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337021337021B004CYLWGQA1KVV24NPYRDVBMcdonald Mirabile "macmirabile"4451302048000Not your grandfathers shredded wheat!This is a really fun cereal to eat. You got the frosted side of the square which is delicious, and then you have to eat the non frosted part because it is attached to the frosted part. The makers cleverly decided to use fruit filling as the glue to hold the two sides together. This is the best tasting fruit cereal glue I have ever tasted. My 10 month old son watches me eat them with jealousy in his eyes and drool on his lips.
337022337022B004CYLWGQA1PM0LSZTA99PESara H.6721295049600Not As Good As BeforeSaw this in the grocery store recently and was very excited. As a fan of the previous fruit filled version, I was eager to try a bowlful as soon as I got home. The mixed berry flavor was very sweet & artificial, and by the time I'd eaten less than half the bowl I'd had enough.
The flavors from before like strawberry and raisin tasted very fruity and complimented the frosted shredded cereal perfectly. When there is already frosting on the top side of the square, the filling doesn't need to be super sweet. It tasted like a frosted mixed berry Pop Tart, so I'm sure kids and younger folk will be a fan on this cereal, and perhaps that is who it is marketed to now.
337023337023B004CYLWGQAMA1R91R2VTP6Diane3351307923200Frosted Mini-Wheats Cereal, Touch of Fruit in the Middle (Mixed Berry)Anybody else remember Raisin Squares? My mom would buy them for herself when I was a child, and I loved them so much, I would sneak them. They stopped producing them years ago, much to my dismay. When these mini-wheats with the touch of fruit in the middle came out, I was thrilled - they are even better than my beloved Raisin Squares! They are a great cereal - my mornings are pretty hectic, so I don't often have time to sit down and eat breakfast, but this cereal is perfect for popping in your mouth on the go. It's a great snack too. I teach middle school and sometimes I bring in snacks for my students - this is one of their favorites, which is great because they are a fairly healthy food.

It's awesome that this Frosted Mini-Wheats Cereal is available on Amazon, and eligible for subscription - the price is fantastic. I haven't subscribed yet, but I probably will - I like to place an initial order before I subscribe. I was concerned because when my order arrived, the boxes were very out of shape - so much so that they couldn't even stand upright - and I was worried that the cereal would be crushed, but I've gone through one box already, and there were no more crumbs than usual. Another great Amazon buy.
337024337024B004CYLWGQA5FINI50D67RHR. N.1151327276800Almost as good as the originalI have been looking for fruit filled mini-wheats for about 15 years. They were harder and harder to find before being discontinued. These are almost as good as the original; my only complaint being that the original was not frosted, and I would prefer them unfrosted because the fruit adds enough sweetness. I paid $4.96 at the grocery store for one box- so Amazon's price is great.
337025337025B004CYLWGQA294GLYVNGZBG1sweetprani1151325116800Frosted Mini Wheats Cereal - Always fresh and crispyThis cereal is always fresh and crispy. It is a great hit with my daughter, she eats this every morning for her breakfast. Sometimes, as an afternoon snack. even I eat as a snack or I just munch when watching TV. It is better than eating salty chips and building lot of trans fat. Packaging is good and shipping is always quick. I use subscribe and save option, and so never run out of the stock. Would continue to use the S&S and highly recommend it.
337026337026B004CYLWGQAY88V1WEZLBHOChristine Williams1151323734400Lots of flavorThe Touch of Fruit in the Middle of Kelloggs Mini-Wheats makes a huge difference in the taste of an ordinarily dull, dry cereal. Not too sweet, but the little touch of fruit is very evident and tasty. This is a favorite cereal in my home.
337027337027B004CYLWGQA1UHWOIO2D905IR. Dodd1151319846400love itWe love this cereal. It's great for breakfast or for snacking. The subscription price is a great deal and we always know when it's coming.
337028337028B004CYLWGQA1G481FWGZIBMHCameron Jones "CJones"1151318464000We love itEveryone in our family loves this cereal -- parents and kids. Just the right amount of sweetness. It's very filling and has a lot of fiber. It's also a great deal on Amazon.
337029337029B004CYLWGQAUYTNZH0KMBVRMike1131313107200Okay, not greatWhile they were good, they were not as good with some of the other fruit filled cereal we have. A lot of crushed shredded wheat was on the bottom, probably from handling during shipping.
337030337030B004CYLWGQA2PBZX0NE07Y10VT Guy0051345939200Good breakfastI am not lactose tolerant so I can't have milk with my cereal. That said this is just about the perfect balance of sweetness and fiber to eat without milk.
337031337031B004CYLWGQAIGR6I2T1S2QJfutkar0051341100800Perfect breakfastI like it because
- they taste delicious with milk
- serve as a balanced breakfast (less than 250 calories with milk per serving)
- neatly priced
337032337032B004CYLWGQA3M63IL0GIWBSQP. L. Springer "tpsprinfam"0021323561600Why High fructose corn syrup??It is a great idea to put more fruit in the cereal, and it tastes good, but why does Kellogg have to add High fructose corn syrup into the fruit component of the cereal. HFCS is one of the worst things Americans eat, and Kellogg's is putting more of it into our body. HFCS is used because it is super cheap to manufacture, but Kellogg's could make the effort and use Splenda or some other sweetener rather than this terrible ingrdient. Why not try not using a sweetener too? Very disappointing.
337033337033B004CYLWGQA2IN1QX4S6SW3WJ. Williams0041321833600Love it but it's sometimes a little staleI love this cereal and it taste great but I think the fruit filling sometimes makes it seem a little stale/chewy.
337034337034B004CYLWGQAVNV2MZ2OK0SVK of The Midwest0121324944000Though it was ate ,I won't purchase againI ate this cereal because it was so expensive to buy.But I will say the cereal is not very good at all.The fruit in the middle doesn't taste very good, it has somewhat of a chewy fake berry taste and it doesn't go well with the mini wheats. I have tried original frosted and also Strawberry and like both of these.But this fruit in middle I could do without.Great idea, because back years ago the strawberry with fruit was really good.But this time it failed to get me to buy more of this cereal.
337035337035B000G0SBL4A3778ZQ8BOMP06M. Fisher3321257292800Not so goodI thought this would be a good but the flavor just was not good at all. I used part of one packet and don't expect that I'll be using the rest. Good concept but there's a lot of room for improvement in the taste.
337036337036B000G0SBL4A1L1MK2KI2XFYIJulie Freeman "Julie"0051294531200One Word: YUM!!Sugar Free makes this mix GREAT! No weird after taste and surgar free, great for those who cannot eat sugar or low grams of surgar. I had the weight loss surgery and I'm so happy for this tasty mix!
337037337037B004KNEJZAA3WVQ9I5V4Q5IShannonRae2251304726400Underberg!It cannot be explained, it has to be experienced.

I like to take this before a long day of drinking.
337038337038B004KNEJZAA3JRI6KJCKNF4Mtwin20051333238400delicious and fun to eati love this product -------i can't go a day without taking mentos with me....and the flavors are really cool.

thanks.....i'll order again...
337039337039B001EQ4F14A1NCBWLSRTECK5M. Bennett "ttennebkarm"7751270252800I really like Folgers Instant Coffee, and it's Good Cold for Ice CoffeeFor instant coffee I think this is the best brand out there.

I see one of the 3 star reviewers wondered if the 5 star reviewer realized they were reviewing instant. Well, yeah. It is *instant* coffee, which I imagine some folks just don't like. But I like it.

Several positive points:

1: I like strong coffee. Office coffee is never strong enough. With this I can put in as much as I want.

2: I've tried the new Starbuck's instant coffee. I think this is as good, and WAY cheaper. I wouldn't say it tastes the same, but I'm not convinced that one is better than the other.

3: These 4oz jars are nice. You can slip one in a jacket pocket to take to work or pack for a trip.

4: It dissolves OK in cold liquids, if you like iced coffee, which I do. It doesn't dissolve completely, at least not at first, but neither does other brands of instant coffee. If you actually use a spoon (rather than the dump and swish that I use) it dissolves better. And if you stir (or swoosh) again when it's half gone and again at 2/3 and 3/4 gone, it'll get all of it. OR start with a bit of warm water, get it dissolved really well, then add cold water, milk and ice. OR just get used to the small amount that doesn't instantly dissolve on the surface and tell yourself that they're "sprinkles", and basically get over it. The Starbuck's stuff also doesn't dissolve 100% in cold liquids either.

So, for instant coffee, this is darn good, hot or cold. For cold, I suggest adding some milk. Iced coffee without milk tastes a bit harsh to me, regardless of the brand.

If you don't like instant coffee then you may not like this either.
337040337040B001EQ4F14A28X7NZ02016FOeCognition6711319328000Cruel and unusual. Should be used as a torture device.Whip up 6 ounces of this stuff and you can get anyone to talk. No one expects instant coffee to come anywhere near the quality of brewed coffee, but this is unacceptable. Take any 3 cleaners from underneath your kitchen cabinet and you'll have a worthy competitor to this product. I just dumped a whole jar of it. Even in this economy, there are some things you shouldn't have to put up with.
337041337041B001EQ4F14A2D1LPEUCTNT8XAli Julia2231307232000When I have to drink instant coffee - Folders is my choiceInstant coffee is not my first choice when I drink coffee. I prefer fresh brewed. However, there are situations when you cannot brew a coffee of your choice: at the office or when I travel and want to have coffee in my room. In such situation I use Folgers coffee. I have a jar in my office, and take a small zip lock bag with Folders coffee when I travel.

I have tried other instant coffees and prefer Folders for the following reasons:

1. I like strong flavored coffee with deep color, other coffees do not give me the same flavor with just one tea spoon

2: Compared with Starbuck's Via instant coffee (which fits the bill for strong flavor) it is much more economical without large difference in taste.

3: It dissolves in hot and cold water (with a bit of extra stirring), which is important if you are using it when you are travelling, since you may or may not have hot water in the room.

4. Most frequently I drink my coffee black and Folders is not bitter black.

So, even though I generally prefer brewed coffee I always have some Folders instant coffee on hand for those occasions when brewed coffee is not an option.
337042337042B001EQ4F14A78OIGDC2HP16creamsoda "creamsoda"0011349827200There are much better instant coffee out thereThis stuff tastes pretty bad. I've tasted many instant coffees, and this is one of the most disgusting ones so far. If you're interested in a good instant coffee, I recommend "Nescafe Classic" (don't get the "Suave" one, cuz that one tastes bad too). Or try an Asian brand called "G7", which is a 3-in-1 instant coffee mix with creamer and sweetener in a single pouch.
337043337043B001EQ4F14A3R1QYU5XK7HV9NVanHiker0011336262400I have low standards, but...... Folgers Classic was pretty bad. I usually have instant coffee in the morning, and I have been enjoying Nescafe Rich for years. I thought I'd try Folgers for a change. When I opened the seal the aroma was very good, but when I tried the coffee it tasted odd, like a chemical taste and didn't smell very good - it just doesn't taste or small like coffee. I have been told some makers use cheap Robusta beans from Viet Nam, so this may account for the taste. I'm sipping my third cup right now, and I don't think I can face another 177 cups from this jar! Thankfully, my grocer accepts returns.
337044337044B001EQ4F14A3RHKETHH418KXhonorable_human0011336176000folgers instant went downhill...i don't know what happened to them but the problem started with a new jar like several months back. the taste was bad and the smell was different and lacking. and the worst thing was it wasn't effective stimulants no more. i tried several of their jars and they were all like this.

i have to say i can't do business with them no more.
337045337045B001EQ4F14ASAF28VZJ1AS7Big O0051324080000But it's instantThis coffee tastes like instant because it IS instant. You can't expect it to taste like fresh brewed. I drink for effect, not taste. I can mix four heaping teaspoons in a twelve ounce cup and it has the effect of espresso. This saves time in the morning when I have better things to get to. The price is right also.
337046337046B001EQ4F14A4VX9V26JNXUIIrene0051323302400My cofee Folgers instantMy cofee comes in 4oz jars, which is very convinient because cofee do not looses it's freshness to the end of the jar.
Cofee is very good and fresh.
337047337047B001EQ4F14A2BKSF6ZBOEOKZAnthony0051322784000Tastes GreatI was brewing about 2 pots a day of Starbucks Columbian or other good Columbian coffees until recently at a relative that only had Folgers Instant. I reluctantly tried it and was amazed at the great taste. I couldnt believe how good it was and now I drink it everyday , even more than brewed coffee. I highly recommend trying this.!
337048337048B001EQ4F14A28S5A9KCPNJ1Joan Johnston "Book Lover"0051322438400Perfect to the last dropMy coffee pot broke and I haven't bought another one yet. Folgers instant is the next best thing for brewed coffee. Even when I get a new coffee pot I'll still use instant for iced coffee.
337049337049B001EQ4F14A2U8W99AGM7OE4trucoole "trucoole"0041317600000Great Instant CoffeeIt is a great instant hot coffee. Usually drink with milk. So, I usually warm up 1 cup with 3/4 milk and some water. Then, add coffee to it. Great taste.

Also, a great price with Subscribe & Save.
337050337050B001EQ4F14A2IZPJBQXEH4YFSmalljen0051314748800Folgers for a great price!If you like Folgers coffee crystals...which I do...this price is the buy of the month!! Time to stock up!!

Thank you Amazon!!!

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