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336421336421B000BRR8VQA3SAOYXG3FXJD1CMN0051249257600Zuke's Mini Naturals - SalmonMy dog loved them! They're the perfect size for an 8 lb. (almost) dog. My dog has had his jaw wired, so is unable to eat anything hard or chewy, and these worked out just great for him.
336422336422B000BRR8VQA17CTXZO9AT6HBV. Greene "JR Terriers"0051248998400The dogs love these!My dogs definately give this product a four paws up! These tiny bits of salmon are great to use for training. Healthy as well as tasty (apparantly), a good combination.
336423336423B000BRR8VQA3D5BRV38UQRKGK. Wu0041248825600Perfect size but smells less than perfectMy 5 month old Lab mix enjoys these treats (but he seems to enjoy any food) and I love the small size since we're still training him. The smell isn't so great so you can't just stash a handful in your pocket unless you want your pocket to smell like them. I knocked off 1 star in my rating just because of the smell, but if you keep the bag sealed at all times, you won't smell anything and it will keep the treats fresh. I found the same item at my local pet store in NYC (Tribeca area) for $1 less than Amazon so I was a bit shocked that it's cheaper there than Amazon.
336424336424B000BRR8VQAGPEW5B8KW1IADaya Pillai0051248307200Excellent Training TidbitsI purchased these based on other great reviews, and I'm glad I did! Our newly adopted 40 lb, 9 month old Amstaff/Lab mix is very food motivated and I feel great using these for training without worrying about their health factor. Plus they are absolutely tiny (pencil eraser size). I am surprised other people cut them up, when they are so small already! I also prep and freeze a Kong for her overnight to have while we're at work, and these are the perfect size to plug up the smaller hole in a Large sized kong!
We have only tried the chicken flavor so far, and she loves them! They do dry out if left out, but that doesn't seem to decrease their delicious-ness factor with her. Finally, Amazon does have the best price around on them, so if you're looking for healthy, dog approved treats, go for Zuke's minis!
336425336425B000BRR8VQA3JSXJIHK0E8OJJ. Lyons0051248134400Perfect for training!I have a 7 week old APBT/Golden Retriever mix who is very tiny and not so good with crunchy treats. Even small crunchies are too big and I have to break them in half an it gets pretty messy! They're also a bit too hard for her baby teeth.
Zuke's mini naturals are awesome because they are so small, and they are soft enough without being mushy or greasy. The ingredients are great and my puppy (and other dogs I've given them to) loves them! I bought the salmon and peanut butter ones, so far we've only tried salmon, but she goes crazy for them! Highly recommended!
336426336426B000BRR8VQA1EXORJB9AT9GOAccouting Student0051247184000Great treats, Great priceWe picked up a 6oz bag at petco at first (for like $7), but since our puppy loved them we committed to a bigger bag, and this was the best price around (amazon prime wins every time).

Highly recommended for training, but remember that hotdogs are better than pretty much anything (though gross...). These treats will dry out if left unsealed for a pretty long period of time (many days, a week?), so don't take out too many at once, but even dried she still loves them.

If you're on the fence, definitely get them :)
336427336427B000BRR8VQA3DOPYDOS49I3TConfucious0051246924800His second favorite flavor....He really loves these treats more than any other treats out there. He flips backwards just to get these LOL. These are a just a little bigger than a pencil eraser. They are great for training. I like to cut them in half to yield even more. I tried cutting them in quarters but they seem a little too small for my dogs big mouth. They come in a resealable package so that helps to keep them nice and fresh and especially soft. I forgot to close the bag one day and the treats got pretty hard but the dog didn't mind.
336428336428B000BRR8VQA3DOPYDOS49I3TConfucious0051246924800Benjamin loves these....He really loves these treats more than any other treats out there. He flips backwards just to get these LOL. These are a just a little bigger than a pencil eraser. They are great for training. I like to cut them in half to yield even more. I tried cutting them in quarters but they seem a little too small for my dogs big mouth. They come in a resealable package so that helps to keep them nice and fresh and especially soft. I forgot to close the bag one day and the treats got pretty hard but the dog didn't mind.
336429336429B000BRR8VQA3572002OT3ZKAAmy P0041246492800Perfect for TrainingThese are the perfect size for my dog when I'm trying to train him. They're so small you don't have to break them up, and they're very soft so it's a quick reward. The only downside: the smell. It's not too strong, but when I open the bag it smells pretty bad for a while. He doesn't seem to mind though, he loves them.
336430336430B000BRR8VQA2HC1AKUH30EQLLinda D "Handy Helper"0051245456000Zuke's Mini treatsMy 2 bichons just love these treats. Great for getting a stubborn bichon to do what you want them to do. All natural and low calorie.
336431336431B000BRR8VQA3IUI5VN3J92SKmegby0051244505600Highly recommend!I'm a mother of four dogs and wanted to find some healthier treats than what I'd been giving them. These salmon treats were a perfect find. All four dogs devour them! They are smaller (think big pencil erasers) but I still highly recommend.
336432336432B000BRR8VQA31ZU1X8I9WME7L. Taylor0051244246400Pugs love them!I've been buying this line of products for years. We have pugs and they don't do well with large hard treats. These are perfect. They are soft and very small so it's not an issue giving multiple "cookies" as they are low in calories. And of course the dogs love them.
336433336433B000BRR8VQA1R63K5K0T9N6KMary Guttieri0051243728000Great for TrainingI love working with Zukes because they are small, and they aren't slimy. They are a wonderful training treat because you can reward often. Particularly useful with Clicker training! And in peanut butter, the smell isn't offensive to the trainer. Chicken's good too-
336434336434B000BRR8VQAAO45U5T6LX9JWillie0051240704000Great treats!My dog loves these treats and there's enough in the bag to last a long time.
336435336435B000BRR8VQAG6TX1ZJHLMO7W. Dietrich "WD"0041240358400A Great Training TreatMy dog has agility training two days a week, so we are always trying new treats for her to assit in motivating. We use the Zukes on a semi regular basis. I like it because it is easy to tear the treats down to smaller sizes to make the product last. The treat is semi smelly which is good because it helps focus are dog.

The reason for the 4 stars is that my dog is very picky and she will defintilty try harder for certain treats. She does like the Zukes but she does respond better to more raw types of meat treats that we get at a specialty dog store.
336436336436B000BRR8VQA36AAJ79YKPGREO. Vinogradova "jaded mouse"0051238976000Great for Training - Though StinkyLove these treats. They are the perfect size for quick nibbles as training rewards. Just be aware - they reek! However, I don't consider this a negative as this makes my dog want them even more!

Only other thing is they dry out fast, so make sure to re-seal the bag after each use. If you do this, though - they last fine.

I'll be buying many many more of these!
336437336437B000BRR8VQA1JQXDJAU78YDOTania Hare0051237420800Great Treats for TrainingThe ingredients in these treats are healthy and natural and Horton, my Tibetan Terrier loves them. So far we've only tried the chicken flavor.

I like them for training because they are small and soft and have only a few calories so you don't have to worry about giving lots of them while teaching your dog to behave. (I'm a puppy spoiler, so I could easily end up with a plump pup, if I'm not careful). I couldn't find any other treats that even had the calories listed.

The only downside to these treats is that they smell really bad. (to me, that is.)
336438336438B000BRR8VQAL9H2CIDJTABTE. Brokaw "H3"0041236211200Great training treat! Puppy loves them.We are using these treats for training and they work great. Small treats so you can do a lot of training without a lot of calories. Recommended for sure. We are also giving the puppy the chicken flavored ones and mixing it up for her. She likes those ones also.
I did leave a couple of treats out of the pouch and they did dry up, so keep them in an airtight container, the pouch the come in, or a ziplock baggy.
336439336439B000BRR8VQA36AAJ79YKPGREO. Vinogradova "jaded mouse"0051236038400Great Quick TreatsI love these treats for training! They are small but very tasty (or at least me dog seems to think so). Since they don't require her to chew, she does not get as distracted when being rewarded, so I am able to keep her focus better while teaching her. I haven't tried the other flavors yet, but will definitely give them a shot.
336440336440B000BRR8VQA1ULIIBYP7TAOHBun bun0051235520000Perfect for trainingGreat dog treats. My 1-yr old dog loves them, and they don't upset her stomach. Perfect for training since each treat is very small. I've purchased the peanut butter, salmon, and chicken flavors, but I prefer the peanut butter since they are the least smelly.
336441336441B000BRR8VQA3TZ1XQ9NPZNF6Benjamin P. Krantz "Benny The Blade"0051235433600AwesomeGreat product, my dog loves them, and they are small enough that I don't feel bad using them a ton for training. They helped me potty train my puppy in 30 days.
336442336442B000BRR8VQAG6TX1ZJHLMO7W. Dietrich "WD"0041232323200perfect for trainingMy dog does agility so we give her Zuke's when we train. The treat is pretty smelly which is why we use them (a smelly treat will keep her attention). She will pefrorm for Zuke's they dont seem to be her favorite treat (she performs best for bellyrybs a freezed dried liver which is too big to give as a regular treat)however in training she may eat 10 -15 treats so perhaps she gets tired of them. The reason for the 4 stars is the treat is semi moist they do tend to dry out if left exposed for too long or if you improperly seal the bag. Also my rating is based on my dogs preference for several other types of treats (on treats she will love she will knock our other dog down to get the treat).
336443336443B000BRR8VQAJV2QY96IVPVMSuperFids0051231891200Love them! Perfect for training!My puppy loves these! They're small, moist and tasty - perfect for training and rewarding good behavior. The chicken and peanut butter flavors are great too. Good stuff!
336444336444B000BRR8VQAKXP2X8EIWTIKsara0051231200000my two dogs are now genuisesI just opened a bag of these mini naturals in chicken flavor, and did some training with my two shelties. Within a few samples of the treat, my dogs were doing whatever I asked, quickly, and for quite a long time. I've never had their undivided attention for such a long training session.

I will keep ordering these for training. Clearly my dogs see these as a high value reward. I will swap flavors to keep them interested.

Good price for such a quality product as well. Nothing made in China.
336445336445B000BRR8VQA1MJS2BIKE44ZPTolerable Music0051228780800Great for Ferrets Too!Even most of our ultra-picky ferrets love these treats (peanut butter, of course!) Most dog and cat treats are too big for the little beasties, but these are fine, and the ingredients are great! I shake the bag, and the little herd comes running!
336446336446B000BRR8VQA3BB05P4196FMUC. Cabrales0051227398400Perfect treat for your petAs with the chicken flavor, my dog absolutely loves these treats. He's turned into a quick learner knowing what reward awaits for him.
336447336447B000BRR8VQARZLW6MFV58E9Denise Elkin-andrews "dee"0051225756800Great productGreat product, great ingredients, lasts longer if you keep them in the refrigerator. They are going to inhale them at any size so I like them tiny so my golden can get more of them
336448336448B000BRR8VQARZLW6MFV58E9Denise Elkin-andrews "dee"0051225756800Zukes is greatZuke's training treats are made with excellent ingredients, none of the crap I eat for myself. The small size allows me to give my golden more of them than a bigger size.
336449336449B000BRR8VQA9NXTC0HTPSDOMaggie0051224979200Terrific TreatsGreat treats! My Goldendoodle loves them. She loves all of the flavors, expecially the peanut butter. These treats are natural and they are small both of what fit mine and my dogs training needs.
336450336450B000BRR8VQA9NXTC0HTPSDOMaggie0051224979200Great Treats!My goldendoodle loves these treats. All flavors are a hit with her! They are great for training because of their small size. If you want to keep your dogs attention regardless of what the activity is, purchase these treats, you will not be disappointed.

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