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337171337171B000SU201OA512KKW5T4R37Tracy Smith2251273622400Vanilla SteviaIt is sweet and zero calories and good for you and your coffee. What more could you ask for? The delivery was fast and the price was reasonable. I'm a happy camper :)
337173337173B000SU201OA2LI3YC6MDO1CQMel2251271980800Great for diabeticsMy father is diabetic and he uses this product a lot. It works well with maintaining his sugar levels
337174337174B000SU201OA3OQFFQGYUCZO1Sharon J. Nogle2251268438400strength of steviaIt took me a long time to find a super concentrated product at an affordable price. I do a lot of baking and needed something like this!
337175337175B000SU201OA2NP3K6XQA4L23C. Huard2251267833600nice product steviaI am happy with this product. I think it would be nice if the flavor was a bit stronger but it still does the job. Stevia is controversial health wise however so you should really do your reasearch however, if you are okay with that then this is a great buy
337176337176B000SU201OA2AU81HMVOLJXVHugh E. Ramsdell Jr.2251260057600bulk stevia packetsPurchasing stevia packets, 1000 at a time saves a little money, but the best part is getting them from Amazon which streamlines the ordering and delivering process. Thanks, Amazon!
337177337177B000SU201OA3U9OGMMADJFZJV. Ferrell2251254700800Great sugar alternative.This is the best-tasting stevia I have found...and the least expensive per ounce way to purchase it! I use this mostly in beverages, hot or cold.
337178337178B000SU201OADAWGY31CTJ1HSusan Graye "bunni"2251252281600Stevia sweetenerGreat price. Fast shipping. Be aware of this alternative to sugar. Plant based, no calories, no carbs, no artificial ingredients, no chemicals!
337179337179B000SU201OA3PQM4QOAEM9GLinda "Leela"2251244073600Very Satisfied CustomerI was so happy to find the Stevia Packets in bulk. I know that buying bulk saves me money and in this economy, I need to save money. The package came in record time and I've been completely satisfied all the way around. I will definitely be buying from this same party, again.
337180337180B000SU201OA21I6JIITGWD7BValentine Baby2251226534400Good value over store bought.Originally, we bought pkts from the grocery store.They seemed to have more filler than these. They not only cost less, but are more oncentrated. Want to try White Stevia next time.
337181337181B000SU201OAZSA0PFRKSMOES. C. Gartland2211172880000All natural, but tastes badI guess if you like Stevia, it's the best way to go. I just hate the plastic, chemical taste -- certainly doesn't TASTE all natural! I ruined two or three cups of coffee using this stuff. But if you like it, it's a good deal.
337182337182B000SU201OA3DV8VDX9SAHWDMaverick "Empire Builder"2251165363200Mixes Easy and Taste Just like sugar!It mixes very easy and tastes great without an aftertaste. I highly recommend it.
337183337183B000SU201OA1NA8VBHIFTDCNPam Leach1111349568000BEWARE OF THIS MISLEADING PRODUCT!!The very 1st thing I noticed about this product was how nasty it tasted! I've tried stevia by numerous manufacturers (PLUS, I read the excellent reviews!) and this is hands-down the worst!

When I finally read the actual ingredients (I had assumed it was stevia) and discovered that the very 1st ingredient wasn't stevia..but RICE MALTODENTRIN, I was shocked AND angry! I have a liver disorder and cannot pump crap like maltodextrin into my liver! Hence, the use of stevia, an all natural product. BEWARE IF YOU HAVE DIABETES and think this is a safe sugar substitute. It's NOT! Below is a quote from a website (the link follows)...and there are plenty of others with warnings for maltodextrin for those who are looking for an safe sugar substitute.

PLUS... I don't care what anyone says. If you think this is the best stevia product ever (and many actually do!) then you haven't tried the right stevia manufacturer. NOW isn't one of them.
I ordered this shoe in the correct size but they were huge. i am returning them & hoping that the smaller size will work. they match the dress perfect & are adorable.
..."It's the combination that may cause spikes in insulin because maltodextrin is a carbohydrate with a high glycemic index, similar to table sugar and should be used in moderation if you have diabetes or hypoglycemia. You must consider the carbohydrate content of products sweetened with added maltodextrin to maintain healthy blood sugar levels."

Read more:[...]
337184337184B000SU201OA2BHPHWSML6A5RDZ1151346630400Great ProductAfter not being able to find this product in large quantity, I found it at Truthfully, I much prefer these over what you find in the stores. The taste is sweeter and I needed to use less of the packets. Would I recommend this - you betcha!
337185337185B000SU201OA31GN10OIYG5UXBelle Voce "I'd rather be singing"1121343952000Weak, sometimes WON'T sweetenI am used to KAL stevia, and having read some of the other reviews, perhaps the one I received was from a bad batch. But - I have had to use AT LEAST 4-5 times as much compared to KAL to sweeten most items, and for some items (i.e. my high protein breakfast drink) it just disappears. Never has quite the same "sweet" effect of the KAL either.
337186337186B000SU201OA1AN6VU7LTA960rob4merchant1151343347200Best stuff on the market!This is the best value of any Stevia product I've found. This is pure, no fillers added. 1/8 tsp is equal in sweetness to a full teaspoon of sugar. I was paying $10 for 1 ounce at Trader's Joe's, so this is a fantastic value.
337187337187B000SU201OAX7NCE4909W5WPatricia O'Riordan "Nana O"1131340064000IStevia Extract vs Nu SteviaThe last batch of 1000 was Nu Stevia. This one is Stevia Extract which is not as sweet from one pack. I now have to use 1 1/2 packs per mug of coffee.
Nana O
337188337188B000SU201OA2NP8P5F0ZORNJiknowcauseitriedit1151339891200Stevia is greatWe use a lot of stevia and I find the Now brand to be less bitter and dissolves more evenly than some of the other brands I have used.

If you like stevia, check out this book;Easy Stevia Recipes
337189337189B000SU201OA3POAWC2JPQQQPme1111334793600tastes like paper!I'm usually impressed with this brand's stevia products, but not with these individually packed ones. These don't taste sweet in the slightest; tastes more like paper! Also, the ones I got were packed in a white wrapper, not blue like the picture shows.
337190337190B000SU201OA2AF0NOCM71J0BG. Cox "Shanghaied"1121326499200Do Not Like the Taste Compared to TruviaI tried this product and I have to say that I just cannot tolerate the taste. At least for me, it tastes awful. I bought this based on the overwhelmingly positive reviews. I have been using Truvia and Truvia tastes much more like sugar than this product. I don't know what this tastes like. It is unlike anything I've ever tasted - and it sure doesn't taste like sugar to me. I had to pour out a fresh pitcher of green tea because it tasted so bad. I made another pitcher of tea with Truvia and it was much better tasting. I usually mix some real sugar with Stevia. But this last pitcher of tea was sweetened only by Truvia (Stevia) and it was pretty good tasting. It certainly isn't an identical taste to sugar, but close enough after you adjust to the taste. When I use Truvia with coffee and cream, I can't tell the difference with real sugar. And that is probably because the French Vanilla cream overwhelms the overall taste.

I know my review is counter to the other reviews, but it is just my experience and opinion. Everybody has a different sense of taste. All food has a rather intense taste to me. About 25% of the population is a super taster. We have many more taste buds on our tongue. That describes me. So you may have a different experience than I did.
337191337191B000SU201OA30YFGWIM47DJZchris CA1121325462400you have to use double the dose of this..i don't like to knock a product..however
i have used stevia for quite a number of years now.
my favorite is the 3.5 oz Kal pure stevia exract there are no fillers..
unfortunately i have 1 lb of this NOW brand and i noticed right away
that it is no way near as potent as the Kal brand....this powder is not as dense as KAL..
it is true you will have to double or maybe triple the amount
you normally would use in your drink/i have not cooked with this...
it does not dissolve as quickly as KAL and does'nt have that nice sweetness i am used to
...i will finish it and that will be that.
maybe the product needs to be compacted..i'm not sure though...
337192337192B000SU201OA37MH7ICH80QOXKate McMurry "Young Adult Author"1151323388800Great productI've used stevia powder for years. NOW is an excellent source at a great price. If you are baking, stevia is not very good for that as it will not give the same texture as white sugar. However, it is outstanding for sweetening tea, coffee and smoothies.

Many have claimed that stevia is 200 times as sweet as white sugar. I don't agree. To my taste it is no more than 16 times as sweet.

Be careful about using too much because it slips from sweet to bitter to the taste when that happens.
337193337193B000SU201OA1W24H6D4J4IS6Pen Name1151297641600Amazing price as opposed to buying retail...I've been on the Atkins/Low-Carb diet for several years so I avoid sugar like the plague. Also to be avoided are carbonated diet-drinks. Which leaves me little choice other than water. So, I make a half-gallon of Kool-Aid with a teaspoon of Stevia EXTRACT and a teaspoon of liquid saccharin. Some complain this is too sweet for their tastes. But, do the math, a pound of sugar is LOT more expensive and takes at least a full cup per half gallon.

In the past, I've had to purchase Stevia at the health food stores for $12-$15 an OUNCE. Here I bought a POUND (16 ounces) for less that the cost of four ounces from the health food stores. Fantastic price!

Be careful what you wish for, a POUND of Stevia is a LOT of Stevia (At least a year's worth...;-} )

In a year, I'll buy another jug of it.
337194337194B000SU201OA32A4Q0FULORM5E. Guido1151296691200Best of allI tried several different brands of stevia over the yrs. IMO This is the best tasting. One or 2 mini scoops is all you need. There is NO bitterness with this brand. I have been using it for over a yr, and even substitute it in my cooking, where it calls for 1/4, 1/2 or cup of splenda I use this instead BUT not equal portions I use the mini scoop, 1,2,3 scoopfuls is all thats needed.
337195337195B000SU201OA200H37L8K2XMKCheri Murphy1151286236800SteviaExcellent product and received in record time...thanks and good job! Taste is perfect and consistency the same. The only thing I question is so much plastic is wasted because the container is less than half full each time I've ever received this product. A container half the size or a slightly larger should be considered, to stop the waste of excess plastic that may end up in landfills if not recycled. I wrote to the company three years ago and asked if they would consider package modification, but never was acknowledged.
337196337196B000SU201OA1VQBEW0G4IH1JL. Knights1151284508800Teeny tiny spoon!I've been trying a number of different kinds of stevia, both liquid and powder. This one is my favorite. It has a very neutral taste and one tiny spoon of it is perfect in a big glass of oolong hibiscus iced tea. A heaping tiny spoon of it is perfect in a chocolate/banana/soy milk smoothie. I originally got it to put in something called "mega muffins" but managed to use up an entire 1 oz container of it without even making the muffins and have had to order more. I really like that it's organic. I've been trying different sweeteners in my hibiscus oolong iced tea, and this is not only better than any other stevia product I've found, but works better than any other sweetener as well. Even regular granulated sugar. It dissolves pretty much instantly. I'm thinking about ordering the 1 lb size (although that would probably last me about two years) I just wonder if that size comes with the teeny tiny spoon!
337197337197B000SU201OA354KJLTXDNQRPThomas G. Quirino1151284163200Now brand stevia"NOW" brand stevia is the only pure stevia product I have seen on the market. I have been using it as a sweetner for drinks and baking for years. A quality product.
337198337198B000SU201OACD67EFHSFSY5Kalar Walters "Horse lover"1151278806400Best Stevia buy on the internet!I have purchased the 1000/box several times and have never had a problem. The product was always received promptly and there have never been any problems with the contents. Best value for product, service, and delivery of Stevia on the internet.
337199337199B000SU201OA2X52MF9D1BT08rhonda d1151261958400best price found yetSo far this is the best price on bulk Stevia that I can find. Shipped fast, very happy with my purchase. This is where I will buy my Stevia packets from now on. All other sites I have purchased from have raised prices drastically.
337200337200B000SU201OA27Y75TIH2I7UTLaura Ruby1151261526400good buyIt's the same good product I've been buying in one ounce containers, and this amounts to about half price. I do wonder at the size of the jar, which is only about half full.

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