Amazon Fine Food Reviews

336211336211B000BRR8VQARGRQI4FX0IW8Wendy "Wendy"0051332374400I LOVE THESE AND SO DOES MY PUPPY!I love how small and healthy/low cal these are, and my puppy loves them too!

Great for training and also to put inside any chew toys!

I love the peanut butter ones the most since that is my puppies favorite!

This is a great buy for anyone looking for a nice small dog treat!
336212336212B000BRR8VQA3NN93FJ4C0H2EC. E. Stevenson0051332374400Perfect for TrainingI like these treats for training my dog. When I am working with her on a particular task, I like that they are small so I can give her more. You can keep several in your pocket and there's no "greasy" pieces or crumbs. My experience so far is A+. My dog responds really well to the treats and they are easy to carry around.
336213336213B000BRR8VQA3M6ZL6134HIGNKAREN KAREN "JOURNEY OF GRACE"0051332374400GREAT NATURAL PRODUCT FOR DOGSI usually do well when I order Zuke's dog treats. They are natural without a lot of unnecessary ingredients. My 2 dogs love these, and they are the perfect size for training and using as rewards. They are small enough that it is enticing to my dogs and they want to do more to earn another one.
336214336214B000BRR8VQA2CE64QMUII0VBSandraNC0051332115200Puppy Loves Them!We got a new puppy and wanted to give him a healthy treat for training...these are perfect! They are tiny enough so that you can repeat the training procedure and not give him too much. They are also very soft and moist so his tiny teeth can handle them!
336215336215B000BRR8VQA3AZ8ZRNK2SS07XBOY20000051331942400Yummy Treats!Well, according to our 12 week old Miniature Dachshund anyway! These are perfect for her because they are small and chewy. We give one for #1 and 2 for #2 on her training pad. The only problem is now she returns to relieve herself of a couple drops at a time in an effort to get more! We highly recommend these tasty little treats!
336216336216B000BRR8VQAVGBH19008VEQLorena A0051331856000Cheap and Tasty!I used to give my 7 month Lab mix puppy Blue Buffalo Bits but I stopped because of the price and this resulted to be a great substitute! These are a whole lot cheaper - I paid about $7 for a 1lb bag of treats and my puppy enjoys them. They are a little "greasy" but that's expected since they are 'moist'. I usually train my puppy with a mix of kibble, biscuits and cut up greenies and this is a great addition to the mix.
336217336217B000BRR8VQA1I9HCI5ZJFHMUJacksmom0051331769600mini naturalsMy dog loves these. They are very small pieces so I think that is why my fifteen pound dog loves them so much
336218336218B000BRR8VQASPRCW4L6XVEQC. Bonds "CB"0051331683200My dogs love them!I have two puppies-a mini doxie and a toy poodle. They go crazy over these. I love that they are low calorie and are made with healthy ingredients.
336219336219B000BRR8VQA1GTPMXIWG4MILAbaco Rae0051331683200Zuke's Chicken Flavored Mini Naturals Dog treatsOur dog and all the dogs in the neighborhood love the Zuke's chicken flavored mini treats. The treats are small enough to be able to give frequently to reward good behavior and for training. The price and delivery from the link below is outstanding!Zuke's Chicken-Flavored Mini Naturals Dog Treats, 16 Ounces
336220336220B000BRR8VQA10L2PCNJ0V0J2Quilter Lou0051331683200fantastic and half the price as in the storemy puppy loves this treat. we actually quarter them and a bag this size lasts a very long time. for us, it's a perfect training treat.
some dogs like them, some don't- but when the stores in the area are selling this at more than double the price AND our dog is nutty for them... it's a no brainer.
336221336221B000BRR8VQA28GCU940L1BD9Kimberley M. Medeiros "kmm808"0051331596800Perfect for puppy training class!! She loves it!!My 8 month old golden retriever is surprisingly very picky about food. Our training class uses positive reinforcement with treats and lots of them. The last class, I ran out of hot dogs, and my puppy decided she didn't like bologna, or cheese anymore (which was all I had left) and was over it! She lost interest in training for the day after that.
I got home and decided to look for a really enticing treat that she will love and I found these on Amazon and for a great price too! She LOVES it and it's small enough and plentiful enough that a bag should last me at least a few weeks or longer of training.
336222336222B000BRR8VQA1TXG8B4LQV6JPJillian R. White "ExaminerJill"0051331510400They smell soooo yummy!My dogs love these and they smell so good I have been tempted to try them!!! I bought the chicken variety. They are way small so great for training purposes so that you don't overfeed your dog in the process of teaching him good behaviors. Plus, they are natural so must be good for the doggies. I will definitely order them again when we run out. Shipping wasn't the speediest on this item which I found strange because I have the Amazon prime 2 day shipping. Not super slow, but it was longer than a week before I got them so I had to buy some others to use in the meantime. Maybe it got lost in the mail, not sure. One of my dogs will not stop begging for these when he sees I have the treat pouch!
336223336223B000BRR8VQA2KHQG1A7CII33Shayla0051331164800Great training treatPerfect training treat for our lab. He loves them and they are tiny so I don't worry about over feeding him.
336224336224B000BRR8VQA2K3OKH6VK6P5Ferminio "Total Nut"0051331078400a stinky teat my Bella lovesthey are tiny and stinky but my Bella just loves them. she will do anything for them, sit, lay jump play dead and she is only ten weeks old. in fact I put them in a glass candie jar and when she sees me reach into it she starts her tricks before i even ask. try a small bag they are great for training
336225336225B000BRR8VQA1MK4R1AKCCYYOSam J0041330992000Dog loves them!My dog loves these stupid, nasty smelling treats! We order the chicken flavored ones and she eats them right up, and they are small enough that they are a good training treat for her. (She is Maltese/poodle mix) Like I said, they do smell nasty, so I try to hold my breath when I open the bag.
336226336226B000BRR8VQA31FYZK04YNOJ5P. Sorornejad0041330560000Brody Loves These!I am all about providing my puppy (6mo. shihpoo) all natural treats in moderation. After signing up for a puppy class and him learning some things, I am making sure to reward him when he listens and obeys commands. After a while you realize that your choice of treats becomes very important to keep him happy and healty. I saw this had high reviews here so I decided to give them a show. He really likes them! They are nice and small so he can easily chew and swallow them, and the bag is huge! I am used to buying the Blue Buffalo treats so this seems to be a bit more bang for the buck :) The only "con" is that they really are smelly (chicken flavor). Not sure about the other flavors but they smell like a bottle of vitamins.
336227336227B000BRR8VQA692NSLIMLEAASarahbelle0041330473600Great treats!!Our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel loves these treats! We purchased soft milk bones to help her with her training but we have to break them up every time we want to praise her. There are the perfect size and I don't feel too bad for giving her a couple at a time. We haven't really started training her but giving them to her every time she goes potty outside rather than inside is working out great. Glad I got the 1 lb bag too because she is going to go threw them. Oh, my cat even likes them....
336228336228B000BRR8VQA3ERFG42O010TRESR0051330387200My Great Dane LOVES them!I'm click-training our male great dane, and he can easily lose his appetite when he feels stress or anxious (...which can make him difficult to keep his focus when doing click training). I've tried a bunch of other natural treats and none of them he has liked as much as these! I had his full attention and he didn't lose his appetite and refuse the treats at all!
336229336229B000BRR8VQA3AZI828WJN1CDBecky (beckygardens)0051330300800Terrific treatsIzzy, our rescue Mini Schnauzer, has tummy issues. We've had to go to a sensitive stomach dog food, and be very careful with what we feed her for snacks and treats. We've been looking for treats she'll like, with ingredients she can have, and made in the United States. With Zuke's we get it all.

We also have to limit how much treat she can get in a day, but with the small size of these treats, about the size of pencil eraser tips, so we can give her 3 or 4 and use them as rewards when training.

She loves the salmon flavor, and while I can smell they are salmon, they don't stink and my hands aren't gross after giving Izzy her treats. So far we have hadn't any bad reactions and she enjoys getting a yummy treat, she doesn't have to know it's good for her too!
336230336230B000BRR8VQACTZED7G1G859Amanda H0031329868800Eh.I wanted my pup to love these. He is a 11 week old Yorkshire Terrier and he doesn't seem too interested in them...Maybe he will when he a bit older? I dk...I mean, the product itself seems great...but my pup just doesn't like em'!
336231336231B000BRR8VQA2DDKFU4NDJ15Ksao0051329782400Dog loves themI got these as a gift from a friend when I brought home my 8 month olg Weimaramer and he loves them we use them when we go to puppy class. The only drawback is they have a stronge smell. That is part of the reason I think he likes them so much.
336232336232B000BRR8VQA371GE1YA17KB1Aisla0051329782400dog treatssmall size makes these great for either treats or training -- I recommend them to my dog obedience classes as an ideal size. Most importantly, the dogs LOVE them!
336233336233B000BRR8VQA1YS4ZYEL0K3G1The Mouse "Cathy"0051329436800My dog loves theseMy dog has a very sensitive tummy, but I use these for training all the time and they don't bother him. The price is great. MUCH less than from the local pet store.
336234336234B000BRR8VQA5OX7MY6OBOP3momo0051329436800Great Training TreatsLove these soft treats! Great size to use during training. My dog loves all of the flavors they have to offer.
336235336235B000BRR8VQA1BDBU7U5F3CUQJP0041328832000Perfect for puppy trainingSmall and soft enough for a quick reward when training my puppy. It doesn't hurt that she also loves them. They do smell strong but nothing worse than typical dog food, plus the odor keeps her attention. The only downside (if you would call it that) is that they are a little on the "oily" side. Just a tad but enough to keep a lingering smell if you don't wash your hands right away, which I would do any way so really is no big deal.
336236336236B000BRR8VQAWUFRNOVR164ENeal0051328832000Darn Good StuffI bought these over a year ago on the recommendation of a dog trainer. I had tried several others, all of which were OK. These are the most strong-smelling and apparently tasting treats I have ever seen, and our Lab really responded to them. You do have to keep them in a sealed container or they will dry out. They are a bit expensive compared to some others, but I found that I could cut them in half and get the same effect when using for training (and save a few bucks).
336237336237B000BRR8VQA2CMZ6H7XZ2O9VSuede0051328745600perfect!These are the perfect treats for training. My dog loves them and because they are moist and so tiny I don't feel bad about giving him multiple treats for completing tricks or good behavior. It is so convenient not having to break treats up into tiny pieces and you really get a lot for your money. These last me quite awhile and the resealable bag helps to keep them fresh. I would highly recommend this treats!
336238336238B000BRR8VQAH8LU09UAUGA6gamer2k130051328140800Great training treat, puppy LOVES them!!Zukes is a treat my puppy loves and is good for her. I bought the salmon flavor and the 1 lbs. package lasts a long time which makes it a great value. You can buy the 16 ounce package on amazon with prime for about the same amount as the 8 ounce package in a pet store! Thanks Amazon!!
336239336239B000BRR8VQA3NOS22H78I2O3Mieu0051328140800Little doggie attention magnets!I am a trainer at a local no-kill shelter. I work with all different types and temperaments of dog, and the only common denominator is that I need their undivided attention and a reward they'll do almost anything for. Plus, being a wide population, I needed something with a simple ingredient list (so as to avoid digestive issues). THIS IS THE TREAT! I am a huge fan of Zuke's already, but was dubious as to whether or not one type of treat would suit the tastes of so many different dogs. The chicken flavor has yet to fail me.

Low-calorie, a universally appealing flavor and the perfect training size. Bonus for trainers: they don't smell half bad! However, their scent is still strong enough to work as a puzzle toy filler, a Kong filling, for tracking or scent games or to just grab focus from an enticing squirrel. ;)

Even previously feral and non-treat-motivated dogs seem quite happy that I bring these. Highly recommend.
336240336240B000BRR8VQA3UCHPLO3XEAXEAngela282851348185600love the natural ingredients!I only feed my dog organic products treats and I love the ingredients in these treats. Even better, my dogs love them too. They are small and perfect for training. Although I think they smell repulsive my labs cannot get enough of them. They will harden over time, they are super-moist to begin with. But I have found that they stay fresh much longer if you keep them in the refrigerator

I also recommend the american chicken jerky that comes with the skin and coat optimizer, K9 Showstopper (Unflavored) 4 Lbs. + Free American Chicken Jerky - 3 Oz.. Another favorite in this household, they go crazy when they see the bag. The jerky does come in much bigger pieces but they are easy to break into two, which I usually do and share half with each dog. Now if I only watched my own diet as much as I did my dogs, I may actually get somewhere, lol.

One thing is for sure, Amazon definitely has the best prices for pet treats and supplies. I've seen these products at the store marked up almost double! Cannot say that about everything Amazon carries but for these categories they seem to have cornered the market.

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