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336181336181B000BRR8VQA2DIBUKVIL059NE. Sprague "Liz"0051336348800Did they change the recipe for these??? Rosemary and cherries?I have ordered these just a few times for our new puppy and recieved exactly the picture shown (the chicken flavor) but I just re-ordered a new bag and thought I was getting exactly what I had ordered previously but this one is slightly differt. They have added 'anti-oxidents' to the recipe so it has cherry, rosmary and some other things added. They are still the small round training treats and are still great (a little more calories at 3.5 per treat instead of 2) but I found it interesting that it wasn't as advertised by amazon. Do they still sell the old ones or has Zuke's just changed their items? FYI, I chose the '1 pound' option in the drop-down when I ordered.
I still give this 5 stars because I think they are the best treats out there for training, they are small, moist, stinky (that's good for dogs) and made with healthy quality ingredients. Just not sure if Zuke's changed them or if I was sent something slightly different by accient. I guess I will find out next time I try to order them!
336182336182B000BRR8VQAWOH6ZWM2TJ7JBradford Mallers "Bradford"0051336089600mini naturalsWow what a shocker they work great for training .. had them sitting. Right away..
Barking less too. Used clicker too.
336183336183B000BRR8VQA3D88OVTSRUIDHIvorySnowGirl0051336089600Nuts for these!!!We adopted a 10 month mix breed and needed to tap into his hunting breed's tendencies and these treats are the only reason our guy gets excited about training and hunting for treats.

We ordered a Kong Wobbler too and these treats are the perfect size and shape to put inside and keep him entertained for awhile. They're great for having on hand just as treats or as rewards while working on training. You can carry alot and it not be awkward.

He loves the chicken flavor and can't seem to get enough. I love the price for the size of the bag you get and they last a good while as long as you ration. Even though they are definitely "mini", each one has such a strong (not overwhelming) aroma and taste that just that little morsel is enough for our big guy. His nose knows.

I'm ordering more today and will continue to order as long as they're available. Just wish they were on auto delivery. We'd never want to run out. Any other treat just won't do. I highly recommend you at least try them. You and your pooch will be glad you did.
336184336184B000BRR8VQA23QZY9ZSSV9OZDiane Lim0051335830400My dog's new favorite treatI was looking for a small treat that was soft, wouldn't have to cut down to size, mostly protein and made in the US.

They are a one bite size. No cutting needed even for smaller dogs.
Dogs love. I haven't met one that doesn't like it. My dog is picky about treats.
They smell but like salmon, nothing offensive.
Low in calorie so you don't need to worry when training.

They dry out. I ended up storing them in an airtight container.

It's a treat my dog loves and it's not harming her and I don't have to deal with cutting it down. I wish I had these when we were doing puppy class and going through a ton of treats nightly.
336185336185B000BRR8VQA3B51EKUTW65MAA Hawkins0051335744000Perfect for TrainingMy dog loves these treats. They're perfect for training because they're relatively small but are high-value enough to the dog that he's willing to participate in training to receive them. They're relatively "healthy," compared with some other choices out there.
336186336186B000BRR8VQA37DAQSCVGC6E7polysigh0051335571200great product!I've been trying to be supportive of my local independent pet store but when I order this at the the same price that they charge for half as much, well... These are a healthy, great training treat. I halve or quarter them for my little 6 pounder and he loves them. With this size I should be set for a very long time.
336187336187B000BRR8VQA1CXED8DWXSWRPJimmy0051335571200Wonderful treats!I thought that these treats might be a little too small for my basset hound mix, but she loves them! They smell ridiculously strong which is a good thing since my dog knows she's getting a treat whenever I open the bag. I'm planning to try all the other flavors from this company! I tried them with a 3 mo beagle puppy and an adult German shepherd and they adored these too so I know they're great for all sizes.
336188336188B000BRR8VQA2C8YVY8HD6ALFEsther0051335484800Best treat for training!I've had my 5month old Malti-Poo for about 3 weeks; and being a first-time trainer, I was doubtful. I found these mini treats, and the bag had awesome reviews from a good amount of people. The treats weren't pricey at all, and I went ahead and bought them. My dog absolutely loves these. They're moist, small, and perfect for training. She listens so well when I bring these out, and she hasn't gotten tired of them at all. She's perfected two new tricks on top of repeating her old ones in just a matter of one day! The only negative I would say is that they do have a particular smell since they are very moist and natural. Overall, these treats are a huge success!
336189336189B000BRR8VQA2N5BJ1Z03D5VJAnnette Hernandez0051335398400Great treats for trainingMy dog loves these chicken flavored treats and they are small so you can give a lot while training. I keep a handful in a canvas pouch and they seem to keep well.
336190336190B000BRR8VQA2ENPQJN9TYLUEJenny0051335312000Great for trainingReasonably priced, healthy & all natural, low-calorie. They're small and easy to chew, so they are great for training sessions. They're also not too stinky or greasy, like lots of other dog treats, which makes the training sessions easier and less messy! And the best part - my dog adores them!!
336191336191B000BRR8VQA3ARVWLRF8WPPZLilly Miller0051335225600Zuke's Salmon, Chicken, and Rabbit work well for my picky dog!I've been using Zuke's Mini's for training since I first brought my girl home and she (surprisingly, for she's quite picky) still tolerates them and *sometimes* even seems to want to work for them. (Not having a food motivated dog SUCKS for training - I could literally be walking around with big macs in my pockets and it just wouldn't matter) They are low calorie and reasonably cheap (I can actually find them at some local stores cheaper than I can on Amazon, sometimes) as the bags tend to last a while. (I actually use kibble mixed with the treats when working with her, becuase I'm sneaky like that and she doesn't notice the difference once we get going)

Of course not all dogs work with all treats - and it SHOULD be noted that although these treats do not have a lot of the "bad" ingredients in them they still do have grains. (NO grain treats have a much different texture, either from being pure meat or using various ingredients as the "binder" necessary for treats like this)

This is the only type of treat we feed that has grains in it; almost everything else she eats is pure meat in various fashions. (lamb lung, water buffalo, venison, rabbit, etc)

If you have a dog with allergies you may want to try some of the grain-free options for training treats, like the mini lamb lungs or mini beef jerkies, etc. For our needs, though, these are perfect. \

I was SO psyched when I saw that they came out with the "rabbit" variety! I try to keep the variety going in her diet and she doesn't like the peanut butter kind so it was always down to alternating between chicken or salmon, both of which are very common proteins. I can't tell if she likes this kind more or not, but she's definitely eating them which is a good sign! They tend to be more expensive than the other variety so I don't buy them as often, but love including it in the mix!

One last thing I wanted to mention, my Mom has small dogs (tiny chihuahuas) and they can eat this size training treat with ease. However, I recently purchased the SMALL training treats for her (they are usually about 1/2 cal per treat) and she said that they are PERFECT for her sized dogs that she is constantly trying to diet. I don't believe they are made in that size by Zuke's but there are several brands out there that also use similar ingredients (no bad preservatives, no corn, by products, etc) that may work better for very small dogs.
336192336192B000BRR8VQA39QZSVEUY9UHXMJ0051335139200Great valueMy dog LOVES these treats. They tend to have a very strong fish oil smell. So if you are afraid of the fishy smell, don't get it. But I think my dog likes it because of the smell. These treats are really small in size. They are great for training. You can give your dog several of these without worrying about him over eating. Amazon's price was much more reasonable than any other retailer. You can buy a 1 pound bag on Amazon for almost the same price as a 6 ounce bag at other retailers. It's definitely worth it to buy a big bag if your dog eats them a lot.
336193336193B000BRR8VQA3FHKFWLE6A8PQS. Mangus "CR Shopper"0051335139200My Dogs Love These Treats!My dogs love these treats and give me that head snapping approval when I give them to them. (You know that quick head snap when they love something and want more :-) This is the best price I have found so I always order them from Amazon. I use them for training treats since they are small, but flavorful and not fattening for my dogs.
336194336194B000BRR8VQA2A6TRUPPYMXB3it's.a.southern.thing0051335052800Favorite Treats!I have a 10 month old weimaraner who is allergic to beef which makes finding treats a bit of a challenge. Luckily we found Zuke's right away! There is no beef, wheat, or corn in them. With their small size (about the size of a pencil eraser) and moist texture, they are the best for training and reinforcing good behavior. We've tried the chicken, peanut butter, and salmon flavors, and the salmon are definitely her favorite. Next up - I think I'll get the rabbit flavor for her to try!
336195336195B000BRR8VQA1UL64AZIAO2ECKaren Malandruccolo "LuvMax"0051334534400My dog says "Yummy"My dog absolutely loves these treats. Sometimes I offer him other treats and he may turn away from them but he never refuses these treats!
336196336196B000BRR8VQA2ZX3PFKOKXUGLRichard V. Abbott0051334102400Our Dog Loves ThemOur dog loves these treats, and since there are only 2 calories per treat, you don't have to worry about overfeeding.
336197336197B000BRR8VQA9HHQGTZV1P8DMrs. Spates "amayasmom2003"0031334016000Smells Aweful, but Jimmy Loves ItI can't stand the smell of this treat. They are very bite-sized (tiny little beads). I wouldn't mind them so much if they smelled a little better. As it stands I can't be near the opened bag without getting naseous. My daughter feeds him treats now.
336198336198B000BRR8VQA1D1782JK9GDNEthe guru "I live on amazon"0051334016000Yummy doggy dotsI didn't realize when i bought these that they were going to be so small, so as a treat for anything larger than a yorkie you might have to use a small handful of these. Great for my dog outside of the size because they are grain free and have no fillers which my dog is allergic to. They must taste good because the dog cant wait to get a treat after he walk outside.
336199336199B000BRR8VQA6B2T0D2SEXWUDanielle Wood "Danie"0051334016000Great yummy treat for my little onesI got a border collie puppy recently and have been working on training her. She's so smart so it's nice but she's tiny so most treats are kind of big for her. I didn't want her training treats to take her a bit to chew on. So these are great and trust me she goes BONKERS over them. I wash my hands after the training sessions because she goes crazy over the lingering smell too. I also have 2 cats and they both show up when the bag opens. They have PLENTY of their own treats but they love these yummy morsels. I'll be buying them the Zukes cat treats so they can enjoy them just as much
336200336200B000BRR8VQA2UHC59S38QKXYFrsShop0051334016000Zukes Mini Naturals - Healthy TreatsOur toy poodle loves these treats! We use them for training and for maintaining bathroom breaks outside. We use these smaller treated for "pee" rewards and larger ones of another brand for "poo" rewards. At first I thought this would be excessive, but when we tried to stop and she had a set back of accidents in the house we felt the rewards were a far better price to pay than messes in the house and punishing our dog. So this way everyone is happy. Since we give rewards several times daily we felt having all natural treats was a far better choice. We have trained our dog to lay down while we are eating so no more begging; to roll over; sit; and stay using these treats. Highly recommend!
336201336201B000BRR8VQA21ZRJE1AHHV35Katie0051333929600Zuke's Chicken-Flavored Mini Naturals Dog Treats, 16 OuncesMy dog loves Zukes Mini Natural Treats! treats. He expects them before he goes to sleep for the evening, and often looks for them when we just tell him he is as good boy. When we run out of them he actually pouts because now he expects them every day. What I like about these treats for our dog is that they are natural, no chemicals, and just the right size for our dog to chew (he is 28 lbs.). Also, some of the proceeds go toward Cancer Research for animals, which I am all for since we lost a Jack Russell to cancer at the age of 5 (Lymphoma). Very sad to see an animal suffer with Cancer, as with a human, and also to lose them, which is especially emotionally stressful. We will purchase Zukes as long as our dog loves them - and we know this will be for his life.
336202336202B000BRR8VQA3GX98R0PTDVMNJD0051333843200zukes treatsMy dogs love these treats, because they are so small a bag lasts a long time. It's a great value for the price.
336203336203B000BRR8VQA1GE2Q2WR6G9Gtech geek0051333497600These are amazing treats and a great valueBoth of my mixed terrier dogs prefer this treat above all others. One of my dogs whines and scratches at the cabinet where these are stored wanting some!
336204336204B000BRR8VQA2ASPZEBHAWVY8W. "0051333411200
336205336205B000BRR8VQA2O9N82I49GZ4PC. Opal0051333324800Great ProductGreat product at a great price. My dog has many food allergies and sensitivities, so it is great to find such a healthy treat that he loves! They were also a very good price.
336206336206B000BRR8VQADDYJ6VG5E72NC Elias0051333152000Treats for dog trainingDefinitely great for dog training - if you want to have a well behaved dog then giving them treats helps them learn so easily - just like with kids....! If you need dog training tips that are easy to read and learn check out - Dog Training Advice and Tips: Discover 28 of the Most Essential Dog Training Tips and Puppy Training Tips - Learn Dog Obedience Training commands and How to Handle Dog Behavior Problems
336207336207B000BRR8VQA2TES5QMEIP1OKWhitney S.0051332806400Dog will learn how to skydive for these!My 10 week old learned out to sit, rollover, shake, and open a beer in 20 minutes with these. Kidding on that part but he actually was attentive to his owner knowing that he would get this treat. Definitely well for training, especially being all natural and only 2 cals each! We have the lamb jerky as well, that he may enjoy even more (if possible) however it's not a treat for training due to the size and texture but I recommend those as well. We start obedience class next week so hopefully they don't lost their magic :)
336208336208B000BRR8VQA3NBTQG1MCKT63RobStringG0051332806400My Dogs LOVEEEEEE theseCan't beat Amazon prices! They treats are GREAT for training! Small and great to keep in a little tote while you are training your puppies. Small enough that I can give them a bunch.

My only complaint is that they STINK! But, I guess that's why the dogs love them!

Would highly recommend!
336209336209B000BRR8VQAQ5UF43JAZQOBSang Yi Choung "cindy_c"0051332720000Perfect for trainingThese look and smell pretty tasty, no wonder my dog loves them. These are perfect for obedience training because you can hold a lot in your hand. One thing though is that they dry up pretty quickly--but my dog doesn't seem to mind! She's had both the salmon and the chicken, but she seems to prefer the salmon.
336210336210B000BRR8VQA324A43N1MU8PYJennifer Hnatko0051332633600Perfect training treatsMy beagle-daschund Pixel needed a lot of re-training when I got her, as her previous "owner" had neglected her for several months. The Zuke's Mini Naturals Dog Treats were perfect for use in training, because they're small, low-calorie, and healthy, so I didn't feel like I was over-feeding her by using them throughout the day.

Despite the fact that Pixel had a very sensitive stomach when I first got her, these treats never made her sick (her previous "owner" had not fed her regularly, she was underweight, and the food she had gotten was of poor quality, so for several weeks after I got her, most foods made her sick).

I still use these treats, as they're made from good, simple ingredients, they're free of wheat/corn/soy, and they're low-calorie. Plus, Pixel loves them!

A tip for using these tiny treats: I fill a plastic medicine bottle with these treats (they're small, and about 15 will fit in the container), and keep it in my jacket pocket to use while on walks.

I also filled a medicine bottle with these and I keep it in the car, which has been useful in two ways. First, it's nice to have a treat for Pixel when she goes in the car. Second, while driving I have encountered my neighbor's escaped dog twice in the past few months, and having treats with me makes it much easier to catch her and return her to her home!

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