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337471337471B006N3I3I4A2ER7TM3JX63ERHLBlll1151341792000Best tasting bold from Green MountainI enjoy a very dark bold coffee. Of all of the k-kups I have tried, this one pleases me most. I like a touch of cream and this one handles it better than any other. It has a big bold taste but without the bitterness I find in other types. The Dark Magic is also good, but not quite as satisfying as this one.

If you like a bold cup of coffee, you need to try this one! It is excellent.
337472337472B006N3I3I4A1WJAXAC3MORAXRocco1151341532800The BEST COFFEE nice and boldThis is the BEST COFFEE EVER "DOUBLE BLACK DIAMOND" by" GREEN MOUNTAIN" and Kerig ROCKS!! I order this on Amazon every other month and get it usually within 4 to 5 days... I have other family members ordering this coffee now...I suggest his coffee to anyone who likes strong coffee!
337473337473B006N3I3I4A1LJ1L00Z8DBF3JNH1151341532800Great CoffeeI have really started enjoying stronger coffee and this is about as strong as it gets in the K-Cup variety. In fact, I'm enjoying a cup right now!
337474337474B006N3I3I4A37DS0SP4QJGK4Jonatha G. Linn "JoniG"1151341187200Jumpstart Your Morning!!!I have a Keurig that brews 11oz of coffee. If your really like coffee, and are brewing the larger amounts, this will still give you a good, 'kick butt" cup!
337475337475B006N3I3I4A3KCWQMEOLRC2UR. Richardson "Home Theater Geek"1151338508800Strong Bold TasteI like strong coffee and this fits the bill. My favorite is Barista's Italian Roast with Starbucks Verona close behind. Green Mountain Double Black Diamond is almost as good as those 2 but less expensive. I will buy this again.

To save money, we have been making our own Kcups by reusing the brand cups -- after use, peel the foil top off, try to get all off the edge (but not necessary). Rinse out the used coffee. There is a filter built into the cups. We bought some Kcup lids on Amazon - 100 for about $15. Fill the rinsed out cup with your own favorite coffee, snap on the replacement lid and you are good to go. When placing in cup holder, make sure the little hole on the bottom from first use puncture is at the top and fits back onto the bottom pin - that way you do not get 2 holes in bottom of Kcup. You can resuse the Kcup many times befor it wears out.

In the morning I will start off with GM Double Black and then for 2nd or 3rd cup use one we filled. Someday's I splurge and start with Barista Italian Roast.

If you like strong, bold coffee, try the Black Magic. It is smooth without much of a bitter after taste. Although, I kind of like that after taste. It is too bold for my wife, so I tell her to reuse the Kcup I just used and make an 8oz cup... makes a good cup of coffee, just not quite as strong... and we get 2 cups out of the one Kcup.
337476337476B006N3I3I4A1GP09IA7DLGPQpilot27k1151337990400Nice replacement for Green Mountain Coffee's Espresso BlendUpon trying to replenish my supply of Green Mountain Coffee's Espresso Blend, I found they had discontinued it. I hesitated to buy Timothy's Espresso Blend (now the only espresso k-cup on the market) due to the reviews but have since tried GMC's Dark Magic and now GMC's Double Black Diamond. Double Black Diamond doesn't have the flavors the Espresso Blend has but it has a very good flavor on its own. It has no bitter aftertaste as you would expect with such a strong, extra bold coffee. Where the Dark Magic was too weak for my daily latte, the Double Black Diamond makes for a very fine latte. This is my pick as a substitute for GMC's Espresso Blend.

Update: I've been drinking this coffee for a few weeks now and have to say, it is great. It is my new favorite! Also, bought a couple of Extra Bold Roast k-cup coffee sample packs via Keurig and haven't found any better than GMC Double Black Diamond.
337477337477B006N3I3I4A31XYGRCZ3DH42Tennis addict1151329264000Closet thing to French coffee with chicoryI grew up drinking coffee in New Orleans. I have been soooo disappointed with all of the K-cup coffees because they are so mild. After reading reviews, I decided to try all the ones that were said to be good, strong coffees. First I tried Jet Fuel. It is strong, but no taste. Then I tried Paul Newmans dark roast. It was so so, but nothing special.
I saw the Big Easy k-cup and thought, this must be it. It is good. Don't get me wrong. It is my second choice. But the winner is Green Mountain Double Black Diamond! It is really, really good. If you like your coffee strong and bold with great flavor, this is the one. I don't care what it costs. It is worth it.
337479337479B006N3I3I4A2VQO4Y1SH3TTQElesix1141328140800Very BoldGood flavor but stronger than I expected on the first gulp. Much better than Newman's Own. Also good as a warm up with Kahlua on a clod night.
337480337480B006N3I3I4AHNCNXVIG64QRKalliope Amorphous1151327622400Bold, Rich, Divine!In my search for the boldest, richest, darkest blend for Keurig, Double Black Diamond wins hands down. When compared to traditional coffees, it is comparable to Cafe Du Monde. I am actually quite surprised it doesn't have chicory in it. It is bold and rich without being at all bitter. Prior to this coffee, I thought Starbuck's Italian roast was the boldest commercial blend. But, Double Black Diamond makes it look weak in comparison. It brews to an almost jet-black and is very dark and earthy without a hint of bitterness or sweetness. It is very much like an espresso and I suspect it may contain as much caffeine. I am very surprised to find a Keurig blend that is comparable to the best French Market coffees and Italian espressos.
337481337481B006N3I3I4A299Y7JSGKGC8OFred1141326585600A great dark coffeeThere are few Keurig coffees out there that are strong enough for me. This one clearly is with wonderful taste and smell. Amongst my favorites if you like black coffee.
337482337482B006N3I3I4A36I6WGPPT6N0LMV1141325721600Nice strong brewAs expected, this is a good strong cup of coffee. Although the flavors are subtlety different, I also enjoy the French roasts from Tulleys and Starbucks. The best value is usually Green Mountain.
337483337483B006N3I3I4AW5U5E8TZDJWYConnie "Flower Child"1151325289600Bold and BeautifulLOVE this coffee, I was looking for a strong bold coffee and was blown away with this one. I had tried "Jet Fuel", Emeril's Bold", "Black Tiger" and "Newman's Extra Bold", This Double Black Diamond is absolutely the best of the bunch. Highly recommend this to anyone who likes their coffee strong.
337484337484B006N3I3I4A1BX7G5PVXWDYEBex at work1141322438400double black diamond makes for happy staffThe Double Black Diamond Extra Bold makes for happy staff. Rich flavor and aroma. A little floral, but good flavor at first sip, sitting in your mouth and at the finish. Happy staff makes for happy workplace! Thanks Green Mountain Coffee!
337485337485B006N3I3I4A1IDB6LF2RQSF9Dancing Nanny1141311724800Pretty good!I like STRONG coffee. This is as close as I have found yet to the bold factor I love!
337486337486B006N3I3I4A6YGKDTNYSRU4Beverly Tittl1141311552000BOLDI found that this coffee was much more BOLDER than the JET FUEL that I had before. If I would have known it was that much stronger I would not have bought it. It is good, I just make the smaller cup and blend it with another flavor ,such as cinnamon. Other than that I like it. I will not buy it again though, it is to bold for my taste buds.
337487337487B006N3I3I4AR3AEOA0BC8M1Dillonn1131302912000Strong but French...Ok here is the short version, I love a strong cup of coffee but I dont like french roast. So this coffee is strong and has almost no bitter after tase but it does have a french roast taste to it, so if that is what you like try this. Personally I am sticking to Gloria Jean's Coffees, Black Gold Extra Bold, 24-Count K-Cups for Keurig Brewers (Pack of 2).
337488337488B006N3I3I4A37QOQI4JGRSICVirginia "gingerbaby"1151302307200Strong CoffeeI personally do not like this coffee. However my husband loves it because it is very strong. I like a nice medium cup, so this is not for me. I tried it once and just could not drink it. My husband says its a real full bodied coffee.
337489337489B006N3I3I4A2M8VROSDPU4JTOfficefan "Officefankt"1151302048000Double Black Diamond Extra BoldThis was one of the best extra-bold coffees that I have EVER had! If you like Sumatran Reserve and Dark Magic, you'll like this coffee even more. I will definately buy more of this!!
337490337490B006N3I3I4ALPJLW5FL4G6Jrosshearn1141296604800nice and strongIf you like a strong cup of coffee, this is it. Some K-cups are kinda weak,( I like mine on the strong side). I don't like french roast or some other types of extra bold if they are gonna have that burnt taste. But this does not. It's just a strong type of coffee. If your like me, you will like it.
337491337491B006N3I3I4A1XZAKSG7VLAOMK-Mac3441308268800GM Double Black Diamond - Pretty good.One of my concerns with the K-cup brewers is that I wouldn't be able to get a good, strong cup of coffe, which I love. It has taken a few orders of different varieties to find a strong one that has the right blend of bold, flavor and bitterness. Green Mountain's Double Black Diamond meets most of that criteria pretty well. It is a little more on the bitter side than I normally prefer, which I why I only gave 4 stars, but overall a great bold cup of coffee. I would order this variety again.
337492337492B006N3I3I4ATNFF13800VEGLayn33 F "Layn33"3451308009600Wondeful bold coffee!I love the bold taste of this coffee. No aftertaste or bitterness. I love the frustration free packaging. And at $0.60 per cup it's a great value for a k-cup!
337493337493B006N3I3I4A2UTU1T0P7YTSGAmazon Addict3451307577600Tastes Good To Me!I like bold k-cups. I don't stick to one type, because I always re-order on Amazon and pricing is always changing on Amazon. I basically just hunt down the best deal on a decent box of bold k-cups each time I re-order. These are good, try them!
337494337494B006N3I3I4A1IU2NHZ0ANUSJI HEART AMAZON "CINDY"3431306627200Slight bitternessI Love All BOLD strong coffees. I thought I'd try this one. It had a slight Bitter taste to me. Not my favorite. Wish the variety Bold pack wasn't so much $$$!! I Love that one!
337495337495B006N3I3I4A2S29X1UALPLSOK. Anthony0051351123200Green Mountain kcup Black Magic, Black Diamond Extra Bold, Nantucket BlendI have tried many of the available coffee's available but, I enjoy a robust coffee in the morning and both Black Magic and Black Diamond Extra Bold meet and exceed what I was expecting. The Nantucket Blend is a great coffee for anytime of day or night. I usually wait until Amazon has a sale on these to make my purchase...Make sure when you buy k cups that the Amazon Prime logo appears...Without the Amazon Prime Logo, I have found what I received in the past did not reflect what I had ordered.. Substitution get made without your knowledge and sometimes count is short, etc...
337496337496B006N3I3I4AP3W6BUJ9BB2LRAM0051351036800Bold And BeautifulIf you are a coffee purist, you must give this Double Black Diamond a try. I like straight up, unadulterated black coffee in the morning - as another reviewer put it - a real "kick in the (@$!" Well this coffee delivers. The aroma is enticing and from the first sip you will probably be hooked. Give 'er a try if you're a bold coffee kind of person. I don't think you'll be disappointed.
337497337497B006N3I3I4A3SFX487ZRDSFQLenny0051350518400CoffeeExcellent and no bitter! I tried 5 different and finally found the best! Other coffees taste like water and you cannot taste the coffee but this one is not strong just perfect to enjoy!
337498337498B006N3I3I4A11VYJMQ228LU9lee wa.0051348272000husband lovesMy husband has done nothing but complain since I purchased our Kurig,he did not like any of the coffee until I purchased the Green Mountain Double Black Diamond. He really likes it as it has bold flavor and no watery taste. As for myself, I prefer milder coffee, I can even reuse the Double Black Diamond for myself. But my real favorite is the Lake and Lodge.
337499337499B006N3I3I4A113IZ4NB6JJSAjanice m. gill0051347148800My weekend decadent pleasure!!!!I drink all kinds of different kcups during the weekday including the ones I create myself. But on the weekends I have the ultimate treat for myself with the double black diamond. It is my favorite of all the kcups!!!!! I love the value of the 96 count box. It fits my budget very well.
337500337500B006N3I3I4AXT3SPOXM2BDJForbidden "Forbidden"0021345420800I love coffee but...So I got this for my new CoffeeMaker Keurig but this coffee, especially by Green Mountain, REALLY let me down.

This doesnt taste like coffee. It's a very peculiar taste and I cannot put my finger on it...

but I bought 24 k-cups and I just threw them out. The taste wasn't worth keeping around.

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