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337231337231B007FRCO3MA3HVV62CWMMD4C. Corey Fisk0051337817600This is the tea I'm not allowed to run out of...Teavana Azteca Fire Loose-Leaf Herbal Tea, 2oz is something I buy by the pound. Everyone in my household adores it and it's easy to see why. We call it hot chocolate for grown ups; spicy, warm and velvety. Highly recommended.
337232337232B001EO5XYOA37WH0OG6DARE5Stephen1111326758400WAY WAY WAY overpricedAmazon sold this as a subscribe and save and about $17.50. Do not buy from this seller.

Great Mustard however.
337233337233B001EO5XYOA18RJKG9NKLGQ8Audiographer1141298332800Tasty, natural, and cheap; but apple-y, salty, and weak.I just got this mustard delivered and tried it out. I was happy to see that it's organic/natural (though it doesn't often matter with mustard) and sugar-free (unnecessary), not to mention fairly cheap (at [..] each bottle when sub-save ordering, compared to [...] in local stores for similar items). The items received are good until JAN 2012, and nothing broken or damaged. The label on the bottles delivered is different, and a bit more attractive, than the label shown here on Amazon.

Overall, it is definitely tasty. It has a good mustardy flavor and is a welcome addition to any sandwich. However, it also has a good appley flavor, most likely from the use of apple-cider vinegar instead of plain white. I don't think this is ideal for what's supposed to be a spicy mustard. And on the topic of spice, there isn't nearly as much as I was expecting. Especially for a HORSERADISH mustard, the heat level of this mustard disappoints. This mustard is just barely spicier than plain yellow mustard -- and less spicy than run-of-the-mill "spicy brown" mustard. Again, if horseradish wasn't in the ingredients, I wouldn't have noticed it. In addition to this, it is also pretty salty. It has salt listed in each "prepared" section of the mustard and horseradish components, so I'm guessing that means there's twice as much salt in this as either condiment alone, on average. And it shows. It's not unpalatable by any means, but make sure you use it with lots of nice greens on a sandwich.

So again, this is tasty, there's no doubt about it. But it's tasty for the wrong reasons. It doesn't live up to its name, and the recipe definitely needs to be reworked to start appealing to the proper buyer demographic. I now have 6 bottles of this to go through, and while that may be slightly disappointing, it thankfully still won't be "hard to swallow".
337234337234B001EO5XYOAALEIZ1MV6R2YS. Lynn0051245628800Great Mustard!The mustard tastes fresh and spicy-just the way I like it. If you are a fan of mustards with horseradish, you will really enjoy this mustard.
337235337235B001ELLB7KA1CNMOTETPJVC7Stephan J. Gold4451276041600Finally, a great oat cerealI always liked Cheerios, but have not eaten it for years and years since they put too much junk in them with lots of iron which is not such a good idea for males. Every other oat cereal I tried tasted like hay or worse. Well the search is over. This cereal has great flavor and none of the unnecessary additives. It is crunchy or, if you prefer less crunch, use warm milk and they become chewey, not soggy. You can eat all you want without worrying about loading up on junk. My wife and I eat it all the time. I order it by the case from Amazon and you cannot beat the price. If you like oat cereals, this is it.
337236337236B001ELLB7KA2PFO3JKA40FUCAshley Barrett3341235952000Not the same as "real" Cheerios but a healthier alternativeI tried eating these plain without milk-not as sweet as "real" Cheerios but I don't feel comfortable giving "real" ones to my son. These don't have a HUGE list of extra crap in them. He loves them!
337237337237B001ELLB7KA389CBXXXFLEOVChelise "CJ"2241229040000Better than CheeriosI had to find a substitute for my daughter when she began the gluten free diet. She is a VERY picky eater to begin with and this product by far won her over!
337238337238B007OSBE1UASDYXS80RUUO0Struggling77161941346457600Good X-Bold Dark Roast for the PriceReally my title sums up my opinion of this cup altogether. It does make a nice, heart large cup of dark roast coffee, and $25 for 48 cups as the preorder price was outstanding. At that price, I don't think I've ever really seen better, but at the same time the brew doesn't seem quite as bold or earthy tasting as a cup of Green Mountain Dark Magic or Emeril's Big Easy Bold. I prefer a robust large cup on almost every brew, and I've realized that even the Ice Brew K-Cups are basically the same thing; a cup of coffee with extra grounds for brewing a small amount I brew iced coffee with my Extra Bold k-cups. I did the math on weight, and these weigh in at just under a cup of Dark Magic or Sumatran Reserve, but I'd still say my favorites (by taste,) are the brands I've listed above or Tully's Italian or French Roast, Caribou Obsidian, Starbucks Dark Sumatra, or even Barista Prima French and Italian Roasts. The only other thing I can note about these is that the construction of the pods is about perfect; I didn't find any grinds in the box leaving me to believe there were no leaking pods. Almost all the pods had a little air puffing the foil out; which I've noticed a lot of the Keurig brands have flat foils, anyways, so I'm not even sure if it matters that much, although I've had grinds brew through on some of the flat pods. The only other difference I can mention is the material of the foil top is different than Keurig brand pods; these are slightly harder and smoother (almost like a plastic or polymer,) but it doesn't seem to effect the brew process at all, and I didn't seem to get any grinds in my cup, so all in all it just doesn't matter to me. Still better than brewing through a regular coffee pot (even from fresh ground beans,) and I don't think I'll ever get tired of my Keurig coffee maker.
337239337239B007OSBE1UA3SSE1JPAQHF3JCynthia L. Montrose "cinmon"101151347062400Best K-Cups I have tried so farWith K-Cups being so expensive, I haven't ordered much for a while. Most prices are over .60 per cup. That's a lot of money a month for two daily cups of coffee. Nothing is cheap, and neither are these at about .50 per cup. I remember the good ol' days when the K-cups were not more than about .35 each, and it wasn't that long ago.

I have been buying K-Cups at Costco most recently, and the Tully's they carry are okay. Newman's Own are just okay too. Those run .475 per cup, so that's been a little better. This Martinson coffee comes close to the same price as the ones at Costco, but the flavor is superior. This is the first cup of coffee I have in the morning. It's got a richer flavor, fresher somehow, than the others I have tried.
337240337240B007OSBE1U#oc-RVL1KG7B9OCG7Bosoxy "coffee lovah"81031347408000Kinda tastes like instantI really like a bold cup of coffee.

Generally if I want flavored coffee I will flavor it myself as flavoreds don't come in dark roast bold, however I expect to not have to flavor it to drink it. I want my base coffee to be an experience in itself and something that I look forward too.

Martinson Dark Roast K-cup does not give me that coffee experience. Although the coffee is smooth, I will give it that, it is bland and kinda tastes like instant.

Honestly I didn't spend the money I did on a Keurig machine to get a cup of instant coffee. I can do that with a pot of boiling water and a cheap jar of whatever.

While I do not expect the same experience as I get when I grind my beans fresh and brew it in my french press, I do expect a reasonably fresh ground taste.

On a positive note the presentation of the K-cups and the box are top notch. The black/gray combination makes the coffee look like it is presented in a tuxedo. 5 stars for the marketing department on this one as the look on the shelf is bound to grab lots of attention so that people will buy it at least once.
337241337241B007OSBE1UA11YLO7XOI1P4IMr. J4541347753600great cup of coffeeThis is a great cup of coffee for the money probably one of the best buys for k-cups. I think I am going to add it to subscribe and save making it even better. Try it you will like it.
337242337242B007OSBE1UA15KVD5RQIFCA0CBNJ6851346544000Better than Most of the Other So-Called "Bold" K-Cups!!As one of the previous reviewers said, this is the first "K-cup" that doesn't taste at least somewhat watery. I've tried LOTS of the Green Mountain sanctioned "extra bold" varieties (Jet Fuel, Dark Magic, Black Tiger, Double Black Diamond, etc.), but the new "RealCup" Martinson Dark Roast is in a class by itself. Not necessarily a better "flavor" than the others mind you, but definitely more full-bodied and robust....not to mention significantly less expensive!

BTW, absolutely no "sludge" or "dust" to be found at the bottom (or anywhere else) in my mug. Only a good, satisfying cup of Joe! Highly recommended!

Next, I plan to try a few of the Brown Gold RealCup varieties. Look for even more choices to hit the market as some of the Green Mountain K-cup patents expire.
337243337243B007OSBE1UA1O3WXVFVIU0I1Red, White, and Blue6851346371200RealCup Is Great!!!If you have a Keurig brewer you need to try this coffee. I just received the Martinson "Dark Roast" and I ordered a box of the "Brown Gold" (single origin coffee) as well. I don't know if it's just the RealCup (new K-Cup filter) technology, or the Martinson coffee, but I love this stuff. This is the first "K-Cup" I've used that doesn't taste watery. Don't get me wrong, I love my Keurig, but the coffee always seemed to be missing something. According to Martinson, the RealCup uses a new filter that allows essential oils to come through (like a french press) and it provides better mouthfeel and taste. I can't wait for my next shipment. As a bonus, some of them are available on subscribe and save.
337244337244B007OSBE1UA3RAAC8TDXBIBGFarley's mom1151350864000Martinson CoffeeExcellent flavor. Good price. A real bargain. Was extremely satisfied with the purchase, even though I'd never heard of Martinson Coffee previously.
337245337245B007OSBE1UARMQB9715OLA6Joan Villot "Survivor"1151350777600Pleasantly SurprisedI was pleasantly surprised with the taste of this coffee. I used to drink Martinson's coffee back in the day. I'm glad to see it has come to K-cups. I plan on ordering again.
337246337246B007OSBE1UA3MH1RD8BXQKK3P Mabe "P Mabe"1121350777600InconsistentI purchased the House Blend --and-- the Donut Shop Blend.

BUT I can only leave one combined review so I will try to make this as clear as I can. I averaged the star rating for both (hence the two stars) - Hopefully this isn't too confusing.

*I give the House Blend one star because:
This coffee tastes cheap, old and stale. It reminds me of the time I accidently drank a gulp of coffee someone had put a cigarette out in. I am tiny bit of a coffee snob and can't stand 'cheap' coffee but even my husband, whom will drink (almost) anything, can't stand it.

***I give the Donut Shop Blend three stars because:
To my taste it is slightly stale but drinkable it has a mild and smooth taste BUT it's weak. I prefer medium roast --I got this for my teenagers and they like it well enough that it won't go to waste but they don't want me to buy it again.

Also, with this brand the cups are made of a plastic that have a little more resistance than the other 'k-cups' that I've used so they require a little more pressure to pierce when I load them into the Keurig... I worry a mite that this could damage the machine.
337247337247B007OSBE1UA3O1CV0ZKXZD9NGWHouston1121349740800Good price, decent coffee but not much hazalnut flavorThis coffee smells terrific as it brews. The flavor is nice but is missing any distinctive hazalnut flavor. If it's the taste your after, order something different. If it's the scent you like but are not a big hazelnut fan, this might be your brew.
337248337248B007OSBE1UA3UZMR2CJ3BNY3R. Ivey3451350000000Martinson Coffee Capsules, French Roast, 48-CountThis French roast coffee is very good. Since purchasing our Keurig brewer we have tried almost every coffee we could find (except flavored coffee), and found most of the French roast varieties to have a bitter aftertaste. This coffee is a bold, dark roast, strong (like we prefer), yet without the bitterness of other brands. The 48-count package was a good value, considerably less than the "Super-store" where we usually purchase our K-cups. The most amazing aspect of this purchase however, was the AMAZINGLY quick shipping. This order was placed with "Amazon Prime" on Thursday and was delivered to our door in just over 24 hours after the order was placed. Amazon continues to give us more and more reasons to not have to deal with the wally-world-weirdos! Thanks!!
337249337249B007OSBE1UA24C7TT6V903QYtwright3411349654400Don't like itMy husband hated this coffee. He tries all different k-cups and this one was a waste of money. He has had store brands that taste better.
337250337250B007OSBE1U#oc-ROHUCFFNAIA4Kdoughman653411348531200Not for MeI'm always experimenting with my taste buds. Didn't enjoy this experiment. Too weak, but bitter to the taste and strike three, sediment in the bottom of the cup.
337251337251B007OSBE1UA30CBK8V27QMMLLauried10793451348099200Best Keurig Pods I Have Tried!I bought the original Keurig and probably have tested every brand I could find. If you love bold coffee without a bitter taste - This one is THE BEST!! It was night and day compared to Emerils, Gloria Jean, Carabou, etc.
I like Starbucks pods but they are overpriced. This is definitely as good and 1/2 the price :)
337252337252B007OSBE1UA10QOESY9VJ9KGina3451347408000Martinson Dark RoastI have been drinking Martinson Dark Roast for five days now and have been very impressed with the flavor profile. This is the closest K-Cup style product to traditional pot brewed coffee that i have tried. This product has an extremely smooth Dark taste along with full body finish without tasting burnt. I also ordered Donut Shop and look forward to trying, but am now hooked on the Dark Roast. Very impressed with this coffee -clearly the best K Cup style product i have tried (although have not tried Starbucks yet). I will be trying all the other Martinson blends when they hit the market.
337253337253B007OSBE1UA1XOY0BCFYTTZFMePauly2351350691200Martinson coffee K Cup Donut shop blend --Awesome flavorAs an avid lover of Dunkin Donuts coffee, and the owner of a Keurig brewer, I have always hoped for a coffee whose flavor was close to my Dunkin! Well I finally found one-- Martinson Donut Shop Blend is just as good or better than Dunkin Donuts coffee and I now do not have to spend over $2.00 per cup to get the flavor I love. Even the K cups sold in the Dunkin Donut stores are not as good and Martinsons cost a lot less!

Martinson Coffee Capsules, Donut Shop Blend, 48-Count Package for Keurig K-Cup Brewers
337254337254B007OSBE1UA302QRLK2NS1MDDave2341350432000As good a cup of coffee as you will get for the priceI must admit that I was sceptical at first about the price of this coffee but I decided to try it anyway, I'm glad I did because it is about as good a cup of coffee as you will get for the price. I will order more from Amazon!
337255337255B007OSBE1UA2VDZ1IKPF9MMCoachFith2351350086400Got what we wantedWanted a variety pack of k cups. That's what we got. Not a coffee aficionado so will not comment on the boldness or the flavor but my wife and I enjoyed the mix. Good coffee at a good price.
337256337256B007OSBE1UA3V0XL61H1VREAJ. M. Owens2351349827200Good strong coffeeThis has a nice flavor and is a darker brew. Prefer the french or italian roasts and this is the best so far. Would definitely buy again.
337257337257B007OSBE1UA2RI775UBUL5XBJulie Macenka2351349740800Dark roast martinson 48 packI'm not sure if I just caught a good sale, but for how inexpensive this was I really wasn't expecting the coffee to be so great. It's definitely my new brand and one of my top favorites.
337258337258B007OSBE1UAWWMIR9YLQX5ZMolly Rogers2351349308800Martinson coffeeI love this coffee, it is full bodied without being bitter and cheaper than the brands I have been using.
337259337259B007OSBE1UA1ZKYFILEPBQ0XDavid Campbell2351349308800excellent coffeeworks in k cup with no problem. good value. almost gave up on k cups due to cost. now with this alternative will keep using it.
337260337260B007OSBE1UA7598PSGCRS4Ccoffee guy2351349049600Coffee GuyThe Martinson's Donut Shop Blend is hands down the best tasting K-cup I have found. Not watered down like so many others. Great consistent taste all the way through.
By far the best value for an outstanding cup of coffee. Sign me up.


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