ounces left. So I'd say that 16oz lasts two weeks whereas 16oz of the Pup-Peroni lasted a lot longer.

I'm thinking about switching over to the Pup-Peroni if his stools remains watery and soft as it's been 1.5 weeks since he's been getting Zuke's. I still have another pound of the Peanut Butter, so we'll see. All-in-all, my little man loves this stuff even if his stomach isn't digesting it normally.
336171336171B000BRR8VQA3UO6ZDX74BWFQmytega0051337299200Great Training TreatsThese treats are perfect for training. They do not crumble and a dog can eat them quickly and easily. A dog will not lose focus since he won't have to stop and eat. I actually cut them in quarters for agility class.

As far as flavors, my dogs will eat anything. From the owner's perspective, the salmon smell so much better than the chicken. The chicken has a typical dog food meat smell, but the salmon does not smell like dog food at all.
336172336172B000BRR8VQA2770QFX87C5W5vetgirl120051337212800My pup loves Zuke's!I have been buying these treats both on amazon and at my local pet stores for almost 2 years now. They are the perfect size for a training treat, they fit nicely into some treat dispensing toys (like the artichoke one that Planet Dog makes), and my dog loves the taste! They are moist, but they have a tendency to get dried out if you don't reseal the bag after opening. They are made in the U.S. and don't have any wheat or corn products in them. They're also only 3 calories each, and perfect for training since they don't completely fill my dog up!
336173336173B000BRR8VQA12RKTME39N9X1Joodee0021337212800Picky terrierThis might be one of the most liked dog treats, but my dog hated it.
She licked it, put it in her mouth, and spat it right out.
It smells really bad too. I had it in an airtight ziplock bag, but the smell was so strong, my whole car smelled like it the rest of the day.
I guess I'll donate it to the shelter or something...
336174336174B000BRR8VQA2AGTZZAPOLJB6Violet0051337212800Zuke's Products Are GreatI like that they are natural, and these mini's are perfect for a small treat, I give a lot of treats and these are tiny enough I don't worry about my dogs gaining too much weight from too many treats. My dogs love all the Zuke treats, but these are my favorite to give.
336175336175B000BRR8VQAJNJI8L53U59FAddy0051337212800Stinky, but good!These treats are awesome. My dog is 12 pounds and these are perfect for him. He loves soft treats and the stinkier the better so this is right up his alley. I have a Ourpets DT-10504 Smarter Toys IQ Treat Ball , 5 Inches , Colors may varyand these treats are the perfect size for it. They roll out easily but not TOO easily so it keeps him busy for at least an hour. I got the chicken flavor and my dog thinks they're great. I love them because they are healthier for him than the other treats we'd been giving him and they are great to train with. I'm glad it comes in the 16 ounce bag because we go through them pretty quick!
336176336176B000BRR8VQA30ITU02ES1FIZJessica Rae Vernon0051336867200Good til the last treatUsually I don't write reviews, but who really does unless the product is either outstanding or absolutely horrible. Thankfully this review is not the latter. When I initially got my puppy she was not house-trained, didn't know any tricks and was not food motivated. However, with these treats she was potty-trained and knows quite a few tricks. It was effort on my part, but those treats were definitely a good motivator. Also, looking around at other treats and their prices these are a really great value. If you want something that your dog will enjoy and a great value for the amount and type of treat this is what you want to look for. You and your dog won't be disappointed. I know mine isn't.
336177336177B000BRR8VQA1WE4TVPN3PTQ1Patch0051336867200great for trainingThese are perfect for training or to use inside a tipsy kong puzzle toy. I recommend them... just be sure to properly close the bag so they stay soft (not like it mattered.. the dogs liked them either way).
336178336178B000BRR8VQA4H75FPJERQQSDiana Parada0051336867200Favorite TreatMy dog loves Zuke's and so do I especially because it's made in the USA.
I have the Chicken treats as well but when he smells these he goes crazy for them.
Very satisfied with the product and this size bag is perfect and priced better than any
store I've been too.
336179336179B000BRR8VQACFA8N0BTIWN3Teeniebkln0041336780800Awesome little treats!Got both the chicken and peanut butter ones. Our three month old Shi Tzu loves them. He favors the chicken over the peanut butter slightly, but won't turn either away. These are pea sized making it possible to give one after another as a training reward. A winner overall.
336180336180B000BRR8VQA3RMBO6GY5ZND4B. Lim0051336608000Great For Service Dogs!My greyhound service dog loves these treats! I use them for training or reinforcing good behavior while out. They aren't too stinky, aren't too big, and are really healthy. An additional plus for service dogs is that these treats are soft, so there's no loud crunching sound when you use them in the library or in that quiet waiting room at the doctor's office. The small, round design means you'll fit a lot of these into a typical training pouch, so you won't run out. One note I would add is that, if you don't use them all on a particular outing, be sure to dump the unused treats back in the resealable bag or they may get hard. Other than that, these really are the perfect training/reinforcement treat for service dogs! Great stuff!
336151336151B000BRR8VQA39JF4NO5TYNNIwinner13220051344211200My Sheltie absolutely loves ZukesMy dog goes crazy for Zukes mini naturals. And I am very pleased with Zukes because the treats are made in the United States with healthy ingredients. Zukes is now the only treats that I give my dog and he just loves them, highly recommend Zukes.
336152336152B000BRR8VQA3A93AHREP5CAKMinneMan "CJ"0051343952000Good size for trainingMy dog loves these and they're my training treats of choice. I've only tried the chicken flavor.

They're semi-moist, not messy, and pretty small. They're not scored, but can still be halved or quartered with a sharp knife or a long fingernail. Each piece has 3 calories. For med-small dogs, you can cut them down into really tiny bits and still make a dog happy. If you quarter them, you could give 20 rewards during training and only be adding 15 calories.

The bag has a reclosable seal, and you'll need it because they dry out and get hard and crumbly if left exposed. If I take some with me away from the house, I put precut treats in a snack-sized zip bag to keep them fresh.

They also come in a larger sized bag which is more economical.
336153336153B000BRR8VQA14V2UCF7H4SF9Libby on the Label0051343692800Great for trainingWe have tried a lot of different treats (Milo's kitchen meatballs, Train-Me treats, etc), all of which were great, but I have settled on Zuke's because they are already the right size for a small dog and seem to be made with not too many fillers. I have a 2 1/2 year old rescue who had a lot of 'tude for 11 lbs. We adopted her a year ago supposedly already house- and crate trained, but she was absolutely neither. Apart from great advice on, it takes a TON of treats to start training an adult dog from scratch. Of course we used plenty of things around the house (cut up string cheese, hard boiled eggs, stuffed frozen peanut butter in Kongs), but sometimes you don't have anything prepared and you have to crate the dog and get to work. She loves these treats and has proved a quick study. Happy treating!
336154336154B000BRR8VQA29B12EPXK9G5DScott R. Doherty0051343692800Great for Training !My Husky puppy LOVES these !! They are the perfect size for training. Even though they are small, I still usually cut them in half to get a longer training session.
336155336155B000BRR8VQA3FB6MERSC9343Westie0051343347200Picky EaterOur corgi puppy is a picky eater, but she loves these treats! They're soft and small enough that she can eat them easily even as a small pup. Great for training.
336156336156B000BRR8VQAEKHMLA308QUHAnna0051343001600Great treat for my puppyI bought the peanut butter flavored treats for my 9 week old Lab puppy and she LOVES them. They are perfect for training. She has learned 3 commands in one day with these treats. I was also very pleased to see that the first ingredient is peanut butter, not enriched flour.
336157336157B000BRR8VQAR32T3627EWQ0Jesse JJ0051342224000great treatThese are also a great treat to share with other dogs and is used as a training tool for my service dog
336158336158B000BRR8VQA4HDO00BC6C9XPerry "Drew"0041342137600peanut butter is the bestmy dog prefers the peanut butter ones. for some reason he really scarfs them all down, and i always buy him more. best price definetly on amazon.
336159336159B000BRR8VQA3I89JPBJB22B5Sandra E. Roldan0041341705600A Quality Dog SnackUsing Zuke's mini snack for my 6 1/2 month Siberian Husky has been fantastic. Before starting her on Obedience classes I was required to find something she really went for. I guess it was the trainer's way of making her training easier for her. This natural product has been amazing! It's chewy and savory and just right for my picky dog/pup. Except my pup prefers the beef flavor but thankfully she is now becoming a well-behaved dog.
336160336160B000BRR8VQA1IL1Z9LYTFRJBTodd R0051341619200Great Training TreatsMy dogs love these treats - especially the Chicken flavor. They are small, but I find them to be perfect for training. They are small, low in calories and of high quality so I don't feel bad about giving quite a few out when the dogs are working on learning new things or reinforcing good behavior. The price on Amazon is much better than my local vendor and delivery is always fast. Highly recommended.
336161336161B000BRR8VQA3R9XUPGNQBAYOJane's Place0051341446400Perfect Training TreatA trainer suggested these treats over a year ago and once I bought them I never when back to hotdogs. They are really easy to use and my dogs love them. When I trained our smaller dog, they were easy to break apart. Ever since I used them the first time I became a loyal Zuke's convert!
336162336162B000BRR8VQA1HJIBSSW1Q4EZDF0051340496000My dogs do a back flip for Zuke's!Well, not really...but they DO love them! I can motivate my pooches to do just about anything if a Zuke's Mini is at stake. Hmmm,I need my car washed. I wonder...
336163336163B000BRR8VQA22O7BPVVB87N4Laura and Galen0051340496000Perfect for trainingMy husband and I are vegetarians and we were looking for a treat we could use for our puppy's training sessions that wouldn't gross us out. We typically make our own peanut butter dog treats for our dogs, but they're too big and too crunchy to work for training. These moist mini peanut butter flavor treats are perfect! They don't gross us out and both our dogs (the puppy and our 2 year old dog) LOVE them and are highly motivated during training sessions.
336164336164B000BRR8VQA2VBEHY516FTPUV. Chao0051340409600I think they're bland, but my puppy loves themThe aroma of these treats is fantastic--there's a tantalizing meaty, smokey smell that wafts from the bag. And the texture of the treats are pleasingly soft and moist. Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed when I tried them. I think they are rather bland, and because they are coarsely ground there are hard bits of stuff in them, one of which got caught between my teeth. I think they could have used a little bit more salt. Also, they're a little small so it takes a lot to fill me up.

On the other hand, my puppy loves these things and they have been great motivators for teaching her tricks, so I guess they have that going for them.
336165336165B000BRR8VQA325E6EKYIIWJHJ. Bell0051340064000Zuke's Peanut Butter TreatsMy dogs love the Zuke's treats especially the Salmon and Peanut Butter. They work great for training purposes. They go nuts over them!!
336166336166B000BRR8VQA3S3L24L3MMDXRMaxwell I. Ginsburg "Dr. G"0041338768000dog loves 'emThese are definitely "MINI". I guess I wasn't really paying attention when I ordered them, bc it looks like hamster food. My dog still loves it. I usually grab a small handful and throw them in her bowl. She never complains. that being said, here is my review from another order from this dog treat line. It still applies to this product!
I try to stick to all natural products in my household. That goes double for my dog. she is a super mutt with a strong stomach, but that doesn't mean I want to take any chances. these seem like quality treats and she really enjoys them. I have purchased several flavors and she loves them all. will definitely buy them again.

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