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336301336301B000BRR8VQA3TLM382LDT6QYChrissy "Chrissy"0051314748800Chicken Dog TreatsBoth of my dogs love these treats and go crazy over them. I feel good that I'm giving them something that is healthy too .
336302336302B000BRR8VQA32SN969YKJILLiCON686 "tech for life"0051314662400Mini chicken flavored treatsMy german shorthaired pointer, Tim loves pretty much anything that has chicken in it and these treats are his new favorite. Small size makes them great for any training reenforcement. Plus you get a lot more when price compared to blue buffalo treats.
336303336303B000BRR8VQA3973IEP8BZIXMM. Parsons0051314576000training treatsBailey love these. They are small and easy to break apart for small rewards in training.Bag closes easily to keep moist.
336304336304B000BRR8VQA1COSZMOI965TQAL DENTE0051314316800A great treat that's made in the U.S.A.I am new to dog training but I learned real quick that they will respond much better if they love the treats. Our dog really loves these and they are just the right size for training.The main reason I tried this brand is because it is MADE IN AMERICA. Almost everything else is made in China, and you know their history of using toxic ingredients just to cut expenses. The price is not bad either.
336306336306B000BRR8VQA2SJF0JUDFY0XQRyan K0021313798400Puppy doesn't likeFor whatever reason, my puppy is not interested in these treats. I thought they would be perfect for training based on their size, but my beagle mix wants nothing to do with them.
336307336307B000BRR8VQA6AJU4FHY1H81Jackie0051313798400Great for food puzzlesI had some trouble finding kibble sized dog treats, I had been breaking up smaller ones. I needed a smaller size to work with my dog's food puzzle since he won't use it if it only has plain kibble in it. These are great! About the size of a pencil eraser or a green pea. My bag says that each treat is 3 calories, not 2 as it says in the description, just an FYI. The salmon ones stink pretty bad, but dogs love stinky treats. They are kinda moist and squashy so I wouldn't put them in my pocket. They also turn the feces black. Kinda gross. But poodle really likes these so I bought him 2 bags. For the price and usefulness, they can't be beat!
336308336308B000BRR8VQA1L3P8DQIXACKFTiger CK0051313798400Excellent Dog TreatRight now, "Mini Naturals" are the only treat that I give to my dog. I prefer them for several reasons:

1) Ingredients: When you buy any food or treat for your dog, it is always important to look at the ingredients and the first ingredient especially. The first ingredient in the chicken flavored mini naturals is chicken. In a lot of other treats it is something less nutritious like sugar or corn meal.

2) Calories: I have a dog that gains weight easily. Each mini natural has only 3 calories. Many other treats have 15. My dog has lost a little weight since I switched from the other treats I was using to mini naturals. Although the treats are small in size, they are large and tasty enough to get my dog to do what I want him to do (most of the time).

3) Flavor: My dog seems to like the chicken flavor the most. He will eat the others but definitely seems to notice the difference and have a preference for chicken. They all look the same to us but maybe not to our dogs.

4) Buying on Amazon: I have been buying mine at a health pet food store. But I was pleased to notice that it is actually a better deal to buy them on Amazon. I will be doing this in the future.
336309336309B000BRR8VQA22BJNUV7KTOGGAbby0051313452800Great treats!My dog loves these! I really like the tiny size of them which make them perfect for training. We will definitely be trying other Zuke's treats too!
336310336310B000BRR8VQA28ZIP2IID9LZTsheltiemom0051313366400Great ProductI use these for training my sheltie puppy,and he loves them. They are a great size, small enough to use for training and I even break them into smaller bits because he's so small. He loves both the peanut butter and salmon.
336311336311B000BRR8VQA1MP8Z3WQ1DD5AKristofer L. Takach0051312502400Can't go wrongI have bought all three for my puppy and he loves them all. He will do anything for this snack and they are good for him too. His coat is nice and shiny and he is not overweight which is amazing due to the amount of treats i give my dog. And the price on amazon is dynomite.
336312336312B000BRR8VQA3M7LBFU4FDGG6immacoconut0051312329600Great treats for training!I have a husky and terrier/schnauzer mix. The terrier/schnauzer isn't picky but he definitely LOVES these and was more motivated to do tricks and listen. The husky is a stubborn girl but for these she willingly does all tricks I ask/teach. i ordered the salmon and they loved it. I don't know why others complain about the smell its not horrible and nothing other than what I would expect for moist salmon treats, c'mon! I will be trying the peanut butter next.
336313336313B000BRR8VQA3CR6VST61DMKAM. Sanford0051312329600Great Dog Training TreatThese are a perfect size and texture for dog training. They are small, soft, and easy to deliver at just the right moment as a reward for a job well done. Not only that, dogs love them. A real deal to buy from Amazon especially several bags at a time so you get free shipping.
336314336314B000BRR8VQAGJ49GGLOM011Carma0051312243200Go to treatThis is a household staple for our dear dog who loves the taste. These treats are moist and firm enough for a few chews. They will dry if left in the open, which is why we have a vacuum sealed container to put them in. The size is perfect-- it really is the size of a pencil eraser. We usually get the salmon because the smell is irresistible to our dog. When I have them around, a whiff and a look from me and our dog is sitting & staying for a treat. We also stuff a kong with it sometimes. We have 2 more bags around just so that we don't run out. We tried the peanut butter, it was great too but we keep coming back to salmon.
336315336315B000BRR8VQA5AJ3PYIU7WL3L. Roth0051312156800Best price on zukesZukes are great training treats because they are small and quickly consumed so you can continue what you're working on. I've shopped everywhere for them and Amazon is the best price I've found so we order them frequently.
336316336316B000BRR8VQA243R9FIS4OAV1M. Price "Sorrybum"0051311984000Scrumptuous Special Training TreatIn my (unpaid) opinion, Zukes products are great. They're tasty, natural, and good for my dogs. I feel like I can trust Zukes, because they seem to have my dogs' health foremost in-mind. This products is especially good for training, because my dogs love them and seem to pay closer attention to my commands.
336317336317B000BRR8VQAMRKHBCFCK1UTScatterbrained music teacher "scatterbrained ...0051311552000Great for training!These are softer treats, and small. But I love them because I can cut them down even smaller for training our puppy so they last a lot longer. If we keep them sealed, they stay soft. Don't leave them open. I usually put several in a smaller container and keep the big bag sealed.
336318336318B000BRR8VQAOLVVF0OMG6Y0A. Bills0051311033600Great for Training my PuppyI have a German shorthaired pointer puppy who is very difficult to walk. These treats have been very helpful. I keep a handful in my pocket and give him one every time he sits and stays. I like that they're small and easy to carry. Plus, he loves them. I also bought the salmon cat treats and they're a hit with my cats.
336319336319B000BRR8VQAK6I3SS7BMWCPMelissa M Bradford0051310860800Puppy loveMy puppy really loves these in peanut butter flavor! She is very tiny ( about 5 lbs) so I cut them in half and use them as training treats. The only downer is they dry out if you forget to seal the bag like I do.
336320336320B000BRR8VQA3GXDMZHD1LQ3CAdele "K."0041310774400My dog loves these!Was a great deal when I first bought it for $5 or so. My dog loves these treats. Serve as great training tools.
336321336321B000BRR8VQA228QMB5H7SMZWcold feet "cold feet"0051310601600semi-moist, tiny training treatsWin-win solution for training treats when I forgot to make a new batch. These are semi-moist so the dog doesn't have to chew them, and he loves them so they do make working worth it for our dog.
336322336322B000BRR8VQA2XNE3VLL6WLQJjust_do_it_28 "just_do_it_28"0051310515200My dogs LOVE these treats!Both my dogs love these treats. They are small and perfect for training, or when you don't want treats to fill them up. Unlike what reviewers have said about the salmon flavor, the peanut butter does not seem to have a strong odor at all. I keep the bag sealed and have had no difficulty with the treats drying out. You can't go wrong with these. I'm ordering more just in case they stop making them!
336323336323B000BRR8VQALH25CY4HVWSTMel-mo0041310169600Great price for a good solid training size treat for allergic dogsThere are other treats that my dogs would do anything for... but I'm too busy to make them boiled chicken bits all the time. And I can't feed them bits of last nights steak since my poor minature pinscher is allergic to everthing.

But with Zukes... he avoids wheat, corn, beef, milk, oats, all other sneaky grains/fillers/etc and he only gets the good stuff that he deserves and that his poor skin/coat can handle!

And don't get me wrong... they will do plenty to get these little bites of good stuff, which is great because when I do have fresh meat for them to eat they tend to get too excited trying to get at it to hold a sit for long enough to deserve a treat!
336324336324B000BRR8VQA134M8GHW35L42Tomboy Chic "SJ"0031309651200good treats but dog did not like them muchMy dog liked the smell of these at first and got really excited, but she got bored after just a couple of these treats. I had to use them as filler treats during training to get rid of them. I will not buy these again, since she doesn't like them, but the treats themselves are good, healthy and low-calorie.
336325336325B000BRR8VQA2AZHR75IHDEZPPaisleypoos0021309564800Dog doesn't like themMy maltipoo is pretty picky with food and treats and she absolutely hates these treats. I've tried offering them to her and she won't eat it. I tried putting them in her food and she'll just pick around it. I've only tried peanut butter and salmon. I bought all three flavors. I plan on trying the chicken one soon to see if she likes that one, but I don't think it'll win her over
336326336326B000BRR8VQA3BRHLU8KAQTVOdccb0041309046400GREAT TREATS!!I purchased Zuke's mini naturals in the Chicken flavor based on all the amazing reviews I had read on Not only I was so pleased with thisproduct, so was my lil 4 months old lab pup! My husband and I used these mini treats for training and rewarding. The product was a great value as well. Just because each individual treat was so tiny and there were so many of them in one would've lasted a lot longer...if my mischeivious pupppy didn't get into the bag when my husband and I were gone...Yes, he loved these treats SO much, maybe too much that he ATE the ENTIRE BAG!!!! I was really concerned at first when we found out he had eaten almost a full bag (I bought the 1 lb bag about 2 weeks ago, so it wasn't completed full but there were still A TON of left in the bag). But, I was a little bit relieved knowing at least this product was made out of all natural and high quality ingredients. The only reason I didn't give it a 5 start was although the treats were made out of all natural and high quality ingredients, the smell was AWEFUL! My husband wouldn't even reach into the bag to get the treats...and after I gave these treats to my puppy, I had to wash my hands to get the smell off. That was my only complain about this product, otherwise, AWESOME product! I didn't plan on purchasing another 1 pound bag that soon but since my pup ate em all, I'll have to buy it AGAIN!
336327336327B000BRR8VQABU47QU0EXKBJLinda "Linda"0051309046400Zuke's mini treatsThese are an excellent treat for training as they are nice and small. My chihuahuas will turn their noses up at most dog biscuits but love these. They are a softer treat so wouldn't give any crunch factor. I have been buying these for a long time but the price is much better here on Amazon than at my pet store.
336328336328B000BRR8VQAN6TF53142B1XAlfred Monterrubio0041308873600Dog Approved...OwnerMy dog loves these treats! I like to split them into 4 pieces to maximize my dog's love. She'll do anything for these treats.
336329336329B000BRR8VQA1M5E5ZJUCBJ1US. Caldwell0051308787200Favorite Treat of my DogsMy Bichon has several allergies, many of them to food. It's very difficult to find treats that don't have animal product ingredients. I finally found these and fortunately, both of my dogs love them. S Caldwell

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336330336330B000BRR8VQA2S7U1E8O3W56HMeghan Dressel0051308614400My dog loves these!My 7 month old golden retriever enjoys these treats! They have helped with training and she basically inhales these when I give them to her.

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