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336584336584B0006G4S0QA16IU6JIRSJ4YDsnowqueen101051221264000Love this product!I bought this sponge a few years ago and every time I use it I think of how great of a product it is. I realized that I really needed to write a review to get the word out.

We have a longhaired black cat. Her fur is really fine and sticks to all our furniture. This sponge works like magic to lift off the fur. It is such a simple design but works like a dream, much better than those sticky tape rolls and other things I have tried.

Occasionally, I have friends with large dogs that ride in my car. The sponge also works well to remove their fur from my car's upholstery, so I am sure it would work well with dog hair in the house, as well.
336585336585B0006G4S0QA1YPE8USDA5X2ASlow Learner2251317859200Wonderful product!This is the best thing that I've found for removing cat fur or lint from everything. I wore my last one out finally,after years of use; so this time I got two. You can use them on anything from towels and blankets to furniture, car seats and lamp shades. I am sure there are many more uses that I haven't discovered yet.
336586336586B00317ERW6A1ZJ1F4CV8UKFTBrennen2211303171200CampfireThese taste terrible. The Smoked Cheddar are unbearable to eat because they taste like you are eating a campfire. Do not buy these unless you want to eat something that tastes like fire. Absolutely disgusting.
336587336587B00317ERW6A278LEQK1TEPVBJen0051337126400Not for everyone, but I love them!I bought a box of these a few months ago at my local grocery store during my "let's try the many different varieties of Cheez-Its" plan. At first I was unsure how I felt about the smoked ones, but after the box was gone I really craved them. I love the Monterey Jack ones, but I love the Smoked Cheddar differently. My brother didn't like the smoked ones, and it certainly depends on your personal taste. I read a review here that said they taste like a campfire - that is sort of true, but not exactly a bad thing in my opinion. They taste smoked because they ARE smoked. If you do not like smoked foods (like my brother) you will not like these, and if you think the sound of smoked cheese sounds bad you really should try another Cheez-It variety. These are (currently) my favorite Cheez-Its and I hope they continue to make them for a long time.

As for the price here right now: that I give a 1 star. My local grocery store sells these for about $4 to $5 a box (13.7 oz). I only buy them when they are on sale, usually $2.50 to $3 a box. The price from Amazon right now is $25 for 4 boxes of the same size, which makes these $6.25 a box.
336588336588B00317ERW6A257H6Z9047HHUJ. Appleman0041331596800A Whole POUNDCheez-its are ALL GREAT!

SAD how this silly American population NO longer knows how to measure! My sympathy to you sadistics....

When I went to school; WHEN YOU went to school, were there NOT 16 oz in a POUND??

Cheez-its Company heicharcy did not learn their math? They learned that there are only 13.7 in a POUND package...they will soon forget even this

AN AMERICAN who does not like math, but DID learn the NUMBER of ozs in a REAL POUND!

336589336589B00317ERW6A1E3EDI9778YMMildred0021304121600Smoked CheddarCheez-its Duoz is a nice concept but this particualr variety is disgusting.
the smoked Cheddar tastes like cheese that is going bad and does nothing to complement the Monterey Jack. If only they picked a different flavor.

Basically the smoked cheddar just ruins this otherwise good concept. The Monterey Jack just needs a new companion
336590336590B00317ERW6A19QR0YY83WY8WA. Huynh "Alex"0041294617600Great Taste! Not so good packaging..The taste of these cheez-its are great! Love the variety all in one box!

The only thing I didn't like was that they were poorly packaged and all the boxes were dented, leaving a lot of the cheez-itz mashed up. You can probably find these for $2.60/box at Winco, so the pricing on Amazon really isn't that great.
336591336591B0047T54Z6A3BGPFRU7PK8TAaztropic2251327017600Pineapple / cocconut nectarIMO,Kerns Pineapple / cocconut nectar is the smoothest,best tasting flavor in their line up of smoothie like drinks.For some reason,it only appears to be sold retail on the east coast;so I'm very glad that Amazon offers it for sale. You'll love it!!! I promise.
336571336571B000ER5D6UA1OL9VG6IM8WMIKimberly Russell0051336521600Love this!My 8 month old loves this combination! It is the only one that she will eat the full bottle in one sitting.
336572336572B000ER5D6UA2TNQDN6H5VGC8K. Kihara0041327190400Earth's Best of good baby foodMy son really enjoyed the Earth's Best line of baby food. This flavor is nice and thick so it is easier to feed your baby. Anything with apples tends to be thick. The blueberry flavor is runny and messy!
336573336573B000G6BXD6A3PPIMXKZDKU79W. rogers "masacure"1121215734400get them from the storei paid over $20 for 12 items that were pre-priced at .99 cents each. and on top of that they are kinda stale. i would have been better off buying another brand from my local store.
336574336574B000G6BXD6A3N2VDFS17W8NXcharmer0051342310400fat backWhat can I say, it is a guilty snack for me. I can have them once in a while and i love the crunch of it all
336575336575B000G6BXD6A368F99UPGPP4RL. Eckford0021306800000Good product if they are not stale!I've ordered these snacks twice. It was the second time around that I was very disappointed. Over half the bags were stale. I called the seller and they informed me that they did not accept returns. They had no real explanation for the stale product other than it's made weekly. They offered to send me a variety box of some of their other snacks in exchange. I had to follow-up with them 2-wks later when nothing showed. As indicated in title, the pork rinds are great if they are fresh. Be forewarned, there is a 50/50 chance the quality will not be as expected.
336576336576B0000ZRGL6AV508C3M9RXP1Clifton N. Whitford "Precipice"141451240704000Top of the line balsamic vinegarI get this as a birthday or Christmas present every other year or so. I was sad to see one user returned this unused and said it was a bad value. It's true, it is not a value item. It is however, a luxury item. If you go to the grocery store and buy a $5 or a $10 bottle of balsamic vinegar and then taste this then you will understand the difference. If you like Vodka, it is like the difference between a fifth of Popov's for $5 and a bottle of Grey Goose for $40. If you are looking for value, don't buy this. If you want something you can use on salads, breads, sandwiches, strawberries, or even ice cream, then this is the finest balsamic I have ever tasted.

My last bottle went quicker than normal because I will not go back to normal salad dressing. Yes it's that good. I am going to buy some more today because the prices at Williams Sonoma can range from $24 to $50 for different brands. Hope this helps.
336577336577B0000ZRGL6A2UXIC7LUAKKUKBarbara Shulman "cruise seller"4451250726400How could vinegar taste so good!I have become very fond of good balsamic vinegars over the years. I have been using it on salads and some fruits and thought the one I used was the best I have tasted until my wonderful sister-in-law send me a bottle of Fini Modena Balsamic Vinegar WOW what a flavor! Yes, price is high but when you try it you will not go back to the $10 bottle or vinegar! The old expression "You Get What You Paid For" is a perfect fit. So, if price is the most important thing then by the grocery store vinegar but if you want the best and don't mind paying for it buy Fini's! It is going to be in my pantry from now on. A nice present for me from me!Fini Italian Balsamic Vinegar from Modena - pack of 2
336578336578B0000ZRGL6A2VUZ0Y8DSDGROMIRIAM DONATE2211342742400Beware of the SizeI ordered this product from Amazon becuase I wanted it delivered to my home. I have been using this product for a couple of years and my husband and I like it a lot. When I opened the package it was a small bottle
336579336579B0000ZRGL6A39DBKL4WVB5DEKTBR2251297814400Hello HeavenI love a good balsamic vinegar. I remember the first time I tried it with olive oil and amazingly delicious crusty bread. Years ago I moved to SoCal and my cousin took me to her favorite Italian restaurant. Our waiter brought out the bread basket and plates and my cousin requested that he make us a plate of olive oil and vinegar for us. I watched her as she dipped her bread in it. I thought I'd give it a try and see how I liked it.

Oh heaven. How we love you so. Whenever I eat something amazing I feel like it's just a taste of heaven. And taking that first bite of bread with oil and vinegar was like stepping into heaven. Dramatic, maybe just a bit. But when something alerts all of your senses in a wonderful way -- isn't that what heaven is going to be like? (Mine is, anyway!)

Cut to going to the store to buy olive oil and vinegar. Hmmmm... it's almost the same. But the vinegar is runnier and not as amazing tasting. In fact I stopped buying it for dipping in bread and just wait until I go out. I haven't been able to create at home the same experience. Until now.

Welcome FINI Balsamic Vinegar.

It is thick, it is rich and it is the perfect balance between sour and sweet. I add it to EVERYTHING. For example tonight I sauteed some greens and yellow bell pepper. To give it some added flavor I drizzled some of the Fini vinegar over it. It was amazing. Thank you Fini for adding to my veggies.

It's sooooo good. And yes, put it with some amazing extra virgin olive oil and an amazing loaf of crusty bread and you too will have welcomed heaven into your life as well.

336580336580B0000ZRGL6A1BQSQBSACSODMTina Delcasale "Italian cook"4551208649600Excellent VinegarThis Balsamic is perfect for bread dipping and salad dressings. It has a slight sweet taste, not bitter like some Balsamics on the market. For the price it competes with some of the vinegars at double the price. Highly recommend it!
336581336581B0000ZRGL6A2YCTHEDIC1057Diane S.41111263081600Waaaaay overpriced on AmazonThe product itself gets a 5 star rating. Amazon selling it through another company, even with the free Amazon Prime shipping, is a rip-off! This product is available at Williams Sonoma for $12.50! Williams Sonoma has high prices on a lot of things, but for this vinegar, it's a much cheaper buy to go to the pysical store and purchase it for half the price. I know, because my husband found it on Amazon, put it on his wishlist, and I purchased it right away because his birthday was in two days. Meanwhile, he makes a trip to the mall to use some gift cards and returned delighted that he found it for half the price! Of course, by that time, my order had already been shipped! Ergh!
336582336582B0000ZRGL6A1FHRGB0Y1WGZIEugene A. Wathey22611235779200Poor valueI had to return this product,unsued, because I felt the cost was out site for the size that I received. I sent the supplier an email yesterday asking where my refund was w/ a copy to you. I'll be out $20+ just for shipping costs but would say this is not a good value. Have you heard anything about my refund? Gene Wathey
336583336583B002XGL4KEA3I21CC5TFE2LAThis mom's opinions0041323388800Baby liked it but a bit wateryThe taste and color seemed fine but the product was quite watery, almost like soup. Prefer another organic name brand.
336592336592B005GX8MMOAO5AUQ2KTUJHCdiverdude0051342224000Terrific CoffeeThis is the second time I've ordered the 4 pack of this coffee while on deploymen to Afghanistan. Brewed in just a regular cheap drip coffee maker this coffee is outstanding!!! I will order this on a recurring basis once I return to the states!! YUM!
336593336593B005GX8MMOA1UVWXA8CCRLNYCraigH0051341792000LavazzaLavazza coffee is the best coffee ever, we love it, every pot brews up so smooth even when brewed very strong.
336594336594B005GX8MMOA1GMEJPSWUYOI8Pen Name0041341187200The coffee is great, but other buyers were right: mysterious punch holeThe coffe is really great, makes very aromatic, full bodied espresso. I would just like to review the packaging more. I ordered several packs of these, packaged in bricks of 4, vacuum-packed, and covered with clear plastic. Very impressed because of the efficiency of packaging, very tightly packed. Of the 3 sets I ordered, one set had one of the bricks with a punch hole at the bottom, seems mysterious since the clear plastic covering the 4 bricks was in no way punched and remained intact. It's just the one brick with the punch hole at the bottom. I wonder how it got that way. Anyway, this would have been 5-stars but for that. Highly recommend the coffee.
336595336595B005GX8MMOA1CXDTLZAK1DT3KLA0051339459200Great-tasting rich coffee, low acidityWe love good coffee, but are not experts by any means. After Senseo stopped making their pods, we bought the Coffee Duck/Ecopad pack from Amazon but weren't sure which coffee to use in them. Tried the Crema e Gusto based on high reviews and are happy we did! Best cup of coffee from our Senseo machine ever! Much smoother and lower acidity than the Senseo coffee we were used to, and can get some nice crema when using the Ecopads. Price can't be beat, either!
336596336596B005GX8MMOAJONFCAVQERV1Massi0041339113600Caffe' Con Gusto!My wife and I love this Italian coffee since we practically grew up with it...
Out of the 4 in the pack, one of the bricks had lost its pressure but it still brewed greatly.
The order arrived promptly and met expectation like the service provided.
Thank you,
M. & G.
336597336597B005GX8MMOA1N5LNS3CAF1N0char0051337731200Italian CoffeeBest Italian expresso coffee ever! It is a MUST to keep on hand and best served after dinner. Smooth, frothy, and never bitter.
336598336598B005GX8MMOA3GKHA6K3OHTTCpolishp860051337558400excellent product, great priceI bought this to use with a 3 cup espresso maker. This stuff seems to last quite a while, even though I fill up the holding dish to the top. The espresso tastes great and in my opinion (if you flavor it right) is just as good or better than many of the coffee products that you can purchase that are made for you (aka starbucks, caribou, etc). Buying it in the 4 pack also brings down cost quite a bit.

Overall, a great product and highly recommended. It is a very bold flavor, so if you aren't in to dark and bold coffee then beware.
336599336599B005GX8MMOA2RILOCHJZTSAJLL0051337212800Amazing coffeeThis is my favorite coffee. I use it in my bialetti and it makes great espresso. Full and rich flavor. Somewhat hard to find in stores so u always buy on amazon.
336600336600B005GX8MMOAO4GDNXN7EBZIFMello0051337040000Great for my GaggiaThis is an affordable and good coffee for my Gaggia Expresso machine. Good aroma, taste and price. I also like Illy, but the cost-benefit on the Lavazza is better... strongly recommend to all.

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