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336817336817B004IFKSLYA53NMNQVDLCXCLeann "talltori"0041350950400BRAND NEW CAT!!!!!!My cat is the most nervous cat I've ever met. Probably because it was just her and I for the first two years of her life. Along come another cat, Boyfriend and a dog. Not to mention, she has a severe case of "stranger-danger". Now, through in a new house. I'm trying to transition her, so took her to the new house just for the weekend to try to adjust her. The hour drive to the new house was nearly unbearable with a screaming cat in the carrier. Day 1 in new house, I swore my cat was going to die for how bad she was hyperventilating and yowling.

My boyfriend's mother works in a natural health shop and was quick to recommend Rescue Remedy, saying it has done wonders for her friend's dog and other customers. What was to lose? I ran over there that day and bought a bottle. I gave my cat the four drops straight down the hatch. Yes, she didn't like it, but who likes liquid medicine shoved down the throat. That was in the morning. Later that afternoon, I gave her a second 4-drop dose. By that night, I had a new cat. No yowls, nothing. She simply settled down and was quiet, yet alert. The next morning, I gave her another 4 drops but followed the alternative directions and rubbed the drops into her ears, nose and paws. It's a bit sticky on the fingers afterward, so wash your hands, but was much easier to give her the dose that way than in the mouth. That day, she was the calmest cat. Even when strangers entered the house, she stayed put - first time in three years of having her!!!! As I said before, she has a bad case of stranger-danger. Usually flees and hides under anything. I packed her and her sister up and drove back to the soon-to-be "old" house and the most amazing thing happened - no yowling. Not a peep.

The next four days, I just added the drops to her water bowl as recommended. Now, as people come and go through the front door, she stays put... I don't know if it's coincidence but I am totally giving credit to the drops because I've never seen this behavior from her before. It's worth a try! Best part is, it didn't make her "drugged". She was still active, alert and playful - just not a scaredy cat. And it is a lot cheaper than vet drugs!
336818336818B004IFKSLYA12J9D7KPMSPB3meema "meema"0051350691200great for humans too, it does not burnMy pet and I love this stuff. It works great and does not burn like the human version. Please, do not use the human version on your pets as it burns like crazy. It does not burn some people but if it burns me I am afraid it would burn a pet. The human version cost just a little less so some people give it to their pets and it has too much alcohol for a pet. Pet version is for pets and human is for some humans unless you are sensitive like me then use the human version or the spray. It is really good stuff but human version is for humans who are not sensitive and not for pets.
336819336819B004IFKSLYA3UYFPKQJ4IOAYLita Duraine0051349654400Best Pet ProductThis Bach Rescue Remedy is the best pet product. It really helps my one cat calm down and not fight with my other cats. It doesn't make them feel drugged and sleepy either.
336820336820B004IFKSLYA13IKNW2Q5D93PSpade0051349395200useful for recovery after seizuresOur dog has seizures, and we give him this product after the seizure has finished. It helps his recovery time, and we REALLY like the water-based solution. The alcohol used to really make him recoil, but this he likes.
336821336821B004IFKSLYA1QVY54FL3PW09ilovemycats0051348358400It Works!I have a male cat that has anxiety problems and this does help when I put 2 drops behind each ear. It was this or
or I am glad to go natural.
336822336822B004IFKSLYA1JPR94D0JPHEMjenjen0051348012800Wonderful remedy for kitty!Great product! Works well for my kitty! I've tried using the kitty prozac prior to finding this product Rescue Remedy. Thanks so much for helping to sooth my kitty's emotions!
336823336823B004IFKSLYA128F5EL8FJKI6A. Hazen0011343779200No noticeable change...As other people have noted, this isn't for every animal and some will have no reaction at all from the drops. My cats must be two of those lucky animals because I did not notice a change in their behavior the three or four times (days) that I tried this. I followed the instructions but still nothing. Definitely a "hit or miss" product.
336824336824B004IFKSLYA15NXRZKHZHXOVMHB0011343606400Did Not Work for UsBought this product hoping it would help to calm our dog down, however it did not work for us. It didn't seem to matter how many drops we used it make no difference.
336825336825B004IFKSLYA2ONHMYQTBAGLBMartha Malan0011341705600MehSadly, my cat is impervious to Rescue Remedy, as she is to everything else I have tried to calm her for riding in the car.
336826336826B004IFKSLYA1H0PWN8MEHFYKWilbur W. Widmer0041341100800Seems to workWe give this to our cats whenever they have to travel and it really does seem to help. That is the only time we use it.
336827336827B004IFKSLYA22H8K3Y6OJPVCrodgersn0051341014400Vet recommended and my cat approvedMy vet recommended this as one of our cats has some OCD/anxiety issues. I have noticed a real difference since adding this to the water! We were already using Feliway and that was helping some. But she still was showing some signs of stress. The vet recommended adding this and it really has helped a lot. She is even more calm for longer periods of time now.
336828336828B004IFKSLYA3KBG7E1XSNTYCT. Jackson0051339113600Works Like A Charm!I very recently used this for my cat, who had to fly cross country with me. He is very fussy and gets upset with strange people. I was amazed at the results. He did not cry or meow once during either airport or flight. When I had to take him out of the carrier and walk him through security, he was totally calm and let strangers pet him. I am now using it to keep him calm and also starting to use it on the other household cat, who is very upset the new cat is here. This is great if you have to travel with your pet.
336829336829B004IFKSLYAIYMQF677QXQVMysticSkye "Skye"0051339027200Bach Rescue Remedy for PetsI have been using my human Rescue Remedy to calm my pets when traveling and most importantly when going to the vet for a check up. I get nervous going to the doctor(hence Rescue Remedy for me) so I can only imagine what an animal goes through. It worked but I knew they didn't enjoy the alcohol taste(I had to hold them down and quickly squirt before letting go. I tasted the pet formula before trying to give it to my cat. I approved and the cat licked it up in no time so I guess she approves it also. A calm cat is a joy for me and for the vet who has to handle the animal.
336830336830B004IFKSLYA1PKFPII1OW13Lterri l. selvey0051337126400MIRACLE SO FAR....I have 3 very spoiled little dogs, all long-haired breeds, which include 2 very schiz-ee Havanese. My youngest Havanese has hated, HATED, grooming since she was a puppy. She sees a brush and she hides and trembles in fear. I mean, grooming positively terrorizes this little dog and it is so sad. She shrieks like she's being axed and her heart goes a million beats a minute. I've always given them their baths and haircuts, but a friend recently started a grooming business, so I thought I would "help" her by bringing my dogs to her. It has been a harrowing experience for them and for her. The Shih Tzu mix was halfway decent, but was constantly biting at the clippers. The two Havanese have been pretty bad. In fact, after doing them...I think my groomer friend needs the Rescue.. but I digress. We tried this product on the "least bad" Havanese when she went in a few weeks ago and my groomer called and crowed about how wonderful she was. Today the clipper-biting Shih Tzu mix went in. We tried the product on him for the first time and when my husband picked him up she said he was excellent, and never tried to bite the clippers even once! If this product works on the other Havanese when she goes next week, I think I'm going to order 50 bottles! Last time she had 2 muzzles on her and still managed to bite my groomer friend. Stay tuned!
336831336831B004IFKSLYA1G2SRMY3SCI5Mcathy0031332633600not sure if it worked...tried it on my kitty who sometimes attacks our other kitty. put a few drops on his treats... a little more than the box says because he weighs 21 lbs.! i gave him the correct dosage, 4 drops, the first night and he attacked her early the next morning. then i gave him more later and it seemed like he was fine for a couple of days and then started attacking her again... so i don't know if it did work or didn't work and he just didn't attack her because he wasn't in the mood. probably won't buy it again... was really hoping it would work!

i did stop giving it to him and it seems like he attacks her less now so i have no idea if it works or not. my old neighbor gave her small cat a dropper full and it worked on her so i guess it depends on the cat...
336832336832B004IFKSLYA2NDRNYEQXKK5PFrani0041331856000Worked FineI just moved 1500 miles with 2 cats and a dog. I gave them all the rescue remedy drops and they did much better then expected. The cats stayed calm all day in the car and the dog did much better being in unfamiliar places. I did give the cats a little bit more then the recommended dosage since they were in the car with us and I didn't want them crying all day. I also continued the drops for a few days after we arrived to help them adjust to the new setting. It worked great and I will definitely be using this product for our next move.
336833336833B004IFKSLYA15BUA2RDCUD2DN. Battaglia0051321574400Really Works!I purchased Bach's rescue remedy drops to help integrate a feral rescue with the 7 cats already in the household. My feral 'Wilbur' sometimes goes after the other male cats, even biting. After a trip to the vet to deal with a nasty bite, I started using Bach's drops. He is a different cat after the drops! If I didn't witness the transformation, it would be hard to believe. Wilbur just calms down and chills. He plays nicer, and stops going after other males! This is huge. He is still learning how to socialize, but with the help of these drops, he's making great strides. I whole heartedly recommend these drops. They calm jangled nerves in cats, just as they claim.
336834336834B004IFKSLYA3M80BXBLDVRNRSmyleysue0051310947200Thunder be goneWithout Rescue Remedy, my dog would surely die of anxiety during thunderstorms. Thank you Rescue Remedy foreasing Gracie's mind. I can't live without my bottle of Resuce Remedy for pets.
336835336835B004IFKSLYA3P8KX4HEPKNJXMikeBravo3521247875200Freak Out on the FourthMy Shetland Sheepdog goes ballistic at the sound of firecrackers. I have tried everything on him including prescription drugs. Rescue Remedy did not help but at least it did not make him loop legged.
336836336836B004IFKSLYA2MTZR8VF3UW4Ntvshrine1211341619200what a crock!My 2 cats had no reaction from this. Wanted to use it to help with a possible long distance move. Instead I've just wasted money on this crock!
336837336837B004IFKSLYAV11MRHDDX4BVSlim1331274140800Rescue Remedy is Great!Rescue Remedy is a terrific product. It truly has calmed my Labador Retriever mix. I have bought the product from Home Naturals Inc. three times. They had the product in stock and it quickly shipped in November and December, 2009. I purchased a 3-pack from them in March 2010. The order didn't arrive and Home Naturals told me it got lost in the mail. The communication with Home Naturals was great and they said they would send out a replacement 3-pack right away, which they did. When the package arrived, it contained only 1 bottle (not three). I asked for and they granted a refund for the 2 missing bottles. Since then, they have sent a replacement 3-pack, for free.
336838336838B004IFKSLYA2ZQWCZGZ631BOLocke1511323216000PlaceboAbsolutely nothing changed with this. I think it works for some people as a placebo. Not for me because I was skeptical, but had so may good reviews I thought I would try it.
336839336839B004IFKSLYAMKPP6485E3K9Sharon Cooper41311273881600Not for pet fountainsOne of my cats weft through a negative personality change, so my vet put him on medication as well as recommended this product. I have a pet fountain, not a water bowl, and I had used the human variety of Rescue Remedy in my pets' fountain before buying this one. The human formulation caused no problems. However, when I switched to the pet formulation, the results were disgusting. I had cleaned the fountain thoroughly, motor and all, as well as placing a new filter inside it when I made the change between the two formulations: after a week I noticed what looked at first like some type of dirt around the rim, so I took it apart to clean it. Once I took it apart it looked like it had never been cleaned! The filter was obviously new, but COVERED BY MOLD! There was mold everywhere! When I took the motor apart again, it looked like it had never been done! EVERY SINGLE PART OF THE FOUNTAIN WAS FULL OF MOLD TO SOME DEGREE! IT MAKES ME ILL TO THINK THAT MY PETS WERE DRINKING FROM IT IN THAT CONDITION! IF YOU HAVE A PET FOUNTAIN, DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT: USE THE HUMAN VARIETY!!
336840336840B004IFKSLYA3J9S9Y8EYOPOWkhotow01421317600000??????"ordered 2 products from this co. they stated they had one product and the other was out of stock i asked for the refund for the product that was out of stock because they stated that they did not know when they would get it in so i asked for a refund they have yet to give me i have been emailing them for days now almost a week with no response as to what they are going to do worst ever..."
336811336811B004IFKSLYA131S7JQCEPFOMKormina "Kormina"3451309305600Works wellI bought this for a neighbor whose dog gets panicy during thunder storms. They wanted to try something other than the prescription pills they had from the vet which made the poor thing loopy. They are very satisfied with the results - this is the second order I've placed for them.
336812336812B004IFKSLYA21JU116Y8PHPHKat M.3421275696000Doesn't work for our dog's separation anxietyOn the upside, it's herbal so I haven't felt bad giving it to him, and he doesn't mind the taste at all (we just drop it on a treat first). On the down side, it hasn't done much (if anything) for our dog's separation anxiety. We've tried it for about two weeks and haven't seen any improvement. We wanted to give it a go first before having to try prescription drugs. He's not upset/anxious/afraid of anything else, so I can't speak for it's effectiveness for any other events/traumatic situations, but for us it just isn't working for separation anxiety. Fortunately, it's perfectly safe for human use, so we'll probably just try the rest of the bottle for ourselves!
336813336813B004IFKSLYA1ZVPBJ13TZZ1BHilary G. Eiring "hgeiring24"3451244592000Great ProductThis seems to work very well for my dog that experiences anxiety when we have thunderstorms and helps me sleep through the night without her waking me up!
336814336814B004IFKSLYA2BZJCT0P6JG29D. Akins5721222560000Didn't work for us.....Although I have heard and read many positive things about this product it didn't seem to have any effect on my shihtzu. It was difficult to get her to take the product because of the strong taste. I tried it with cream cheese, tried straight into her mouth, and ended up putting some in the water dish that all of my dogs share.
336815336815B004IFKSLYA6WZWT88O1J5QC. Nichols2311290643200Didn't work for usThis just didn't cut it for my kitty. We tried it for a couple months but saw no difference in her extremely anxious behaviors. I'm sure it just depends on the cat.
336816336816B004IFKSLYACPWKK9V3CD58L. Hase2351280275200Works like a charm!I highly recommend Rescue Remedy! I purchased this product for my friends dog; a 3-yr old, 85 lb, male yellow Lab named Jack. Jack has always been frightened of thunderstorms. He would pant, drool, shed his fur, and tremble. My friend applied 4 drops on a treat and gave it to Jack. Within moments, his mood settled and was calm and peaceful. They've had two thunderstorms since giving Jack the Rescue Remedy, and each time he calms down and seems unbothered by the weather. Jack is a bit groggy the next day, but no other side affects have been noticed.

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