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337261337261B007OSBE1UA1LO3611BR36NZAmanda2351348963200Great Flavor & VarietyGreat flavor and variety as my husband and I prefer different types of coffee. We will definitely be ordering another box.
337262337262B007OSBE1UA2OEBM6XH6K7P4The Glasscocks2351348531200Great coffee experienceGreat coffee, very bold and smooth. It was excellent and the price was the best. Try different brands all the time and this one will be a repeat...
337263337263B007OSBE1UA20THWJB7V6ERSDD2351348531200K cupsThese coffee k cups have an exceptionally bold flavor. The value is great. We bought a second box and will continue to enjoy more in the future.
337264337264B007OSBE1UA2JQ2CYHJDD2XJDocO2351347926400My new favorite K-Cup! Replaced VerandaWow, what can I say! When I first got notification about this new product from Amazon, I was a bit skeptical. The price was the lowest around of any k-cups I've ever found and I figured that the quality probably wouldn't be far behind the price. Boy was I wrong. I'm not into the insanely strong, bold coffee, but I'm also not into water either. Previously, my favorite flavor was Starbucks Breakfast blend, also known as "Veranda", or "blonde". It had the right flavor, not bitter, and was delicious. The problem was the price. It was way too expensive and I ended up using an ecobrew single serve cup and a bag of it to cut the cost down. It made it a lot cheaper, was just as good if not better, but was a pain to have to dump the grounds, clean it out, and refill every time I wanted to use it. My Martinson Breakfast blend cups arrived today and I didn't waste any time. Straight out of the box and right into the brewer. It smelled good as it was brewing but the surprise came when I took a taste. This was better than Veranda!! Full flavor with just a hint of nuttiness, exactly how I like it. After one cup, I'm officially hooked. This is my new favorite coffee and I'm just about to order a much bigger box! Thank you Amazon for offering it here at such a great price. It's about time these things got cheaper!
337265337265B007OSBE1UA2R28IOP06EH4XTrying0021351209600No ConsistencyI purchased the variety pack of Martinsons and the Brown Gold they are both from the same vendor. I did not like the taste of the Martinson product at all. I threw it away, not the product I expected at all. The Brown Gold was more palatable, however certain flavors with this brand also feel short in particular the Costa Rican named product was extremely too bitter. I would agree with most that this does give you a lower cost per serving, but when the coffee is inferior and the taste match is also, I think the best descriptor is cheap.
337266337266B007OSBE1UA2HE0D04TNG6CSGippy0011351123200DisappointedI received the offer from Amazon and had never tried this brand before. I thought since Martinson's had been in business for a long time that I would order. I was disappointed. The flavor was not what I expected and each cup of coffee had a residue in it. I have not had any of the other brands do that so I know it had to be the coffee. I am guessing that the coffee was ground to fine for a K-Cup. I only have 8 more left and will be glad. I will not buy this brand again.
337267337267B007OSBE1UA2WMWK5GJCY8SHRobert Ellentuck "rpe"0051351123200Good coffee.This is the best Donut Shop Blend out there. Though most k-cups taste a little freeze dried. Keurig needs to work on that. I prefer San Francisco Bay Coffee Company.
337268337268B007OSBE1UAT498OQ3L0EFLSara B. Harrison "Sweet Expectations"0051351036800Yummy! Worth a try!I like this coffee a lot! Flavor is fresh and not too strong. I have ordered a lot of differ coffees off amazon and my first time with this product. I will be checking out others when I run out!
337269337269B007OSBE1UA2W83UYP3FMEUJFred Johnson0051351036800Great (and inexpensive) way to try several coffeesI wanted an inexpensive way for our office to try several roasts.

I grew up in New Orleans, drinking french roast or coffee with chicory and, not surprisingly, I liked the dark roast and french roast the best. Both are very good, and the price can't be beat, so I ordered a case of each.

I'm not wild about the other roasts, but the other people in the office seem to like them, and once again, the price is outstanding!
337270337270B007OSBE1UA8T0O22OE2G69Papa Bass0051350950400Nice Surprise!Martinson's Dark Roast k-cup was a very nice surprise. My only complaint was that it came in a 48-count box. I had never tried this brand and bought it based on other reviewer's comments. Now that I know how good this coffee is, the larger box is not a problem. I prefer a full bodied cup of coffee in the morning and this brew met my needs and is one of my favorites. It is not over-powering, just very good. I shared this coffee with two friends that have Keurigs and they liked it but said they couldn't find it at the store. I would definitely buy this again.
337271337271B007OSBE1U#oc-R12KPBODL2B5ZDChristopher P. Presta5811348617600Not what I expectedI didnt like this coffee. Instead of telling you why I didnt like it, I will tell you the coffee I DO like. If you like the same as i do, you most likely will not like this one. It wasnt dark enough for me.

I enjoy

Barista Prima Italian Roast
tullys french and italian roasts
337272337272B007OSBE1UA353Y7VBQHHW0Twackygirl "wackygirl"3551346976000Best Donut Shop K-cup on the Market! Awesome priceI just tried the Martinson Donut Shop k-cup. It has a much better(robust) flavor than the Coffee People Donut Shop that I have been buying for years. I also love the fact that I can now get my k-cups from Amazon on Subscribe and Save again. Great brand. Trying the Dark roast and the Variety pack next!
337273337273B007OSBE1UA1F67RFI1JKQBKSue1251350691200Very good coffeeI loved all the Martinson Real Cups. The Dark Roast was my favorite
337274337274B007OSBE1UA2OY0U2FIWFO96mimi1251350604800It's about time!Happy to see a reasonably priced K-cup. The house blend is totally satisfying, whether you take it black or with milk/cream/sugar. I will likely move to the subscribe 'n' save option.
337275337275B007OSBE1UA1FRX7BX762L3Isusan1251350345600Yummie coffee fixI was thrilled to see that Amazon carried Martinson coffee, a fixture in my household growing up. Now that I live in Florida, I was taking an empty suitcase with me when I went to New Jersey to visit my daughter and filling it with Martinson coffee to import to Florida. I'm sure TSA is worried. I know my daughter is. Thank you Amazon and Martinson for helping me with my coffee hoarding. Now would you mind offering the cans? Thank you so much.
337276337276B007OSBE1UA1XAWDOIJGYXPHDavid S. Wilner1231350172800OK but not my tasteI hate Starbucks. I really like Caribou. I bought Martinson because of the lower price. It's OK coffee but not up to my taste. I want to experience a morning cup of coffee not just down it.
337277337277B007OSBE1UATGL1M09Q7Q5BErvin Prince1241350172800Good Taste. I might buy it again.First time customer. Smooth taste, with no bitterness or aftertaste. A pleasant surprise. I normally buy only Green Mountain Breakfast Blend, but now I can buy whichever one is offered at the best price.
337278337278B007OSBE1UA1S6VL0TUQ8GPULove My Coffee1221350086400MediocreI usually love dark roast coffee but Martinson's just doesn't have it for me. Left a bad taste in my mouth.
337279337279B007OSBE1U#oc-RTHI84TEHN2AAMeg1231350000000A little like instantI have been drinking Coffee Shop and Carribou but the price keeps going up so of course I am looking for alternatives. This coffee was ok but tasted like instant. Sorry would not purchase again but glad I tried it.
337280337280B007OSBE1UA3M4WD4UT3JS2Gellen1251349827200love itIf you like a rich full bodied flavor this is the one for you. I will buy it again for sure.
337281337281B007OSBE1UA20S5IKT9PCZ6SCookie j1251349827200Martinson coffee podsGreat coffee nice strong rich flavor. I will keep it comming as long as you keep selling it for sure.......
337283337283B007OSBE1UA26WHHBCYTFMEQTheresa1251349568000great coffeeif you like strong flavorful coffee, try this. It is so yummy. Vey good. In fact about the best coffee I have used in my Keurig
337284337284B007OSBE1UAMNXUQE04NZCLDawn Swart1251349481600A great cup of coffeeMartinson makes a delicious cup of coffee. It is smooth and dark with no bitter aftertaste. I would recommend this blend to any coffee lover.
337285337285B007OSBE1UAS7RBXW90EGRQLippy1251349481600martinson dark roastI love this coffee! When brewing it smells great. The flavor is full bodied and has become my favorite! The price is very good too.
337286337286B007OSBE1UA1UPWA0CCKG7SKhollywood five1241348617600Martinson donut shop blend coffeeGood coffee and a good price. Love the simplicity of making this coffee and the smell of it brewing is wonderful.
337287337287B007OSBE1UA2MR9000EOM2YKFlatsbandit11251347667200Taste more like brewed coffee!Wow, my title sums it up. I have loved the convenience of my k cup machine but have missed the flavor of my Bunn machine. This product gives me both. Now I feel like I'm not compromising the flavor of brewed coffee for convenience. Kudos Mr. Martinson!
337288337288B007OSBE1UA21W3TXH1FP3TPRichard B1241347408000Good cup of coffee for the KeurigNice cup of coffee, could be a little stronger for a dark roast but definitely enjoyable. I have noticed a little sediment in my cup but not too much.
337289337289B007OSBE1UA3TRW8T8NIHJADrhondale0141350777600Looking for a better alternative?I think all of us Keurig owner's are looking for a better, make that cheaper:), alternative to the original k-cup. So far I have tried San Francisco Bay (ech), Broklyn's (not crazy about it) and now this one - Martinson Variety Pack (the best one yet). Tried all the different blends except the Hazelnut (not looking for a flavored coffee), and I would buy any of them on their own. Much better to me than the others:)
Really looking forward to trying the Brown Gold variety pack by this same company - if Amazon ever does get any in stock that is!
337290337290B007OSBE1UA2R2I3C0AMVSK5Barbara M. Bannard0141349740800FavorableWas satisfied with this product. Maybe a few more flavors would be nice.But overall satisfied. It is hard to find large assortments of single serve most stores seem to carry smaller qtys.

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