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336931336931B0045G4W40A3A6RQ2P4X9VVNRosendo0051346544000Great Product.Not much to say here I've been ordering these for a while now. Simple, good fruit, great taste, no sugar packed syrup and no extra calories.
336932336932B005Z7HULAAO24IVJ0MSR07Drizz0051342483200Barton Almond KissesThese are a seasonal item so when local supply is exhausted I go online to find other inventories in the US. They are an amazing candy! Just right for that evening snack AND they are Kosher! I highly recommend this companies products!
336933336933B0050DB218A1BAV77TU9YW2SChelleTuile0051333324800Amazing!The coffee was SO good! Cafe Vita is my favorite coffee roaster. All the items were shipped the next day too, which is a plus since I can't survive for long in college without coffee.
336934336934B002MYF9EOA17DYTPTGG7QAPm0011350864000Messed up pop rocksthe poprocks were all liquid instead if normal solid candy like usual, and the goo from the package was everywhere
336935336935B004ARV84GA22Q2XNQUD6HM8CED1111309305600DANGEROUSThis only gets one star because it won't let me rate it as zero. DO NOT buy this to use on your pet! I decided I would use it for a couple of days between when I noticed my cat had mites and when the vet could fit her in. I only used it once and I'm glad that was it! The vet said that he has seen animals die from using it. She's now on prescriptions to knock out the infection caused by it irritating her ears. Don't take the risk!
336936336936B001L06318A2MT6M2KUO5E6VElizabeth2251320451200Love this teaI normally get this tea at Teavana stores in the mall or their website, so was excited to see it on Amazon (as I have tons of gift cards here). It seemed to take a little longer then other products to arrive but came in great shape and came with a free sample just like my other orders from the Teavana site have (which makes sense since they're partnered with Amazon). I drink the White Ayurvedic Chai with the Samurai Chai Mate and they taste fantastic together. They're supposed to be full of caffeine but for me they're my anytime tea. I have to steep a little longer then recommended time as I like my tea strong (with a bit of sugar or honey :) but it tastes great. Not to sickly sweet like some fruity teas.
It is sweeter then some of their other teas, so if you don't like sweet then you may want to try out some of their others. I recommend going into the stores and sampling their array of teas they usually have set out to find your favorite. The blend they normally have of this one is good but not always what comes out at home though so don't just go by that one. They use German rock sugar (which they sell) and that costs a little more. Most people will use normal table sugar, honey, or artificial sweetener which will affect the tastes. Anyway, go try the tea, find your tea and drink happy.
336937336937B001L06318A6ZYVG9NTGVIFDiane L. Prange1141265587200Teavana WHIte Ayurvedic Chai TeaFresh, spicy and complex. This is a great white tea that doesn't offset color with taste.
336938336938B001L06318AHCA4CQDHI9F7Helen M. Williams0051349136000Teavana White Ayurvedic Chai TeaThis is a sweet tasting and delicious tea. It has dried fruit and seems to have some sugar. If it does have sugar, it is not calorie free. It is very tasty and makes a good iced tea also.
336939336939B001L06318A1989WJVG7DHBKOhioAtty0051341878400Can I just say YUMMMSee my review on the Samurai Chai Mate. The two combined is fabulous.

One more thing -- we have found that you can use the loose leaves (we just leave them in the tea basket) for several cups of tea with the same effect. So while it's a pit pricey, it's well worth it, particularly if you reuse the leaves.
336940336940B001L06318A2O5U7FUF8JA9YJayson Lee Bilby "Skippy"0051340236800Great TeaGreat Tea, arrived on time, and in air tight tea package to preserve flavor. Also mixes well with other tea.
336941336941B001L06318A2F5UH19QJDIDYSunshine0051329523200Mmmmmm.....I tried this tea in the mall at the Teavana store and it is AMAZING! And that's coming from someone who doesn't normally like tea. I loved it so much I had to buy it, I don't regret buying it in the slightest. It's delicious!
336942336942B001L06318A32VRSNCYFWL9QKili "Kili"0051294617600Delicious!Got this for my sister for Christmas... we both loved it -- in fact we made it by the pot and by the time I was leaving after staying with her for Christmas, it was GONE! Will be ordering more to send to her.
336943336943B001L06318ADOQFUKQJCJVPSandyK0051289088000Love this tea!When I bought the infuser, I need loose tea to go with it. So I tried the White Ayurvedic Chai Tea. Love it! I've gone back for more and tried others. Just got my shipment Friday and haven't tried them all yet!
336944336944B002IEU6NWA1IU7S4HCK1XK0Joanna Daneman9951280534400Strong, dark and decaffeinatedI like tea (but not in the morning anymore, not sure why) and I like a cup when I get home from work. But caffeine of any kind now after 12:00 pm keeps me wide awake until the wee hours. So my favorite cup of Irish tea is right out ...until now. Barry's Tea is pretty good; I like it as well as Lyons, and both are strong, Kenyan-Indian blend teas guaranteed to drive away sleety weather from your bones and even cool you off on a hot day.

This is about the best decaf tea I know of. It is not quite as aromatic and snappy as Barry's Green Label or Red Label, but it is decently strong (I put two bags in a full four cup pot.) It stands up to evaporated milk and it is good on its own--very smooth. It does oxidize in the cup rather quickly, going from a beautiful golden russet liquor to a dark brown but that doesn't affect the flavor. Now I can have my tea and a splash of milk when I get home and not be watching the ceiling for half the night. Bravo!
336945336945B002IEU6NWA2HJQXERJ0LLLLGMa to 6 "GMa to 6"6651255478400Excellent Decaf tea!I am always looking for new brands of decaf tea, to me they all taste hot water with a little color added to it!! Recently I found Barry's Decaf and gave it a try. Barry's decaf has an incredible taste for a decaf tea! It is full body, very flavorful, and brews a good strong cup of tea. It is hard to believe it is really decaf. A bit pricey but well worth the cost for anyone who enjoys a good cup of tea.
336946336946B002IEU6NWA2NDY3HG8W0NTLBytheBeach2251312416000Finally a good teaI am primarily a coffee drinker but I like to switch off to tea during the day. This is the best decaf tea I have tasted. I like Twinnings English Breakfast Tea and Twinnings Irish Breaakfast Tea but this is by far suprior to those. Barrys decaf tea will always be my first choice. Tastes as good as regular tea.
336947336947B002IEU6NWAEJL7TH3O5384David A. Wandelt2241276387200Best among the decaf'sI have been favorably impressed with all of the Barry's Tea line. For a decaffeinated tea, this one is indeed very good. I have to qualify it ('for a decaf tea') because I have yet to find any decaf tea that begins to approach the robustness of a regular black tea or black tea blend. But if you need to avoid the caffeine, as I do, this a very good one to start with.

Bear in mind that I like my black tea served in the English style--sweet, with milk--so for me, the tea has to be really rich, dark, and malty (primarily Assam, with hints of Ceylon and Darjeeling is my favorite). But if you drink your tea straight, then you might think this is perfect just as it is!

By the way, if you like this one, you might also try PG Tips Decaf 80 Ct Tea Bags - 2 Pack. It's also quite good, as is Typhoo Tea Decaf 80ct Tea Bags. But Barry's is my favorite.
336948336948B002IEU6NWA24YNRGF3ABXPKMrs. Miller2241275350400Barry's Decaf TeaThis is one of the few decaf teas worth spending any money on, and it is difficult to find.
I am pleased with it's flavor, though it will never have the depth that a regular tea has.
I have tried several decaf teas in the last year and it was money wasted.
It will not be wasted on this product. I just wish it was a little less expensive.
336949336949B002IEU6NWA1PH8IQ0P1Y665Genevieve L. DeBree "Timber212"1151284249600Barry's Tea FanIf you are a true tea lover, this is the tea for you. I discovered it in Ireland and I will not drink anything else.
336950336950B002IEU6NWAIYVWOW2YCJGCathiespins1151272326400Barry's Decaf Tea RocksGevalia stopped making Decaf Tea. Am I ever glad they did! Barry's is not only cheaper, but better. You go!
336951336951B002IEU6NWA3PQ7GESFNPZROH. Killough-Walden0051348876800Simply the best.Well, I'm a Barry's girl through and through. I drink the regular caffeinated Barry's tea during the day and I drink this decaf version at night. The flavor is virtually the same, and made three-bag strong, in a sturdy mug and with lots of soy milk, it's a real treat. I can't go through many days or nights without it. :)
336952336952B002IEU6NWA399K3PTOIZVTKjosie d.0051333497600love it and now its gone!!!!!?????I love this decaf. Tea. The only one I do like and now, not only is out of stock here it is out everywhere!!! Anyone know what happened?
336953336953B002IEU6NWAX7EHSNBO7PSDSally "Sally"0051325808000BEST!Shortly after our trip to Ireland, I began longing for the tea I had in Dublin. It was Barry's Tea and it was SO GOOD!! I try to keep my life 'decaffeinated' when possible and usually decaf tea is very watery and weak. Trust me, you will be pleasantly surprised by the strength and flavor of this tea! Dark colored, full bodied and won't keep you up at night!! It's the ONLY tea this Grandma drinks!! Enjoy!
336954336954B002IEU6NWA1XONK8LHYHUSloulou580051324512000Best DecafI am a tea drinker above all else and in searching for a decaf tea for the evening, it has been difficult to find one with good flavor. My search stopped when I tried Barry's decaf tea. It tastes almost as good as their Regular tea and I won't be without it again!
336955336955B002IEU6NWA2YAVBTBUCXDDTJB0051323388800Decaffeinated TeaHave been buying this product for over two years and buying on line saves me about 25% over the store price
336956336956B002IEU6NWAWJ7X97XITACCilikebooks0051323216000Truly the BestI've tried a lot of decaf teas, from both here and abroad, and without a doubt this is the best. It has a delightfully strong, fresh flavor that doesn't diminish when combined with lemon or cream. So happy I found it.
336957336957B002IEU6NWA10IX5F7OSNW4NAnita l Krewson0051320796800BARRY'S TEABarrys tea is the best tea,lovely flavor, really. I'm not much of a tea drinker but this is so good. You will enjoy it, I'm sure.
336958336958B002IEU6NWA33VYJR02VWBT5Ms. Jeanne C. Allen0051291075200Barry's tea convertA British friend recently served me Barry's for afternoon tea and I was hooked. I couldn't find it in my local grocery store so immediately went on line and ordered some. It's lovely to have a really nice tea in the house AND to celebrate the Irish AND English! My order arrived quickly and I'm VERY happy to have Amazon's network available to find "just the perfect thing". Civility and efficiency are alive and well, thanks to Amazon!!!!!! Thank you, Jeanne Allen
336959336959B004BH2WVSA2JEDXZQCQG1NXShawnie Cook Gruber "Macgyverchick"2351294012800Great Quality Speck from Sud Tirol!!!We ordered the Speck as a family gift and were really pleased with the quality! It arrived promptly and packaged well. We'll order again!!
336960336960B004NVBE8YA2DZ8D42JIFK4Tmakeup maven101051315180800excellent!!while searching for healthy treats I came across these biscuits. The ingredients are better than most dog foods! They're also grain-free, and even though I don't feed grain-free exclusively it's good because it keeps him from having too much grain in his diet, and also the product has a high meat content. They're pretty big so I need to break them up in quarters for my 8lb dog, but they're so thick and solid that I have to use a good amount of strength to break them, lol, but I'm a bit of a wimp (the duck variety is easier to break up). The other day I ran out of dog food and didn't realize it until it was time to go to work, so because the ingredients were so high quality I was able to actually give him 2 of these and another brand of healthy treats for breakfast! We're about half way through our 2nd bag and he's not bored of them at all. Next time I'll get another flavour to make sure he doesn't get bored. I almost feel bad for not giving him something more junk foody. I get ice cream and the poor thing gets healthy biscuits! Lol.

Chicken Meal,
Chicken Fat (preserved with Mixed Tocopherols),
Flaxseed (source of Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids),
Calcium Ascorbate (source of Vitamin C),
Vitamin E Supplement,
Calcium Carbonate.

(doesn't get any better than that. :D)

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