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336533336533B000BRR8VQA17HMM1M7T9PJ1Timothy B. Riley5751334966400Great rewards for clicker training Length:: 1:42 Mins

I have been clicker training Bella, a toy Yorkshire Terrier, for about 3 years. Now that she has a baby sister (Bleu, a miniature Blue Heeler) I started to look for a new type of treat to help reinforce the training. When Bella was little I used small pieces of hot dogs but I wanted to switch to something healthier. Zuke's mini treats seem to work really well. I use the chicken flavored ones and I am really impressed with both how much the dogs like them and how much they smell like real food. I thought that I would make this quick video to show the treats (and my dogs) in action.
336534336534B000BRR8VQA332ZFX8S3A155vinb "vin b"5751276300800Great training treats!My dog loves these! I've only tried the salmon and peanut butter, I held off on the chicken due to other reviews saying it smells bad. I prefer the peanut butter by far, the salmon is a bit stinky. I noticed that my hands as well as my dog smelled fishy after giving him treats and petting for a job well done. Treat size is perfect although they do tend to dry out if you don't keep them in a well sealed container.
336535336535B000BRR8VQA2NBL7Y0EWAYEFMary B. Berberich5751253318400Great Treats! Our lab loves them.These are great treats. I echo what other reviewers have said that they are great for training and you can't beat the fact that they are so low in calories. We previously tried Milk Bone Dry Treats and a few semi-soft options - all bigger treats, but these tasty little treats appear to be our labs favorite.

Will only buy Zuke's in the future!
336536336536B000BRR8VQAQTYIHLZ79LAGR. Massey6911267747200Smelled Awful & Dog Wouldn't EatI purchased the chicken flavor. When I opened the bag, the smell was very unpleasant.
I offered one to my dog and he wouldn't eat it. The entire contents went into the trash.
336537336537B000BRR8VQA29OX3XJ0QDI02Mocha2724611316044800Doesn't likeMy dog refuses to eat it and it smells pretty bad. I can't recommend it as treat when my dog refuses to touch it.
336538336538B000BRR8VQA35XQ95T1EVBJSEvan Finn2311329523200My dog spit these out!I have a 10 month old Goldendoodle who eats everything. She spit these out and walked away! I am so disappointed! Wish she loved them because the price is right...
336539336539B000BRR8VQA3OPFJ51F7Z3Z7Jacquie2311324425600My dog doesn't like them!My yellow lab, who loves any and all food, does not like these! I get them out and she doesn't come running, so that's the perfect indication. I pull out some other snacks to lure her into her crate and she bounds in - but not with these!
336540336540B000BRR8VQA1OSZ9GY9SBKO1Steve-NJ2311320796800disappointedLet me start by saying my dog weighs 24 lbs but should be 17 lbs. I make this point because she is overweight and will eat anything.I purchased these treats because they are low calorie, all natural and had great reviews. I tried for 3 days but she wouldn't eat even 1 little morsel.Obviously I was disappointed and also shocked like I stated she's 7 years old and will eat anything. Maybe the bag I received was stale but wasted my money and tossed into the garbage.
336511336511B000BRR8VQATM5V1FBHPTXTNanwalker1151319932800Best treats!Great for training. Also perfect for stuffing in green Everlasting Treat Ball (another great product, especially for big chewers like my pitties). Love these healthy, perfectly sized treats!
336512336512B000BRR8VQA35MR3TY7AKZV8T. Johansen1151318204800Papillon loves them!These treats are relatively healthy when compared to the competition. They could be better by excluding grains and salt but they are treats after all. These are made in the USA which is a big bonus and they do not contain ethoxyquin which is a harmful preservative found in many dog foods and treats. I usually split these treats into 2 pieces, which is easily done just by squishing the 2 ends together. This makes my puppy feel like he's getting more treats.
336513336513B000BRR8VQA3QF606FV8YML6krys1121316390400he loves them... but he gets the runs :(My 55pound pitt mix has been able to eat nearly anything till now. After all the good reviews I gave them a try. He loves them (like anything else which is in a plastic thing) but he gets the runs shortly after getting 4 or 5 of them... pity
336514336514B000BRR8VQA30FQ39RJM7SMdog lover1151315267200My dogs loved these treats!I highly recommend these dog treats!! Both of my dogs loved these treats. They would do just about anything to have these treats. They really do not smell good to me, but luckly I don't have to eat them!Zuke's Chicken-Flavored Mini Naturals Dog Treats, 16 Ounces
336515336515B000BRR8VQA1ZDR3J1X6H3IEvelyn Wood1151315180800Great Puppy TreatsThese have been the best treats we have found yet. They are low cal and the perfect size. Our puppy begs us for them even. She knows where they are and goes and stands by them.
336516336516B000BRR8VQA1JTW9LK4XCXSSM. Depinto1151315094400Great ProductMy dog is very responsive to treats but has some allergy issues. He loves the chickens treats so I plan to get salmon and peanut butter next. The small size of the treat is perfect for training. I hated breaking up other treats into sizes appropriate for his 20lbs. I put them into tupperware instead of using their bag and carry a small amount with me on our walks. My dog has not had any adverse reaction to the combination of seemingly health ingredients. We're very happy.
336517336517B000BRR8VQA3URGVZA532GOFA. C. Garcia1151315008000My puppy loves it!I bought the Chicken flavor and my puppy loves them! It's great for training bcs they are so small. It's the perfect treat to take everywhere. Just make sure you keep the bag sealed so they don't get hard. I use them in the buster food cube as well to keep the puppy busy for a while.
336518336518B000BRR8VQA3UBKZJALLCB4YDJS1121314489600gave my dog the runsthe ingredients and reviews for these treats seem great, but they gave my dog the runs. (peanut butter) Every dog is different, I guess. These treats are also not grain free, if that's important to you.
336519336519B000BRR8VQA3RGVHGLA1GJU7ChicagoDave1151313452800Excellent training treats - Perfect for my goldendoodle pupZuke's Chicken Flavored Mini treats are perfect for training dogs, especially a puppy in my case. I picked these treats for my new 8 week old goldendoodle puppy. She immediately loved them. Since puppies have such short attention spans and require so much training, I need to use them frequently! They are very reasonably priced compared to most products found in pet stores and have all natural healthy ingredients. The small size of these treats allows you to get great use out of them, while giving them to your dog frequently for good behavior. You won't need to constantly replenish your supply either.
336520336520B000BRR8VQA20KRH1FDYQKYQNathan A. Sweet "Nathan A. Sweet"1141278547200good training treatsGreat treats! I tear each one into 10 small pieces for training my 4.5lb 8 week Puggle. The only problem with these treats is that they dry up quickly. Within an hour or so the outside is dry, hard to rip with my fingers, and I imagine not easy for a little puppy.
336521336521B000BRR8VQA1CUDBQ2J3AN7ZRita1141272499200Zukes Mini Naturals Dog TreatsThese treats are tiny and GREAT for training--low calorie, yet so aromatic that my dog jumps for joy as he smells them. The customer service was great, except they back-ordered one package of the treats, assured me they should be here in a few weeks; I've been waiting a month for the item.
336522336522B000BRR8VQA2K2B8PZS8VCQBA. Farrell "dogpound"1151264982400they really dont smell that badMy border terrier loves these and they are the perfect size for her.
Great for training and I dont find them to smell as bad as some people have indicated.
336523336523B000BRR8VQA3HPCRD9RX351SSpudman1151262217600Super TreatsThese are by far the favorite treats of our two dogs and a treat of which they never tire. We keep them in a cannister by the dining room slider so there always handy for a good dog who came when called or allowed me to dry her wet feet.
We like that the treats are small and soft also. These make great training treats for one can easily carry a handful in your pocket.
As a dog enthusiast who's bought many kinds of treats, I highly recommend Zuke's treats, especially the salmon mini naturals.
336524336524B000BRR8VQA2JKR2KYQ9QC8XS. perkins "S.P"1151260662400Nice, healthy treatsNot much to say that hasn't been said already.
I have a Chi and she actually loved the Salmon...although she's not a picky eater -- so she'd probably eat any animal that I thrust in front of her.
Anyway, these are healthy treats with great ingredients.
Perfect for the toy breed.
336525336525B000BRR8VQA3FJFCAEF7Q1W4Cmonkey "Scuba Diving Photographing Dog Spoil...1151254873600Wonderful lo calorie training treatA pound of training treats at this price is a good deal. I like everything about the treats including the size. They are NOT too tiny for my Great Dane and I can use a lot of them without filling him up and expanding his waist. He loves the flavor, the smell is strong enough to entice without being offensive. The peanut butter flavor has not upset his sensitive stomach. They arent messy on your hands or in your pockets. They will dry out if left outside the package for any length of time so I usually separate some into a small tupperware type container for home and into small ziploc bags for carrying to classes or on walks. I will sometimes put a handful in my pocket and these actually survive the washing machine (not sure if that is good or bad).
336526336526B000BRR8VQA28FELEGQHLFCPP. Bloch1151251590400Perfect for Training!My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy LOVES these treats and will do just about anything for them! They are the perfect size for training, especially for small breed puppies. Highly recommend!
336527336527B000BRR8VQA889ODDDHDQQ4P. Barnhart1151250640000Must be Some Sort of Magic!We've had our Jack Russell for 13 years. He has never willingly gotten out of the pool before he was darn good a ready. His first sniff of these amazing treats and his nose was glued to my fingers and he was out the pool, across the patio and in the house without a second's hesitation. He has also always completely destroyed any stuffed squeaker toy he has ever touched in a matter of minutes. Not with these babies around. One whiff and the toy is forgotten; no fighting, no biting, no stuffing to pick up. These are magic! I only wish I'd known about them a decade sooner. Thanks. If you have a headstrong dog on your hands, buy these treats - all flavors. They'll change your life.
336528336528B000BRR8VQA3DOPYDOS49I3TConfucious1151246924800His favorite flavor....He really loves these treats more than any other treats out there. He flips backwards just to get these LOL. These are a just a little bigger than a pencil eraser. They are great for training. I like to cut them in half to yield even more. I tried cutting them in quarters but they seem a little too small for my dogs big mouth. They come in a resealable package so that helps to keep them nice and fresh and especially soft. I forgot to close the bag one day and the treats got pretty hard but the dog didn't mind.
336529336529B000BRR8VQA22REUE2JF9SB1Elizabeth G "preschoolcollegemom"1151244937600Great Treats!!!My Cavalier Spaniel learned to sit within minutes. She is only 11 weeks old and will do anything for these treats!
336530336530B000BRR8VQA16VH2UTHG7S4RRT1151231200000My Puppy LOVES these!No matter the flavor, my puppy loves Zuke's. A little pricy, but I like her to have healthier treats. They are pretty strong smelling, so I can only assume they taste pretty good.
336531336531B000BRR8VQA3BBRZ72EIV1S5true pet lover1151153440000Great Treat for small Dogs!My neighbor gave me a sample from a local Pet shop, & My little 9lb, Finicky, Shih-Tzi, Loved them! They are perfect for small, petite, dogs! They are moist and easy for her to chew! She loves the Chicken Flavor! Amazon Prices are the best,They are double this price on line from the company!

Try them..your little one will thank you!


Spring Lake,NJ
336532336532B000BRR8VQA1X7H9934WEAD6The Butcher3451264809600Perfect Training and Anytime TreatGreat bite size treats even for bigs dogs. These treats are even kind to my dogs sensitive digestive track. HIGHLY RECOMMEND....way better for your dog than Pupperoni or any other type of soft treat.

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