Amazon Fine Food Reviews

336391336391B000BRR8VQA1MJER6HSVLBELladyd0051289779200Work like a charmI purchased the peanut butter treats. My goldendoodle seems to really enjoy them. The only drawback is that they do dry out quickly, so keep the bag sealed.
336392336392B000BRR8VQA2RNTA5DG9F7RCBarbara N. Scheible "loving Belleair Beach Fo...0051288483200treats for my sweetsI have 2 Bichon Frise's, one 15 and 11. Because these treats are small and chewy, they are perfect for them. Sometimes we crumle them into their food to get them to eat. We continue to use this product. I guess I am speaking for them, Snoopy is the male and Abby the female.
336393336393B000BRR8VQA2OZZ44U9AQ0LTJake0051287705600Great for trainingMy puppy Jake has had these treats since he was very young. He is now 7 months old and still goes crazy every time I put my hand in the package. Great for training. I love that they sell the larger bag on Amazon as I can only find the smaller size in the Pet stores. All natural and wheat and soy free is the best feature.
336394336394B000BRR8VQA1VCXRW9SHZBICK. Mayo Sorensen0051286841600My dogs love them!I tried Zukes Minis after they were suggested by a vet tech as a great treat for training my new puppy. They are soft and easy to cut into even smaller pieces so you can use a lot of them during training sessions. The price through Amazon beats the pet and feed store prices by a long way, so I bought 3 large bags of different flavors. The bags zip shut, so the treats stay fresh. I just take out a handful and cut them in quarters, and keep them in another ZipLoc bag, enough for a few training sessions. I cut them using both a pill cutter and a knife; I think using a knife is easier. In their whole uncut size, they are only 4 calories each, so they are not a fattening treat either. A great product I feel good about using.
336395336395B000BRR8VQA235W6PBG18T81Mary Billek "mary w."0051285632000healthy snackswell my dogs love carrots so they dont have a problem snacking healthy but when it comes to healthy meaty snacks most have wheat or meals (meal is just filler). i am so glad i discovered zukes with natural heathy ingredients no filler!! awesome product for you pooches!! highly reccomend you give these a shot, well worth the price.
336396336396B000BRR8VQA390XWJ5KO0K83maggidw0051284854400Great for small dogs!These are great for small dogs or for training. All good stuff in them too.
336397336397B000BRR8VQA1HFOIAVY2FM9Qmeljo0051284681600Best Healthy Dog Treat Out ThereZuke's Mini Naturals are a favorite at our house. They are small and very low in calories so you can treat generously. They are perfect for training rewards. My dog seems to enjoy the soft, chewy texture versus hard biscuits. They come in chicken and salmon flavors as well.
336398336398B000BRR8VQA1CCAGK2SRI6OMArctic runner0021284422400My daughter calls them Pukes...Bring the nose plugsI applaud the use of natural ingredients but that's where the applause stops... The smell is unbelievably bad ( Salmon) and my dog who is a treat nut is not too crazy about them either. Honestly they just smelled like rotting fish.
336406336406B000BRR8VQASKQSLC382ZFIMJW0051266883200The perfect training treatsTraining usually requires lots of positive reinforcement (read: treats) for young dogs, so these treats are the perfect bite size rewards to use when training or rewarding your dog. They do give off an unpleasant scent when you open the bag, but hopefully you aren't the one eating them so this won't matter. And for those of you label-readers, these things are made with all-natural ingredients that are great for your dog.
336399336399B000BRR8VQA2VPGPA5Q8S6A8dog mom0051280707200GRRRRRR-ATE!My rottweiler-mix loves these treats! Each morsel is about the size of your pinky fingernail, so these treats are perfect for training. It's a struggle to keep my big girl svelte. I don't have to break the treats in half, and I can give her these treats without worrying that she'll turn into a sausage. Because she likes them so much, I never feel like I'm depriving her. The bag is re-sealable and keeps the treats soft. If the treats happen to dry out, just put a moist paper towel in the bag, and they will re-absorb the moisture.
336400336400B000BRR8VQA3BEXH0TFZHB3EMLC0051279238400My dogs have loved them for years!Really great for training, but also great for giving them treats that you don't want to fill them up. They've been eating them for 2-3 years and still love them.
336407336407B000BRR8VQA264XXAQG3ZV4Anattaya pimolpan0051265932800Salmon dog treatsMy dogs love this product, they'll do anything you say to earn it. Great product!!!
336401336401B000BRR8VQA108XVMAJD1WYCSusan0041276992000Great size, but not my dog's favoriteI bought these treats for the size. We go through a lot of treats on walks with our dog, who has some leash issues. I get frustrated with crumbs in my pockets and breaking up treats during walks. He is a picky fellow when it comes to treats. These are, in fact, a great size, but they dry out quickly as others have commented. I can live with that, but I think they may also lose flavor. My dog has become less and less interested in them, and it's to the point now where he seems to eat them as a favor to me. For the price, I can find more appealing treats elsewhere and live with permanent crumbs in my pocket.
336402336402B000BRR8VQA160NOG6XZMVKXD. Peele0031274918400Dries out very quicklyI was really looking for a moist treat for training my lab puppy. However, these tend to harden up quickly. My lab loves the taste but it takes him about 30 seconds to eat one, even when I break it in half.
336403336403B000BRR8VQA2HEY74OL6QC7Fsouthernrose_190051271635200My puppy loves these!My little yorkie loves the chicken treats, and they don't upset her sensitive stomach like some of the other treats we've tried.
336408336408B000BRR8VQA27ZMJ8C6PVVNVM. Dickenson0051265414400great training toolI use these to train my dog. As others have pointed out, they smell awful. Dogs love them though. Not a lot of calories so you don't have to worry about your dog getting fat and sluggish either. In fact, I break them up into two parts to get the most out of the bag.
336404336404B000BRR8VQA2M066TT6QYZ4Owho0051271548800great training treats!Our older dog and new puppy alike love these treats. They're the perfect size for training treats, and are plenty flavorful that one given as reward is sufficient. We've tried the peanut butter, salmon, and chicken...all are equally liked by the hounds!
336405336405B000BRR8VQA32U8P2FZETSC7Laura Von Solos "Laura"0051269907200Excellent training treatsThese treats are small and are perfect for training treats. Plus, my dog absolutely loves them. She can get distracted by other dogs when walking, but when I consistently use these as a reward, her behavior quickly changes for the better. Her trainer recommended making small cooked hot dog treats. I think these are just as attractive, but a lot healthier for her - and easier for me.

Do use the bag seal. She doesn't like them nearly as well if they get dried out. I use a small ziploc snack bag to put some in when walking her.
336409336409B000BRR8VQA2DQM1SY0ELA56Gwinneth "Gwin"0051262908800My dog goes crazy for this treat!!!My dog loves it and goes crazy for it! Also, other dogs (I was visiting my parent-in-law) went crazy for this treat. However, I must say this treat stinks so bad. You have to wash your hands after you touch them. =(
336410336410B000BRR8VQA1NJVKX723IUYKA. Bohenek "Manny"0051262476800My puppy loves these treats!My 3 month Eskie loves these treats. We use them for training and they are the perfect size and easy to break up for smaller dogs. I have used both the chicken and peanut butter flavors. He can't get enough of them!
336411336411B000BRR8VQA2BJTIULYSE94SMMCW0041259539200Nice Little Treat, but...The Zuke's Mini Naturals is great for training and while on walks, however, this treat will dry out fast and become very hard. My mini schnauzer will refuse the treat when it is no longer moist. The treat is ok as long as the bag is kept sealed tightly. Zuke's Mini Naturals is healthy and made in USA.
336412336412B000BRR8VQA36H8GL4FKX7YTC. cheng0051257033600Excellent training treatI was always breaking treats up to give to my dog during training. I usually don't give too many treats outside of that, but these are sized perfectly for training and I don't have crumbs everywhere. My shiba goes crazy for them despite their miniature size.
336413336413B000BRR8VQA2RS4BFFX792E0Heidiho0051256601600Dogs love them. Great training treats.Highly recommended, healthy treats for dogs. Dogs love them and they're great for training.
336414336414B000BRR8VQA2PAESEFN008MRRobert S. Maroldy "Captain Bob"0051254700800Zukes Mini NaturalsDuring training of Kaylee, our 75 lb. German Shepherd, we found that she does not like anything (treats or food) in large chunks. She is just a "dainty" eater and even the smallest Milk Bones dog biscuits were too big for her liking. When my neice gave her a bag of Zukes Mini Naturals for her 1st birthday she went crazy for them! They are PERFECT for training and she responds wonderfully. I highly recommend these if your dog is a "dainty" eater (I've never had one before) and even if they will swallow a hot dog whole (like my last dog, a Lab) these Mini naturals will be loved.
336415336415B000BRR8VQA2XTTBXNX2FKOTMartin Nemko0051253750400The best!This is the perfect treat: small (so your dog doesn't get fat), extremely healthy, and very fairly priced (especially per treat--about 2 cents a treat. Oh yes, and my dog loves it.
336416336416B000BRR8VQA3L82S0SJ6L279Sarah Sarah0051253750400Great for stuffing toys!These little treats are terrific. My dog loves them and can spend a long time digging them out from a toy I stuff with these. Also great for training, as you can really dish out a lot of them. Unlike some other reviewers, I find the smoky smell apealing for myself as well (I use the chicken flavor)
336417336417B000BRR8VQAXKZF8HC3GSMLJennInCT0051252713600Perfect training treat!!This treat amazing for training!

I'm writing this in regards to my 5 month old puppy, somewhat food motivated, and my 12 year old lab mix, extremely food motivated. I can't say how the treats would do for a very fussy dog.

It never crumbles in your pocket but splits easily for giving small training rewards. It's tiny enough to use a bunch without filling up your dog. It has good ingredients. It doesn't mess with the puppy's digestion.

The only possible drawback is that it's smelly. Not gross, just smells like fish. They love the treats and I'm sure the odor has something to do with it, but they also can smell it on you, so you can't surprise them with a treat.

Overall, the go-to treat for training, rewarding, and stuffing in toys to prevent separation anxiety.
336418336418B000BRR8VQA28FELEGQHLFCPP. Bloch0051251590400Crazy for Zukes!I bought these for training my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy - she goes NUTS over these things, the peanut butter flavor too! She will do just about anything to get some of these treats.
336419336419B000BRR8VQA2B8J7P0WXZUI4Shachi20041251417600Smelly but good (for the dog)As others reviewers have mentioned, these really stink. However, the dog seems to like them and the odor is good for training. Be careful if you bring these to the dog park. You'll quickly develop a flock of fans!

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