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336331336331B000BRR8VQAXOG7RFIYU6LZCosmo "SAln"0051308096000Our dog loves these!These little treats are excellent for training. We have a small 7lb Shorkie (Shih Tzu/Yorkie mix) and he loves these things. I have been able to teach him tricks and have him obey commands by using these treats. They are one of the better treats out there for dogs as they do not contain corn. The treats are very easy to break in half also for smaller servings. They have other flavors as well, Salmon & Peanut butter but our dog seems to love the chicken ones. We also put these in a food cube and make our dog work for them as well. I definitely would recommend these.
336332336332B000BRR8VQA36K6F9DGRB8LZLizzy Lizard "Liz"0051308096000Doggy delightThese are truly moist and apparently tasty. They get immediate attention from my golden mix. They have stayed moist after a couple of weeks also.
336333336333B000BRR8VQA1OFIQMDMBCY0WAWW0041307923200What a deal!I purchased the Zuke's mini salmon treats from other pet stores before. They come in 6 oz. bag for almost $6. I can't believe when I found the 1 lb. bag for $9 on Amazon and I ordered it as my Shih Tzu loves these salmon treats. We used them to train her. It uses all natural ingredients which is very important to us. However, it can be kind of smelly since it is made of fish(salmon).
336334336334B000BRR8VQAF6BD8P8O3EY3BigBlue0051307577600AWESOME!!!I didn't expect to get so many treats!!! They're small but perfect for training, and my dog loves them! She already learned how to roll over and play dead with these treats. Definitely worth the price. Buy the 1 pound, peanut butter bag, and your dog will love you!
336335336335B000BRR8VQATDN0PXAXJSD8C. Allred0051307404800Great Product for Training Your Dog-- Great PriceBought these treats to use when training my dog and they have worked perfectly. The treats are small, low-calorie and can be broken into even smaller pieces. They have a very strong odor, when makes them impossible for my dog to resist and an excellent reward for obedience training. I highly recommend these treats. **You should note that these treats will dry out quickly if you carry them in your pocket or leave them lying out. They need to be keep in a container or baggie when you carry them so they will stay moist.
336340336340B000BRR8VQA27OIMNZG7HK39EMM "Spore killed my dreams and then some"0051305244800Cost effective trainingGreat treats for dogs- he will work hard to earn these even after I cut them into smaller pieces so I can continuously reward his efforts when I am teaching him new tricks, enforcing commands or encouraging him to walk at my side.
336336336336B000BRR8VQAJG3NPVWJBK0RC. Chandler0051307318400mighty and tinyMy lab / shepherd puppy mix loves these treats and they are small enough to practice many tricks before she gets full.
336341336341B000BRR8VQA2M8L457QZLZY8laurs books0051305244800Needed small treats for trainingThis have a strong smell and my dogs love them. My one dog is very treat motivated so I wanted some small treats to give to her so she didn't eat so much. These are the best value for the size of the bag and all the dogs I have shared them with at home and the dog park have loved them.
336342336342B000BRR8VQA3LTMOK0JARRERAliesha Shepherd0051304553600Natural goodness!I love that these are not only a very tasty treat for my dog, but also good for him, which I am all about!
336343336343B000BRR8VQA25LFBQV6QPJ3JDog Lover0051304467200Zuke'sZuke's is a great natural mini treat. They are the perfect size for training. Since they are a soft treat, you can easily break them into smaller pieces if you want. (Our trainer uses them in class, too.) So far, has the most reasonable price!
336344336344B000BRR8VQAZ26CDSJ363AHnycgirl "nycgirl"0021304294400not for spoiled/finicky dogs who prefer stella and chewysas a new dog owner, i made the mistake of feeding my dog super-premium, filler-free raw food and treats from stella and chewys since she was a pup. But because of the high price of Stella and Chewys, i switched to the Zukes mini chicken treats. My mini dachshund turned her nose up at the treats, over and over. Even with nothing else to eat in the home, she actually preferred gnawing on her deer antler over the Zuke's.

i'm not saying that these treats are bad at all---but it may be a waste of money for overindulged dogs with "caviar tastes" that have been spoiled by their owners (especially small companion dogs).
336345336345B000BRR8VQA1V1EP514B5H7Yasiana0031303948800Gave my dog gas,My dog seemed to like these, but not as much as other snacks he's been given. And, I definitely didn't enjoy smelling the gas which was emitted after he ate these.
336346336346B000BRR8VQA15LCFXMSGMGI0Mickey0051303344000Yummy Peanut Butter TreatsMy dogs love the peanut butter treats. After they eat the ones I have given them, they look around for more. I have been giving my dogs these for years and they are by far their favorite treat. Even my dog who is blind can find them when I put them down and looks up at me for more.
336347336347B000BRR8VQAM9BJ1HWLGTDLBrandan0051303257600Great size ,ingredients , and qualityI have been using Zuke's treats for years now. We probably use 1.5lbs per month with the large amount of training we do, perfect size for training.
336348336348B000BRR8VQA1KAZ8BU8HDLWCjlv0051303171200Great for my toy fox terrierThese treats are great training treats for my 12 lb toy fox terrier. I even normally cut them in half. she loves them! I mainly get the chicken and PB flavors. the salmon one seems to have too strong a scent to it that I don't care for. They arent' messy or crumbly, and since my dog loves soft chewy treats, they are pefect for her.
336349336349B000BRR8VQA1NC7VTYVYSEXRLinda Nguyen0051303171200Great for trainingI have a 10 month old Boston Terrier and I use these treats when we go to puppy class and when we do exercises at home. He absolutely loves them and they are the perfect size for training. And since they are only 2 calories each, I don't feel too bad about giving him a handful. My only complaints are that they are kind of stinky (probably because of the fish oil) but it's nothing unbearable, and that because they are moist treats, they can dry out easily if you forget to seal the bag completely. Other than that, we both love these treats and I would recommend them to anyone.
336337336337B000BRR8VQA3D7ZMAAU24H55Spiffy0051305849600Dog treatsMy dogs go crazy for these treats. Zuk'es Mini Naturals Dog Treats are the only treats I order for my dogs. All natural and small enough to train your dog, if needed. Just perfect!
336338336338B000BRR8VQA1Y1ZEAVQPTCR7Dennis Harris0031305763200Don't hold Dog's attention, GasI bought the chicken flavored treats for my dog. She'd eat them if I handed them to her, but they definitely weren't good enough for her to come running to me on a recall. That makes them kind of useless as training treats, which they're perfectly sized for.

She also got serious gas from these treats.. which suggests they're probably lower quality food. Maybe your dog will like them, but if he/she's picky, don't bother.

I just buy franks at the store and cut them up small. It's cheaper by far, and I can eat them as well. I usually microwave them long enough on high so they dry up, then they make perfect treats that don't make your hands sticky, but my dog likes them fresh a little better. Just a heads up.
336339336339B000BRR8VQA2OAGPCQ39Z08TMK-480031305504000My Yorkie doesn't like itMy 8-year-old Yorkie doesn't like it... he only eats when he is hungry.
I rate it as 3-star since my dog still eats it.
336350336350B000BRR8VQAXH2V7V2QP61ME. L. Jenkins213051238025600The perfect treatMy two ECS eat salmon dog food and it's hard to find a salmon treat and one that is affordable when you do find them. These are PERFECT for agility, obedience, conformation-- you name it. They do smell strong of Salmon (which, my boys love) and like the other reviewer, they will dry out pretty quickly if not kept sealed. That being said, my boys will not hesitate to eat them if they do get dried out from leaving them in the bait bag. At the 4-for-3 promotion price, you can't go wrong!
336351336351B000BRR8VQAZOCULM8WEV27Sweetone81151300406400Best Treats for my Yorkie/Maltese Length:: 0:42 Mins

336352336352B000BRR8VQA383XURHVF8ON6Mrs. Kilo Delta142051214006400My sheltie love these treats (and so does my sister's cat)My 30 lb shetland sheepdog is picky. She's fed a high-quality food, and she only gets the best treats. No "doggie junk food" to be had in our household, no corn, no by-products, no treats pressed and colored to look like mini T-bone steaks (unfortunately, I don't eat as well as she does.... Doritos can pass as a meal for me). She's been known to spit out treats that didn't meet her standards.

Not so with these Zuke's Mini Naturals. These really get her attention, and they were vital in training her to go potty as soon as I let her out into the backyard, to let me brush her teeth, and to walk nicely on a leash (nothing on our walks is more interesting than Mama or Daddy in possession of Zuke's Minis). My little sheltie comes running at the crinkle of the bag.

She loves all three flavors: Peanut Butter, Salmon, & Chicken. It's amazing to find a product like this, where the flavor of the treat, salmon, comes from salmon being the first ingredient on the ingredient list. The texture is soft, not crunchy, and they don't fall apart in your pocket, nor are they greasy or stinky.

Also, we've found that my sister's cat goes nuts for these Zuke's in the salmon flavor. They're not intended for cats, but my sister's cat apparently didn't read the package when she found and inhaled these.

These Zuke's Mini Natural treats are the best, I'll continue to buy them again and again.
336353336353B000BRR8VQAUY0ALC1HPK5Tshellontherun1151347148800Most irresistable dog treat everEvery dog I know loves this. The dogs I train go nuts over these. Nice small size and very smelly (which is good for dog training).
336354336354B000BRR8VQA392ZJUN493PYashleyjayne1111344643200Made My Dog SickI've fed Zuke's treats for awhile (3+ years) but the last two bags gave my dogs horrible upset stomach. I bought a massive bag too and had to throw them both away. I unfortunately will not be buying these again.
336355336355B000BRR8VQA3CQ0EU1AKAZVNMookie1111342051200Why dogs won't eat them.My pomeranian is 11 and will eat any treats. Heck, she eats more produce than most people do. So we bought the duck jerky and peanut butter bits. She won't touch either one. Now, she has never been given duck food so I'm not shocked that she wouldn't put it in her mouth, but she eats peanut butter like crazy. So, I looked at the ingredients and both packages contain tumeric, rosemary, and sage. I think that the seasoning may be what turn many dogs off. My dog won't eat seasoned meat. I'm not positive that this is the problem, or everyone's problem, but I don't see any other ingredients that would turn off dogs. Our pet supply store gave us a full refund and we chose another treat that she goes crazy over.
336356336356B000BRR8VQAD8J2X3R1GEJGJ. W. Beene "beene"1121341964800Zuke's Mini Naturals Dog Treats Roasted Chicken Recipe, 16-OunceZuke's Mini Naturals Dog Treats Roasted Chicken Recipe, 16-Ounce, this product was turned down by my pet. Gave it to another who had three dogs and only one of the dogs would eat it and the other two would not even take it out of the hand of owner. I tried this product because it was a american product, would not recommend.
336357336357B000BRR8VQA12K2Y549J86I9Circa671131341792000I'm sure they are good treats but my dog just didn't like them.I bought these because I liked the fact that they were small and were intended to be used to train my dog. For some reason he just didn't like them. They also get hard pretty quickly.
336358336358B000BRR8VQA13H265DR0N4CQMichael G1111340409600Not fit for my dogI bought a bag of these form my dog. Unfortunately, every time he eats some, he would get diarrhea. It took a few tries to pin point the cause to these treats. It was a mess to clean up.
336359336359B000BRR8VQA2JV622IA1FXO5Elizabeth Higgins1151339545600The perfect training treat!I looked long and hard for a good "natural" product with no grains or crap in it and the Zuke's were the best I've found that were not incredibly expensive. The small size is perfect for obedience training with my dog and none of the flavors I've found leave any mess in my pockets. Treats do not have to be large or impressive to be effective. The smaller the better, I say. My dog and I both really like these.
336360336360B000BRR8VQA30YUJT92UOOVDAbbey's mom0051303084800Abbey Says "YUMMY"Abbey is a Zukes fan. These are nice little treats that fit well in puzzle toys, or just make a good snack. I also recommend Zukes Hip Action which contains Glucosomine and Chondriton.

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