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336901336901B0012KB4U2A28K26FLMXKHHNC. Marshall0051290902400Whisker Lickins CrunchyBoth our cat and dog love these treats. I have tried pretty much all the different treats and these seem to be their favorite. All I have to do is shake the bag and both come running. A bonus is buying them through Amazon at the cheapest price I have found.
336902336902B0012KB4U2AQET56SG1D9PJPS0051285113600My cat can't get enough of these!I can't believe how much my cat loves these treats! It's amazing. He even knows when I say "do you want some treats"...he gets these big eyes and gets so excited that he meows non-stop. I swear there has to be something addictive in these, it's like crack for cats...I never saw him act like this before...LOL.
336903336903B0012KB4U2A1SN0B1U20G786cpix 25 "cpix"0051274918400Habit formingThe cat is crazy about this product. So crazy that I have trouble getting her to eat her regular food. She has had to learn that she will only receive it once a day. Must be her candy.
336904336904B0012KB4U2A3NWMASAJXGXJXS. Roth "Book reading mama"0051272931200Spoiled cat loves it!I have a very spoiled cat and she absolutely loves it. We call it her special candy. I shake it and she comes running. I have a monthly subscription for it so she won't run out. That would be awful! I would not know what to tell her.
336905336905B0012KB4U2A3UMGD85P7O9R6P. Phillips "Consumer Snob"0051262390400My kitty is insane for these treats!These are by far my Kitty's favorite treats and she just devours them. The crunch is perfect and she loves the flavor. The only problem is that she meows at us several times a day when we are in the kitchen for MORE treats.
336906336906B0012KB4U2A3GKVHYVUV5YUHE. Weinberger0051261785600great for taste, great for clean teethAll I have to do is say the word "treat" and my cats jump over each other to get to this treat. It is the only treat they have ever liked. However, the additional benefit that others have not mentioned is that it helps to keep your cats' teeth clean. One of my cats was prone to building up plaque-- not a problem since she started having these treats twice daily. Thanks Amazon for making these treats available and affordable. For some reason, they can be hard to find in the stores, and they are much more expensive when purchased that way.
336907336907B0012KB4U2A2LS67K1DKHOHJMary Carroll "book cat"0051261699200Candy for kitties!I have two cats, Tiger is 7-years old and the Dusty is 18-years old. They both absolutely LOVE the Crunch Lovers tuna flavor! And I love the canister - if Tiger finds the pouch, he opens it himself from the bottom and has a feast. I'm glad to be able to order the canister because its hard to find in the stores - hooray for Amazon!
336908336908B0012KB4U2A5OHY2A48MNM6Bulldog Engineer "Bully"0051261008000Cats like it and a good bargainThis is a good bargain and the cats like this kind (crunchy). You have to watch because this brand makes both soft and crunchy. The soft type are unpopular as one reviewer pointed out -- but the crunchy are great.
336909336909B0012KB4U2A1CRT2UI0YIOQNKrista0111345766400Makes My Cat VomitI just bought a container of these Tuna Flavor treats. We gave some to our cat two different times a couple of days apart. Both times she threw them up within minutes. Looking at the ingredients I can see why.
336910336910B0012KB4U2A1QRST0A3IQIEFHon Lee "ham fisted cook"1521257897600cat's about faceUnlike the Party Mix offerings, which my cats love and are a hard crunchy product, the Whisker Lickins line is soft and the flavorings are a bust as far as all my cats are concerned. Friskie's missed on this one.
336911336911B0012KB4U2A3C7O6H6YY0MIQMacMaster41211320796800All of those 5 star reviewers are blind. BLIND.Wake up people, check the ingredients, CORN GLUTEN MEAL? CORN STARCH? RED 40 COLOR? WHAT WERE YOU PEOPLE THINKING WHEN YOU LEFT THOSE 5 STAR REVIEWS YOU ARE KILLING YOUR ANIMALS. This product was recalled 5 years ago for killing innocent cats, please do some research before you buy something. Have you seen a cat chewing on corn before? no. So please do not be fooled by those 5 star reviews, its obvious that those people are ignorant, companies like Purina, Science Diet, whiskas don't care about our animals but their pockets. If you love your pet, feed him/her with the right stuff, they don't need stuff that has corn in it. Also make sure there are no artificial colors or flavors. And make sure there is no BHA and BHT used preservatives. These preservatives have been shown to cause cancer in both cats and dogs. Bad Bad stuff and it's in almost every cat treat on the market. INCLUDING THIS ONE.
336912336912B0016RMQXKA1990KOGZUSIIJPittsboro, NC0051333238400There really is a Titina. And her San Marzanos are for real.There really is a difference between sauce made with real San Marzano Tomatoes and those grown in other places. Titina and her husband are from the old country and their San Marzanos are the real thing. Open one of these huge cans filled with small, firm, ripe plum tomatoes and you're ready to makes a big batch of the best tomato sauce you've ever tasted.

Like, we're out of Titina's San Marzano Tomatoes so I hope they come in soon.
336913336913B0016RMQXKA6SM104267C1CC. J. Postelli "The Good Aunt"0051254787200AMAZING!!These tomatoes are unlike any tomatoes I have ever tried. San Marzano tomatoes are known for low acidity and high sweetness due to being grown ONLY in the fertile volcanic soil at the base of Mt. Vesuvius. These tomatoes make the BEST sauce and these are a great price and amazing flavor. They must be tasted to be believed!
336914336914B000FI0Z02A3L11WCNJ40GZJViolet Black "Violet Black"9951200096000Okonomiyaki kitsThis kit has everything you need to make Okonomiyaki, except for the Mayonaise, bacon(optional), and sauce. Well, also obviously, you need to provide the wet ingredients and fresh ingredients, eggs, water, cabbage, etc.. One kit makes two servings, but if you order this, you get 3 kits. So you can make 6 servings with this particular order.

I recommend getting the Kewpie Mayonaise and the Okonomi sauce. The sauce is availible from this merchant. You can get Kewpie at your local asian food market, or here on Amazon.

The kit comes with the nori flakes and bonito flakes, you will use to garnish your Okonomiyaki after it is done.

There are instructions inside, not using our measuring system, but you have the internet, I'm sure you can figure it out for yourself.
336915336915B000FI0Z02AHRRUC0PK58Q9C. L. Satonica3451258848000Simple and fun!This made for very tasty okonomiyaki each time I used it. The process is actually very simple and you don't need any specialty pans. You do have to provide the wet ingredients as the previous reviewer stated, but that is simple enough and they are all readily found probably in your own house. I agree about procuring some okonomi sauce, but if you are lucky you will be able to find some in an asian market to avoid the shipping fees. You can also find good recipes for okonomi sauces online that taste just great. The mayonnaise is a nice touch, but not absolutely necessary if you cannot find it. I was unable to find a suitable okonomiyaki dry ingredients kit, but was able to find the sauces very easily.

This can be a great way to share a "culture night" with your family, or a fun way to connect with a child who maybe has an anime obsession. Believe me, they'll love telling their equally obsessed friends that they had okonomiyaki with their family over the weekend! And the toppings are a great way to let everyone individualize their own foods! We've used bacon, shrimp, shiitake mushrooms and even tried eel as a topping once! It was alot of fun so enjoy yourself.
336916336916B00521JHSSA376OJHLE6SU9QM. Wolf2251327104000Excellent RoastI bought two pounds of this while on Kona. I usually do not like French Roast but this is a wonderful bean. Does not taste burnt. Has a full yet subtle taste that is typical of Kona. A great cup of coffee.
336917336917B002JAEKAUA2HXNAU8E1Y6E7Ferns "Fberry"2351326931200THE best honey in the world!I found this honey when I visited Tasmania five years ago. Leatherwood honey is not made anywhere else in the world and it is a shame because it's not easy to find but so worth the search. I now buy it in the 2Kg can because I go through it so fast that the largest tin available is what I need. I use it in tea and oatmeal, biscuits and toast. You won't be able to go back to just regular honey again. It really has a distinct taste that whenever I give it to someone- they are hooked too. Love it!
336918336918B002JAEKAUA3FX4F2JUAE7EUDavid Berne "mtnman007"2351265760000Gourmet HoneyI have searched and tried exotic gourmet honeys for over 30 years, and Tasmanian Letherwood Honey exceeds them all. I will serve myself no other honey and I have held true to this for over 10 years since my palate fell into ecstacy with the first taste of this honey back then. I must say that not trying this honey if you are a connoisseur, might just be considered criminal to your palate! High in cost but worth every penny.
336919336919B002JAEKAUA6YTX4K2PCHVXM. Andrews "Learning by trial and error"0051346544000YummySpicy, Sweet, distinctive flavor that is wonderful in tea, on flatbreads, or straight off the spoon :) I mix a TBS of this honey with a TBS of Braggs Vinegar (with The Mother)in a bottle of water and... YUMMMMMM
336920336920B002JAEKAUAQ1782FCRJ4V5jacques00051340496000Awesome honey!I first tasted this honey when a friend of mine gave some to me as a gift. His sister does research in Tasmania and sent some to him.

This stuff is unbelievable. The flavor evokes jasmine and its thick texture is nothing short of luxurious. Yes, it costs a bit more than other honeys, but this is something you should experience in your life. It will change the way you look at honey.

Bite the bullet and buy a can!
336921336921B002ZDGTJGA1W0B640VBLMX3Kelly H0051310774400My dog loves theseWe have a newfie who will do just about anything for these. I've used them to coax her into the shower for a bath and as treats for staying still while cleaning her ears. They're also pretty healthy as far as dog treats go which is nice. The plastic container also helps to keep the cats from breaking in.
336922336922B0055N4U3AAJNW2SVETWAW1kacunnin1121320105600SO disappointed -- not at all what I was expectingThe television commercials for Pepperidge Farm's MILANO MELTS cookies really worked -- I couldn't wait to buy a bag! I'm a big fan of the original Milano cookies -- the cookies themselves are light, crispy, and perfectly paired with rich dark chocolate. So what could go wrong with Milano cookies filled with dark, sumptuous chocolate creme?

Well, MILANO MELTS are disappointing. First, the cookie itself: It's sort of a "double-thick" Milano cookie, which means it lacks the lightness and the delicate crispness of the original Milanos. It's very hard around the edges, and the texture seems dense and unappetizing. Then, there's the "dark chocolate creme": It just lacks the flavor of the chocolate on the original Milanos. Additionally, there's nowhere as much creme as you see in the TV commercials (or pictured on the package). The creme is mostly located in one half of the cookie -- I took my first bite and wondered, "where is the creme?" All I saw was a thin line of chocolate, which was tasteless buried inside that thick cookie. There was more creme on the other side of the cookie, but it was nothing like what I was expecting.

These are simply not as good as the original Milano cookies (which are wonderful). This is an interesting-sounding idea that just didn't pan out. Stick to the original Milanos -- they will not disappoint.
336923336923B0055N4U3AA1479FQM8IDP80Michael Mitros0051346803200Best new cookie on the marketPerfect crispy cookie texture and delicous filling.
They also make a chocolate cookie version but I prefer the vanilla.
Reminds me of the old Fudge Town cookies made in the 1960's and 70's
336924336924B0055N4U3AA31RSZYLJNYLTZPre-Paid Premium Shipping "Prime"0031340150400AverageNothing "melts" about these cookies. They're as crispy as Oreos or regular Milano cookies, so I'm missing the point of calling them melts, unless that little bit of filling counts. They are alright, but I wasn't expecting them to be so crispy or so much like a regular cookie.
336925336925B0019LDEIYA2G2JHL7EOGO4YDihjet "Dihjet"0031349049600seriously limit how many of these you eat.....Sweet apricot kernels are used in cooking; apricot kernel oil is prepared in a way that changes it's original elements. BUT apricots, like other fruit seeds, contains a small amount of cyanide. Eating too many will probably make you sick. I didn't realize apple seeds had arsenic in them - and used to eat the seeds all the time. I then read an article about a guy who loved them so much, that he saved a bag of them and after eating, well, let's just say it was his last supper.

Do some research before you eat these just like a bag of nuts. The bitter kind, in limited quantities, with special doctors, is used to fight cancer. That has more cyanide in it. Different processes destroy some of the chemicals.

It's better to just really limit your intact of apricot kernals. If the producer of this product would like to explain how safe it is, please help us understand. My research has shown that it could be dangerous to eat too many. How much is too many? I think more than a few.

336926336926B0019LDEIYA2VE4FTT5940RZHealth Nut "Bekka"2451249776000Crunchy KernelsThis was a great product and I'm very happy. The kernels are sweet and fresh and my family and friends all enjoy eating them. I had a bowl of kernels sitting out when my sister dropped by. She had eaten several when she commented "These are interesting tasting little almonds". I had to laugh. My girlfriend had ordered some kernels from another company but was very disappointed in the quality and taste so she asked me yesterday to order her 6 bags from Home Naturals.
A word of caution... don't eat too many in one sitting. You'll be making several trips to the bathroom. HA! They make for a good colon cleanser.
336927336927B000BME116A37D3QOFKCDP3NMark1151261785600TastyWe saw this featured on the Travel Network a while ago, so when I saw it available through Amazon I ordered it for my wife for Christmas. Very tasy and very unique.
336928336928B000BME116A1T3FJHLU8UVEEanmac0211307404800rib offWhy I still have to pay £12 for postage, I thought what I paid in Amazon was included everything like postage?
336929336929B000N3BVZ2A2Y7G1T4L7JZFUMossy0021194739200Sesame SeedsI was happy to find that Amazon had sesame seeds, which are not easly found in my remote part of Texas. I bought three orders, they were reasonanably priced and came in 5 days. I planned to freeze the bags to use throughout the year. I was disappointed to find worms and webs in several of the packages. so I called to see about returning these contaminated ones and send them back. You replaced the six or so bags and they came quickly but three of those also contained worms. (this is not unusual, seeds do get worms and weavels) So this time, I just dumped the bad bags out for the wild turkeys to enjoy. I am still happy with the service Amazon provided and the attempt to take care of the problem. I have enough good seeds to last several months and am happy to have found a source. Thanks, Rita
336930336930B000N3BVZ2ARIZELVGMVMW4Betsy Nolan0051188864000Good valueIn our neighborhood it is hard to find sesame seeds in anything but the small high priced bottles. Good value and quick delivery.

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