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337081337081B001EQ4HFIA2HZ6K1I4MX58SL. Levy "Book Krazy"1131271376000a little too sweetI like the orange, but make sure you dilute this more than you would the others as the flavor is very, very sweet. I'm not going to buy it again, but I will finish the box.
337082337082B001EQ4HFIA2NXMYE549DSAUJosh Schomus2311269216000RIP OFFI understand people want to make a profit but you can find all the crystal light items at Wal-Mart for $2.50 each 10 pack. Times that by 6 and its only $15. These people are trying to sell a case of 6 for $22. Go to Wal-Mart people.
337083337083B001EQ4HFIAJI7Q53V06VPRBella "Bella"0051339459200Two really good flavors the Orange and the LemonadeI drink two liters of water/day and have the Orange flavor in one and the Lemonade in the other. Thank you Crystal Lite for these two great flavors.
337084337084B001EQ4HFIA1WJNM3S126GAFTOBY LEVY-PRESTON "Toby"0051339200000Crystal Light OrangeI was pleasantly surprised at how fast my order arrived. It arrived very fast from the time I first placed my order. I will probably be ordering this again as soon as I run out.
337085337085B001EQ4HFIA2DUH2W1GB9MPBTerri Chisholm0051335139200Great taste!When you're low carb and don't drink orange juice this Crystal Light tastes great and looks like the real thing!
337086337086B001EQ4HFIAMOUJN6032FJMOddyssey0051332115200I drink water nowI drink water when I am at work and these little packets help! I hate the taste of plain water for some reason. But using these packets I drink plenty of water for the whole shift!
337087337087B001EQ4HFIA2NJTU5JN1V8MCDisappointed0051324598400Crystal Light SunriseI really like the taste of the Sunrise which I find to be not as chemical as some of the other flavors. I am not much for drinking a lot of water but this really helps me out. The little packages are perfect for adding to a bottle of water.
337088337088B001EQ4HFIA3EPHBMU07LZ50Penmouse0041319846400Decent low cal orange drinkI was pleasantly surprised to find how good tasting this low cal orange tasted after mixing up a glass for breakfast this morning. I added the orange drink powder to a 16 ounce glass of cold water and stirred well. At first the drink looked a bit cloudy but it seemed to clear a bit after a few minutes.

The orange drink did not taste exactly like orange juice, it tasted a bit like Tang, but not as sweet or cloying.

Overall, I'd recommend this beverage if you are concerned about watching your sugar intake (there is no sugar in this drink) or wanting to count calories.

337089337089B001EQ4HFIA14QKUQK00KMUWfranartw0051319760000I love it!!! The service on Amazon and this flavor Crystal Light.As previously mentioned, I have been searching for this flavor of Crystal Light. No store had it in stock. Amazon had it and I wanted it ...perfect match!!! It was also less expensive on Amazon.
337090337090B001EQ4HFIA2Y4BTPSV1PGYOA. Byrum "internet gold"0051315267200Delicious!Amazing and delicious, this tastes very different from other Crystal Light flavors. There is normally a distinctive 'fake sweetener' taste but not for sunrise orange! Easily portable of course but I usually drink mine at home because I like to dilute it (as with other drink mixes) to around 32 oz. - about twice the recommended 16.9 oz. It definitely perks up the taste of plain water without tasting like something that's 'too watery' or overly sweet or the distinctive 'fake sweetener'. love.
337091337091B001EQ4HFIAC2E5B435TCKCstain0051304553600i love this stuffcrystal light orange is my favorite flavor - i drink much more water as a result of adding this. i love the taste. it's very very good. highly recommend.
337092337092B001EQ4HFIAE32FNABK1NO0Barbara Alpert0051303603200Fantastic fruity drink mix--and so easy to carry with you!I love Crystal Light but don't really like making a pitcher of the stuff. These individual packets are perfect for my busy life. I keep them at home and also in my desk and purse. That way, I can have a citrusy drink anytime!
337093337093B001EQ4HFIA3RJR9UL7HEROCPhelps Gates0031293580800So-soThis seems to have replaced the good old sugar-free Tang (drink of the astronauts!) that I had been enjoying for decades, but which is apparently no longer available. It looks like they've changed the formula significantly: the flavor isn't as orangey as Tang used to be, and a whitish precipitate tends to form on the bottom of the pitcher if you keep this around for more than a day or two (is this the calcium? maybe). Alas, things are never as good as they used to be, and maybe they never were!
337094337094B001EQ4HFIA3D0VE0XK8OMAEdanger!2511296604800BenzeneThis product contains BENZENE: Benzene causes a decrease in red blood cells, a severe depression of the immune system to produce generalized allergy symptoms, leukemia, various other blood cancers, and pre-cancers of the blood. Google it before you purchase.
337095337095B003J9QPPSA2B65KUVMHFATXDonald Paul Carr "sirspudd"1111281830400septic shart-like cookieThis cookie was flacid, soggy and dismal. It tasted like dough, was overly sweet and lacked the choc depth "indulgence" normally implies
337096337096B001EQ5FPEA1AL52F0EX5I45Aaron161651302134400Not a substitute for Bronte pistachio pasteI bought this hoping it could be used in place of the more expensive Bronte pistachio paste in David Lebovitz's Pistachio Gelato recipe. Apparently pistachio paste is not as standardized as peanut butter. I used the same amount as was called for in the recipe, but it was far too strong and had an unpleasant aftertaste. I would never attempt to substitute this for Bronte paste, despite the higher price of the Bronte paste. I gave this 5 stars because it isn't a fair comparison. It smelled great when opened, and had I used it on bread or in another recipe, I'm sure it would have tasted wonderful. I had to give this review though to warn others who might want to save some money on their Pistachio Gelato.
337097337097B001EQ5FPEA2X37KH6BCUJJQLynn Geyer151551232323200Pistachio Paste Great FlavorI bought Love n Bake Pistachio Paste for the first time last year at truffle making time and was delighted with the flavor. I've been making home made chocolate truffles from scratch for over 20 years, normally (in recent years) using Love n Bake Praline (hazelnut) Paste and decided to try pistachio on a batch. It was/is delicious. Someone's review mentioned the oil on top when the can is first opened, but that's the nature of the product. Both praline and pistachio MUST be stirred which is no easy chore since both are so thick. Worth the effort, though...for the quality of the product and the great flavoring. Plus you get a little upper body workout to counter the calories of the goodies you're creating! ><>
337098337098B001EQ5FPEAUF1TN31K68RMA. Becker8811303516800Green almond paste?If you want everything to taste like very strong almond, with a green color, then buy this. If you are looking for something that tastes like pistachio, keep looking. Since you can not return this, make sure that you really want almond flavor in a different nut base, otherwise you might be disappointed. Yes, it does have a puddle of oil on top, but that can easily be stirred in, like old fashioned peanut butter. The almond flavor is not something that you can do anything about.
337099337099B001EQ5FPEA1D4DLD3XT59Imj3351282867200WONDERFUL baking ingredient!This is a required ingredient in a cake recipe by Susan Tierney Cockburn that I wanted to try. Susan's recipe can be found here on her February 20th post:
I ordered the Pistachio Nut Paste and baked the cake for my family. It was delicious! Not one crumb was wasted. If you love chocolate and pistachio nuts, you owe it to yourself to try this wonderful recipe.
If you are concerned about purchasing 3 cans, there are many more fabulous recipes using this fine paste. Several can be found here: [...]
Also a simple Bing search produced many results. Happy baking!
337100337100B001EQ5FPEA1JZNO9MZRZFXYM. Wong2231301875200not satisfied and a little confused.I put it into gelato/ice cream and cookies. they all tasted like almond... although, I don't really have a good baseline besides roasted pistachio, so may be that's what it actually tastes like...
337101337101B001EQ5FPEAT1NLTH5DYLOBK. Norman2231300752000Pistachio pasteThis pistachio paste did the job and made good tasting gelato but was on the sweet side, very strong flavor. I'm going to try the more expensive "Bronte pistachio cream" to see if its any better. Bronte not available on Amazon
337102337102B001EQ5FPEA1ZF7BTCKBCC94Jcakes0051349395200Pistachio pasteExcellext product, great price. This paste has a distinct pistachio flavor. Tastes delicious in desserts; cakes, pastries, ice-cream and cookies.
337103337103B001EQ5FPEAPDUA08M2LIRGRobin Richardson0011347753600Almond extract flavored - Be warnedThis "pistachio" paste has a distinctive almond extract flavor. It isn't what you should buy if you are looking for pure pistachio flavor.
337104337104B001EQ5FPEAH1ZLG3O4VF2JRoberta Cadwalader0051341446400great wonderfulI wanted this product to make Pistachio gelato. It was wonderful. It was tasty and made my gelato smooth instead of probable grainy taste with ground pistachios. I am not sure when I will use it again. I am interested in other uses for it.
337105337105B001EQ5FPEA3EGSBSECAJYLTSuperchef0041339545600Lovely productI use in cake, ice cream and spread.. Very versatile ! Love it. I would recommend the home chef to try this product. Affordable and tasty!
337106337106B001EQ5FPEAPM31FR0WDNOTDF0041322006400Pistachio heaven!If you love the flavor of pistachios, this is for you! I can't wait to make baked goods and gelato with it. It has such a pure flavor unlike so many pistachio things that taste like almond.
337107337107B001EQ5FPEAJ3CMI2U2TANHH. Baker61331232236800OilyIf you are expecting almond paste, you will be surprised. This product contains canola oil and, when you open the can, you might be surprised to find it all pooled on top. If you mix it in with the paste, you get a consistency that is more like liquid cement than the firm, moist consistency of almond paste.

I can't compare the quality of the brand to others since is the only brand I could find for non-professionals. However, in my opinion, Love-n-Bake's almond paste is not as moist and flavorful as Solo brand.
337108337108B0041OQI2UA12BWQ140VJ40ZE. Nathan "Father of two"0051329955200Great ItemThese are as described and perfect for placing in childrens lunches. My son loves them and I love that they make packing a lunch easier.
337109337109B005DU2QRCATZ3ECTO6QHVRSW corpus0051316822400Great Corn Free ProductGreat taste, wonderful that they are Corn Free, nachos are finally back on the list. Wish they were lower in sodium.
337110337110B005DU2QRCA1M5YCQ2BPI6ESDane Mom0041313193600An excellent replacement for chips and salsaI am on a restricted diet and so cannot have things like corn, lime juice, and citric acid. That has put quite a damper on my dining out a la Mexican, but it has also eliminated my favorite snack of chips and salsa.

I just happened to walk by these little bags in the store. They shouted out from the end cap "We're gluten free!" I paid no attention. When they also shouted they were corn free, I stopped my cart so quickly I may have left skid marks on the floor. I read the ingredient list at least four times to make sure they were really safe for me to eat.

The texture and feel in the mouth of these chips is a little strange; I expect that's from the beans. Otherwise they are entirely delightful. My only complaint about them is that I ate too many when I first opened the bag. Well, that and they do leave the seasoning remnants on my fingers.

If you have a restricted diet these come highly recommended.

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