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337411337411B006N3I3I4A25ZE3FPYX75XFSylvia L Harmon0041313971200Nice Bold FlavorI have been searching for a nice strong coffee for my Keurig that doesn't leave a bitter or flat aftertaste. This a very nice bold flavored coffee that seems to fit the bill. I am a bit spoiled after tasting Barista Prima's Italian roast as it has such a nice rich full-bodied flavor. It is a bit pricier so the Double Black Diamond is a nice close second at a more affordable price. I like my coffee black or with a little milk and this does not leave you wondering where the coffee went!
337412337412B006N3I3I4A2FYY6GI6K7C1CJoe in Arkansas0051313884800Now that's coffee !I have tried all the K cup coffee out there I think. I had setteled on Dark Majic untill I tried Double Black Diamond. This is for people that love the tase of coffee. It is strong but smooth. I have the Cuisinart and set it for 8 oz of water. Great cup of coffee.
337413337413B006N3I3I4A1IZ3I7A37U6XLAlecHarl0051313798400Looking for a replacement for Starbucks and Tassimo? This is it.I have been drinking Starbucks brand coffee with my Tassimo brand machines for years. It was the perfect combination for me. Now that they have stopped making Starbucks inserts I was forced to look for an alternative. I bought a K-cup machine because it appears to be the dominant brand on the market. This coffee is actually better than the original Starbucks! I will not go back to the Starbucks brand even if they start making it for the K-cup machines.
337414337414B006N3I3I4A28M11QEGV36HJJHM0041313452800WOW - Wake up!!WOW again! This coffee is quite strong. My husband and I drink our coffee black, and I usually drink 2-3 cups per day. But this coffee is almost like drinking expresso. If you are looking for a dark, rich, very strong coffee, this one's for you. Those who add sweetener and cream might also enjoy this wake up coffee. Double Black.... perfect name. However, I can only drink one cup a day of this brand.
337415337415B006N3I3I4A2PF73GA6TT3SJWerner in Texas0051313366400Outstandingly goodTried a lot of different k-cups in search for a bold, expresso type of coffee. This one fits the bill all right. Strong but not bitter. Am able to make a large and medium cup out of one k-cup. Truly worth a few cents more per cup. Would absolutely recommend this to anyone who wants a "real"" cup of coffee.
337416337416B006N3I3I4AJS7THAS9CZ59Mark0041313193600Nice, dark roastDouble Black Diamond has a very full bodied flavor, yet it's not too bitter. K-cups are a convenient way to get your morning cup of coffee without having to stop at the local Starbucks.
337417337417B006N3I3I4A2OKMMBSH65DDWDr. Adam0051313020800Tastes like a real cup of coffeeDouble Black Diamond Kcups are the nearest I have found to the Starbucks Tassimos Pods that are no longer available (maybe even a little stronger). If you like strong coffee that tastes like you spent $3, get these bad boys! If you like watered down, mild coffee I would stay away.
337418337418B006N3I3I4A1SGQBERP2NVVNJoyce Love "Jo"0041312934400Strong and bold and smoothThe Green Mountain Double Black Diamond Coffee is smooth even though quite strong. I run one cup through my Keureg Brewer twice, first 10 oz then 6 oz. The coffee is strong enough to do this and it fills my largest mug and the coffee is then "just right" for me.
337419337419B006N3I3I4A2HDIM0VAUBJHZMary Ann Lutz0051312934400Great bold coffeeThis coffee was a real treat. Nice a bold yet not bitter. Just the kind of coffee to get me going in the morning. And, a good deal, too!
337420337420B006N3I3I4A34ZLFUNAURK67W. Jackson0041312848000a strong, bold cup of coffeeI like a strong, bold, dark roast coffee and Double Black Diamond is my current favorite. If you like a medium roast coffee this isn't for you, but if you like 'Black Tiger Amazon' or 'Jet Fuel', you should try Double Black Diamond. It will also stand up to a larger cup size for those of you that can brew them. I usually brew it on my Keurig's 9.25 oz. size and it still makes a satisfying cup.
337421337421B006N3I3I4A3JEEO6JDTYE6ZDaisy Duke0051312848000If You Like Bold Coffee, This Is It!My only hesitation in purchasing a K-Cup Brewer was whether the coffee would be bold enough for me. Since purchasing my brewer, I've tried many varieties and Double Black Diamond is my favorite. I drink my coffee black so I don't like weak coffee - I want it to be bold and smooth, not bitter. Black Diamond will not disappoint if you like good coffee. My other favorites are Green Mountain Expresso Blend and Coffee People Jet Fuel. I love my Cuisinart K-Cup Brewer - easy to use and no clean-up. I can make just one cup of fresh coffee whenever I want and don't end up throwing away unused or old coffee. And happily, I've found Double Black Diamond to start my mornings!
337422337422B006N3I3I4A1B3RSE8YJND0Dddrescher0051312848000Good value , good coffeeGood value and good coffee if you like the extra bold, like my husband does. His favorite is the Dark Magic and this replaces it at a fraction of the cost.
337423337423B006N3I3I4A13G7WNPGSH54QDean E. Falzarano0051312675200Strong AND mild!This coffee is strong and flavorful and is in no way bitter. All in all one of my all time top three and I recommend it highly.
337424337424B006N3I3I4A2BGMR67CEKEEYcass0051312502400Green Mountain Double Black Diamond CoffeeI like, i like BLACK STRONG COFFEE. I was hesatant on getting this but thought what the heck. I was tired of picking up a limited supply of k-cups from the Discount Department Stores and having them taste a little weak. From the beginning, when your cup starts to brew, you can tell "this is going to be a GOOD cup of coffee". I wasn't disappointed. Great stuff. My wife drinks it more than I do but get wont be let down at all, especially if you like just your coffee.
337425337425B006N3I3I4A1C6WIZAWQ7NRSteve in PHX0051312329600Great Dark Roast CoffeeIn all the time I've had my Keurig I've been searching for the right flavor in a Extra Bold K-Cup. This one has been on of the best flavors to date. Not too dark to be bitter and not too light to taste watered down.
337426337426B006N3I3I4ANAXMJVC53FMGMs Thea "emaven"0051312070400BargainI like a strong cup of coffee. This Double Black Diamond delivers.
Unlike some reviewers I did not find it bitter
Delivery was faster than promised. The cups come in one big box,
and one was damaged. Other than that I have no complaints.
337427337427B006N3I3I4A35HGKSRGPLZMXImaginator0051311811200Actually BoldTried so many that called themselves "bold". But finally found one! We make it with a generous amount of water, and use half n half, and it is still very flavorful. And not bitter.
337428337428B006N3I3I4A2SDI6FNQNZ615Patricia F. Colosimo "p"0051311033600Good Coffee!!We love bold coffees and this is the second box of Double Black Diamond we have ordered. It's smooth, strong and full bodied. The aroma alone draws you in. It's a great cup of coffee to wake up with.
337429337429B006N3I3I4A30ESEDL8HT8BUC. Harris0051307923200Dark and Stout!Just how I like it! I can make a large cup of this on my Keurig (the one with three cup sizes) without losing any flavor. No nasty aftertastes and not bitter. Will order more.
337430337430B006N3I3I4A241BH7FH58YEEEd0051307664000This is the one.Perfect flavor on the medium size setting. I used to have to do two of the Kenya AA extra bolds on the small setting to even get close to the flavor of this cup. So, this actually saves me money too...very nice:)
337431337431B006N3I3I4AAGEE7CWN6YYMC. Dees3551295049600Once you go "Double Black" you'll never go back!Not for the amateur coffee drinker! If your current coffee just isn't doing the job, step up to the Double Black Diamond. We like dark, bold coffees and this one is our number one fave. :)
337432337432B006N3I3I4A23GFTVIETX7DSDebbie Lee Wesselmann1251330560000One of my favorite flavors!I love my coffee strong and black, but I don't like the harsh and sometimes burned flavors that many extra-bold K-cups have. Double Black Diamond is the perfect blend for me; I actually hoard my supply in my house. The flavor is more intense than many others while still maintaining balance. Not for the faint-of-heart, this blend approached but stops short of espresso strength.

-- Debbie Lee Wesselmann
337433337433B006N3I3I4A34UUA1EBGQ4A1Robert Bebber "Jake"1221316476800Coffee grounds in your coffeeI have had this problem with Green Mountain coffee where about 1 out of every 3 cups brewed has a large amount of coffee grounds in the cup when brewed. Other brands do not seem to have this problem but Greem Mountain seems to have this issue.
337434337434B006N3I3I4A1QMK6PGCNC8IVC. Stanphill1241308873600A Peet's Coffer LoverWhile Peet's Coffee is the greatest, this is not far behind. Easy to make, no mess, what more could you want?
337435337435B006N3I3I4AOA1AJJZSDS01C. Wagner "just one more gadget"1241302220800Does The JobJolt-wise, this is a nice, gentle introduction to Extra Bold. (Darker roast, therefore less caffeine than most XB's.) The taste is charcoal, with charcoal notes and a charcoal finish. I have a sweet tooth and tend to prefer the sweeter, smoother coffees. However, I occasionally have a Double Black Diamond because it wakes me up without making me jittery.
337436337436B006N3I3I4A2ZNLPYMZOXLGXMichael Kelly "kelly"1251299024000Double Black Diamond K- cupThis is a great blend when you need that extra kick to get you going! Excellent flavor with a Bold blend, "a manly mans blend"!
337437337437B006N3I3I4A33QUUPXGW32Y1Earl J. Geiger "Fish Catcher"2411316131200BitterThis coffee is the worst I've ever tasted! I like strong, but this was very bitter! Stick with the kona blend and Nantucket blend, or even breakfast blend.
337438337438B006N3I3I4A1SCE8EV0HC72TKTAB0141314662400BOLD!!!!Now that's Bold!!!If you need that morning shot in the arm look no further. I was using Bustelo in the reusable k-cup, this is better. I will not turn back.
337439337439B006N3I3I4A1UZUQTDFG385Rtranscend0131311120000strong, burnt and bitterI typically use my Keurig as a hot water dispenser, running it without kcups because they generally are too weak, even on the small cup setting.

So, I'm very much in the market for stronger k cups.

I can make medium size cups with this pod, but it's still a bit weak, and still bitter. Makes a very strong small cup. Perfect would be 2 pods, one cup, one brewed on short and the other on medium.

As for the flavor of the beans, they produce a full bodied, bold and bitter cup. Not necessarily a bad bitter, as it is pure arabica, however, I personally wouldn't recommend having more than one cup of these a day. That bold flavor loses it's luster cup after cup, so it's not really a good all-around coffee.

It's a good first or second cup of the morning coffee. It's kind of like a cup of "good new york city coffee" back before the coffee renaissance of the past decade.

Buying this in the extra large amount may not be suitable from an individuals' point of view because it's not something you'll want to drink 2+ times a day.
337440337440B006N3I3I4A2ELKOZRB1JY8UW. J. Henderson "world traveler"2551336435200I like it for my little wifeI love K-Cups coffee. They are easy and one always has a FRESH cup of coffee in less than a minute. However, coffee this way can be quite expensive. I myself use those refillable cups that one can find on amazon. I have a half dozen of them. I fill them with grocery store cheap brand and set my Keurig for the 6oz expresso cup. It makes great strong coffee. My wife on the other hand is lazy and doesn't want to mess with the two seconds it takes to fill the refillable little baskets. She loves the Green Mountain Extra bold and as I buy it for her she doesn't care how much it costs. It's good coffee and keeps my wife of forty years off my back. I'd pay twice as much for that feature alone.

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