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337321337321B000Y2G2W4AUZ3EJAU37NC5Old Latin teacher0041346025600Really good price for something not available in my stores.These are small bags (2.5 oz. each) but there are 12 of them so that gives you 30 oz. of glazed pecans at a good price. (At least the price was very good when I ordered them at under $18.) The flavor is also good, not exactly pecan-pie flavor, but it's a tasty glazed coating that adds pop to cookies or brownies.

I like to add glazed nuts to my baked goods because they have more crunch than the regular nut would. However, since the glazed nuts are sweet, it's probably a good idea to reduce the amount of sugar in your cookie recipe, unless you like your snacks very sweet.

I would have given this product 5 stars but this particular batch of nuts I received was not quite as crunchy as I like. When I added them to some chocolate chip cookies they added a chewiness level to them rather than a crunchiness. Taste was excellent, however. Hope that was just a fluke and that when I need to order more, the next order will be a bit crunchier.
337322337322B000Y2G2W4A2JGFD50YROY8VJ. Bunner0051342224000Pecan-alicious!For whatever reasons my two local grocery stores stopped carrying this product a year or so ago...the glazed walnuts they carry...the pecans no. This is a very handy size and they are delicious...'nuff said.
337323337323B000Y2G2W4A34753554PHM9MCharles E. Salzmann "Chasalz"0051282867200Pecan LoversIf you love pecans, you will love these.
Not much else to say!
337324337324B000Y2G2W4A2MU2ZPLKSDTS3K. Glover "katyg"0051264982400The most delightful nuts ever... DO NOT EAT if you have no self control!These nuts have the most delicious pecan pie flavoring, and are impossible to put down. They have the tastiest crunch, and yet they practically melt in your mouth. If you are a fan of pecans and pecan pie, you will love them.
337325337325B000Y2G2W4AFZI41YGXILEJKathleen Rude "WoolleyLady"0051262390400Can't keep them in the houseI love these on a salad!! The problem is between my husband and my daughter, I can't seem to keep them on the shelf. Everytime I go to use them, the package is either gone or almost empty.
337326337326B000Y2G2W4A1020MPGDJ1WVRJ. Shuger "shabbychic"0141221350400are you serious?I went to re-order the pecans because I loved them the first time around but what is with the $90 price? Is this a joke? cause it's not funny.
337327337327B000Y2G2W4A1080SE9X3ECK0L. Meza "fire2ice"0141205712000good pecanswhile the pecans themselves are of great quality,so far the ones we have eaten do not have much of a "pecan pie" taste.
337328337328B004P14WEAA1LX8K5L3CGC1AIceOnFire1151330387200Great sauceThis sauce goes great on chicken chow mein, or any other Asian style meals. Very tasty sauce...will buy again when we run out!
337329337329B004P14WEAA3LNQOS3PQ6SVOpeedeekay0051350259200the best saucewhen I saw this I just had to try it out, I am glad i did because this sauce is amazing the flavor is amazing and well worth a try.
337330337330B004P14WEAA2W0V86AN7DHHWKennyBro0041346198400i have found no substitute...i tried looking in all the grocery stores for a nice alternative (don't like to stick with just one brand/flavor), but so far nothing has been close enough to rival this without me getting tired of it.
337331337331B004P14WEAA2WL1SPOGUZO3Dandi1251317600000Panda Express SauceThe kung pao sauce is the best and you can't even get it at Panda Express stores anymore. Shipment is fast and the price is reasonable! Love it!
337332337332B001ELL274A201FMX4SQSJX5E.M.1151333152000Versatile and deliciousI love this miso, it is so much more versatile than the darker misos, like Genmai or Mugi. I purchased it initially just for miso soup, and just the broth soup tastes great even without the addition of any vegetables or extras. However, I noticed that another reviewer for miso (perhaps this type, or another) stated that they used the paste as a base for soups, stews, etc. I have a favorite chicken and wild rice soup recipe that I love, but it always seemed to be missing something. Last night I made that recipe again, and when it was done, added 2 tablespoons of the miso to the soup; I've found what I've been missing! Sometimes when you buy soup at restaurants, it has that added taste (umami) that you can't quite place or replicate at home. This Shiro miso gave me that taste that I can't quite ever put my finger on! This stuff is excellent, I highly recommend it to anyone. Mild taste, great addition to other recipes.
337333337333B001ELL274AOBFTXXQGTC56A. Paul1151330214400Nice, light miso (and gluten free)Though I mostly prefer the stronger, funkier Genmai Miso (also GF) I like to have this one around for applications where the genmai is too assertive.

Tasting: straight-up this is a bright, sweet and nutty miso with just enough funk to add depth of flavor. The funk reminds me of cheddar toward the finish.

I like it in a simple veggie broth (though adding kombu to the broth would kick it up a notch), sometimes with fresh veggies a la phó, sometimes straight up, like a lot of simple soups the only limitation is imagination. Like so many fermented products a little miso just makes a body feel good.
337334337334B001ELL274AWYKLKNCIFOCSReturn to Earth "Wellness v Pharma; natural b...1151316390400Super MisoThis paste not only tastes GREAT, but it also keeps for ever in the refrigerator. I have had one opened pack in there for six months and it's still good. Use it in macrobiotic cookery or just to add a nice flavor to grains. I ordered it in bulk and use it sparingly, it's so strong tasting. Adds a delicious sweetish honeyish taste to brown rice and fermented food is super good for our digestive system. Nice pack that has zip seal, plus inside pack.
337335337335B001ELL274A1J1JXDS04TVTBJ. Smith0051300320000ExcellentAs said, make your own Dashi base and use this miso (and you can add other various things to your taste such as Wakame, Daikon, green onion, etc.)
I fear the cheap and non-organic instant or close to instand miso's have MSG or certain things that are usually made with MSG such as autolyzed yeast extract. This of course
adds flavor but it's not healthy. Best flavor is from properly prepared miso with a good Dashi and the freshest organic vegetables. Can add a little soy or tamari sauce for flavor too!
337336337336B001ELL274A1CGKBANL14X69J. Young "sushi lover"121951226534400Miso SoupI have not purchased Miso from Eden yet, but Eden makes high quality products and I have never been disappointed. This is just to clear up the comment made about this making a 'flavorless' miso soup, because I believe it is user error, and not this product that was the culprit.

If you want Miso soup like you get in the restaurants, you have to make your own Dashi (a Japanese soup broth). Then you use this Dashi as the base of your miso soup instead of water and you will get a very flavorful soup. Making dashi is easy. All you have to do is bring Kombu (dried kelp) and bonito flakes to a boil, simmer lightly, then strain the flakes and kombu from the resulting broth.

Use this broth in place of water for your soup by following directions on the package and you will be good to go!
337337337337B00393E1KKAFGDJL4G2NVC4M. Norris1141322697600Question about this productI was delighted to find a Science Diet product that was Adult, Light, and Small Bite all at the same time. I have two dachshunds and want to feed them a lower calorie kibble in small bites, and this seemed perfect. But unlike the regular bite Science Diet adult, which is clearly marked "Light," there is nothing on this Small Bite package that indicates that this is the reduced calorie, "light" adult small bite kibble for dogs. Is there some mistake in the advertisement of this product. I ask because I would like to switch to a Science Diet Adult Light Small Bite kibble for my aging dogs (they turned 8 this summer) but it's not clear that this product is it.

I should mention that I've been very happy with Science Diet, which has kept my dogs in nearly perfect health for all this time.
337338337338B00393E1KKA3KVV8JFC2G6WARichard C. Wedemeyer1321323388800Not the product advertised!I ordered this as the light (reduced calorie) small bites, but the company shipped the regular non-reduced calorie food. I contacted the seller, and was pleased that they immediately shipped a new bag and picked up the wrong one. Only one problem: they did it again! Wrong food. Jeez.
337339337339B001TZJ3XKA3B33KRGCUEVEWMissTurtle0041272326400Good Party FavorBought these to put in the goody bag for our daughter's 1st birthday (we call her our little blueberry). They were a bit smaller than I expected so ended up putting 2 to a bag, but they were very cute and the guests loved them.
337340337340B005LURI0EA3U1JIEWZMOVPIAndy0051325289600EssentialRoyal is the only source for this essential ingredient for Blackberry Wine Cake. I make a lot of these cakes, and people keep asking for more.
337341337341B004Q5Z9H4A3TFYC2LYPX0N4Zlee631151306195200Cat Man Doo Rocks - all other flakes are crumby.My cat's LOVE the Cat-Man-Doo Bonito Flakes. I've tried some of the others (you know who they are)BUT they weren't as fresh and they had lots of very small crumbs. This brand is packed with large fresh flakes and my cat's gobble them up right away. Where as they would leave the other brand in the bowls.
337342337342B004Q5Z9H4A24ATPRD66Y2F0Constance Orcutt0051328486400My cat just loves Cat-Man-Doo Dried Bonito Flakes!My cat Goldie just loves this treat. My husband has her trained to beg for them with a meow that sounds like 'NOW' to which she will not take no for an answer. Even our dog Duke puts in his request when he sees them come out. I use then in soups and have gifted them to friends at Christmas for their cats to try.
337343337343B0064KIRBOADGAC9DNXVXFUCarol0041344124800Realy nice!(Im sorry for my english, im not from eua)This is very pretty, but teast like nothing, are just to see, not to eat! i used for my 2 year old b. party for my daghter, the theme was snow white, i used to put in the whitch table as a magic potion! it was beautifoul, i gave 4 stars just for the taste, if u want to buy to eat, dont, it teast like nothing!
337344337344B000S4D2G2A164SAYG0WZ939sue0051301961600noodlesThe product was shipped and received in a very timely fashion. Everything was in tact. Would definately order through Amazon again.
337345337345B000S4D2G2A2LFEA9EMFZGULCorliss Sullwold0051260835200Das schmeckt gut!I don't usually like boughten noodles but Bechtle Spaetzle is exceptionally good and Amazon was one of the few places to order on-line.
337346337346B002K649OUA1SQU6O0SJ5RR5P. Park1511293494400Yuck.These were gross. My daughter's rabbit liked them, but that's about the best thing I can say about them. Every human at my house thought they were disgusting!
337347337347B003EMSK7QA22M5KLCKAJTTBookEater1151340928000perfectionI love this garlic gold packed in olive oil. It is perfect for dipping crusty bread, serving with fresh mozarella and basil. The garlic has a little crunch to it. It is wonderful
337348337348B001BZ7N1MA3UCN2RGY7O6S1Joanne "Gotta Eat, Gotta Cook"3351324857600Molto Buono!I used these to bread eggplant for my Christmas eggplant parmesan. I could have nibbled on the panko b/4 I even got into the task at hand. They are markedly better than another brand I had, taste and visual wise. These were golden brown and looked appealing. They tasted so much better too. They also had the benefit of not having allergens in it that are hurtful to my 5 yr old granddaughter--no dairy, eggs, nor peanut worries. I will buy this again for sure and use it for everything.
337349337349B001BZ7N1MA3C4JUPUXD3L5SP. Nolan5651257638400Panko at its best.I use Panko a lot in recipes that call for bread crumbs. My family especially likes the Italian style, and I like to use Progresso. The price at Amazon is terrific and I am really glad that I can now purchase it at a price that is more reasonable than that offered in the supermarket.
337350337350B001BZ7N1MA2NGOESB49EUHNJeri Gray "Just Learning"5651242604800Tasty!We use it as a coating for fish. It comes out really great.
Amazon has the best price.

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